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Friday, November 17, 2023
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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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9 Thermostats; thermal controls and sensors; temperature control apparatus; room thermostats; remote control apparatus for temperature and heat installations; heat regulators; sensors; sensors for monitoring physical movements; electric cables; insulated cables; fuses; fuse blocks and boxes; smart meters; smart home software; electrical conduits; parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid
17 Thermal insulation material; laminates containing polyamide foams for thermal insulation; fibre board for use as insulation; insulation board made from mineral wood; adhesive sealants; adhesive tape for industrial and commercial use; rubber based sealant tape; waterproofing tape; acoustic insulating materials; acoustic sheets, tiles and mats; acoustic insulating panels and boards; liquid rubber adhesive sealant for general use; liquid rubber membrane; waterproof sealants; waterproof membranes for use in manufacture; waterproof membranes of rubber; parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid
37 Installation, repair and maintenance of central heating, heating equipment and heating apparatus; installation of building insulation; installation of fittings for buildings; installation of thermal insulation for buildings; information, advice and consultancy for all of the aforesaid
2 Waterproofing primer
1 Adhesives; tile adhesives; adhesives for waterproofing; waterproofing membranes in liquid chemical form for use in construction
11 Heating installations; underfloor heating installations and apparatus; floor heating apparatus; pavement heating apparatus; heated towel rails; boilers; heating boilers; water, gas and electric boilers; heat pads; radiators; oil radiators; heated carpets; heated trays; heated display units and cabinets; flat heating elements; heat pads for warming; heated mirrors; heating apparatus for mirrors; control devices for heating installations; demisters; electric heating cables; electric heating elements in the form of cables; parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid
The mark consists of the words THERMO and SPHERE in stylized font.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Nov 17, 2023
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