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Thursday, November 16, 2023
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Monday, November 13, 2023

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30 Sprouted grains prepared for human consumption; white rice; husked rice; wheat flour; almond paste; processed grains; yeast extracts for food; malt for human consumption; liquorice as a confectionery; maltose; doenjang; nucleic acid seasoning; beer vinegar; red pepper powder (Gochutgaru); seasoned salt; fruit teas; processed coffee; beverages with a tea base; edible ices; meat tenderizers for household purposes
41 Entertainment services performed by singers; recording studio services; rental of audio recordings; layout services other than for advertising purposes; nightclub entertainment services; provision of libraries; provision of science exhibitions; tutoring; rental of stadium facilities; providing exercise facilities; rental of sports grounds; rental of golf articles; organization of professional football teams; sponsoring and promoting services for sports; organizing of sporting competitions; gaming services; holiday camp entertainment services; provision of game information; news reporters services; arranging of beauty contests
40 Gilding; processing of precious metals; leather dyeing; fulling of cloth; wool treating; processing of cereals; fruit crushing; slaughtering of animals; processing of marine products; freezing of foods; food smoking; flour milling; printing of advertising matter; rental of printing equipment; dressmaking shop services; rental of cutting equipment; air purification; treatment for water pollution prevention; destruction of food waste; duplication of tape recordings
29 Frozen peas; frozen beans; frozen eggplants; frozen mushrooms; fruit-based snack food; vegetable juices for cooking; thick tofu; processed beans, namely, foodstuffs excluding bean curds and foodstuffs made from bean curds; frozen fruits; beef; edible eggs; processed meat; milk beverages containing peanut, milk predominating; sesame oil for food; food products made from worm; eels, not live; fish, not live; processed laver; dried fish and shellfish; fish-based foodstuffs
39 Vessel transport; marine transport; cargo ship transport; hauling; transporting furniture; arranging of transport; providing transportation information; removal services; storage of farm products; cryogenic storage; storage of goods; storage of crude oil; boat storage; rental of wheelchairs; escorting of travelers; booking of travel; physical storage of electronically-stored data; packing articles; rental of diving suits; gas distribution
35 Promoting the goods and services by means of operating an on-line comprehensive shopping mall; retail services provided by hypermarket services; supermarkets; wholesale store services featuring fresh vegetables; wholesale store services featuring processed vegetable products; wholesale store services featuring fresh fruit; wholesale store services featuring food products made primarily from fruits; wholesale store services featuring meat; wholesale store services featuring processed meat; wholesale store services featuring edible oils and fats; wholesale store services featuring fish and shellfish, not live; wholesale store services featuring food products made from fish and shellfish; wholesale store services featuring processed seaweed products; wholesale store services featuring polished cereals; wholesale store services featuring edible flour; wholesale store services featuring processed grains; wholesale store services featuring soy sauce and soy bean paste; wholesale store services featuring live fish and shellfish ; wholesale store services featuring tofu; wholesale store services featuring alcoholic drinks
33 Makkoli; soju; refined rice wine (Yag-ju); fruit wine; strawberry wine; rum; liqueurs; plum wine; wild grapes wine; perry; whiskey; cocktail; grape wine; kaoliang (Chinese liquor); snake liquor; hydromel mead; tonic liquor flavored with pine needle extracts (matsuba-zake); flavored tonic liquors; herbal liqueurs; acanthopanax wine (Ogapiju)
44 Horticultural services; livestock breeding services; planting of trees; aerial spreading of agricultural chemicals; aquaculture services; information services relating to medical products; telemedicine services for dentistry; healthcare; rest home services; convalescent homes; veterinary assistance; rest homes; solarium services; sauna services; health spa services; massages; flower arranging; lawn care; animal grooming; psychological assessment services
32 Extracts of hops for making beer; rice nectar beverages; fruit juices; fruit nectars, non-alcoholic; cider; soda water; non-alcoholic cinnamon punch with dried persimmon (Sujeonggwa); ginseng juices as beverages; carbonated waters; pineapple juice beverages; grape juice; vegetable juices beverages; tomato juice beverages; mineral water; waters for beverages; spring water beverages; non-aerated water; lager beers; beers; black beer, toasted-malt beer
43 Restaurant services; western style restaurant services; cafe services; cocktail lounge services; boarding houses; tourist homes; hotel services; holiday camp lodging services; boarding house bookings; arranging of accommodation for tourists; booking of campground accommodation; providing camping gear; rental of tents; rental of portable buildings; providing day-care centers for the elderly; day-nurseries, creches; boarding for animals; rental of meeting rooms; providing conference rooms; rental of cooking apparatus
31 Fresh string beans; unprocessed wheat; fresh peas; fresh leeks; fresh lettuce; fresh pumpkin; beets; malt for distilling; cereal seeds; fresh citrus fruit; fresh watermelon; bushes; hop cones; raw cocoa beans; eggs for hatching; mussels, live; fish, live; fresh algae for human consumption; fresh laver; fresh green laver

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Nov 16, 2023
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