Trademark: 98190150
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Friday, June 7, 2024
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Thursday, September 21, 2023

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30 Mints for breath freshening; Chewing Gum
8 Candle wick trimmers
4 Scented Candles; Tapered candles; Decorative candles; Candle accessories, namely, candle wicks
3 Perfume; Solid perfume; Perfume in solid form, contained in containers capable of being refilled; Scented perfume for hair; Eau de Toilette; Eau de Cologne; Body Spray; Non-medicated skin care preparation, namely, body mist; Perfume contained in containers capable of being refilled; Toothpaste; Body oil; Hand lotion; Deodorant for personal use; Body deodorizer, namely, deodorants for body care; Perfumed soap; Beauty soap; Skin soap; Cosmetic soap; Non-medicated bath soaps in liquid, solid or gel form; Body scrub; Bar soap; Body powder; Haircare preparations; Premoistened cosmetic wipes for use on the body ; Non-medicated hand soap; Dry shampoo; Non-medicated skin care preparations, namely, body balm; Body lotion; Non-medicated face lotion; Face mask, namely, beauty mask for face; Cosmetic body scrubs for the face; Face oil; Non-medicated skin serum; Beauty serum for use on the skin; Air fragrancing preparations; Sachets for perfuming linen; Scented room sprays; Incense; Air fragrance reed diffusers filled with perfume; Air fragrance reed Diffuser; Resin incense; Refills for non-electric diffusers for air fragrancing preparations; Scented linen sprays; fragrance sachets; Essential oils
14 Jewelry incorporating ceramic scented beads; Jewelry incorporating a solid perfume pendant; Compact or locket containing fragrance balm
24 Washcloths; towels; bed linen; blanket throws; travel blankets; beach towels; cloth handkerchiefs; aromatic herb-filled quilts
34 Cigarette and cigar lighters; Candle accessories, namely, scented matches
10 Scraping apparatus for gua sha therapy; Facial rollers in the nature of massage apparatus; Facial massage apparatus; Body massage apparatus
21 Wax melters, namely, electric and non-electric warmers to melt scented wax tarts; Exfoliating cloth; Exfoliating brushes; Soft brushes, namely, hairbrushes and cosmetic brushes; Bathroom trays, namely, cosmetic trays; Plugin diffusers for air fragrances; Electric essential oil diffuser; Non-electric essential oil diffuser being non-electric aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers; Fragrance oil burner; Incense burner; Candleholders; Candlesticks; vaporizers for perfume sold empty
31 Dried flowers for decoration; dried herbs for decorative wreaths and sachets

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Oct 8, 2023
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Mar 4, 2024
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Jun 6, 2024
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Jun 6, 2024
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Jun 6, 2024
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Jun 7, 2024
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Jun 7, 2024
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Jun 7, 2024
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