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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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9 Accumulators (electric) for vehicles and chargers therefor; Equipment for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound and images, also for use in vehicles; Data processing equipment and computers, also for use in vehicles, in particular on-board computers and navigation systems for vehicles; Jump leads; Indoor and outdoor thermometer; Vehicle breakdown warning triangles; Computers for use with bicycles; Bicycle radios; Helmets for bicycles; Goggles for sports; Locks (electric) for bicycles; Bicycle speedometers; Global positioning systems for use with bicycles; Satellite navigational system for bicycles
8 Lifting jacks, hand-operated; Hand-operated scrapers for removing ice from vehicle windows; Hand-operated tools for bicycles
7 Oil filters (as part of machines or engines); mechanically driven tools; Electric jacks; Hydraulic jacks; Pneumatic jacks; Bicycle dynamos
6 Petrol cans of metal; Bicycle locks of metal
17 Plastic foils for vehicles
28 Stationary exercise bicycles; Rollers for stationary exercise bicycles
5 First-aid boxes, filled
27 Carpets for automobiles; Door mats; Car trunk mats
4 rust-removing lubricants; Silicone spray lubricants; Lubricants for bicycle chains
3 Vehicle cleaning preparations; Cleaning agent and concentrate for windscreens; Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive agents for all surfaces and materials
14 Precious metals and their alloys; jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments
25 Cycling gloves; Driving gloves; Motorists' clothing; Driving shoes; Cycling shorts; Cyclists' clothing; Cycling caps; Cycling tops
2 Paints; Varnishes; lacquers for use on vehicles; Anti-rust preparations, in particular anti-rust greases and oils for use on vehicles; Undercoating for vehicle chassis
1 Chemicals for motor vehicles, in particular brake fluid, Anti-freeze for windscreen washer systems and for radiators, Fluid for power steering, Chemical petrol additives, Oil treatment products, Tyre sealant, Windscreen de-icer, Door lock de-icer; Filler for Vehicle bodies; Chemical Products to absorption of the Air humidity; Chemicals for the purification of exhaust gases in chemical processes, as additives to liquid fuels, to improve combustion and exhaust gas behaviour in internal combustion engines, to reduce the emission of pollutants in exhaust gases from internal combustion engines; Chemicals, including additives, resins and solvents for cleaning purposes (including preparations), for polishing and for lubrication
12 Vehicle accessories, namely, covers, distance warning devices, Tow bars, Luggage carriers and boxes, horns, snow and anti-skid chains, children seats, Head restraints, air pumps, Hub caps, wheel trims, gear shifts, seat covers, mud flaps, ski racks and stands, spoilers and other add-on parts for vehicles, wiper blades (windscreen wipers); Customised covers for driver's seats; Car seat tidies; Blinds adapted for vehicles; Jalousies for vehicle windows; Seat back organizers specially adapted for use in cars; Tarpaulins adapted for use with vehicles; Wheel rim stand; Wheel rim trees; Windshield wipers; Windscreen wiper blades; Boot tidies; Protecting covers for vehicles; Heated seats; Covers for heated seats for use in vehicles; All the above articles with the exception of tyres for vehicle wheels and tyre casings for retreading tyres; Bicycles; Bicycle spare parts; Bicycle accessories, namely, bicycle tyres, bicycle forks, bicycle chains, bicycle gears, bicycle multiple sprockets, bicycle sprocket sets, bicycle spokes, bicycle hubs, bicycle control sets, bicycle brakes, bicycle stands, bicycle saddles, bicycle locks, bicycle trailers, bicycle load trailers, bicycle pumps, bicycle bells, bicycle baskets, bicycle bags
11 Lighting apparatus; Heating devices; Refrigerating apparatus; Drying installations; Apparatus for ventilating, in particular air filters, lighting equipment; illuminants, namely, electric lamps and light bulbs; Heating and air conditioning systems for vehicles; Bicycle lights; Directional lights for bicycles; Bicycle reflectors; Bicycle reflectors for attachment to spokes
22 Car towing ropes; Vehicle covers, not fitted
21 Washing and drying towels; Animal hair gloves; Microfibre dusters; Microfibre polishing cloths; Microfibre insect wipes; Car care cloths; Synthetic window cloths; Cleaning cloths for motor vehicles; Polishing leather; Dusters; Polishing gloves; Polishing cloths; Scouring pads for cleaning purposes; Buckets; Bowls; Pots; Combs; Brushes; Sponges; Polishing materials; Chamois leather for cleaning; Cloths for cleaning; Steel chips; Empty water bottles for bicycles
20 Plastic fuel cans; Bins, not of metal; Bicycle locks, not of metal
The mark consists of the stylized wording "RIDE + GO" with "RIDE" stacked above "+ GO" and the "R" in double line font.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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