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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Thursday, February 22, 2024

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41 park services; host services; renting cinematic equipment; host services; film studio services; organizing matches or competitions (for education or entertainment); rental of show scenes; providing entertainment venues; radio entertainment; cinema production other than advertising films; theatrical productions other payment methods; production of theatrical performances; television entertainment; renting theatrical scenes; providing exhibitors to artists; organizing and managing conferences; organizing and managing meetings; providing information in the field of entertainment; holiday camp services (recreation); providing live broadcast presentations; cinematic shows/theatrical shows; organizing sports matches; organizing parties (entertainment); recording studio services; providing information related to recreational activities; providing entertainment hall services; renting lighting equipment for theaters or television studios; renting video cameras; preparing videos; film translation; karaoke singing services; music composition services; providing electronic publications via the internet; submitting pictorial reports; photography; news correspondent services; ticket agency services (entertainment); organizing and holding concerts; design services other than those used for advertising purposes; organizing fashion shows for entertainment purposes; music production; renting games and dolls; providing music on the internet; it cannot be downloaded; providing online videos; it cannot be downloaded; songwriting; writing plays; providing television programs, which cannot be downloaded, via video on demand services; organizing entertainment events related to the arts of imitating fictional characters (cosplay); cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by artistic performance halls; sound engineering services for events; video editing services for events; film directing, other than advertising films; providing user comments for entertainment or cultural purposes; providing user evaluation/classification for entertainment or cultural purposes; face painting; exercise (training); recording videos; from a computer network gaming services provided directly; online publishing of electronic books and magazines intended for advertising purposes; screenwriting, other than screenplays; tennis court rental; organizing shows (party caterer services); reserve seats for theatrical performances; organizing beauty contests; organizing and managing workshops (training); organizing and managing seminars; sports camp services; providing museum venues (performances and exhibitions); practical training (review); zoos; providing various offers; production of radio and television programs; rental of radio and television equipment; publishing texts other than advertising texts; entertainment services in the nature of music concerts, shows, performances, sporting events, arts, culture, fashion; entertainment information; providing an entertainment venue for festivals and gatherings; organization festivals for cultural or entertainment purposes; arranging and conducting educational courses relating to culture and history; non-downloadable films, movies, programs, and special events
9 smartphone cases; downloadable computer software applications; electronic bulletin boards; downloadable television programs, films, and special events; recorded programing
18 folders/conference portfolios; supplies for animal kits; shopping bags; bags, travel bags, luggage, wallets, purses, tote bags, rucksacks, backpacks, travel bags
14 medals; decorative brooches (jewelry); jewelry, watches
25 half sleeve shirts; clothes for costume parties; clothing for physical sports; scarves; fingerless gloves; clothes for newborns; coats; caps; shawls; clothing, footwear, headwear
35 commercial hall services; telecommunications company services; media relations services; marketing within the framework of software publishing; retail services for works of art provided by art galleries; publicity and external advertising; targeted marketing; gift registration services; services electronic retail sale of downloadable and recorded music and films through other payment methods; electronic retail services for downloadable digital music; promoting goods and services by sponsoring sports activities; negotiating business contracts for others; producing marketing programs for; compilation of information indexes for commercial or advertising purposes; writing text for advertising purposes; managing consumer loyalty programs; management of frequent flyer programs; renting billboards (bulletin boards); business administration of expense reimbursement programs for others; telemarketing services; marketing; athletes business management; production of propaganda and advertising films; organizing fashion shows for promotional purposes; design services for advertising and publicity purposes; collecting statistical data; writing advertising texts; displaying goods on communications media for the purposes of retail sale; services for clipping important news or information in newspapers; renting time for advertising and advertising in the means of communication; advertising on the computer network; organizing trade fairs; organizing newspaper subscriptions for others; sales promotion (to others); renting advertising space; employment of individuals; organizing exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; marketing research; services for preparing advertising, advertising or sales promotion models; advertising agency services; advertising and advertising via television; public relations; radio advertising; propaganda and advertisement; publishing propaganda and advertisement texts; marketing studies; show goods; printing; employment agency services; images; publishing propaganda and advertising materials; financial sponsorship for sports competitions, sports teams, athletes, entertainers, and festivals; promotion of the goods and services of others; promotion of travel
The mark consists of RING OF FIRE in orange on a black background..
The color(s) orange and black is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Feb 22, 2024
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