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Thursday, May 9, 2024
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Friday, September 15, 2023

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30 Candy; Chocolate; Cocoa; Coffee; Honey; Matcha; Pastries; Sherbet; Sugar; Tea; Coffee-based beverages; Coffee beverages with milk; Coffee essences; Confectionery in the form of dessert mousses; Confectionery made of sugar substitutes; Flavored jelly crystals for making jelly confectionery; Flavorings for beverages, other than essential oils; Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; Frozen soy-based desserts; Frozen yoghurt; Fruit jelly candy; Ice cream; Moon cakes; Rice pudding; Roasted coffee beans; Starch-based thickeners for whipped cream; Sugar substitutes for culinary purposes; Tea-based beverages; Tea-based beverages with milk
41 Arranging and conducting of training workshops in the field of beverage preparation, manufacturing and store service; Business training; Cooking instruction; Production of radio and television programmes; Providing educational demonstrations; Providing educational examination for certification in the field of beverage preparation, manufacturing and store service; Publication of electronic books and journals on-line; Tea ceremony instruction; Training services in the field of business know-how
29 Cheese; Jams; Milk; Whey; Yogurt; Beverages having a milk base; Cocoa flavored milk beverages; Condensed milk; Cream, being dairy products; Edible oils; Frozen fruits; Fruit jelly spreads; Fruits, tinned; Jellies for food, other than confectionery; Milk-based beverages with high milk content; Milk beverages, milk predominating; Milk products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt; Milk shakes; Milk substitutes; Prepared nuts; Processed fruit; Soya milk
28 Dolls; Puppets; Balls for games; Jigsaw puzzles; Molded toy figures; Ornaments for Christmas trees, except lights, candles and confectionery; Remote-controlled toy vehicles; Smart plush toys; Smart robot toys; Stuffed toys; Toy figures; Toy models
16 Bags of paper or plastic for packaging; Boxes made of paper; Carrier bags of paper or plastic; Paper bags; Paper boxes; Printed advertising boards of cardboard; Printed advertising boards of paper; Printed calendars; Printed coupons; Printed greeting cards; Printed manuals in the field of beverage preparation, manufacturing and store service; Printed posters; Stickers; Table napkins of paper; Toilet paper; Towels of paper
25 Aprons; Hosiery; Scarfs; Shirts; Shoes; Smocks; Waistcoats; Bottoms as clothing; Caps being headwear; Tee-shirts; Tops as clothing
35 Advertising services; Analysis of markets; Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; Market assessment services; On-line promotion of computer networks and websites; On-line wholesale and retail store services featuring frozen drink, alcoholic fruit beverages, tea-based beverages, flavored milk beverages, coffee; Outdoor advertising; Providing business information via a web site; Provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; Sales promotion for others
33 Wine; Alcoholic beverages, except beer; Alcoholic fruit beverages; Blended whisky; Fruit extracts, alcoholic; Prepared alcoholic cocktail; Rice alcohol; Rum-based beverages; Sparkling fruit wine; Spirits
21 Cups; Biodegradable cups; China ornaments; Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Drinking straws; Glass mugs; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Insulating flasks; Insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups; Paper and plastic cups; Sippy cups; Thermal insulated bags for food or beverages; Vacuum bottles; Vacuum mugs
32 Beer; Smoothies; Fruit juice; Fruit nectars, non-alcoholic; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea; Non-alcoholic beverages with tea flavor; Preparations for making non-alcoholic fruit-flavored beverages; Smoked plum juice beverages; Soda water; Syrups for making non-alcoholic fruit-flavored beverages; Syrups for making non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; Water beverages; Whey beverages
43 Cafe and cafeteria services; Caf├ęs; Canteen services; Mobile catering services; Restaurant and bar services, including restaurant carryout services; Restaurant reservation services; Restaurant services, namely, providing of food and beverages for consumption on and off the premises; Snack-bar services; Take-away restaurant services; Teahouse services
31 Fresh culinary herbs; Fresh edible aloe vera; Fresh edible flowers; Fresh edible rootstocks; Fruit, fresh; Living plants; Malt for brewing and distilling; Raw and unprocessed grains; Unprocessed fruits; Vegetables, fresh
The non-Latin characters in the mark transliterate to "CHA", "BAI", "DAO" and this means "TEA", "HUNDRED", "ROAD" respectively. However, the combination of "CHA BAI DAO" has no meaning in English.
The English translation of the Chinese characters "CHA", "BAI", "DAO" in the mark is "TEA", "HUNDRED", "ROAD" respectively. However, the combination of "CHA BAI DAO" has no meaning in the foreign language.
The mark consists of three Chinese characters.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
the non-Latin characters that transliterate to "CHA"

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Sep 20, 2023
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May 9, 2024
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