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Friday, March 29, 2024
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Friday, March 29, 2024

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41 News reporters services; Publication of printed matter; Publication of the editorial content of sites accessible via a global computer network; Publishing of electronic publications; Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; Publication of texts; Providing online non-downloadable comic books and graphic novels; Providing on-line non-downloadable general feature magazines; Music publishing and music recording services; Music publishing services; Publication and editing of printed matter; Publication of printed matter relating to education; Publication of educational books; Publication of educational teaching materials; Publication of instructional literature; Publication of printed matter and printed publications; Publication of newspapers, periodicals, catalogs and brochures; Publication of books; Consultation services relating to the publication of books; Publishing services for books and magazines; Publication of electronic books and journals on-line; Electronic desktop publishing; Electronic text publishing services; Publication of electronic magazines; Live band performances; Providing recreational areas in the nature of play areas for children; Provision of information relating to entertainment online from a computer database of the Internet; Entertainment services in the nature of an amusement park show; Provision of entertainment services through the media of video-films; Provision of entertainment services through the media of publications; Amusement centers; Production of shows; Entertainment, education and instruction services; Video entertainment services; Exhibition of video films; Provision of recreational activities; Leisure services; Sporting and cultural activities; Television entertainment; Theme park services; Theatre entertainment; Theatre services; Theater productions; Adventure playground services; Musical entertainment; Musical entertainment services; Performing of music and singing; Live entertainment; Children's adventure playground services; Organisation of events for cultural, entertainment and sporting purposes; Amusement park services; Amusement and theme park services; Amusement park and theme park services; Organising of shows for entertainment purposes; Film distribution; Cinematographic entertainment services; distribution of movies; Rental of motion pictures; Live entertainment, live services; Cinema presentations; Entertainment services in the form of television programmes; Entertainment services in the form of motion pictures; Entertainment services for producing live shows; Entertainment services in the form of cinema performances; Provision of entertainment services through the media of audio tapes; Provision of entertainment services through the media of television; Entertainment in the form of recorded music (Services providing -); Provision of entertainment services through the media of cine-films; Entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; Electronic online publication of periodicals and books; Electronic data processing training; Sports and fitness; Audio and video production, and photography; Training in electronics; Provision of education courses relating to electronics; English language education services; Arranging of training courses; Education services for imparting language teaching methods; Provision of language schools and language courses; Organisation of language courses; Language tuition; Provision of information relating to training; Professional consultancy relating to education; Educational advisory services; Advisory services relating to education; Providing computer-delivered educational testing and assessments; Provision of day-care units; Educational testing; Provision of training and education; Consultancy services relating to training; Provision of education courses; Providing of education; Education; Training and further training consultancy; Organisation of training courses; Provision of training courses; Development of educational materials; Dissemination of educational material; Arranging teaching programmes; Provision of training facilities; Education services relating to the development of childrens' intellectual faculties; Educational services provided for children; Educational services provided for teachers of children; Training of teachers; Teacher training services; School courses relating to study assistance; Sporting education services; Sporting and recreational activities; Sporting services; Sports tuition, coaching and instruction; Recreation and training services; Services for the production of entertainment in the form of film; Film production for entertainment purposes; Production/distribution of movies; Production of entertainment in the form of television programmes; Production of entertainment in the form of sound recordings; Animation production services; Creating animated cartoons; Production of animated programmes for use on television and cable; Audio, film, video and television recording services
9 Animated cartoons; Audio recordings; Audio visual recordings; Digital music downloadable provided from a computer database or the internet; Electronic publications, downloadable; Instruction manuals in electronic format; Cinematographic films; Pre-recorded audio tapes; Exposed film; Digital music downloadable provided from MP3 internet web sites; Holographic images; Digital music downloadable provided from the internet; Weekly publications downloaded in electronic form from the internet; Recorded discs bearing images; Downloadable graphics for mobile phones; Downloadable publications; Downloadable musical sound recordings; Downloadable music files; Musical video recordings; Talking books; Records; Audio recordings; Recorded discs bearing sound; Musical sound recordings; Musical recordings in the form of discs; Pre-recorded videos; Tape recordings of music; Printed publications in machine-readable form; Printed publications in optically recorded form; Printed publications in electronically readable format; Animated cartoons in the form of cinematographic films; Podcasts; Sensitized films, exposed; Photosensitive media; Cinematographic film, exposed; Video recordings; Recorded data files; Recorded content; Media content; Databases (electronic); Data recorded electronically; Audio cassettes; Compact discs; DVDs; Electronic data carriers; Pre-recorded compact discs; Information technology and audiovisual equipment
18 Walking sticks; Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; Umbrellas and parasols
28 Fairground and playground apparatus; Festive decorations and artificial Christmas trees; Toys, games, playthings and novelties; Sporting articles and equipment; Video game apparatus; Balloons; Fabric toys; Carnival caps; Face masks being playthings; Children's multiple activity toy; Children's bicycles (other than for transport); Board games; Kites; Toy hats; Toy tableware; Playing balls; Toy sporting apparatus; Toy vehicles with transforming parts; Toys; Toys simulating objects used by adults in day to day activity; Fancy dress outfits being children's playthings; Teddy bears; Dolls; Battery operated toys; Toy figurines; Counters for games; Scale model vehicles; Miniature car models [toys or playthings]; Inflatable toys; Building games; Sports games; Children's playthings
16 Disposable paper products; Decoration and art materials and media; Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Printed matter; Paper and cardboard; Books; Stationery and educational supplies; Works of art and figurines of paper and cardboard, and architects' models; Bags and articles for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics; Drawing materials; Drawing paper; Arts, crafts and modelling equipment
25 Footwear; Hats; Clothing; Sports shirts with short sleeves; Menswear; Casual shirts; Casual trousers; Leisurewear; Layettes [clothing]; Swimming trunks; Sports clothing [other than golf gloves]; Sportswear; Tops [clothing]; Coats and Socks; Tee-shirts; Sweatpants; Socks; Shorts; Slipovers; Blousons; Long jackets; Long sleeve pullovers; Printed t-shirts; Shirts; Loungewear; Outerclothing for men; Short-sleeve shirts; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Trousers for children; Children's wear; Skirt suits; Gloves [clothing]; Collared shirts; Running Suits; Hooded sweatshirts; Hooded tops; Slacks; Skirts; Denim jeans; Sweat shirts; Sweat suits; Denim jackets; Sun hats; Peaked headwear; Caps with visors; Bonnets; Children's headwear; Bonnets [headwear]; Sun visors [headwear]; Sun visors; Caps [headwear]; Pumps [footwear]; Football boots; Footwear [excluding orthopedic footwear]; Footwear for men; Canvas shoes; Espadrilles; Basketball sneakers; Gym boots; Children's footwear; Running shoes; Training shoes; Leather shoes; Footwear for women; Slip-on shoes; Booties; Slippers; Shoes with hook and pile fastening tapes; Sandals; Infants' footwear; Beach shoes; Cycling shoes; Leisure shoes
32 Non-alcoholic beverages; Preparations for making beverages; Juices; Flavoured carbonated beverages; Energy drinks; Non-dairy milk; Other non-alcoholic drinks; Cordials; Orange squash
43 Services for providing food and drink; Providing temporary housing accommodations; Temporary accommodation; Restaurant services; Cafeterias; Ice cream parlour services; Hotels, hostels and boarding houses, holiday and tourist accommodation; Nurseries, day-care and elderly care facilities; Accommodation bureau services

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Mar 29, 2024
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