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Tuesday, October 10, 2023
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Monday, September 25, 2023

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30 Coffee; tea; chocolate; sugar; rice; tapioca; sago; coffee substitutes; flour and preparations made from cereals; bread; pastry shop; confectionery; grain-based energy bars; ice; honey, molasses; yeast; baking powder; salt, mustard; vinegar; sauces (condiments); spices; edible ice; powdered, liquid or capsule glucose; carbohydrate preparations for food; high-protein cereal bars; chocolates; muesli; macaroni; maltose; pasta; fruit jellies; noodle preparations; cereal-based preparations; freeze-dried prepared meals; dehydrated prepared meals, having as main ingredient rice or pasta or semolina or cereals
9 Scientific, optical, measuring, signaling, monitoring (supervision) apparatus and instruments, life-saving apparatus and instruments; protective helmets for sports use; protective glasses for sports use; protective gloves for sports use; spectacle cases; distance measuring devices; satellite navigation systems, namely, global positioning system (gps);personal protection devices against accidents; electric door lock switches for motor vehicles; electric door lock switches for two-wheelers; snorkels; software (recorded programs) and mobile applications relating to articles and equipment for sports practice; downloadable digital files, authenticated by non-fungible tokens, representing products intended for sports practice or related to the world of sport; downloadable digital files, authenticated by non-fungible tokens, representing value vouchers intended to be exchanged for products and/or services intended for sports practice or related to the world of sport
18 Leather and imitation leather; animal skins and hides; harness items; saddlery articles; whips; leather straps (upholstery); saddle pommel; saddle mounts; saddle pads for horses; riding saddle pad; bridles (harness); leather straps; iron harness accessories; bits for animals, blinkers (harnessing), tail guards for horses, mane guards for horses, protective gaiters for horses; muzzles; shoulder collars (collars for horses); horse blankets; horse clothing; halters; whips; feeder bags; knee pads for horses; reins; tool bags; backpack; bags for campers, mountaineering sticks; sports bags
29 Meat; fish; poultry; game; meat extracts; canned, dehydrated and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams; compotes; eggs; milk; dairy products; edible oils and fats; dried fruits, milk-based beverages; fruit-based snacks; canned fish; canned fruit; canned meat; canned vegetables; candied fruit; prepared nuts; gelatin; fruit jelly; goo; meat jelly; soy milk; cooked vegetables; dehydrated vegetables; jams; milkshakes (milk-based smoothies); soups; prepared salads, fruit salads; yoghurts; powdered eggs
28 Games; toys; gymnastic and sporting articles (except clothing, footwear and mats); sports nets; playground dividers (equipment for playgrounds); elbow pads; knee protectors (sports articles); wrist guards for sports use; fishing equipment; skis; ski protectors; ski brakes; ski bindings; ski edges; ski poles; snowboards; snowboards; sleds; rackets (sports articles); snowboard bindings; protection for snowboards; climbing walls; climbing harnesses; climbing holds (sports articles); building blocks (toys); hang glider (toys); paragliding; kites; ice skates; kite reels; game balls; windsurfing; non-motorized surfboards; boards used in water sports; game balls; balloons; nets for playgrounds; water skis; ski edges; swimming flippers; swimming pools (sports or leisure articles); slides for swimming pools; swings; recreational buoys; roller skates; skateboards, soccer balls; balls for American football; rugby balls; basketballs, volleyballs, handballs; nets specially adapted for sports equipment, namely, for balls, ball trolleys; balls; baseballs; sports nets; hockey sticks; hockey pucks; baseball bats; cricket bats; baseball tees; rugby tees; uprights for volleyball court; goal posts and nets; soccer goals; hockey goals; rugby posts; basketball hoops; basketball backboards; basketball base posts and plinth; volleyball posts; nets for basketball hoops, boundary markers for team sports playgrounds (equipment for playgrounds); rugby tackle bags (rugby training equipment); non-slip strips (grip) for rackets; baseball bases; sports training accessories, in particular hoops, slalom cones, slalom poles, blocks and markers for blocks, wall bars; physical exercise apparatus and machines (gym equipment); abdominal boards; stationary exercise bikes; chest muscle expanders; golf articles; golf carts; turf repair tools (golf accessories); golf clubs; golf gloves; golf bags with or without wheels; golf balls; billiard game articles; petanque ball; shuffleboard (game); archery equipment; bows; darts, arrows, targets (sports articles); skittles; catapults (sports articles); strings for rackets; casings for rackets; racket frames; racket handles; snowshoes; tables for table tennis
3 Cosmetics; soaps; perfumery products; essential oils; hair lotions; toothpastes; hair conditioners; bath preparations for non-medical purposes; cosmetic products for skin care; cosmetic creams; deodorants; sun protection products; massage gels for non-medical purposes; warming massage gels for non-medical purposes; cleansing milks; cosmetic ointments; antiperspirant soaps for the feet; antiperspirant soaps; shampoos; dry shampoos; non-medicated bath preparations; lip care products; anti-irritation creams (for cosmetic use)
14 Clocks, watches, chronometers
25 Clothes; shoes (excluding orthopedic shoes); millinery; underwear, shoes, socks, clothing (jackets) for fishermen; parkas; anoraks; raincoats; jackets; caps; boots; swimwear; sandals and bath slippers; headbands (clothing); berets; balaclavas; sweatshirts; beach shoes; sport shoes; gloves; mittens; sweaters; t shirts; visors; soles
24 Bath linen (except clothing); bath towels
35 Advertisement; commercial business management; administrative work; retail (or wholesale) services and retail services provided on any connected media medium (internet), mobile, wireless or remotely (mail order, teleshopping) of clothing, clothing accessories, shoes, accessories for shoes, headgear, optical products and accessories, sports articles and equipment, multifunction sports bags, sports and fitness articles and accessories; collection on behalf of third parties of miscellaneous products (excluding their transport), namely, clothing, clothing accessories, footwear, footwear accessories, headgear, optical products and accessories, sports articles and equipment, sports bags multifunction, sports and fitness items and accessories, allowing customers to view and purchase them conveniently; presentation for retail sale, onany communication medium, of clothing, clothing accessories, footwear, articles for footwear, headgear, optical goods and accessories, sports articles and equipment, multifunction sports bags, sports goods and accessories and fitness; publication of publicity texts; direct mail services (tracts, prospectuses, printed matter, samples); product presentation services; commercial promotions for others; commercial information and advice to consumers; administrative processing of orders; promotional services for others through customer loyalty programs, customer loyalty services whether or not including the use of a card; organization of exhibitions and tests of sporting goods for commercial or advertising purposes; staff recruitment; virtual retail services for downloadable digital files, authenticated by non-fungible tokens, representing products intended for sports practice or related to the world of sport; loyalty program services consisting of the retail sale of products intended for sports practice and downloadable digital files, authenticated by non-fungible tokens, representing vouchers of value intended to be exchanged forproducts and/or services intended for sports practice or in connection with the world of sport
12 Vehicles; apparatus for land locomotion; motors for land vehicles; electric motors for bicycles and two-wheelers; pneumatic inner tubes; inner tube repair kits; rubber patches for inner tube repair; tires; anti-skid devices for tires; anti-dazzle devices for vehicles; tarpaulins for strollers; luggage carriers for vehicles; child safety seats; covers adapted for the protection of vehicles; seat covers for vehicles; vehicle seat covers; vehicle wheel hubs; gearboxes for land vehicles and horns; stands for two-wheelers; bicycles; bicycle frames; panniers; handlebar bags; rear panniers, bottle cages, all these articles being intended for bicycles and two-wheelers; brakes; handlebars, directional indicator; pedals, pumps, spokes, saddles for bicycles; fenders; tubeless tires for two-wheelers; two-wheeler forks; shock absorbers for vehicle suspension devices; bike racks; bicycle baskets; bicycle cranks; bicycle trailers; scooters
11 Lightning devices; bulbs; flashing light bulbs for vehicles; anti-dazzle devices for vehicles (equipment for lamps); diffusers (lighting); sockets for electric lamps; vehicle lighting; led lighting fixtures (led); lighting for vehicles; electric lamps; lighting lamps; flashlights; lighting lanterns; vehicle headlights; torches for lighting; glasses for oil lamps; luminous tubes for lighting
22 Strings (not of rubber, nor for rackets, nor for musical instruments); twine; fishing nets; camouflage netting; tents; awnings of textile materials; waterproof tarpaulins (except rescue tarpaulins or stroller covers); sails; fibrous raw textile materials
21 Household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; brushes (except paintbrushes); brush materials; wire wool for cleaning purposes; bottles of water; refrigerating bottles; vacuum bottles; insulated containers; glasses (containers)
32 Mineral and carbonated waters; non-alcoholic beverages and preparations for beverages (except coffee, tea or chocolate and milk-based beverages); fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other beverage preparations; energy drinks, protein drinks for sports
20 Furniture, chairs (seats), bedding (except bed linen), mattresses; storage boxes (furniture) for equipment used for the care of horses
The mark consists of a circle device broken by a triangular shape pointing towards to center of the circle.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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