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Tuesday, May 7, 2024
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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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9 Electrical and electronic connectors and parts thereof; electrical plugs and receptacles; insulated electrical connectors in the nature of electrical bushings; boxes for electrical switches and outlets; ground fault and arc fault detectors and interrupters; antennas; covers for electric outlets; electric switch plates; electrical inductors; electrical transformers; electric power supply units; electric power controllers; electrical power controllers; inverters; converters; frequency converters; fiber optic connectors; telecommunications wiring products, namely, cable management panels, racks and enclosures used to store, route, organize and insulate cables; electrical insulators and surge arresters; electrical floor boxes in the nature of electrical outlets; electrical junction boxes; resistors for distributing or controlling electric current; resistor controllers and enclosures for housing resistors; load resistors; electrical switch gear used in transmission and distribution of electrical power, namely, side break, center break, vertical break switches, capacitor switches, vacuum switches, oil switches, multiple relay lighting controls, and ground fault detectors; electric power meters and sensors; reclosers and sectionalizers; transformer tap change controllers; capacitor bank controllers; voltage regulator controllers; and fire pump controllers; utility system communication terminals and gateways.
19 Building and construction materials and elements, not of metal, namely, flooring materials, piles, fiberglass panels and polymer concrete elements; buildings and structures not of metal, namely, non-metallic transportable buildings, non-metal structures for mounting solar panels; concrete rings and plates; polymer concrete building structures and structural supports, namely, pads, walls, posts, concrete flooring; non-metallic drainage installations; non-metallic building products, namely, concrete rings and plates, utility vaults and utility enclosures, bases, baffles and tamper shields, pop caps and cover plates for utility vaults, splice boxes and bases, extensions and lids for underground splice boxes, support pads for transformers and telephone equipment, cable trenches and roadway service boxes for traffic control all made from reinforced polymer concrete or plastic; fiberglass structures and materials, namely, fiberglass panels, fiberglass board, fiberglass utility enclosures; plastic or polymer trench system for use in water drainage systems; polymer concrete products, namely, drainage systems consisting of channels and drain outlets; non-metallic products, namely, channel supports, drain outlets, frames, catch basins and grates, all used for drainage and retention systems; underground structures made of polymer concrete, namely, bases for telephone equipment and transformers; fiberglass composite plates and beams for use in construction and as road hole covers and trench covers; fiberglass composite panels for protecting shallow gas mains; fiberglass composite covers for manholes and vaults; concrete pipes and concrete piers for use in providing foundation support and stabilization.
8 Hand tools for stripping, cutting, slitting, trimming, electrical wire, electrical cable, power line cable, fiber optic cable, telecommunication, and industrial applications.
7 Tools for applying electrical clamps, electrical connectors, electrical fittings, and connectors for electrical cable; battery-operated power tools for cutting electrical conductors; battery-operated crimping tools for applying crimp connectors to electrical conductors; moving and handling equipment, namely, cranes, booms, lifts; lifting and hoisting equipment, namely, cranes, booms, and lifts.
6 Metal hardware, namely, springs, washers, bolts, electrical clamps, cable clamps, and brackets and stakes for gas meters; metal installation hardware for outlet boxes, namely, brackets, locknuts, bar hangers; metal enclosures, utility vaults, cabinets, consoles and boxes for use with electrical and electronic components.
37 Maintenance, repair, updating and installation services for electronic equipment, utility products, telecommunications equipment, and marine electrical products.
11 Lighting fixtures and installations.
42 Technical support services, consultation, diagnostic service, and performance monitoring services, namely, troubleshooting of problems relating to equipment covering electronic, utility products, telecommunications, industrial lighting, high voltage, marine electrical products, indoor and outdoor lighting.
The mark consists of the stylized word HUBBELL inside a stylized globe design inside an outer border highlighted in yellow..
The color(s) yellow is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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