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Monday, April 29, 2024
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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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41 Educating at senior high schools; Educating at university or colleges; Education services in the nature of early childhood instruction; Education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, workshops, tutoring, and mentoring in the field of middle and high school reform; Education services, namely, training educators to teach through service learning and civic engagement and providing curricula in connection therewith; Educational examination services; Educational programs, namely, pre-schools; Educational services, namely, online training in connection with all aspects of the federal government's Universal Service Fund Program for Schools and Libraries; Educational services, namely, providing web-based and classroom training for certification of teachers and continuing education for teachers and principals; Educational testing; Educational testing services; Entertainment services in the nature of a film series in the field of science fiction; Entertainment services in the nature of comedy shows; Entertainment services in the nature of development, creation, production, distribution, and post-production of television shows; Entertainment services in the nature of organizing social entertainment events; Entertainment services, namely, displaying a series of films; Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games; Entertainment services, namely, providing online video games; Entertainment services, namely, storytelling; Entertainment information; Entertainment media production services for motion pictures, television and Internet; Entertainment media production services for the internet; Entertainment services, namely, multimedia production services; Pilates instruction; Providing training in the field of entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; Providing classes, seminars, workshops, and training for parents, instructors, and other individuals in the field of education for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders; Providing information in the field of exercise training; Yoga instruction; Boarding school education; Computer education training; Computer education training services; Consulting services about education; Information on education; Music education; On-line educational parental training classes; On-line entertainment ticket agency services; Online educational examination services; Online educational testing; Organization of parades for entertainment purposes; Physical education; Physical fitness studio services, namely, providing exercise classes, body sculpting classes, and group fitness classes; Providing classes, workshops, seminars and camps in the fields of fitness, exercise, boxing, kick boxing and mixed martial arts; Providing education courses relating to the travel industry; Providing educational demonstrations; Providing entertainment information via a website; Providing continuing business education courses; Providing information about education; Providing information about education via a website; Providing information in the field of education; Providing science educational mentoring services and programs; Rental of microscopes for educational purposes
18 Purses; Umbrellas; Wallets; Animal skins and hides; Bags for sports clothing; Bags for climbers in the nature of all-purpose carrying bags; Bags made of leather; Carry-on bags; Cosmetic bags sold empty; Crossbody bags; Gym bags; Holdalls for sports clothing; Leather and imitations of leather; Leather bags and wallets; Leather bags, suitcases and wallets; Pouch baby carriers; Pouches for holding keys; Pouches made from imitation leather; Pouches made out of cloth; Pouches, of leather, for packaging; Purses of leather; Purses of precious metal; Toiletry bags sold empty; Umbrellas and parasols; Walking sticks; Wallet chains; Wallets and wallet inserts; Wallets for credit cards; Wallets in the form of bracelets; Wallets of precious metal; Wallets with card compartments; Airline travel bags; All-purpose carrying bags; All-purpose reusable carrying bags; All-purpose sports bags; Amenity bags sold empty; Ankle mounted wallets; Artificial leather bags; Baby nappy bags; Backpacks, book bags, sports bags, bum bags, wallets and handbags; Bags and holdalls for sports clothing; Bags for umbrellas; Bags, envelopes, and pouches of leather for packaging; Bangle bags; Barrel bags; Belt bags; Belt bags and hip bags; Book bags; Bum bags; Canvas travel bags; Card wallets; Chain mesh coin purses; Chalk bags; Change purses; Clutch purses; Coin purses; Courier bags; Dry bags; Duffle bags; Fitted protective covers for travel bags, namely, backpacks, knapsacks, all-purpose carrying bags, luggage; Flight bags; Golf umbrellas; Handbags, purses and wallets; Hard-sided and soft-sided carry-on bags and gym bags; Hiking bags; Hobo bags; Hunting bags; Key wallets; Knitted bags; Leather bags; Leather bags for merchandise packaging; Leather purses; Leather wallets; Leather bags, envelopes, and pouches for merchandise packaging; Leather coin purses; Leisure bags; Multi-purpose purses; Net bags for shopping; Packaging bags of leather; Pocket wallets; Pommel bags; Purses and wallets; Roll bags; Shoe bags for travel; Shoulder bags; Shoulder bags for use by children; Small purses; Small clutch purses; Souvenir bags; Sport bags; Sports bags; Sportsperson's hunting bags; Suit bags; Sun umbrellas; Tool bags sold empty; Tool pouches, sold empty; Tote bags; Tote bags incorporating RFID blocking technology; Travel bags; Traveling bags; Travelling bags; Waist bags; Waist pouches; Wash bags sold empty for carrying toiletries; Wearable strap-on pouch; Weekend bags; Wrist mounted purses; Wrist or ankle mounted wallets
28 Christmas tree ornaments incorporating a fire alarm function; Christmas tree ornaments of bronze; Christmas tree ornaments with a music feature; Christmas tree ornaments, namely, bells; Christmas tree skirts; Christmas tree stand covers; Christmas tree stands; Game apparatus, namely, bases, bats, and balls for playing indoor and outdoor games; Game cards; Game straps used in bird hunting; Game tables; Game tables for playing table tennis, basketball, soccer games; Games adapted for use with television receivers; Gaming devices, namely, gaming machines, slot machines, bingo machines, with or without video output; Gaming equipment, namely, playing cards, chips, gaming tables and gaming cloths; Gaming equipment, namely, slot machines with or without video output; Gaming keyboard keycaps; Gaming keyboards; Gaming machines for gambling including slot machines or video lottery terminals; Gaming machines, namely slot machines and video lottery terminals; Gaming mice; Gymnastic apparatus; Gymnastic benches; Gymnastic horizontal bars; Gymnastic parallel bars; Gymnastic training stools; Gymnastic uneven bars; Gymnastic vaulting horses; Gymnastics rings; Toy aircraft; Toy airplanes; Toy animals; Toy balloons; Toy banks; Toy boats; Toy bubble-making solution; Toy building blocks capable of interconnection; Toy butterfly nets; Toy cameras; Toy clocks and watches; Toy cookware; Toy dough; Toy drones; Toy face masks; Toy fireworks; Toy for pets; Toy furniture; Toy gliders; Toy guns; Toy houses; Toy jewelry; Toy looms; Toy mailboxes; Toy microscopes; Toy modeling compounds; Toy noisemakers; Toy pianos; Toy pirate hats; Toy prism glasses; Toy prism spectacles; Toy putty; Toy record players; Toy rockets; Toy sling planes; Toy snow globes; Toy snow scooters; Toy stamps; Toy telescopes; Toy tools; Toy trains and parts and accessories therefor; Toy vehicle tracks; Toy vehicles; Toy watches; Toy water globes; Toy water guns; Toy weapons; Toy whistles; Toy xylophones; Toy zip guns; Toys, namely, detonating caps; Toys, namely, percussion caps; Video game consoles; Video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor; Video game interactive control floor pads or mats; Video game interactive hand held remote controls for playing electronic games; Video game interactive remote control units; Video game joysticks; Video game machines; Video game machines for use with external display screen or monitor; Video game machines for use with televisions; Video gaming consoles for playing computer games; Video output game machines for use with external display screen or monitor; Video output game machines for use with televisions; Yoga blocks; Yoga straps; Yoga wheels; Yoga boards; Yoga swings; Action skill games; Action target games; Action-type target games; Amusement game machines; Appliances for gymnastics; Arcade game machines; Arcade games; Arcade video game machines; Arcade basketball shooting games; Arcade crane game machines; Arcade racing game machines; Arcade redemption game machines that dispense tickets to successful players; Arcade-type electronic video games; Arcade-type electronic education video games; Artificial Christmas trees; Artificial snow for Christmas trees; Backgammon games; Bags specially adapted for video game consoles; Bags specially adapted for handheld video games; Balance beams; Basketball table top games; Bats for games; Battery operated action toys; Bendable toys; Billiard game playing equipment; Bingo game playing equipment; Bladders of balls for games; Board games; Boxes specially adapted for storing Christmas trees; Building games; Camouflage screens; Card games; Carrying bags specially adapted for toy vehicles; Cat toys; Checkers games; Chess games; Children's toy bicycles other than for transport; Chinese checkers as games; Chinese chess as games; Clubs for rhythmic gymnastics; Coin-operated video games; Computer game joysticks; Computer gaming keyboards; Computerized video game tables for gaming purposes, namely, a computerized video craps game table; Computerized video table games for casinos; Cornhole game boards; Counters for games; Dart games; Dice games; Disposable computer gaming keyboard covers; Disposable ticket sets for playing games of chance; Dog toys; Drawing toys; Electronic games for the teaching of children; Electronic and electro-mechanical casino gaming tables with video output; Electronic interactive board games for use with external monitor; Electronic targets for games and sports; Equipment sold as a unit for playing action type target games; Equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; Equipment sold as a unit for playing drinking games; Exercise and gymnastic banners; Exercise machines incorporating electronic and video game controllers; External cooling fans for game consoles; Fantasy character toys; Gift baskets containing plush toys; Go games; Hand held units for playing video games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; Hand-held games with liquid crystal displays; Hand-held consoles for playing video games; Hand-held units for playing video games; Helical spring toys; Home video game machines; Hoops for rhythmic sportive gymnastics; Horizontal bars; Horseshoe games; Infant toys; Infant development toys; Inflatable bath toys; Interactive gaming chairs for video games; Interchangeable magnetic toy vehicles; Japanese dice games (sugoroku); Joysticks for video game machines; Joysticks for video games; Knitted toys; Korean board games (Yut Nori sets); Low-friction game tables for playing hockey games; Machine for playing games of chance, namely, craps; Machines for playing games of chance; Magnetic board games; Manipulative games; Marbles for games; Memory games; Miniature toy sports games; Model toy vehicles; Molded toy figures; Music box toys; Needles for pumps for inflating balls for games; Novelty plush toys for parties; Ornaments for Christmas trees, except lights, candles and confectionery; Parallel bars; Parlor games; Parlour games; Party games; Perpetual motion desk toys; Pet toys; Pinball games; Pinball-type games; Plastic toy hoops; Plastic character toys; Play mats for use with toy vehicles; Player-operated electronic controllers for electronic video game machines; Playing cards and card games; Plush toys; Plush toys with attached comfort blanket; Pommel horses; Pool noodle toys; Portable games with liquid crystal displays; Printed positionable toys for use in children's board games; Printing toys; Promotional game cards; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games; Protective films adapted for screens for portable games; Protective supports for shoulders and elbows; Pull toys; Punching toys; Push toys; Racks and stands specifically designed to hold toy vehicles; Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons; Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics; Ribbons specially adapted for rhythmic sportive gymnastics; Ride-on game machines; Ride-on toys; Ring games; Role playing games; Ropes for rhythmic gymnastics; Sandbox toys; Scale model kits; Scratch cards for playing lottery games; Sketching toys; Sleds being sports articles; Slingshots being sports articles; Spring boards; Springboards; Squeeze toys; Stand alone video game machines; Stand alone video gaming machines, namely, a video craps game machine; Stand alone video output game machines; Stands for electronic game playing apparatus, namely, video game consoles, hand-held video game units; Stress relief exercise toys; Stuffed toy bears; Stuffed toys; Table-top games; Tabletop games; Tabletop basketball games; Talking toys; Target games; Tesselation toys; Tibetan dice game; Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees; Tossing disc toys; Toy Christmas trees; Uneven parallel bars for gymnastics; Vaulting horses for gymnastics; Video gaming consoles for gambling; Waist trimmer exercise belts being sports articles; Water toys; Weight lifting belts; Wild game hunting decoys; Wind-up toys; Zen garden desk toys
27 Carpet backing; Carpet padding; Carpet runners; Carpet tiles; Carpet tiles made of textiles; Carpet underlays; Carpet underlays, namely, rug grippers; Carpeting; Carpets; Carpets and rugs; Carpets for vehicles; Rugs; Rugs in the nature of floor runners; Rugs, namely, floor runners; Wall hangings, not of textile; Yoga mats; Area rugs; Bathroom rugs; Carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum for covering existing floors; Floor rugs; Fur rugs; Non-woven oriental rugs; Oriental rugs; Synthetic fur rugs
26 Buttons; Lace; Zippers; Artificial flower arrangements; Artificial flowers; Belt buckles; Belt buckles for clothing; Bows for the hair; Buckles for clothing; Buckles for footwear; Buckles for handbags; Buttons for clothing; Charms for eyewear; Charms for shoes; Clasps for clothing; Clasps for handbags; Clasps for purses; Haberdashery bows; Haberdashery ribbons; Haberdashery ribbons and bows; Haberdashery ribbons and braid; Haberdashery ribbons and braids; Hair bows; Hair clips; Hair elastics; Hair ribbons; Hair scrunchies; Hook and eye fastening tape; Hooks and eyes; Lace and embroidery; Lace, braid and embroidery; Laces and embroidery; Laces for footwear; Lacing needles; Pin and needle cushions; Press studs; Ribbons being hair decorations; Ribbons for the hair; Zipper fasteners; Zippers for bags; Artificial plants, other than Christmas trees; Boot buckles; Boot laces; Clothing buckles; Clothing accessories, namely, charms for attachment to zipper pulls and buttons; Decorative charms for eyewear; Decorative backpack charms; Hair buckles; Handbag clasps; Lace and embroidery, haberdashery ribbons and braid; Leather shoe laces; Ornamental novelty badges; Purse charms; Purse charms in the form of multi-strand beaded clips for attachment to purses; Rivet buttons; Shirt buttons; Shoe buckles; Shoe laces; Waving pins for the hair; Woollen laces
25 Scarves; Yoga pants; Yoga shirts; Yoga socks; Yoga tops; A-shirts; Adhesive bras; Ankle boots; Aprons; Athletic jackets; Baby bottoms; Baby tops; Bath robes; Bathing costumes; Bathing costumes for women; Bathing suits for men; Beach cover-ups; Beach footwear; Beanies; Belts for clothing; Berets; Bibs, not of paper; Bikinis; Blouses; Blue jeans; Boat socks; Boaters; Bodices; Body shirts; Body suits; Body suits for babies, adults, children, women, men; Bonnets; Booties; Boots; Boxing shoes; Braces for clothing; Bralettes; Bras; Bridal headpieces as headwear in the nature of babies, adults, children, women, men; Bustle holder bands for obi (obiage); Cagoules; Camouflage pants; Capelets; Chaps; Children's underwear; Climbing boots; Clothing belts of textile; Clothing wraps; Clothing belts; Clothing for wear in judo practices; Clothing head wraps; Clothing jerseys; Clothing, namely, khakis; Coats for men; Coats for women; Coats for babies, adults, children, women, men; Collared shirts; Corduroy pants; Corselets; Costumes for use in role-playing games; Cowboy hats; Cravates; Cravats; Crochet bottoms; Crochet dresses; Crochet hats; Crochet pants; Crochet shirts; Crochet skirts; Crochet tops; Crop pants; Dance pants; Denim jackets; Denim jeans; Denim pants; Denim shorts; Denim skirts; Detachable neckpieces for kimonos (haneri); Disposable slippers; Down jackets; Down suits; Dress pants; Dress shoes; Dresses; Dresses for babies, adults, children, women, men; Dresses made from skins; Dressing gowns; Driving gloves; Evening coats; Face coverings being balaclavas; Face coverings being niqabs; Fashion masks being ski masks; Fedoras; Fleece tops; Football boots; Football jerseys; Football shoes; Football uniforms; Footies; Footwear for men; Footwear for track and field athletics; Footwear for women; Footwear made of wood; Footwear not for sports; Footwear uppers; Fur stoles; G-strings; Golf shorts; Gym suits; Gymnastic shoes; Halter tops; Hats; Hats for infants, babies, toddlers and children; Head scarves; Headbands; Headbands incorporating headphones; Headwear; Headwear for babies, adults, children, women, men; Heels; Hockey shoes; Hooded pullovers; Hooded sweatshirts for babies, adults, children, women, men; Hoodies; Hoods; Hunting jackets; Hunting waders; Infants' boots; Infants' shoes; Infants' trousers; Infinity scarves; Inner soles; Jandals; Jeans; Jeggings; Jerkins; Jumper dresses; Jumpers in the nature of dresses; Jumpers in the nature of sweaters; Knickers; Knit bottoms; Knit dresses; Knit skirts; Knitted underwear; Ladies' boots; Ladies' suits; Ladies' underwear; Latex lingerie; Leather belts for clothing; Leather boots; Leather pants; Leather shoes; Leather slippers; Leg warmers; Leggings; Leggins; Lingerie; Long jackets; Lounge pants; Mantillas; Mantles; Masquerade costumes; Men's socks; Men's suits; Men's underwear; Miniskirts; Muu muus; Neck bands; Neck scarves; Neck tube scarves; Neckties; Neckwear; Night gowns; Nightdresses; Nightgowns; Nighties; Nightwear; Nurse pants; Nursing shoes; One-piece suits; Over coats; Overalls; Pajama bottoms; Pajamas; Pajamas for babies, adults, children, women, men; Panties; Pants; Pants for babies, adults, children, women, men; Pantsuits; Petticoats; Pinafores; Play suits; Puffer jackets; Puffer vests; Pullovers; Rain capes; Rain hats; Raincoats; Rainwear; Removable breast enhancer pads used in bras or swimsuits; Riding shoes; Rompers; Rubber shoes; Rugby shoes; Rugby shorts; Running costumes; Sandals; Shalwar suits; Shalwar trousers; Shapewear, namely, babies, adults, children, women, men; Sheepskin jackets; Shirt-jacs; Shirts; Shirts for babies, adults, children, women, men; Shoes; Shoes for babies, adults, children, women, men; Shorts; Shorts for babies, adults, children, women, men; Silk scarves; Singlets; Ski boots; Skirts; Sleep pants; Sleepsuits; Sleeved jackets; Sleeveless jackets; Slipovers; Slippers; Sneakers; Snow jackets; Snow pants; Soccer jerseys; Socks; Sport coats; Sports bra; Sports bras; Sports dresses; Sports shirts; Stocking caps; Suits; Sun leggings; Sun visors being headwear; Surf wear; Suspender belts; Suspenders for clothing; Sweat jackets; Sweat pants; Sweat shorts; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Sweatbands; Sweaters; Sweaters for babies, adults, children, women, men; Sweatpants; Sweatpants for babies, adults, children, women, men; Sweatshirts for babies, adults, children, women, men; Sweatsuits; Swim suits; Swim trunks; Swimming costumes; Swimming trunks; Swimsuits; Swimwear; T-shirts for babies, adults, children, women, men; T-shirts incorporating digital sensors; Tabards; Tank tops; Tee shirts; Tee-shirts; Thigh high stockings; Tights; Top coats; Top hats; Topcoats; Track jackets; Tracksuits; Trekking boots; Trekking trousers; Trouser socks; Trousers; Trousers for babies, adults, children, women, men; Tuques; Turtlenecks; Undergarments; Underpants; Underwear; Underwear, namely, boy shorts; Uniforms; Vests; Vests for use in barber shops and salons; Waist belts; Waterproof boots; Waterproof pants; Wedding garters; Wedding gowns; Women's foldable slippers; Women's hats and hoods; Women's shoes; Women's shoes, namely, foldable flats; Women's suits; Women's underwear; Work boots; Work shoes; Woven dresses; Woven shirts for babies, adults, children, women, men; Woven tops; Wrist bands as clothing; Wristbands as clothing; Yoga pants incorporating digital sensors
14 Watches; Charms for key rings; Charms for key rings or key chains; Horological and chronometric instruments; Horological and chronometric instruments and cases therefor; Horological and chronometric instruments and parts thereof; Jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones; Jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones; Key rings; Precious and semi-precious crystal stones and beads for use in jewelry; Precious metals and their alloys; Watch bracelets; Watch chains; Watch pouches; Watchbands; Watches and clocks; Watches and jewellery; Watches and jewelry; Watches and straps for watches; Watches for outdoor use; Watches for sporting use; Watches, clocks; Buckles for watch bands; Buckles for watch straps; Buckles for watchbands; Charms for watch bands; Diving watches; Dress watches; Jewellery and watches; Jewelry watches; Metal key rings; Parts for watches; Plastic key rings; Sports watches; Stop watches; Women's watches; Wrist watches
3 Perfume; All purpose cleaning preparation with deodorizing properties; All purpose cleaning preparations; All-purpose cleaners; Deodorant for personal use; Deodorant soap; Deodorants for body care; Deodorants for human beings; Deodorants for personal use; Fragrance emitting wicks for room fragrance; Fragrance for household purposes; Fragrance sachets; Fragrance setting sprays; Fragrances; Fragrances and perfumery; Fragrances for personal use; Lip balm; Lip gloss; Lip glosses; Lip conditioners; Lip cream; Lip gloss palette; Lip liner; Lip liners; Lip neutralizers; Lip polisher; Lip stains; Lip tints; Moisturising creams; Moisturizing creams; Moisturizing milk; Perfume oils; Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations; Perfume setting sprays; Perfumed creams; Perfumed extracts for tissues and perfumes; Perfumed paste; Perfumed powder; Perfumed soap; Perfumed talcum powder; Perfumes; Perfumes and colognes; Perfumes and toilet waters; Perfumes for industrial purposes; Perfumes, aftershaves and colognes; Perfumes, eau de colognes and aftershaves; Perfumes, eaux de cologne and aftershaves; Scented room sprays; SPF sun block sprays; Sun-tanning oils and lotions; After sun moisturisers; Amber being perfume; Anti-aging moisturizer; Antiperspirants and deodorants for personal use; Body deodorants; Body spray used as a personal deodorant and as fragrance; Colognes, perfumes and cosmetics; Cosmetic suntan lotions; Cosmetics in general, including perfumes; Cosmetics, namely, lip primer; Cosmetics, namely, lip repairers; Eau de perfume; Extracts of flowers being perfumes; Feminine deodorant sprays; Fragranced face care preparations, namely, facial cleansers, facial moisturizers; Fragranced skin care preparations, namely, skin cleansers, skin moisturizers; Liquid perfumes; Make-up kits comprised of lipstick, lip gloss, lip cosmetics; Non-medicated lip balms; Oils for perfumes and scents; Personal deodorants; Sachets for perfuming linen; Skin and body topical lotions, creams and oils for cosmetic use; Skin moisturizer; Skin moisturizers used as cosmetics
24 Fabric cascades; Fabric for footwear; Fabric place mats; Fabrics for textile use; Yoga towels; Bamboo fabric; Canvas fabric; Cotton fabric; Curtain fabric; furnishing fabrics; Impermeable textile fabrics; Jeans fabric; Knitted fabric; Lingerie fabric; Non-woven fabrics; Pile fabrics; Textile fabrics for lingerie; Woolen fabric; Woven linen fabrics
35 Advertising agency services; Advertising agency specializing in the development and execution of word of mouth, viral, buzz and experiential marketing programs; Advertising analysis; Advertising and advertisement services; Advertising and business management consultancy; Advertising and commercial information services, via the internet; Advertising and directory services, namely, promoting the services of others by providing a web page featuring links to the websites of others; Advertising and marketing services provided by means of indirect methods of marketing communications, namely, social media, search engine marketing, inquiry marketing, internet marketing, mobile marketing, blogging and other forms of passive, sharable or viral communications channels; Advertising automobiles for sale by means of the Internet; Advertising by mail order; Advertising consultation; Advertising copywriting; Advertising of the published texts of others; Advertising on the Internet for others; Advertising planning; Advertising research; Advertising services; Advertising services of a radio and television advertising agency; Advertising services to create brand identity for others; Advertising services, namely, cost-per-action on-line advertising; Advertising services, namely, creating corporate and brand identity for others; Advertising services, namely, creating corporate logos for others; Advertising services, namely, creating promotional murals advertising the goods and services of others; Advertising services, namely, promoting and marketing the goods and services of others through all public communication means; Advertising services, namely, promoting car dealerships of others; Advertising services, namely, promoting the sandwiches of others; Advertising services, namely, providing advertising space in a periodical; Advertising, including on-line advertising on a computer network; Business administration; Business administration and management; Business administration and office work; Business administration assistance; Business administration consultancy; Business administration for others; Business administration services; Business management; Business management and consultation; Business management consultancy; Marketing consulting; Marketing consulting services relating to long-term business strategy development for non-profit organizations; Marketing research; Marketing research services in the nature of tracking consumer behavior and analyzing consumer trends; Marketing services; Marketing services in the field of conversion rate optimization (CRO); Marketing services in the field of web site traffic optimization; Marketing services in the nature of lead generation; Marketing services in the nature of promotion of third-party goods and services by brand ambassadors; Marketing services in the nature of promotion of third-party goods and services by social media influencers; Marketing services, namely, consumer marketing research; Marketing the goods and services of others by means of location-based messaging; Marketing the goods and services of others by means of push notification technology; Promotion and marketing services and related consulting; Retail store services featuring housewares; Advertising and marketing; Advertising and marketing services provided by means of blogging; Advertising and marketing services, namely, promoting the goods and services of others; Advertising, marketing and promotional services for the donation of human blood that exactly matches the blood type of individuals needing transfusions; Advertising, including promotion of products and services of third parties through sponsoring arrangements and licence agreements relating to international sports' events; Advertising, marketing and promotion services; Advertising, promotion and marketing services based on consumer credit reports and scores of others; Banner advertising; Business marketing consulting services to childcare organizations; Business marketing services; Business operation, business administration and office functions; Cinema advertising; Commercial business management; Conducting marketing studies; Consulting services in the field of internet marketing; Copy writing for advertising and promotional purposes; Creating advertising material; Development of advertising concepts; Development of marketing concepts; Development of marketing strategies, concepts and tactics, namely, audience development, brand awareness, online community building and digital word of mouth communications; Digital advertising services; Direct marketing advertising for others; Direct marketing services; Distribution of advertising mail and of advertising supplements attached to regular editions; Distribution of advertising material; Elevator advertising; Entertainment marketing services, namely, marketing, promotion and advertising for independent recording artists; Franchising, namely, consultation and assistance in business management, organization and promotion; Influencer marketing services; Internet advertising services; Magazine advertising; Media production location scouting services for advertising purposes; Modeling for advertising or sales promotion; Modeling services for advertising or sales promotion; Newspaper advertising; On-line advertising on a computer network; On-line advertising on computer networks; On-line promotion of computer networks and websites; On-line customer-based social media brand marketing services; Online advertising on a computer network; Online advertising services; Online marketing services; Organization of fairs for commercial and advertising purposes; Out-of-home advertising services, namely, rental of advertising space, and preparing and placing advertisements for others; Outdoor advertising; Pay per click (PPC) advertising management services; Pay per click advertising; Post-production editing of advertising or commercials; Preparation of marketing surveys; Preparation of reports for marketing; Preparing advertisements for others; Production of advertising films; Production of advertising materials; Production of film and television advertising; Production of video recordings for marketing purposes; Promoting and marketing the goods and services of others by distributing advertising material, coupons and discount offers via text messages; Promoting the goods and services of others by means of word-of-mouth and nontraditional marketing programs; Promoting, advertising and marketing on-line web sites of others; Promoting, advertising and marketing the on-line databases and electronic publications of others; Promotional marketing services; Providing advertising services; Providing advertising services using 3D and animation designs; Providing advertising space in periodicals, newspapers and magazines; Providing advertising space on billboards and in kiosks; Providing marketing and promotion of special events; Providing office functions; Providing information in the field of marketing; Provision of marketing reports; Provision of technical information in the field of marketing; Publicity and sales promotion relating to goods and services available on-line; Publicity and sales promotion services; Radio advertising; Real estate advertising services; Rental of advertising time on communication media; Sales promotion; Sales promotion for others; Sales promotion for others via short videos; Sales promotion for third parties; Sales promotion services; Search engine optimisation for sales promotion; Search engine optimization for sales promotion; Services of advertising agencies; Social media strategy and marketing consultancy focusing on helping clients create and extend their product and brand strategies by building virally engaging marketing solutions; Special event planning for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes; Targeted marketing services; Television advertising
21 Combs; Bottle cleaning brushes; Bottle stands; Bottles, sold empty; Brush-making materials; Drinking cups and saucers; Drinking flasks; Drinking glasses; Drinking straws; Drinking vessels; Glass boxes; Glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; Household containers; Household plastic gloves; Household utensils, namely, sieves; Household utensils, namely, spatulas; Perfume atomizers, sold empty; Water bottles sold empty; Aluminum water bottles sold empty; Bath brushes; Beverage glassware; Cleaning sponges; Cleaning brushes for feeding bottles; Drinking bottles for sports; Empty spray bottles; Glass stoppers for bottles; Jars for jams and jellies of earthenware, glass, porcelain, plastic; Kitchen sponges; Material for brush-making; Non-electric cookware, namely, pots, pans, dishes; Perfume bottles sold empty; Plastic bottle with blown cavity insert sold empty; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Reusable glass, stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Siphon bottles for aerated water; Siphon bottles for carbonated water; Sports bottles sold empty; Squeeze bottles sold empty; Vacuum bottles

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