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Friday, November 17, 2023
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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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9 Traffic control safety products, namely, snow-plowable plastic reflective pavement markers; highway safety equipment, namely, breakaway posts for use on highway barriers, end terminals, and crash cushions; luminous ground-inserted roadway markers; highway safety traffic control delineator made of polymer material; Safety and warning equipment, namely, vehicular traffic lane delineators; Flexible tubes used in delineation of highway traffic lanes and islands, namely, vehicle traffic signals; Highway safety product, namely, anti-icing systems for road surfaces primarily comprised of a computer based programmable control system containing computer hardware and downloadable computer software designed to determine the temperature of surrounding materials, and a housing unit consisting of electric pumps and chemical holding tanks; flexible plastic highway safety posts that can be fastened to the ground, namely, vehicle traffic signals
19 Crash barriers not of metal; crash barriers of plastic for roadways; Plastic reusable energy absorbing crash barriers, not of metal; non-metal barricades for traffic control; highway safety devices comprised of vehicle energy absorbing systems, namely, crushable concrete crash cushions; hollow plastic crash barriers that can be filled with a ballast material and used to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic; motor vehicle crash cushions, not of metal, consisting of crushable cartridges surrounded by a corrugated steel guardrail; Polyester anchoring system primarily comprising grout in the nature of resin and hardener grout mixture and also comprised of metal anchoring bolt, for use in highway crash barriers, sign supports, and guardrails; vehicle crash barriers and roadway crash barriers made primarily of plastic; Non-metal highway, road, and railroad railings and vehicle crash cushions being crash barriers; road safety guidance systems for roadway delineation, comprised principally of non-metal delineator posts, guardrail delineator posts, and sign posts; traffic delineators, namely, portable non-metal traffic barriers; Sand filled vehicle crash barriers, not of metal
6 Metal guardrails; Metal posts in the nature of guardrail and end terminal posts; Metal highway safety equipment, namely, guardrail terminals, metal anchor terminals for roadside and median barriers, guardrail end terminals, and double-sided median guardrail terminals; Metal highway safety devices comprised of vehicle energy absorbing systems, namely, crash attenuator guardrail terminals and crash attenuating terminal crash barrier systems comprised of metal members for roads; Crash cushions made of metal for use as vehicle crash barriers for road; Traffic safety equipment, namely, sign posts made of metal; metal cable crash barriers for use on roadways; Vehicle attenuating terminals, namely, a metal crash barrier system comprised of metal members at the end of a guardrail; highway guardrails and highway safety systems, namely, truck-mounted and non-truck-mounted attenuated metal highway crash barriers for roads; vehicle crash barriers made primarily of metal; highway crash protection cushions made primarily of metal for use as vehicle crash barriers for the roads; Crash barriers made of metal for roads; Vehicle arresting devices, namely, metal crash barriers; Anchorless crash cushions made of steel for use as vehicle crash barriers for roads
37 Rental and leasing services featuring highway and road safety equipment, namely, roadside barriers, crash cushions, road marking, channelizers, roadside signs, street signs, overhead signs, crash cushions, attenuators, guardrail and end treatments
12 Vehicle-mounted motor vehicle crash attenuators; Truck mounted vehicle crash attenuators; vehicle bumpers; Structural parts for land vehicles, namely, vehicle bumpers for trucks; structural parts for land vehicles, namely, crash barrier components for trucks; Truck-mounted motor vehicle crash attenuators

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