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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Thursday, February 22, 2024

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41 Arranging and conducting special events for social entertainment purposes; Arranging and conducting general social meetings and cultural activities for the members of the Cayuga Nation in New York; Conducting and providing facilities for casino gaming contests and tournaments solely within the sovereign territory of the Cayuga Nation in New York; Educational services, namely, providing classes and instruction in the fields of literacy, cultural preservation, outdoor exploration, and history; Entertainment services, namely, casino gaming solely within the sovereign territory of the Cayuga Nation in New York; Gaming services in the nature of casino gaming; Historical services, namely, organizing festivals and dance competitions for cultural or entertainment purposes, and museum services; Museum services and health club services, namely, providing instruction and equipment in the field of physical exercise; Providing a website featuring blogs and non-downloadable publications in the nature of articles in the field(s) of business, Native American culture, education, government, health, law, and sports; Providing information and news in the field of current events relating to commercial, medical, legal, industrial, and cultural use of cannabis; Providing information related to American Indian history and language;
18 BASED ON USE: Umbrellas; Tote bags; BASED ON ITU: Backpacks; Luggage; Handbags; Athletic bags; Purses;
16 BASED ON USE: Calendars; Newsletters published monthly in the field of American Indian affairs and culture, gaming and education; note pads; Pamphlets and monographs in the fields of American Indian history; writing paper; BASED ON ITU: Books in the fields of American Indian history and American Indian affairs and culture; Paper flags; Pencils;
27 Floor rugs;
25 BASED ON USE: Jackets; Shirts; Sweatshirts; T-shirts; BASED ON ITU: Aprons; Baseball hats; Caps; Footwear; Headwear; Pants; Sweatpants; Tank tops;
24 BASED ON USE: Cloth flags; BASED ON ITU: Bed blankets; Blanket throws; Pillow covers; Tapestries of textile; Towels;
35 Arranging and conducting general business meetings for members of the Cayuga Nation; Association services, namely promoting the interests and welfare of members of the Cayuga Nation; Association services, namely, protecting the culture and history of the Cayuga Nation; Charitable services in the nature of coordination of the procurement and distribution of food donations to needy persons; Conducting Native American themed business development services to support members of the Cayuga Nation; Municipal business services, namely, providing business development services, promoting economic development, and human resources management; natural resource management, namely, developing, administering, managing and protecting by means of organizing and developing projects to promote awareness of environmental conservation of the natural resources of the Cayuga Nation; Promoting commerce and tourism on the national lands of the Cayuga Nation; Promoting the well-being of members, namely, promoting public awareness in the field of social welfare of members of the Cayuga Nation;
12 Fitted fabric covers for vehicle seat belts;
34 BASED ON USE: Lighters for tobacco smokers; BASED ON ITU: Ashtrays for tobacco smokers; tobacco matchboxes;
45 Membership club services, namely, providing on-line information to members in the fields of personal growth and motivation, personal image development, and personal development, namely, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and interpersonal communication; Police and civil protection services; Providing information in the field of Cayuga Nation culture; Providing information related to traditions and culture of the Cayuga Nation;
22 Tents;
21 Beverage glassware; Cups; Mugs; Laundry baskets; Water bottles, sold empty;
The mark consists of a stylized image of a pine tree showing the roots at the bottom and a eagle sitting on the top. Surrounding the image is a an outline comprising a turtle, the head of a bear, the head of a wolf, the head of a heron, the head of a snipe, and a turtle. Above the image appears the word CAYUGA. Below the image appears the word NATION. The outline of a shield surrounds the entire image and wording.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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