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41 Cultural, educational and entertainment services in the nature of live musical performances and recordings at wellness centres and live and online events; Event services, namely, organizing and hosting performances, exhibitions, conferences, and events in the fields of health, wellness, tourism, hospitality and technology; Rental of equipment for live and online events, performances and conferences; Tourism and hospitality management and consulting services; Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses and symposiums; Publication of books and texts, other than publicity texts in the fields of health, wellness, tourism, hospitality and technology; Photography, film direction and production services, other than for advertising films; Sports and fitness training services; Ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment, educational and sporting events; Screenplay writing; Song writing
9 Sunglasses; Reading glasses; Cases for sunglasses and reading glasses; Smartwatches; Wearable activity trackers; Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; CD music recordings; Downloadable music; Downloadable music files; Vinyl and lp records; Phonograph records; Pre-recorded phonograph records; Audio and video recordings of live events
7 Automatic robotic cleaning machines
29 Snacks and pre-packaged snack foods, namely, vegetable-based snacks, plant-based snacks, fruit-based snacks and nut-based snacks, excluding sugar confectionery; Fruit-based meal replacement bars; Protein-based meal replacement bars; Nut and dried fruit-based snack bars; Nut-based snack bars; Potato chips; Vegetable chips; Milk beverages; Milk substitutes, namely, almond milk, coconut milk, peanut milk, rice milk, soya milk; Preserved mushrooms; Prepared and packaged meat and fish; Cured meat and fish; Charcuterie; Cheese; Pickles; Packaged chilis, soups and stews
27 Mats being floor coverings, namely, bath mats, door mats, athletic mats, yoga mats; Artificial turf; Wallpaper
15 Musical boxes; Mechanical musical instruments; Electrical and electronic musical instruments; Strings, reeds, pegs and pedals for musical instruments
37 Real estate development, namely, commercial real estate development, residential real estate development, and retail real estate development
3 Non-medicated preparations for the care of skin, hair and nails, massage oils and lotions, aromatherapy oils, skincare products, namely, facial scrubs, lotions, creams, oils, toner, body butter, suntan lotion, sunscreen, body scrubs, mineral mud, sea salt soak, body polish, body mist, facial masks, cosmetics, makeup remover; Bath and shower products, namely, bath salts, bubble bath, soap, body wash, bath oil, shower gel, body powder, hair shampoo and conditioner; Personal deodorants; Pumice stones; Natural fibre scrub cloths; Exfoliating cloths; Perfumes; Liquids, powders and solids for household cleaning and laundry
25 Clothing, namely, t-shirts, sportswear, athletic clothing, swim trunks, swimsuits, bath robes, lounge robes, manicure gloves, hydrating gloves; Headwear, namely, hats, shower caps, visors, toques, headbands; Footwear, namely, boots, shoes, slippers, flip-flops, sandals, thong sandals, bath sandals, bath slippers, pedicure booties, hydrating socks; Clothing and footwear for sports, namely, gloves, ski gloves, cyclists' clothing, gloves, and footwear, athletic, running and yoga clothing and footwear; Paper clothing; Paper hats for use as clothing
35 Retail and online sale of food, beverages, alcohol, clothing, headgear, footwear, hair accessories and tools, luggage, boxes, bags, cases and covers, sunglasses, jewellery, key rings, key chains and charms, books, notebooks, paper goods, mechanical musical instruments, beverage containers, non-medicated preparations for the care of skin, hair and nails, perfumes, household cleaning and laundry supplies, sporting and athletic equipment, bedding and linen, household, bathroom and kitchen utensils, cooking apparatus and small appliances, music and musical instruments, medical supplies, equipment, furniture and special clothing, gift wrapping supplies, Christmas garlands and wreaths; Search engine optimization for sales promotion, directing customers to online retail marketing and sales, public relations services, administrative services (integrating financial, inventory, maintenance and human resource systems), online appointment booking/reminders, computerized file management, and customer service
23 Threads for embroidery, darning and sewing, namely, those of metal; Spun silk, spun cotton, spun wool
11 Apparatus for cooking, namely, ovens and stoves, namely, residential cooking ovens and stoves, steaming ovens, air-fryers; Electric appliances for making yogurt; Bread-making machines; Coffee machines; Ice-cream making machines; Ice machines and apparatus; Lamps; Bath installations, bath fittings and bath plumbing fixtures; Electrically heated pads, cushions and blankets; Hot water bottles; Electrically heated clothing
33 Alcoholic beverages, namely, wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines, alcoholic cider, perry, liqueurs, spirits; Alcoholic essences, alcoholic fruit extracts, and bitters
21 Household and kitchen utensils, namely, fly swatters, clothes-pegs, mixing spoons, basting spoons and corkscrews, serving utensils, namely, sugar tongs, ice tongs, pie servers and serving ladles; Household, kitchen and cooking containers, namely, beverage containers, vases, bottles, piggy banks, pails, cocktail shakers, cooking pots and pans, and non-electric kettles and pressure cookers; Small hand-operated kitchen apparatus for mincing, grinding, pressing or crushing, namely, garlic presses, nutcrackers, pestles and mortars; Dish stands and decanter stands; Cosmetic and toilet utensils, namely, electric and non-electric combs and toothbrushes, dental floss, foam toe separators for use in pedicures, powder puffs, fitted vanity cases; Gardening articles, namely, gardening gloves, window-boxes, watering cans and nozzles for watering hose; Indoor aquaria, terrariums and vivariums
43 Hotel services; Providing facilities and catering for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, training sessions, workshops, business fairs, congresses, weddings, and special occasions; Reservation, booking and information services relating to hotels, spas, and restaurants; Restaurant, catering, and bar services; Food preparation services and delivery of prepared food and beverages to hotel and wellness centre guests; Sommelier services; Boarding for animals; Rental of meeting rooms, tents and transportable buildings; Retirement home services; Day-nursery and crèche services; Decorating of food, food sculpting; Rental of cooking apparatus; Rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; Hookah lounge services; Personal chef services
30 Chocolate and candy; Candy; Candy bars; Chocolate candies; Chocolate coated nuts; Candy coated snacks; Breakfast cereals; Ready-to-eat cereals; Pretzels; Rice crackers; Graham crackers; Cookies; Crackers; Snack mix consisting primarily of crackers, pretzels, and/or cookies; Cereal-based snack food; Rice-based snack food; Corn-based snack food; Processed grains, namely, cereal-based snack foods, rice-based snack foods, and grain based snack foods; Pizza; Pies; Sandwiches; Sauces, marinades and condiments; Coffee-based beverages; Tea-based beverages; Cocoa-based beverages; Chocolate-based beverages; Herbal-based beverages; Floral-based beverages; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for food or beverages
8 Table cutlery
18 Luggage and carrying bags, namely, suitcases, trunks, travelling bags, purses, tote bags, sling bags for carrying infants and school bags; Luggage and baggage tags; Business card cases and pocket wallets; Boxes and cases of leather or leatherboard
28 Equipment for sports and games
38 Distribution of podcasts in the fields of health, wellness, tourism, hospitality and technology; Video streaming services via the Internet featuring music, webcasts, live events; Providing Internet chatrooms and online forums in the fields of health, wellness, tourism, hospitality and technology
16 Notebooks; Books in the fields of health, wellness, tourism, hospitality and technology; Cases, covers and devices for holding or securing paper, namely, document files, money clips, holders for cheque books, paper-clips, passport holders, scrapbooks; Painting articles for use by artists and interior and exterior painters, namely, artists' watercolour saucers, painters' easels and palettes, paint rollers and trays; Disposable paper products, namely, bibs, handkerchiefs, table linen of paper, napkins, plates, serving boxes, cutlery; Goods made of paper or cardboard, namely, paper bags, envelopes and containers for packaging, statues, figurines and works of art of paper or cardboard, including figurines of papier mâché, framed or unframed lithographs, paintings and watercolours
4 Candles
26 Barrettes, hair bands, ribbons and bows being haberdashery or used as hair decorations; Articles for curling hair, namely, electric and non-electric hair curlers, other than hand implements, hair curling pins, hair curling paper; Ribbons and bows for gift wrapping, not of paper; Charms, other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains; Artificial Christmas garlands and wreaths
14 Jewellery, namely, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, charms, cuff links, tie pins, tie clips; Key rings; Key chains and charms; Jewellery boxes
36 Operation and rental of property space to provide hospitality, meetings, conferences and co-working spaces
24 Household linen, namely, bedspreads, pillow shams, towels of textile; Bed linen of paper; Sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners
22 Cords and twines made of natural or artificial textile fibres, paper or plastics; Fishing nets; Hammocks; Rope ladders; Sacks and bags, namely, mesh bags for washing laundry, body bags, mail bags; Packaging bags of textile
44 Operation of health spa resorts; Health club services, namely, operation of a fitness centre and yoga studio services; Operation of wellness centres providing food and beverage services; Health care services provided by a wellness centre; Cosmetic body care services provided by a wellness centre; Development and operation of wellness centres, namely, thermal spas, Nordic spas, onsen, Turkish baths, Turkish hammam, Arab bath, Arab hammam, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, halotherapy, thermotherapy, saltwater pools, fresh water pools, suspension pools, hot pools, cold pools, cold plunges saunas, steam rooms, ice rooms, salt caves, salt rooms, relaxation facilities; Wellness services, namely, body treatments, massage treatments, therapeutic massage treatments, robotic massage treatments, acupuncture, cosmetic treatments, beauty treatments, body-care treatments, mud baths, mud treatments, body wraps, body scrubs, physical wellness services treatments, dermatology treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, oxygen bars, body waxing, cryotherapy, non-medicinal therapeutic treatments and experiences, physiotherapy treatments, chiropractor treatments, psychedelic assisted therapy, speech therapy, mental health and addiction treatments; Ecotherapy services, namely, guided forest therapy walks, forest bathing, nature meditation, horticultural therapy, and mindfulness; Hospital services; Telemedicine services; Dentistry, optometry and mental health services; Medical clinic services and medical analysis services for diagnostic and treatment purposes provided by medical laboratories, namely, x-ray examinations and taking of blood samples; Pharmacy advice and preparation of prescriptions by pharmacists; Convalescent home and rest home services; Dietary and nutritional advice; Artificial insemination and in vitro fertilzation services; Animal grooming; Body piercing and tattooing; Services relating to floral art, namely, flower arranging and wreath making
10 Massage gloves; Massagers; Special clothing for medical purposes; Articles, instruments and devices for menstruation, contraception and childbirth; Furniture for medical purposes, namely, beds, bedside cabinets, stretchers, couches, chairs, modular cabinet systems, mattresses and accessories for beds, namely, side-rails
32 Beer; Non-alcoholic beer and mocktails; De-alcoholised beer; Bottled water; Canned water; Non-alcoholic beverages, namely, water, fruit infused water, herb-infused water, vitamin-infused water, coconut water, fruit juice, energy drinks and sports beverages, isotonic beverages, rice-based beverages, protein-enriched sports beverages, floral-infused beverages, smoothies, soft drinks, sodas, soya-based beverages, aloe-based beverages; Vitamin-enriched sports beverages; Non-alcoholic beverages containing herbal extracts; Energy and health shot drinks; Non-alcoholic essences and fruit extracts for making beverages
20 Bedding and linen, namely, sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, duvets, duvet covers, shams, pillows, mattresses, bed bases, bath linens, namely, bath mats, beach towels, Turkish towels, linen towels, large bath towels, standard bath towels, face cloths; Massage tables; Metal furniture; Furniture for camping; Indoor window blinds and shades; Looking glasses, furniture and toilet mirrors
42 Software as a service (SaaS) in the nature of providing search engine optimization for sales promotion, directing customers to online retail marketing and sales, public relations services, administrative services (integrating financial, inventory, maintenance and human resource systems), online appointment booking/reminders, computerized file management, and customer service, financial transaction and payment services; Platform as a service (PaaS) providing search engine optimization for sales promotion, directing customers to online retail marketing and sales, public relations services, administrative services (integrating financial, inventory, maintenance and human resource systems), online appointment booking/reminders, computerized file management, and customer service, financial transaction and payment services; Architectural and urban planning services; Design services, namely, industrial design, design of computer software and systems, interior design, packaging design, graphic arts design, dress designing

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