Trademark: 98004766
Status Code
Status Date
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Serial Number
Filing Date
Friday, May 19, 2023

Trademark Owner History

9 3D scanners; Adapter plugs; Adjustable smartphone and PC tablet stabilizers and mounts; Air purifying respirator masks to prevent injury due to dust inhalation; Alarm bells, electric; Alarm sensors; Anti-dazzle spectacles; Anti-fogging safety goggles; Anti-glare spectacles; Anti-intrusion alarms; Anti-pollution masks; Anti-pollution masks for cycling; Anti-reflective lenses; Anti-slipping dashboard mats specially adapted for holding mobile telephones and smartphones; Antireflection coated eyeglasses; Art kit for use in assembly of art installation that creates a kaleidoscope painting of moving patterns and changing colors consisting of a custom designed incandescent/LED lamp with interchangeable colored glass filtered lenses, glass crystals with custom designed sterling silver bails, plastic mounting hooks, filaments for suspending crystals, a remote control for light color and dimming preferences, micro-fiber cleaning cloths, and instructions; Asbestos clothing for protection against fire; Asbestos safety screens for firemen; Astronomical spectrographs; Athletic equipment, namely, mouth guards; Audio cables; Audio circuit boards; Audio headphones; Auto racing helmets; Automatic solar tracking sensors; Avalanche probes, namely, elongated rods used to manually probe for people or objects covered by an avalanche; Baby monitors; Backlit signs; Backpacks especially adapted for holding laptops; Backpacks especially adapted for holding laptops and notebook computers; Bags adapted for laptops; Ballistic resistant and blast resistant body armor and clothing; Bar code printers; Bar code readers; Bar code scanners; Barcode scanner; Barcode scanners; Baseball batting helmets; Bass amplifiers; Bathroom scales; Batteries; Batteries for lighting; Batteries for pocketlamps; Batteries, electric; Batteries, electric, for vehicles; Battery cases; Battery charge devices; Battery chargers; Battery chargers for laptop computers; Battery chargers for mobile phones; Battery chargers for tablet computers; Battery chargers for use with telephones; Battery jump starters; Battery starter cables; Beekeeping clothing for protection against accident or injury; Beeper carrying cases; Bicycle helmets; Bicycle safety lights; Bicycle speedometers; Binoculars; Biometric fingerprint padlocks; Blank USB cards; Blind spot cameras for cars; Body armor; Body cameras; Body harnesses for support when lifting loads; Booms for microphones; Boot gaiters for protection against accident or injury; Brackets adapted for setting up flat screen TV sets; Brake fluid testers; Buckles for camera lens caps; Bullet resistant clothing; Bullet resistant vests; Bullet-proof clothing; Bullet-proof glass; Bullet-proof vests; Bullet-resistant face masks; Bullet-resistant face shields; Bullet-resistant glass; Buoyancy compensator jacket for use in scuba diving; Burglar alarms; Cable connectors; Cable jump leads; Cables, electric; Calculating machines; Calculating machines, data-processing equipment and computers; Calculators; Camcorder handles; Camera flashes; Camera handles; Camera hoods; Camera lens adapters; Camera mounts and supports; Camera shutters; Camera stability accessory, namely, a support arm, vest and sled for film and video cameras to absorb shaking moves while shooting; Camera straps; Camera tripods; Cameras; Cameras for monitoring pets; Cameras for self-developing film; Candy thermometers; Capacitive styluses for touch screen devices; Car stereos; Car televisions; Car video recorders; Car videorecorders; Carbon dioxide detectors; Card readers for credit cards; Card readers for magnetically encoded cards; Card reading equipment; Cards with integrated circuits; Carpenters' folding rules; Carpenters' rules; Carrying cases and containers for contact lenses; Carrying cases for cell phones; Carrying cases for document printers; Carrying cases for mobile computers; Carrying cases specially adapted for pocket calculators and cellphones; Cases adapted for cameras; Cases adapted for computers; Cases adapted for holding smartwatches; Cases adapted for mobile phones; Cases adapted for photographic equipment; Cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; Cases for amplifiers; Cases for audio cables; Cases for audio mixers; Cases for audio receivers; Cases for audio recorders; Cases for audio speakers; Cases for audio tapes; Cases for CD players; Cases for children's eye glasses; Cases for contact lenses; Cases for electronic diaries; Cases for eyeglasses and sunglasses; Cases for eyewear; Cases for microphones; Cases for mobile phones; Cases for phonograph record players; Cases for photographic apparatus; Cases for pocket calculators; Cases for portable computers; Cases for smartphones; Cases for spectacles and sunglasses; Cases for stereo tuners; Cases for studio audio monitors for music production; Cases for telephones; Catchers' helmets; CD storage racks; Cell phone auxiliary cables; Cell phone backplates; Cell phone battery chargers for use in vehicles; Cell phone cases; Cell phone cases for bicycles; Cell phone covers; Cell phone faceplates; Cell phone holders for vehicles; Cell phone mounts for vehicles; Central processing unit (CPU) clocks; Central processing unit (CPU) coolers; Central processing unit (CPU) fans; Chains for eyeglasses; Chains for spectacles; Chargers for batteries; Charging appliances for rechargeable equipment; Checkstands for retail stores in the nature of electronic checkout stations for point of sale; Chess timers; Children's eye glasses; Chip card readers; Chipcards; Cinematographic cameras; Cinematographic machines and apparatus; Cinematographic projectors; Clickers for training dogs; Clothing and gloves for protection against accidents or injury for use in welding; Clothing and gloves for use in welding for protection against accidents or injury; Clothing for protection against accidents; Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; Clothing for protection against chemicals; Clothing for protection against chemicals and radiation; Clothing for protection against fire; Clothing for protection against radiation; Clothing for use in welding for protection against accidents or injury; Clothing incorporating LEDs, for the prevention of accidents; Collapsible light directors and diffusers for use with photographic lighting equipment for professional and high-end photography; Color blindness correction glasses; Colour blindness correction glasses; Commercial safety nets; Compasses for measuring; Computer accelerator board; Computer bags; Computer cables; Computer cameras; Computer card adapter; Computer carrying cases; Computer component testing and calibrating equipment; Computer cursor control devices, namely, computer mouse; Computer cursor control devices, namely, digitizer tablets; Computer cursor control devices, namely, light pens; Computer cursor control devices, namely, touch pads; Computer cursor control devices, namely, trackballs; Computer display monitors; Computer display screens; Computer docking stations; Computer equipment, namely, wireless cards; Computer expansion boards; Computer game cartridges and discs; Computer graphic cards; Computer graphics boards; Computer hardware and computer peripheral devices; Computer hardware for high-speed processing and storage of data using multiple CPU's; Computer keyboards; Computer keypads; Computer memories; Computer memory devices; Computer memory hardware; Computer mice; Computer monitor arms; Computer monitor frames; Computer monitor mounts; Computer monitors; Computer mounts; Computer mouse; Computer mouse in the nature of a trackpad; Computer mouse, namely, touchpads; Computer mouse, namely, trackballs; Computer operating programs, recorded; Computer peripheral apparatus; Computer peripheral devices; Computer peripheral equipment; Computer peripherals; Computer peripherals in the nature of trackballs; Computer printers for printing documents; Computer screens; Computer servers; Computer stands specially designed for holding a computer, printer and computer peripherals; Computer storage devices, namely, high-speed storage subsystems for storage and backup of electronic data either locally or via a telecommunications network; Computer terminals, keyboards and document printers; Computer touchscreens; Computer whiteboards; Computers; Connection cables; Contact lens cases; Contact lens cases incorporating ultrasonic cleaning functions; Contact lenses; Containers for contact lens; Containers for contact lenses; Conversion lenses for cameras; Cooling pads for laptop computers; Cordless telephone apparatuses; Cordless telephones; Corrective glasses; Counterfeit money detection light to be used in retail stores and banks; Cover glass for microscope slides; Coveralls for protection against accidents or injury; Crash helmets; Cushioned support base specially adapted to prop up laptop computers; Cyclists' glasses; Dashboard cameras; Data cables; Data gloves; Day and night vision systems primarily comprised of day and night sensors, day and night cameras, and monitors; Decorative covers for satellite dishes; Decorative magnets; Decorative refrigerator magnets; Depth gauges; Desktop computers; Devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; Devices for wireless radio transmission; Digital book readers; Digital cameras; Digital colour printers for documents; Digital notepads; Digital photo frames; Digital signage display panels; Digital signage monitors; Digital signs; Disk drives for computers; Dispatch radios; Disposable cameras; Disposable computer keyboard covers; Disposable latex gloves for laboratory use; Disposable plastic gloves for laboratory use; Dive skins; Divers masks; Divers' masks; Diving equipment, namely, helmets; Diving gloves; Diving goggles; Diving helmets; Diving snorkels; Diving suits; Dog whistles; Drivers' helmets; Dry suits; Dust masks; Dust protective goggles; Dust protective goggles and masks; Dust protective masks; Dust protective respiratory masks; Dustproof glasses; Dustproof plugs for jacks of mobile phones; Ear buds; Ear grips for eyewear; Ear hooks for eyeglasses; Ear phones; Ear plugs for divers; Earbuds; Earpads for headphones; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cases; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions, earphone pads, earphone cases, and earphone extension cords; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone pads; Earphone holders for keeping earphones in the ears; Earphones; Earphones for cellular telephones; Earpieces for remote communication; Electric adapter cables; Electric batteries for powering electric vehicles; Electric cables; Electric circuit closers; Electric control panels; Electric converters; Electric current switches; Electric door bells; Electric door chimes; Electric locks; Electric outlet covers; Electric padlocks; Electric plugs; Electric signs; Electric switches; Electric warning light systems; Electric warning lights; Electric wires; Electrical cables; Electrical cables and cordsets; Electrical cables with integrated fittings, namely, cordsets; Electrical fuses; Electronic agendas; Electronic anti-theft system comprised of a bar code scanner that allows manufacturers to temporarily disable electronic goods during the manufacturing process and allows retailers to enable such goods upon receiving the purchase price for the goods; Electronic book reader; Electronic book reader covers; Electronic cables; Electronic card readers; Electronic cards for processing images; Electronic charging devices for tablet PCs that also include features to secure and disinfect the tablet PCs; Electronic circuit board; Electronic circuit cards; Electronic coding units; Electronic computers; Electronic day planners; Electronic device to charge and secure tablet PCs; Electronic digital signboards; Electronic key cards; Electronic LED signs; Electronic lock assemblies; Electronic navigational and positioning apparatus and instruments; Electronic pens; Electronic personal identification number (PIN) pads; Electronic personal organisers; Electronic pocket translators; Electronic signs; Electronic sound pickups for guitars and basses; Electronic tags for goods; Electronically-operated door latches; Escape hoods; Expandable screen smartphones; Exposed camera film; Extension cables; Extension cords; External computer hard drives; Eye covers for protective purposes; Eye glass cases; Eye glass chains; Eye glass cords; Eye glasses; Eyeglass cases; Eyeglass chains; Eyeglass chains and cords; Eyeglass cords; Eyeglass frames; Eyeglass lanyards; Eyeglass lenses; Eyeglass temples; Eyeglasses; Eyewear; Eyewear accessories, namely, straps, neck cords and head straps which restrain eyewear from movement on a wearer; Eyewear cases; Eyewear for pets; Eyewear pouches; Eyewear retainers; Eyewear, namely, sunglasses, eyeglasses and ophthalmic frames and cases therefor; Face masks for diving; Face shields for protection against fire; Fiber optics; Field-glasses; Film cameras; Filters for gas masks; Filters for protective industrial respiratory masks; Filters for respiratory masks for the prevention of accident or injury; Fingerprint padlocks; Fingerprint scanners; Fire alarms in the shape of Christmas tree ornaments; Fire blankets; Fire extinguishing apparatus; Fire extinguishing apparatus for automobiles; Fire resistant gloves; Fire sprinklers; Fire-extinguishers; Fire-extinguishing blankets; Fire-resistant flying suits; Fireproof garments; Fish-eye conversion lenses for cameras; Fisheye lenses for cameras; Fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and providing a scratch proof barrier or protection for electronic devices, namely, MP3 players, mobile telephones, smart telephones, digital cameras, global positioning systems and personal digital assistants; Flash card readers; Flash lamps for smartphones; Flashing safety light in the form of a pendant for providing visibility for people, inanimate articles, or animals; Flashing safety lights; Flat panel display screens; Flexible flat panel displays for computers; Flip covers for smart phones; Floatable sunglasses; Flotation vests; Foldable smartphones; Food timers; Football helmets; Frames for eyeglasses and pince-nez; Fridge magnets; Gaming headsets for use in playing video games; Garments and clothes for protection against fire; Garments for protection against fire; Gas masks; Gimbals for digital cameras; Glacier eyeglasses; Glasses for sports; Global positioning system (GPS); Gloves for divers; Gloves for protection against accidents; Gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes; Goggle retention clips for protective helmets; Goggles for scuba diving; Goggles for sports; Golf accessories in the nature of magnetic mounting devices for range finders; Golf club swing aids, namely, golf club balancing scales and scale parts thereof, to analyze, fit and/or make golf clubs; Golf club swing aids, namely, target laser and lights; Golf scopes; GPS data logger for recording trips and classifying them into different accounts; GPS navigation device; GPS tracking devices; Graphics cards; Grids for batteries; Guitar amplifiers; Guitar cables; Hand-held 3D scanners; Hand-held electronic dictionaries; Hand-held microphone sleeves; Hands free devices for mobile-phones; Hands free kits for phones; Hands-free headsets for cell phones; Hands-free kits for phones; Haptic suits, other than for medical purposes; Hard hats; Head guards for rugby training purposes; Head guards for sports; Head-mounted video displays; Headphones; Headphones in the form of headbands; Headphones in the form of sleep masks; Headphones including attached lanyard; Headsets; Headsets for cellular or mobile phones; Headsets for mobile telephones; Headsets for playing video games; Headsets for telephones; Headsets for use with computers; Headsets for virtual reality games; Height measuring instruments; Helmet safety lights; Helmets for American football; Helmets for bicycles; Helmets for motorcyclists; Highway safety cones; Hockey helmets; Holders adapted for mobile telephones and smartphones; Holders for contact lenses; Holders for magnetically encoded gift cards; Hydrophones; Hygienic covers adapted for virtual reality head-mounted displays; Hygienic covers adapted for virtual reality headsets; Hygienic pads adapted for virtual reality headsets; Identity cards, magnetic; Illuminated exit signs; In-car telephone handset cradles; Ink jet document printers; Ink-jet color printers for documents; Instruments for detecting and measuring two-dimensional distribution of force and pressure; Insulated clothing for protection against accident or injury; Intercoms; Interfaces and peripheral devices for computers; IP (Internet protocol) cameras; IP (Internet protocol) speed dome cameras; IP video servers; Jewelers loupes; Joysticks for use with computers, other than for video games; Jukeboxes; Jump start cables; Junction sleeves for fibre optics; Karaoke machines; Karaoke players; Karate head guards; Keyboards for mobile phones; Keyboards for smartphones; Keyless entry system and keyless ignition switch system for automotive vehicles comprised of a microprocessor, electronic signal receiver, and keyfob with electronic signal transponder; Kitchen timers; Knee pads for workers; Knee-pads for workers; Laboratory equipment, namely, plastic, rubber and elastomer closures, seals and stoppers for laboratory bottles; LAN (local area network) access points for connecting network computer users; LAN computer cards for connecting portable computer devices to computer networks; Lanyards for holding cell phones; Lanyards for holding magnetic identity cards; Laptop carrying cases; Laptop computer cooling pads; Laptop computers; Laptop locks; Laser equipment designed for drilling optical lenses for eyeglasses; Laser equipment designed for engraving and tinting optical lenses for eyeglasses; Laser measuring systems; Laser pointers; Laser pointing device for use with firearms; Laser projection virtual keyboards; Laser speed detectors; Laser writers; Lasers for measuring; Lasers for measuring purposes; Lasers not for medical use; LCD panels; LCD picture frames with plush decorative outer surface; LCD projectors; LED position sensors; Lens caps for use with film, digital, and video cameras; Lens filters; Lens hoods; Lens shutters; Lenses for astrophotography; Lenses for cameras; Lenses for protective face shields; Lenses for telescopes; Lenses for welding helmets; Life belts; Life boats; Life buoys; Life jackets; Life jackets for pets; Life nets; Life saving rafts; Life vests; Life-buoys; Life-saving rafts; Lifebelts; Lifeboats; Lifejackets; Lifesaving vests for use by dogs; Light emitting diode (LED) displays; Light emitting diodes (LEDs); Light pens; Light switches; Lighting devices for taking pictures; Lights for use on video cameras; Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors; Liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions; Locks, electric; Loud speakers; Loudspeakers with built in amplifiers; Luggage scales; Luminous safety beacons; Luminous safety signs; Luminous signs; Luminous signs for safety purposes; Luminous signs for warning purposes; Luminous traffic signals; Luminous variable/dynamic signs using light emitting diodes and electronic controllers to produce real-time and programmable messages and information displays; Luminous warning signs; Magnetic clip-on sunglass lenses; Magnetic pens; Magnetic wall stud finders; Magnets; Magnifying glasses; Magnifying peepholes for doors; Marine compasses; Marker buoys; Marking and signalling buoys; Marking buoys; Masts for wireless aerials; Measuring cups; Measuring glassware; Measuring rules; Measuring spoons; Measuring tapes; Meat thermometers; Mechanical keyboard switches; Mechanical keyboards; Mechanical road signs; Mechanical signs; Media players; Megaphones; Memory boards; Memory cards; Messenger bags especially adapted for holding electronic book readers; Messenger bags especially adapted for holding laptops; Metal detectors; Micro USB cables; Micro-computer; Micro-computers; Microchips; Microphone stands; Microphone windscreens; Microphones; Microprocessors; Microscopes; Mirrorless cameras; Mobile computers; Mobile hotspot devices; Mobile or portable fax machines; Mobile phone cases featuring rechargeable batteries; Mobile phone chargers; Mobile phone ring holders; Mobile phone ring stands; Mobile phone screen protectors; Mobile phone straps; Mobile phones; Mobile telephone batteries; Mobile telephones; Monopods for cameras; Motion detectors; Motion picture cameras; Motion recognizing sensors; Motion-picture cameras for self-developing film; Motorcycle helmet face shields; Motorcycle helmet visors; Mounting brackets adapted for bathroom scales; Mounting brackets adapted for computers; Mounts and mounting brackets adapted for audio speakers with swiveling bases therefor; Mounts and mounting brackets adapted for televisions; Mouse mats; Mouse pads; Mouse scanners; Mousepads; Mouth guards for athletic use; Mouth guards for boxing; Mouth guards for sports; Movie projectors; Multimedia projectors; Music headphones; Nautical and photographic apparatus and instruments, namely, underwater housings for cameras, underwater enclosures for cameras and underwater enclosures for photographic lenses; Neck gaiters for protection against accident or injury; Needles for record players; Neon signs; Netbook computers; Network routers; Network servers; Night vision goggles; Noise cancelling headphones; Nose clips for divers and swimmers; Nose clips for swimming; Nose guards which can be worn by attachment to eyewear such as sunglasses and ski goggles; Nose pads for eyewear; Notebook and laptop computers; Notebook computer carrying cases; Notebook computers; Novelty eyeglasses; Oil-proof protective face masks for the prevention of accident or injury that filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles; Oil-resistant protective face masks for the prevention of accident or injury that filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles; OLED (Organic light emitting diode) display panels; Opera glasses; Ophthalmic lenses; Optical cables; Optical disc drives; Optical disk drives; Optical disk readers; Optical fibers; Optical filters; Optical filters for screens; Optical frames; Optical lamps; Optical reflectors; Overlays specially adapted for touchscreen displays; Panel meters, namely, an electronic instrument that displays an input signal in either a digital or analog form; Parts for anti-theft automotive alarms, namely, electronic sensors, remote control transmitters and receivers for remotely operating land vehicles; PC tablet mounts; PC tablet stabilizers; PC tablets; Pedometers for pets; Pens with conductive points for touch screen devices; Peripheral component interface (PCI) hardware; Personal computers; Personal data assistants; Personal digital assistant computers; Personal digital assistants; Personal headphones for sound transmitting apparatuses; Personal headphones for use with sound transmitting systems; Personal protective equipment (PPE), namely, protective work gloves; Personal protective equipment (PPE), namely, safety goggles; Personal security alarms; Personal security alarms that connect to a wireless communications network; Personal stereos; Pet collar accessories, namely, safety blinkers; Pet collar accessories, namely, safety lights; Pet collar accessories, namely, signaling bells; Photo printers; Photocopying machines; Photographic cameras; Photographic filters; Photographic finders, namely, straight viewfinders and angled viewfinders; Photographic projectors; Planetarium projectors; Plasma display panel (PDP) televisions; Plasma televisions; Plastic and cardboard cases for storing record albums; Plastic covered electric wires; Plastic guard for covering wall switches; Plate cameras; Plug adaptors; Plug connectors; Plug gauges; Pocket calculators; Pocket computers for note-taking; Pocket translators, electronic; Pocket-sized electronic calculators; Portable audio players; Portable bullet resistant structures for personal and team protection; Portable computers; Portable document scanners; Portable electronic devices for monitoring and analyzing ball movement in sports; Portable LED safety lighting devices for personal use for safety purposes; Portable photography equipment, namely, reflectors, tripods, light stands and supports and bags specially adapted for these goods; Portable radios; Power adapters; Power cables; Power connectors; Power controllers; Power distributing boxes; Power strips; Power switches; Power wires; Pre-packaged kits containing electrical protection devices in the nature of insulators, corona rings, armor-rods and surge arresters and metal hardware in the nature of suspension clamps, yoke plates, all of which attach or connect transmission conductors to high voltage electric transmission towers; Pre-paid telephone calling cards, magnetically encoded; Printer cables; Printer hubs; Projection screens for movie films; Projector lamps; Protection and safety apparatus, namely, inflatable flotation devices; Protective active cooling vest, active cooling seats, active cooling head cap and active cooling blankets to prevent injury due to overheating; Protective air purifying respirator masks for the prevention of accident or injury; Protective ballistic resistant and blast resistant body armor, clothing and garments; Protective body armor for dogs; Protective body armor, namely, ballistic, bullet, blast, slash and stab resistant clothing; Protective body armor, namely, ballistic, bullet, blast, slash and stab resistant vests; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for global positioning system (GPS) apparatus; Protective cases for cell phones; Protective cases for laptop computers; Protective cases for portable media players; Protective cases for smartphones; Protective cases for tablet computers; Protective clothing especially made for use in laboratories; Protective clothing with air-conditioning function by the integration of phase change cooling devices for cooling people, namely, vests for cooling surgeons, nurses and medical personnel; Protective clothing, namely, disposable garment for protection against spontaneous flash in industrial and manufacturing environments; Protective covers and cases for cell phones; Protective covers and cases for laptops; Protective covers and cases for portable media players; Protective covers and cases for tablet computers; Protective covers for cell phones; Protective covers for electronic reading devices; Protective covers for laptop computers; Protective covers for smartphones; Protective covers for tablet computers; Protective ear covering shields; Protective eye pieces; Protective eyeglasses; Protective eyewear; Protective face coverings being knit face masks for protection against slashing or stabbing; Protective face coverings for protection against accident or injury; Protective face masks for the prevention of accident or injury that filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles and are not resistant to oil; Protective face-shields for protective helmets; Protective films adapted for computer screens; Protective films adapted for smartphones; Protective footwear for the prevention of accident or injury; Protective glasses; Protective gloves for industrial use; Protective head guards for industrial purposes; Protective helmets; Protective helmets for animals; Protective helmets for boxing; Protective industrial boots; Protective industrial face masks; Protective industrial face shields; Protective industrial respirators; Protective industrial respiratory masks; Protective industrial shoes; Protective industrial visors; Protective padded clothing for protection against bodily harm and blunt force trauma; Protective sheaths for fiber optical cables; Protective sleeves for laptop computers; Protective spectacles; Protective sports helmet accessories that attach to the helmets, namely, mouth guards, ear pads, throat protectors, chin straps, face masks, jaw pads and eye shields; Protective sports helmets; Protective suits for aviators; Protective work gloves; Punched card machines for offices; Racks for loudspeakers; Radar guns for police work; Radio frequency identification tag readers; Radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers; Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags; Radios; Range finders for golf; Reading eyeglasses; Reading glasses; Rearview cameras for vehicles; Rechargeable electric batteries; Reels for electric cables; Reflective clothing, for the prevention of accidents; Reflective safety vests; Refrigerator magnets; Remote control starters for vehicles; Remote controls for gas stoves and fireplaces; Remote controls for massage chairs; Remote controls for projectors; Rescue laser signalling flares; Resistances, electric; Respirators for the prevention of accident or injury; Respiratory masks for the prevention of accident or injury; Respiratory masks to prevent injury due to dust inhalation; Resuscitation training simulators; RFID readers; RFID tags worn by pets that activate pet care devices; Riding helmets; Ring buoys for use in water rescue; Road signs, luminous or mechanical; Rubber covered electrical wires; Safety and driving assistant system for mobile vehicles and vessels comprised of electronic proximity sensors and switches, high-resolution cameras, integrated circuits for the purpose of imaging processing, and display monitors; Safety bracelets with warning whistles attached; Safety equipment, namely, high altitude breathing apparatus; Safety eyewear; Safety flag for water sports; Safety goggles; Safety harnesses other than for vehicles or sports purposes; Safety markers; Safety nets; Safety products, namely, reflective helmet skirts; Safety products, namely, reflective safety bands to be worn on the body; Safety vests incorporating airbags for fall protection; Sandglasses; Scalpels for laboratory use; Screen protectors specially adapted for mobile phones; Scuba goggles; Scuba masks; Scuba snorkels; Secure digital (SD) card readers; Secure Digital (SD) Memory Cards; Security devices, namely, mobile image projection device for displaying retinal images; Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA); Selfie ring lights for smartphones; Shoe covers for protection against accidents or injury; Shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; Side guards for eyeglasses; Signs, luminous; SIM cards; Sirens for vehicles; Skateboard helmets; Ski glasses; Ski goggles; Skin diving masks; Slide film mounts; Smart card readers; Smart glasses; Smart rings; Smart TVs; Smart watches; Smartglasses; Smartphone screen magnifiers; Smartphone stabilizers; Smartphones; Smartwatch bands; Smartwatch straps; Smartwatches; Smoke alarm tester in the nature of a cool burning smoke generator; Snow goggles; Soil sampling equipment, namely, tubular liners or tubular sleeves; Solar batteries; Solar panels for production of electricity; Solar recharging battery pack for digital cameras; Solar-powered rechargeable batteries; Spark plug feeler gauges; Speakerphones; Spectacle cases; Spectacle frames; Spectacles for correcting color blindness; Spectacles for correcting colour blindness; Speedometers for vehicles; Sport whistles; Sports equipment for boxing and martial arts, namely, protective helmets; Sports eyewear; Sports glasses; Sports helmets; Sports training eyeglasses; Sports' glasses; Sprinkler heads for fire sprinklers; Stands adapted for stereos and audio speakers; Stereo cables; Stereo headphones; Sun glasses; Sunglass chains and cords; Sunglass cords; Sunglass lenses; Sunglasses; Sunglasses for pets; Support belts for workers; Surge protectors; Survival suits; Survival suits, namely, insulated overall wet suits and dry suits; Swim floats for safety purposes; Swim goggles; Swim masks; Swimming face masks; Swimming goggles; Tablet computer; Tablet computers; Tablet monitors; Tape measures; Tape rulers; Teaching apparatus in the nature of hairdressing training heads; Telephones; Telescopes; Television cameras; Television sets; Thermostats; Three dimensional (3D) scanners; Ticket printers; Tilting heads; Time clocks; Time lapse digital cameras for viewing plant growth; Time lapse image recorder; Timers; Toner cartridges, unfilled, for facsimile machines; Tool measuring instruments; Touch panels; Touch screen pens; Touch screens; Touchscreen monitors; Touchscreen sensors; Track ball input devices; Track balls; Trackballs; Traffic-light apparatus; Trail cameras; Transponders; Tripods; Tripods; Tripods; Turntables being record player parts; Turntables being record players; TV cameras; TV monitors; Underwater cameras; Underwater enclosures for photographic flash units; Underwater photographic flash units; Underwater power cables; USB (universal serial bus) hardware; USB cables; USB cables for cellphones; USB card readers; USB chargers adapted for car cigarette lighter sockets; USB charging ports; USB charging ports for use in vehicles; USB computer access control key; USB computer security key; USB hubs; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, electronic deer alerts; Video cables; Video monitors; Video projectors; Video tape recorders; Video telephones; Videorecorders; Videotape recorders; Virtual reality glasses; Virtual reality goggles; Virtual reality headsets; Virtual reality headsets adapted for use in playing video games; Visual recordings and audiovisual recordings featuring music and animation; Walkie-talkies; Warning flags; Warning triangles; Warning triangles to indicate vehicle breakdowns; Watchmakers loupes; Water filter controllers; Water ski safety vests; Waterproof camera cases; Waterproof cases for smart phones; Waterproof survival suits for the prevention of drowning; Wearable computers in the nature of smartglasses; Wearable computers in the nature of smartwatches; Wearable global positioning system (GPS); Webcams; Weighing scales; Weight belts for divers; Weight belts for scuba diving; Welding gloves; Welding goggles; Welding helmets; Welding masks; Wet suit gloves; Wet suits for water-skiing; Wetsuits; Wetsuits for surfing; Wetsuits for water-skiing; Wheeled backpacks especially adapted for holding laptops; Whistle alarms; Wireless cellular phone headsets; Wireless chargers; Wireless charging stands for smartphones; Wireless communication devices for transmitting images taken by a camera; Wireless computer mice; Wireless computer mice; Wireless computer peripherals; Wireless ear buds; Wireless earbuds; Wireless earphones; Wireless headphones; Wireless headsets for smartphones; Wireless microphones with integrated speakers; Wireless portable document printers for use with laptops and mobile devices; Wireless routers; Wireless speakers; Workmen's protective face shields; Workmen's protective face-shields; Wrist rests for use with computers; Wrist-mounted smartphones
8 Abrading instruments, hand-operated; Abrading tools, hand-operated; Adjustable spanners; Adjustable wrenches; Animal nail grinders; Animal nail grinders, electric; Apparatus for tattooing; Archery equipment, namely, arrow nocks hand tools for adjusting the gape of the arrow nocks for a better fit on the bow string; Artists' spatulas for hot wax painting; Axes; Baby nail clippers; Baby nail scissors; Backup wrenches; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying electric hair curling irons; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying hair cutting scissors and shears; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying non-electric curling irons; Bar cutters, hand-operated; Battering rams; Beard clippers; Beard clippers, electric; Beard clippers, non-electric; Beard trimmers; Beard trimmers, electric; Beard trimmers, non-electric; Beveled hand tool in the nature of a squeegee for spreading and leveling paint and wax products on cars, motorcycles, planes and boat panels; Billy clubs; Biodegradable cutlery, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Biodegradable forks being tableware; Biodegradable knives being tableware; Biodegradable spoons being tableware; Bit braces for manual drills; Bits for hand drills; Blades and brushes for electric hair clippers and trimmers; Blades for electric razors; Blades for hand saws; Blades for hand-operated planes; Blades for manually-operated tools; Blades for razors; Blades for shavers; Blades for shears; Bludgeons; Border shears; Box cutters; Box spanners; Boxes specially adapted for the storage of cutlery and flatware; Branding irons; Bread knives; Broadaxes; Butcher knives; Butter knives; Cake cutters; Cake forks; Cake knives; Callus rasps; Can openers, non-electric; Candle wick trimmers; Carpet knives; Cartridges containing razor blades; Cartridges for razor blades; Carving forks; Carving knives; Cases for razors; Cases specially adapted for electric hair curling irons; Caulking guns, hand-operated; Center punches being hand tools; Ceramic knives; Cheese knives; Cheese planes; Cheese planes, non-electric; Cheese slicers, non-electric; Chef knives; Choppers being knives; Choppers, hand-operated; Chucks for hand-operated tools; Clam guns; Clam shovels; Clamp forceps being body piercing instruments; Clamping bushings; Claw hammers; Cleavers; Clippers, hand-operated; Coal scoops being hand tools; Coffee spoons; Compostable forks being tableware; Compostable knives; Compostable knives being tableware; Compostable spoons being tableware; Cosmetic tattooing apparatus; Crimping pliers; Crosscut saw blades; Crowbars; Curling irons, non-electric; Curling tongs; Curling tongs, electric; Cuticle nippers; Cuticle pushers; Cuticle scissors; Cuticle tweezers; Cutlery, namely, scalers; Cutting pliers; Daggers; Depilation appliances for the cosmetic care of eyebrows; Depilation appliances, electric and non-electric, for the cosmetic care of eyebrows; Depilatory appliances; Depilatory appliances, electric or non-electric; Dessert forks; Dessert knives; Dessert spoons; Dibbers, hand-operated; Die wrenches; Dies for use with hand operated tools; Dies for use with hand-operated tools; Digging forks; Displacement pump sprayers attached to a garden hose for spraying liquid herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides; Disposable forks being tableware; Disposable knives; Disposable knives being tableware; Disposable razors; Disposable spoons being tableware; Disposable tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Disposable tableware, namely, spoons; Diving knife holders; Diving knives; Dog clippers; Drain augers, hand-operated; Draw tape reels; Draw wires being hand tools; Drawknives; Dressmakers' chalk sharpeners; Drill bits for hand drills; Drywall hawks being hand tools; Ear hair trimmers; Ear hair trimmers, electric; Ear piercing apparatus; Ear piercing instruments; Edgers for grout, mortar or cement being hand tools; Electric and battery-powered hair clippers; Electric and battery-powered hair trimmers; Electric and non-electric depilation appliances; Electric animal nail grinders; Electric beard clippers; Electric beard trimmers; Electric ear hair trimmers; Electric eyebrow trimmers; Electric fingernail polishers; Electric flat irons; Electric flat irons for pressing clothes; Electric hair clippers; Electric hair crimper; Electric hair curling irons; Electric hair cutters; Electric hair straightening irons; Electric hair styling irons; Electric hair trimmers; Electric hand-held hair styling irons; Electric irons; Electric irons for crimping the hair; Electric irons for straightening the hair; Electric irons for styling hair; Electric manicure sets; Electric manicure tools; Electric nail clippers; Electric nasal hair trimmers; Electric or non-electric depilatory appliances; Electric or non-electric epilatory appliances; Electric or non-electric fingernail polishers; Electric or non-electric nail buffers; Electric pedicure sets; Electric pedicure tools; Electric shavers; Electrical irons for ironing clothes; Electrolysis apparatus for hair removal; Embroidery scissors; Emergency escape hammers; Emergency hammers; Emergency seat belt cutters; Epilatory appliances, electric or non-electric; Extensions for hand tools; Eyebrow piercing instruments; Eyebrow razors; Eyebrow trimmers; Eyelash curlers; Eyelash separators; Files being hand-operated tools for smoothing surfaces of metal; Filleting knives; Fingernail clippers; Fingernail polishers, electric; Fingernail polishers, non-electric; Fire tongs; Fireplace bellows; Fireplace pokers; Fireplace pokers, shovels, and brushes sold as a unit; Fireplace tongs; Fish filleting knives; Fish forks; Fish scalers; Fish scaling knives; Fish skinning knives; Fish slicing kitchen knives; Fish tape for pulling cables; Fish-skinning knives; Fishing knives; Fishing line cutters; Fishing line scissors; Fishing pliers; Fishing tackle pliers; Fitted insulating covers for mountaineering ice axes; Fixed blade knives; Flat irons; Flat irons, electric; Flat irons, non-electric; Flatware, namely, forks, knives, and spoons; Flexible head spanners; Flexible head wrenches; Folding knives; Food processors, hand-operated; Foot care implements, namely, foot files; Foot care implements, namely, foot scrapers; Forks and spoons being tableware; Frames for handsaws; French fry cutters; Fruit knives; Gaffs; Gardening scissors; Gardening shears; Gardening tools, namely, a manually operated tool for injecting solid fertilizer spikes into the soil; Gardening trowels; Glass cutters; Glazing irons; Golf course rakes; Golf shoe cleat wrenches; Grapefruit trimmer, namely, a kitchen knife with serrated edges; Hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric; Hair cutting scissors; Hair trimmers; Hair-removing tweezers; Hand cable splicers; Hand drills, hand-operated; Hand hooks; Hand operated atomizers, vaporizers, and sprayers for use with industrial liquids; Hand operated food dicers; Hand operated lifting jacks; Hand operated plumbing snakes; Hand operated spreaders for seed and dry lawn chemicals; Hand powered tool used to seal plastic bags with adhesive tape; Hand saws; Hand saws, namely, hack saws; Hand saws, namely, miter saws; Hand saws, namely, wood saws; Hand tool for picking up and moving potted plants; Hand tool for removing hearing aid batteries; Hand tool in the nature of a fitting device for fitting the steering rack boot in a vehicle; Hand tool, namely, rigid and rod hand benders for use on pipes and conduits; Hand tool, namely, telescopic angle set tool for EMT for use on pipes and conduits; Hand tools for avoiding skin contact with surfaces in the nature of small, hooked devices for opening doors, pressing buttons, and touching other surfaces; Hand tools for decanting liquids; Hand tools for putting a finish on concrete, namely, concrete brushes and combs; Hand tools for removing the outer coating on a lottery ticket; Hand tools for use in carving or decorating pumpkins, mini-pumpkins, gourds, and other fruits and vegetables, namely, knives, saws, scoops, chisels and drills; Hand tools for use with burning campfires and previously burnt campfires, namely, fire pokers to move burning logs and previously burnt logs, tongs to pick up burning logs and previously burnt logs; Hand tools in the nature of drum plug openers; Hand tools in the nature of jewelry clasp openers; Hand tools in the nature of pail lid openers; Hand tools in the nature of paint lid openers; Hand tools, namely, adzes; Hand tools, namely, asphalt shingle removers; Hand tools, namely, augers; Hand tools, namely, automobile sheet metal dent repair tool; Hand tools, namely, awls; Hand tools, namely, bar cutters; Hand tools, namely, bolt cutters; Hand tools, namely, brassworker spatulas for stirring hot metal; Hand tools, namely, bulb planters; Hand tools, namely, bushing drivers; Hand tools, namely, chalk line reels; Hand tools, namely, clamps; Hand tools, namely, concrete movers; Hand tools, namely, crimp wrench sets; Hand tools, namely, crimp wrenches; Hand tools, namely, cutter bars; Hand tools, namely, dicing blades, slitting blades, optically transparent blades, optically transmitting blades; Hand tools, namely, die chasers; Hand tools, namely, die wrenches; Hand tools, namely, dies; Hand tools, namely, ditch bank blades; Hand tools, namely, drills; Hand tools, namely, edgers for grout, mortar or cement; Hand tools, namely, engravers; Hand tools, namely, expanders; Hand tools, namely, farriers' knives; Hand tools, namely, files; Hand tools, namely, flaring tools; Hand tools, namely, flat finisher boxes; Hand tools, namely, floats for grout, mortar or cement; Hand tools, namely, foundry ladles; Hand tools, namely, fruit pickers; Hand tools, namely, fullers; Hand tools, namely, gouges; Hand tools, namely, grafting tools; Hand tools, namely, grass hooks; Hand tools, namely, grass whips; Hand tools, namely, graving tools; Hand tools, namely, groovers for grout, mortar or cement; Hand tools, namely, grooving tools; Hand tools, namely, hammers; Hand tools, namely, hand benders for use on pipes and conduits; Hand tools, namely, hand jacks; Hand tools, namely, hand seamers; Hand tools, namely, hand tools for skimming wall repairs in small or tight areas with joint compound, putty, or smoothing vinyl lettering; Hand tools, namely, hand-operated device to aid with tying and untying knots; Hand tools, namely, hand-operated pumps; Hand tools, namely, hand-operated reaching devices for picking up and removing trash, litter and objects; Hand tools, namely, hatchets; Hand tools, namely, hex keys wrenches; Hand tools, namely, ice picks; Hand tools, namely, knee kickers; Hand tools, namely, knife sharpeners; Hand tools, namely, lawn aerators; Hand tools, namely, levers; Hand tools, namely, long reach loppers; Hand tools, namely, loppers; Hand tools, namely, lottery ticket scrapers; Hand tools, namely, manually-operated grinding wheels; Hand tools, namely, manually-operated grindstones; Hand tools, namely, manually-operated guides for knives and/or saws; Hand tools, namely, manually-operated sharpening wheels; Hand tools, namely, mauls; Hand tools, namely, milling cutters; Hand tools, namely, miter boxes; Hand tools, namely, mitre boxes; Hand tools, namely, nippers; Hand tools, namely, nut drivers; Hand tools, namely, paint scrapers; Hand tools, namely, paint trim guides; Hand tools, namely, picks; Hand tools, namely, pikes; Hand tools, namely, pincers; Hand tools, namely, planers; Hand tools, namely, planes; Hand tools, namely, pliers sets; Hand tools, namely, post hole diggers; Hand tools, namely, priming irons; Hand tools, namely, pruning saws; Hand tools, namely, pullers and splitters; Hand tools, namely, punches; Hand tools, namely, putty knives; Hand tools, namely, reamers; Hand tools, namely, ripping bars; Hand tools, namely, riveters; Hand tools, namely, rollers and brushes for applying adhesives; Hand tools, namely, sanding sponges; Hand tools, namely, saws; Hand tools, namely, scrapers; Hand tools, namely, screw extractors; Hand tools, namely, screwdrivers; Hand tools, namely, scythe rings; Hand tools, namely, scythe stones; Hand tools, namely, sheet metal shrinking and stretching device; Hand tools, namely, socket sets; Hand tools, namely, socket wrenches; Hand tools, namely, sod lifters; Hand tools, namely, spokeshaves; Hand tools, namely, squares; Hand tools, namely, stamping-out tools; Hand tools, namely, stamps; Hand tools, namely, straight edge paint trim guides; Hand tools, namely, stretchers for wire and metal bands; Hand tools, namely, surfboard wax removal tool; Hand tools, namely, tampers; Hand tools, namely, tap and die sets; Hand tools, namely, taps; Hand tools, namely, tile cutters; Hand tools, namely, tools for placing a rope or other flexible member through an eye or around a target object; Hand tools, namely, torque multipliers; Hand tools, namely, transplanters; Hand tools, namely, vices; Hand tools, namely, wedges; Hand tools, namely, weed cutters; Hand tools, namely, weed diggers; Hand tools, namely, wire cutters; Hand tools, namely, wire nippers; Hand tools, namely, wire strippers; Hand tools, namely, wrecking bars, stripping bars, small bars and nail pullers, San Angelo bars, tamper bars, wedge point bars, pitch point bars; Hand tools, namely, wrenches; Hand-operated abrading instruments; Hand-operated abrading tools; Hand-operated agricultural implements, namely, broadforks; Hand-operated agricultural implements, namely, chicken pluckers; Hand-operated agricultural implements, namely, cider presses; Hand-operated air pumps; Hand-operated atomizers for industrial or commercial use; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, ball joint separators; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, brake cylinder hones; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, brake pad spreaders; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, brake spring removers; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, disc brake piston cubes; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, drum brake adjusting tools; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, engine cylinder hones; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, magnetic pick-up tools; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, ring compressors; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, valve holders; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, valve spring compressors; Hand-operated automotive repair tools, namely, valve spring depressors; Hand-operated bar cutters; Hand-operated carpenters' pincers; Hand-operated carpet and flooring staple removers; Hand-operated carpet staple removers; Hand-operated cattle prods; Hand-operated chisels; Hand-operated choppers; Hand-operated cleaning tool in the nature of a pick for removing intestines from lobsters; Hand-operated cutter bars; Hand-operated cutting tools; Hand-operated cutting tools, namely, box cutters; Hand-operated cutting tools, namely, safety cutters; Hand-operated disarming tools for improvised explosive devices (IED); Hand-operated dog waste collection apparatus comprising a rod with a clamp at its end for holding a disposable bag that may be positioned beneath a dog to collect feces; Hand-operated dog waste collection tools; Hand-operated drain augers; Hand-operated food processor; Hand-operated fruit shredders; Hand-operated fruit slicers; Hand-operated golf ball washers; Hand-operated hair clippers; Hand-operated hand drills; Hand-operated jigsaws; Hand-operated knife to aid in skinning an animal; Hand-operated lawn edgers; Hand-operated mandolins for cutting food; Hand-operated nail pullers; Hand-operated percussion hammer drills; Hand-operated pliers to aid in skinning an animal; Hand-operated ratchet wrenches; Hand-operated rhinestone picking tools; Hand-operated riveting tools; Hand-operated sanders; Hand-operated saws for cutting branches; Hand-operated scraper to aid in skinning an animal; Hand-operated scraping tool for cleaning cleats for attachment to sports shoes; Hand-operated sharpening tools and instruments; Hand-operated shears; Hand-operated ski corks for smoothing wax onto skis; Hand-operated ski edge sharpening tools; Hand-operated ski files; Hand-operated ski sharpening instruments; Hand-operated slicers; Hand-operated snow pushers; Hand-operated socket wrenches; Hand-operated spiral slicers; Hand-operated sprayers for insecticides; Hand-operated telescopic arm for fixing panels of plaster on wood or walls and ceilings; Hand-operated tool to aid in skinning an animal, namely, a tool having a blade and hook to assist in skinning an animal; Hand-operated tools for grooming billiard cue tips; Hand-operated tools for grooming pool cue tips; Hand-operated tools for reaching, grabbing, and handling small objects; Hand-operated tools for removing lug bolt covers; Hand-operated tools for removing lug nut covers; Hand-operated tools for removing snow and ice from vehicles; Hand-operated tools for use in installing and removing toggle bolts; Hand-operated tools, namely, chisels; Hand-operated tools, namely, pipe flange alignment bolts; Hand-operated tools, namely, pipe flange alignment pins; Hand-operated torque multipliers; Hand-operated tube squeezers for industrial use; Hand-operated vegetable peelers; Hand-operated vegetable shredders; Hand-operated water pumps for pumping well water; Hand-powered cultivators for gardening; Hand-powered ice augers used for ice fishing; Hand-powered staple guns; Hand-powered tool used to close re-sealable bags used with vacuum sealers; Hand-powered, three-prong cultivators for gardening; Hand-to-hand combat weapons, namely, knuckle dusters; Hand-tools, namely, wire crimpers; Handles for hand-operated hand tools; Handles of wood for hand-operated hand tools; Harpoons for commercial fishing; Hatchets; Herb scissors; Hoof picks; Hookah tongs; Household knives; Household shears; Hunting knives; Ice axes; Ice axes for mountaineering; Ice hammers; Ice picks; Iced tea spoons; Ikebana shears; Japanese thread clippers; Kitchen knives; Kitchen shears; Kits comprised of sandpaper sheets configured to fit non-electric, hand-operated sanders; Knife bags; Knife handles; Knife sharpeners; Knife sheaths; Knife sheaths of leather; Knife steels; Knives for hobby use; Knives for skinning fish; Knives, forks, and spoons being tableware; Laser hair removal apparatus, other than for medical purposes; Lawn and garden tools, namely, cultivators; Lawn maintenance equipment, namely, lawn rollers; Leather sheaths for knives; Linemans' pliers; Machetes; Mallets being hand tools; Manicure implements, namely, orange sticks; Manicure sets; Manicure sets, electric; Manicure tools; Manual clippers; Manual drills; Manually operated dibbers; Manually operated french fry cutters; Manually operated hand held tool for the purpose of dispensing plastic wrap around pallets or product for the purpose of shipping, transporting or storage; Manually operated hand tool for crushing pipes; Manually operated plastic tools for removing latex coatings on game or contest card; Manually operated sharpeners; Manually operated shop tools for work on motorcycles, namely, chain breaker tool, chain riveting tool, chain press tool, chain alignment tool, carburetor tuning tool, carburetor tuning gauge set, tire irons, tappet adjustment tools, valve shim tools, tappet feeler gauge, carburetor jet wrenches, clutch holding tool, piston pin removing tool, spring removing tool, timing cover wrench, oil filter wrench, shock absorber wrench, axle wrench, fly wheel puller tool, clutch puller tool and magneto flywheel puller tool; Manually operated tools, namely, sheet bending brakes and components thereof; Manually operated tree pruners; Manually-operated basket presses; Manually-operated capstans; Manually-operated dibbers; Manually-operated edge sharpeners for skis and snowboards; Manually-operated hand-held hoist device comprised primarily of a cord and a metal hook for the purpose of lifting hunting equipment into a treestand; Manually-operated jacks; Manually-operated razor blade sharpeners; Manually-operated specialized tool for the purpose of pushing a marine bushing out of the strut; Manually-operated winches; Manually-operated winnowers; Manually-powered hole openers used to enlarge holes in the ground; Manually-powered motorcycle lift; Masons' trowels; Mattocks; Meat choppers being meat knives; Meat tenderizer, namely, a pronged instrument for pounding meat; Metal cutting saws; Metal vice jaws; Metal-cutting scissors; Mincing knives; Miter cutters being hand tools; Miter vises being hand tools; Mountaineering pickels; Multi-function, non-electronic, expandable hand tool comprised of push-pull and hook attachments with magnetic and non-magnetic ends for use in grasping objects and aiding individuals in getting dressed; Multi-purpose shears; Multi-purpose utensil, namely, a combination of a spoon and straw; Mustache and beard trimmers; Nail buffers; Nail buffers for use in manicure; Nail buffers, electric; Nail buffers, electric or non-electric; Nail buffers, non-electric; Nail clippers; Nail clippers, electric or non-electric; Nail extractors, hand-operated; Nail files; Nail files, electric; Nail nippers; Nail pullers, hand-operated; Nail punches; Nail scissors; Nail skin treatment trimmers; Needle work scissors; Nightsticks; Nippers; Non-electric beard clippers; Non-electric beard trimmers; Non-electric can openers; Non-electric cheese planes; Non-electric crimping irons for the hair; Non-electric curling irons; Non-electric depilatory appliances; Non-electric epilatory appliances; Non-electric eyebrow trimmers; Non-electric fingernail polishers; Non-electric flat irons; Non-electric food slicers; Non-electric fruit peelers; Non-electric garlic choppers; Non-electric garlic cutters; Non-electric hair clippers; Non-electric nail buffers; Non-electric pizza cutters; Non-electric planes for flaking dried bonito blocks (katsuo-bushi planes); Non-electric potato peelers; Non-electric shavers; Non-powered lawn and turf edging tool for attachment to universal utility vehicles; Nut wrenches; Oyster openers; Palette knives; Paring irons; Paring knives; Pedicure sets; Pen knives; Penknives; Pick heads; Pickaxes; Pickaxes and mattocks; Pincers being hand tools; Pipe wrenches; Pizza cutters, non-electric; Pizza slicers; Planes; Plastic cutlery, namely, knives, forks, and spoons; Pliers; Pocket knives; Pocket shears; Portable hand-operated handlooms; Portable handlooms, hand-operated; Pruning knives; Pruning scissors; Rabbeting planes; Rakes; Rammers being hand tools; Ratchet hand tool for the installation and removal of alpine ski and snowboard racing gates; Ratchet handles; Razor blades; Razor cases; Razor knives; Razor strops; Razors; Razors and razor blades; Razors, electric or non-electric; Replacement parts for hand-operated planes, namely, blades, handles and knobs; Ring closing pliers being body piercing instruments; Roll-up bags for knives; Roll-up fabric container for hand tools; Sabers being swords; Safety razors; Sanding blocks; Saws; Scaling knives; Scalpels for hobby use; Scissor blades; Scissors; Scissors adapted to receive attachment guide combs for hair cutting and trimming; Scissors for children; Scissors for household use; Scissors for kitchen use; Scissors for pizzas; Scoops for restoration of candle wicks and for removing wax; Screw wrenches; Screwdrivers, non-electric; Scuba diving gear, namely, a holster for carrying hand-operated tools that is attached to a scuba diver; Sculpting tools, namely, loops; Scythes; Serving knives; Setting pliers; Sewing scissors; Sharpening rods; Sharpening steels; Sharpening stones; Sharpening wheels for knives and blades; Shaving blades; Shaving cases; Shears; Shedding blades; Shovels; Sickles; Side arms, not including firearms, namely, hunting knives; Side arms, not including firearms, namely, swords; Silverware, namely, forks, knives and spoons that are made of silver or silver-plated; Ski profiles containing vices for holding skis during waxing, tuning, or sharpening; Sledgehammers; Snips; Snow shovels; Socket spanner; Socket spanners; Soup spoons; Souvenir collector spoons; Spades; Spading forks; Spanners; Spark plug sockets being hand tools; Spark wrenches; Spatulas for spreading hot wax; Spears; Spoons for tea; Spoons made of precious metal being tableware; Sport knives; Spreader in the nature of a small knife for butter or cheese; Stainless steel table knives, forks and spoons; Stands for hand jacks; Steak knives; Sterling silver table forks; Sterling silver table knives; Sterling silver table knives, forks and spoons; Sterling silver table spoons; Stone hammers; Straight edge razors; Straight razors; Strawberry hullers; Swivel drivers; Sword canes; Swords; Table cutlery; Table cutlery made of precious metal; Table forks; Table forks made of precious metal; Table knives; Table knives made of precious metal; Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic; Tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Tailor's shears; Taps being hand tools; Tatami mat choppers; Tattoo machine parts, namely, springs and armature bars; Tattoo machines; Thin-bladed kitchen knives; Throwing axes; Throwing knives; Tongs for catching or holding snakes; Tool aprons; Tool belts; Tool holders; Tool pouches for attachment to tool belts; Torque wrenches; Trailer-mounted non-hydraulic jacks; Trowels; Tweezers; Utility knives; Vegetable knives; Vegetable peelers, hand-operated; Vegetable shredders, hand-operated; Vegetable slicers; Vegetable slicers, hand-operated; Vice workpiece stops; Vices; Wallpaper seam rollers; Watch case openers; Weeding hoes; Whet steels; Windows openers and closers being hand-operated reaching tools; Wire cutters; Working knives
18 Adhesive coverings of leather for use on furniture; Adhesive labels of leather; Adhesive tags of leather for purses; Airline travel bags; All purpose sport bags; All purpose sports bags; All-purpose athletic bags; All-purpose carrying bags; All-purpose carrying bags which feature a removable insert for holding a breast pump; All-purpose leather straps; All-purpose reusable carrying bags; All-purpose sports bags; Alpenstocks; Amenity bags sold empty; Animal apparel; Animal carriers; Animal carriers worn on the body; Animal covers; Animal game bags; Animal harnesses; Animal hides; Animal leads; Animal leashes; Animal skin, namely, moleskin; Animal skins; Animal skins and hides; Animal training device in the nature of a metal can containing coin-sized pieces of metal; Animal wraps and covers; Ankle mounted wallets; Apparel for pets; Articles of clothing for horses; Artificial fur; Artificial leather back packs; Artificial leather backpacks; Artificial leather bags; Artificial leather handbags; Artificial leather suitcases; Athletic bags; Athletics bags; Attache cases; Attache cases made of imitation leather; Attache cases made of leather; Attache cases of imitation leather; Attache cases of leather; Attaché cases; Baby carrier covers specially adapted for baby carriers worn on the body; Baby carriers worn on the body; Baby carrying bags; Baby diaper bags; Baby nappy bags; Baby wrap carriers; Back frames for carrying children; Back packs; Back packs for carrying infants; Backpack straps; Backpacks; Backpacks; Backpacks compatible with personal hydration systems, sold empty; Backpacks for carrying babies; Backpacks for pets; Backpacks incorporating clothing jackets; Backpacks with rolling wheels; Backpacks, book bags, sports bags, bum bags, wallets and handbags; Baggage tags; Baggage tags for travel baggage; Bags and holdalls for sports clothing; Bags for carrying animals; Bags for carrying pets; Bags for climbers in the nature of all-purpose carrying bags; Bags for sports; Bags for sports clothing; Bags for umbrellas; Bags made of imitation leather; Bags of imitation leather; Bags of leather for packaging; Bags, envelopes, and pouches of leather for packaging; Bags, of leather, for packaging; Bangle bags; Banknote holders; Banknote holders in the nature of wallets; Barrel bags; Beach bags; Beach parasols; Beach umbrellas; Beach umbrellas; Beachbags; Bellybands for dogs; Belt bags; Belt bags and hip bags; Belt clips for holding walking canes; Billfolds; Bits; Bits for animals; Bits for horses; Blinders for horses; Blinders for poultry to prevent fighting; Blinkers for horses; Book bags; Booties for pets; Boston bags; Bow tie collars for pets; Boxes made of leather; Boxes of imitation leather; Boxes of leather; Boxes of leather or imitation leather; Boxes of leather or leatherboard; Boxes of leatherboard; Boxes of vulcanised fiber; Bracelet bags; Bridles; Bridles for horses; Briefbags; Briefcase-type leather business folders; Briefcase-type portfolios; Briefcases; Briefcases and attache cases; Briefcases for documents; Bullet-proof backpacks to protect the contents of the backpack; Bum bags; Business card cases; Business card cases in the nature of wallets; Business card holders in the nature of card cases; Business card holders in the nature of wallets; Business cases; Calling card cases in the nature of wallets; Cane handles; Canes; Canes and walking sticks; Canvas bags for shopping; Canvas shopping bags; Canvas travel bags; Canvas wraps specially adapted for pet leashes; Capes for pets; Card wallets; Carriers for suits, shirts and dresses; Carry-all bags; Carry-on bags; Carryalls; Carrying box with graphic games and coloring areas printed thereon for use by a child to transport personal items to help in the child's transition from home to another location; Carrying cases; Carrying cases for documents; Cases for documents; Cases for keys; Cases of imitation leather; Cases of leather or leatherboard; Cat collars; Catalog cases; Catalogue cases; Cattle skins; Chain mesh handbags; Chain mesh purses; Chain mesh purses of precious metal; Chain mesh purses, not of precious metal; Chalk bags; Chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; Change purses; Charm bags (omamori-ire); Child carriers worn on the body; Children's shoulder bags; Clips that are applied to the scruff of an animal's neck to pinch-induce a behavioral inhibition response; Clothes for animals; Clothing for animals; Clothing for dogs; Clothing for domestic pets; Clothing for horses; Clothing for pets; Clutch bags; Clutch handbags; Clutch purses; Clutches; Coats for animals; Coats for cats; Coats for dogs; Coin holders in the nature of wallets; Coin pouches; Coin purse frames; Coin purses; Coin purses not made of precious metal; Coin purses of precious metal; Coin purses of precious metals; Coin purses, not made of precious metal; Coin purses, not of precious metal; Coin purses, not of precious metals; Collars for animals; Collars for cats; Collars for dogs; Collars for pets; Collars for pets bearing medical information; Collars of animals; Collars, leashes and clothing for animals; Compression cubes adapted for luggage; Cosmetic bags sold empty; Cosmetic carrying cases sold empty; Cosmetic cases sold empty; Cosmetic cases, empty; Cosmetic cases, not fitted; Costumes for animals; Courier bags; Covers for animals; Covers for horse saddles; Covers for parasols; Covers for umbrellas; Credit card cases; Credit card cases and holders; Credit card cases being wallets; Credit card cases incorporating RFID blocking technology; Credit card cases of leather; Credit card holders; Credit card holders of leather; Credit card wallets; Credit card wallets of leather; Crossbody bags; Crucifixes of leather, other than jewellery; Crucifixes of leather, other than jewelry; Cushion padding made for saddlery; Daypacks; Diaper bags; Diaper bags incorporating diaper changing pads; Document cases; Document suitcases; Dog apparel; Dog bellybands; Dog boots; Dog clothing; Dog coats; Dog collars; Dog collars and leads; Dog leads; Dog leashes; Dog leashes incorporating LEDs; Dog parkas; Dog shoes; Dog waste bag dispensers adapted for use with leashes; Drawstring bags; Drawstring pouches; Dry bags; Duffel bags; Duffel bags for travel; Duffle bags; Duffle bags for travel; Ear bonnets for horses; Empty cosmetic cases; Envelopes of leather for packaging; Envelopes, of leather, for packaging; Equine boots; Equine leg wraps; Evening bags; Evening handbags; Evening purses; Exercise sheets for horses; Fake fur; Fanny packs; Fashion handbags; Fastenings for saddles; Faux fur; Feed bags for animals; Felt pouches; Figures made of fur; Fitted belts for luggage; Fitted protective covers for handbags, briefcases, valises, suitcases, and briefcase-like portfolios; Fitted protective covers for luggage; Flight bags; Fly masks for animals; Fly masks for horses; Fly sheets for horses; Foldable walking stick seats; Foldable walking sticks; Folding briefcases; Folding walking sticks; Footlockers; Frames for coin purses; Frames for handbags; Frames for umbrellas; Frames for umbrellas or parasols; Fur pelts; Furs sold in bulk; Gaiters for horses; Garment bags for travel; Garment bags for travel made of leather; Garment carriers; Garment carriers for dresses; Garment carriers for shirts; Garment carriers for suits; Garment carriers for suits, shirts and dresses; Garments for pets; General purpose bags for carrying yoga equipment; General purpose bags for holding dance equipment; General purpose sport trolley bags; General use physician bags sold empty; Gentlemen's handbags; Goldbeaters' skin; Golf umbrellas; Grip bags; Gripsacks; Grooming organizers for travel; Gym bags; Hair bows for dogs; Hair bows for pets; Handbag frames; Handbag organizer inserts specially adapted to handbags; Handbags; Handbags authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs); Handbags for ladies; Handbags for men; Handbags incorporating RFID blocking technology; Handbags made of imitations of leather; Handbags, purses and wallets; Handles for canes; Handles for walking-sticks; Hard-sided and soft-sided carry-on bags and gym bags; Harness fittings not of precious metal; Harness fittings of iron; Harness for animals; Harness for horses; Harness straps; Harnesses; Harnesses and saddlery; Harnesses for animals; Harnesses for guiding children; Harnesses specially adapted for carrying, holding and securing air bottles used by underwater divers; Hat boxes for travel not of paper or cardboard; Hat boxes of leather; Hats for pets; Hides; Hiking bags; Hiking poles; Hiking rucksacks; Hiking sticks; Hip bags; Hipsacks; Hobo bags; Hoof guards; Horse bits; Horse bridles; Horse collars; Horse fly sheets; Horse fly veils for horses; Horse halters; Horse leg wraps; Horse quarter sheets; Horse rugs; Horse saddles; Horse tail bags; Horse tail wraps; Horse wraps; Horseshoes made of plastic; Hunters' game bags; Hunting bags; Hunting crops; Imitation fur; Imitation leather boxes; Imitation leather cases; Imitation leather sold in bulk; Industrial packaging containers of leather; Insulating materials sold as an integral component of pet clothing; Interchangeable decorative covers for accessorization purposes that are specially adapted to handbags; Japanese oiled-paper umbrellas (janome-gasa); Jockey sticks; Key bags; Key cases; Key cases; Key cases of leather; Key cases of leather or imitation leather; Key holders being key cases; Key pouches; Key wallets; Key-cases; Key-cases of leather and skins; Keycases; Kit bags; Knap sacks; Knapsacks; Knee-pads for horses; Knitted bags, not of precious metals; Knitting bags for carrying and holding knitting supplies; Knitting pouches, namely, functional sacks for holding and carrying yarn while knitting; Kori wicker trunks; Labels of leather; Ladies' handbags; Lead shanks; Leads for animals; Leads for dogs; Leashes for animals; Leashes for dogs; Leashes for guiding children; Leashes for pets; Leather; Leather and imitation leather; Leather and imitation leather bags; Leather and imitation leather sport bags and general purpose trolley bags; Leather and imitations of leather; Leather attache cases; Leather bags; Leather bags and wallets; Leather bags for merchandise packaging; Leather bags for packaging; Leather bags, envelopes, and pouches for merchandise packaging; Leather bags, suitcases and wallets; Leather binders for travel purposes; Leather boxes; Leather boxes for storing greeting cards; Leather briefcases; Leather cases; Leather cases for keys; Leather credit card cases; Leather credit card holder; Leather credit card holders; Leather credit card wallets; Leather envelopes for merchandise packaging; Leather for furniture; Leather for harnesses; Leather for shoes; Leather handbags; Leather key cases; Leather leads; Leather leashes; Leather luggage tags; Leather or leather-board boxes; Leather pouches; Leather pouches for merchandise packaging; Leather purses; Leather sheets for arts and crafts; Leather shopping bags; Leather shoulder belts; Leather shoulder straps; Leather straps; Leather strips for arts and crafts; Leather suitcases; Leather travelling bag sets; Leather trimmings for furniture; Leather wallets; Leather, unwrought or semi-wrought; Leatherboard; Leatherboard boxes; Leathercloth; Leggings for animals; Luggage; Luggage inserts, namely, packing cubes; Luggage label holders; Luggage organizers in the nature of packing cubes; Luggage tags; Lumbar packs; Make-up bags sold empty; Make-up cases sold empty; Men's clutch bags; Mesh bags for shopping; Mesh shopping bags; Messenger bags; Metal horseshoes; Metal parts of canes and walking-sticks; Metal parts of umbrellas; Military duffle bags, garment bags for travel, tote bags, shoulder bags and backpacks; Minaudieres in the nature of small clutch purses; Mountaineering sticks; Multi-purpose purses; Music cases; Muzzles; Nail caps for cats; Nail caps for dogs; Name card cases; Neckwear for dogs; Net bags for shopping; Non-metal horseshoes; Nordic walking poles; Nosebags for animals; Numnahs; Outdoor umbrellas; Overnight bags; Overnight cases; Overnight suitcases; Packaging bags of leather; Pads for horse saddles; Parasols; Parasols; Patio umbrellas; Pelts; Pet accessories, namely, canvas, vinyl and leather pouches for holding disposable bags to place pet waste in; Pet accessories, namely, specially designed canvas, vinyl or leather bags attached to animal leashes for holding small items such as keys, credit cards, money or disposable bags for disposing of pet waste; Pet clothing; Pet clothing incorporating LEDs; Pet collars; Pet collars bearing medical information; Pet hair bows; Pet hair ornaments; Pet products in the nature of a restraining device, namely, tie-out stakes and tie-out chains; Pet products, namely, pet restraining devices consisting of leashes, collars, harnesses, restraining straps, and leashes with locking devices; Pet restraining devices consisting of harnesses and/or restraining straps, for use in pet grooming or veterinary care; Pet tags specially adapted for attaching to pet leashes or collars; Plastic luggage labels; Plein air umbrellas; Pochettes; Pocket wallets; Pocketbooks; Polyurethane leather; Pommel bags; Portmanteaux; Pouches and bags sold empty for attachment to backpacks; Pouches for holding keys; Pouches for holding make-up, keys and other personal items; Pouches for holding school supplies that fits over the back of a chair; Pouches made from imitation leather; Pouches made out of cloth; Pouches of leather; Pouches of leather for packaging; Pouches of textile; Pouches, of leather, for packaging; Poultry blinders to prevent fighting; Protective fitted liners for backpacks and luggage; Protective plastic hoof pads for horses for the protection of the underside of horses' hoofs; Protective suit carriers; Pullmans; Purse frames; Purse organizer inserts specially adapted to purses; Purses; Purses; Purses and wallets; Purses and wallets of precious metal; Purses incorporating RFID-blocking technology; Purses made of precious metal; Purses not made of precious metal; Purses of precious metal; Purses, not of precious metal; Rain sheets for horses; Raincoats for pet dogs; Rainproof parasols; Randsels (Japanese school satchels); Rattan canes; Reins; Reins for guiding children; Reticules; Retractable trekking poles; Reusable shopping bags; Reusable textile produce bags to carry produce from grocery stores and farmer's markets; Riding crops; Riding saddles; Riding whips; Roll bags; Rubber parts for stirrups; Ruck sacks; Rucksacks; Rucksacks for carrying babies; Rucksacks for carrying infants; Rucksacks for mountaineers; Rucksacks on castors; Sack packs, namely, drawstring bags used as backpacks; Saddle belts; Saddle blankets; Saddle cloths for horses; Saddle covers; Saddle racks; Saddle trees; Saddlebags; Saddlecloths for horses; Saddlery; Saddlery of leather; Saddles; Saddletrees; Satchels; School backpacks; School bags; School book bags; School knapsacks; School satchels; Schoolbags; Schoolchildren's backpacks; Semi-worked fur; Sew-on tags of leather for clothing; Shaving bags sold empty; Shoe bags for travel; Shopping bags made of skin; Shopping bags with wheels attached; Shoulder bags; Shoulder bags for use by children; Shoulder straps; Skins and hides; Skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes; Sling bags; Sling bags for carrying babies; Sling bags for carrying infants; Slings for carrying infants; Slouch handbags; Small backpacks; Small bags for men; Small clutch purses; Small purses; Small rucksacks; Small suitcases; Souvenir bags; Spats and knee bandages for horses; Specialty holsters adapted for carrying walking sticks, hiking sticks, walking staffs and wading staffs; Sport bags; Sports bags; Sports packs; Sportsman's hunting bags; Stirrup straps; Stirrups; Straps for carryalls; Straps for carrying cases; Straps for handbags; Straps for holdalls; Straps for luggage; Straps for suitcases; String bags for shopping; Suit bags; Suit bags for travel; Suit carriers; Suit carriers for travel; Suitcase handles; Suitcase inserts, namely, packing cubes; Suitcase packing organizers in the nature of packing cubes; Suitcases; Suitcases with built-in shelves; Suitcases with wheels; Sunshade parasols; Synthetic fur; Table umbrellas; Tack racks for equestrian equipment; Tanned leather; Telescopic umbrellas; Textile shopping bags; Ticket pouches; Tie cases; Tips specially adapted for walking sticks, hiking sticks, walking staffs, and wading staffs; Toiletry bags sold empty; Toiletry cases sold empty; Tool bags sold empty; Tool bags, empty; Tool pouches, sold empty; Tote bags; Tote bags incorporating RFID blocking technology; Train cases; Training forks for horses; Training leads for horses; Travel bag organizer inserts specially adapted to travel bags; Travel baggage; Travel bags; Travel bags made of plastic materials; Travel cases; Traveling bags; Travelling bags; Travelling bags; Travelling cases of leather; Travelling trunks; Trekking poles; Trekking sticks; Trimmings of leather for furniture; Trunks being luggage; Trunks being luggage and suitcases; Umbrella bases; Umbrella covers; Umbrella frames; Umbrella handles; Umbrella hats in the nature of wearable umbrellas; Umbrella or parasol ribs; Umbrella rings; Umbrella sticks; Umbrellas; Umbrellas and parasols; Umbrellas for children; Unfitted cosmetic cases; Unfitted vanity cases; Vanity cases, not fitted; Vegan leather; Waist bags; Waist packs; Waist pouches; Walking cane handles; Walking canes; Walking staffs; Walking stick handles; Walking stick seats; Walking sticks; Wallet chains; Wallets; Wallets; Wallets and wallet inserts; Wallets for credit cards; Wallets in the form of bracelets; Wallets including card holders; Wallets incorporating RFID blocking technology; Wallets made of leather or other materials; Wallets of precious metal; Wallets with card compartments; Wallets, not of precious metal; Wash bags sold empty for carrying toiletries; Wearable strap-on pouch; Weekend bags; Welding rod holders in the nature of leather pouches for holding or carrying welding rods; Welding rod holders in the nature of pouches of textile for holding or carrying welding rods; Wheeled bags; Wheeled duffle bags; Wheeled messenger bags; Wheeled shopping bags; Wheeled tote bags; Whips; Wine bags with handles for carrying or holding wine; Wine carrying cases; Worked or semi-worked hides and other leather; Wrist mounted carryall bags; Wrist mounted purses; Wrist or ankle mounted wallets; Wristlet bags
28 Abdomen protectors for athletic use; Accessory attachments for manually-operated exercise equipment being resistance bands for increasing muscle resistance; Action figure toys; Action figures; Aero-dynamic disk for use in playing catching games; Alpine skis; American footballs; Amusement apparatus adapted for use with television receivers only; Amusement game machines; Amusement products, namely, inflatable balls; Ankle and wrist weights for exercise; Ankle weights; Arcade game machines; Arcade redemption game machines that dispense tickets to successful players; Arcade video game machines; Archery arrow points; Archery bow bags; Archery bow stringers; Archery equipment, namely, open bow sights; Archery implements; Archery sets; Arm floats for swimming; Arm protectors for athletic use; Arrow vanes; Arrowheads; Arrows; Arrows; Articles of clothing for toys; Artificial Christmas trees; Artificial fishing bait; Artificial snow for Christmas trees; Ascenders being mountaineering equipment; Athletic equipment, namely, hand wraps; Athletic equipment, namely, striking bags; Athletic equipment, namely, striking shields; Athletic protective arm pads for skateboarding; Athletic protective elbow pads for skateboarding; Athletic protective knee pads for skateboarding; Athletic protective wrist pads for skateboarding; Athletic sporting goods, namely, a life-size inflatable dummy with water-filled base, for use as target practice for kickboxing workouts; Athletic sporting goods, namely, adhesive tape for hockey stick and uniform support; Athletic sporting goods, namely, athletic wrist and joint supports; Athletic supporters; Attachable, wearable, magnetic toy figurines; Automatic mahjong tables; Automobile engine models being toys; Baby rattles incorporating teething rings; Bags adapted for snowboards; Bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; Bags for climbers specially adapted for holding climbing equipment; Bags specially adapted for padel rackets; Bags specially adapted for sports equipment; Bags specially designed to hold cricket equipment; Balance boards for improving strength, toning, conditioning, balance, and proprioception; Ball bearings for in-line skates; Ball bearings for roller skates; Ball bearings for skateboards; Ball-jointed dolls; Ball-jointed porcelain dolls; Ball-jointed resin dolls; Ball-jointed vinyl dolls; Balloons; Balls for games; Balls for juggling; Balls for playing boules games; Balls for playing bowls; Balls for playing dodgeball; Balls for playing field hockey; Balls for playing handball; Balls for playing lacrosse; Balls for playing paddleball; Balls for playing petanque; Balls for playing racketball; Balls for playing sepak takraw; Barbell clamps; Barbell neck protectors; Barbell pads; Barbells; Baseball and softball bat racks; Baseball and softball throwing aid in the nature of a glove; Baseball bases; Baseball bat bags; Baseball bat racks; Baseball bats and baseball batting tees; Baseball batting cage nets; Baseball batting gloves; Baseball batting tees; Baseball glove bags; Baseball gloves; Baseball mitts; Baseball pitching screens; Baseballs; Basket balls; Basketball baskets; Basketball finger guards; Basketball goals; Basketball nets; Basketball table top games; Basketball tube bags; Basketballs; Bath toys; Battery operated action toys; Beach balls; Bean bag dolls; Bean bags; Billiard ball triangles; Billiard chalk; Billiard cue tips; Billiard tally balls; Billiard tips; Billiard triangles; Bindings for water skis; Bingo cards; Bingo game playing equipment; Bingo markers; Bird calls; Board games; Bobblehead dolls; Bocce balls; Bodhidharma dolls with pupils undrawn (menashi-daruma); Body boards; Body protectors for American football; Body surf hand planes; Body-training apparatus; Bodyboards; Bowling apparatus and machinery; Bowling bags; Bowling ball bags; Bowling balls; Bowling pinsetters and parts therefor; Bowling pit mats; Bows for archery; Boxing bags; Boxing gloves; Boxing rings; Bubble making wand and solution sets; Bubble-making wand and solution sets; Building games; Bushings specially adapted for skateboards; Butterfly nets; Cabinets for gaming machines; Camouflage netting used in hunting; Card games; Carrying bags specially adapted for toy vehicles; Cases for tennis balls; Cases for toy structures; Cases in the form of quivers for sports implements; Cat toys; Catchers' masks; Chalk for billiard cues; Checkerboards; Checkers; Checkers games; Checkers pieces; Checkers sets; Chess games; Chess pieces; Chess sets; Chessboards; Chest developers; Chest expanders; Chest pads for American football; Chest protectors; Chest protectors; Chest protectors for athletic use; Chest protectors for sports; Chew toys for animals, not edible; Children's activity tables containing manipulative toys which convert to easels; Children's multiple activity tables; Children's multiple activity toys; Children's wire construction and art activity toys; Chinese checkers as games; Chinese chess; Chinese chess as games; Chinese shuttlecocks (Jianzi); Christmas stockings; Christmas tree decorations; Christmas tree ornaments; Christmas tree ornaments and decorations; Christmas tree ornaments incorporating a fire alarm function; Christmas tree ornaments of bronze; Christmas tree ornaments with a music feature; Christmas tree ornaments, namely, bells; Christmas tree skirts; Christmas tree stand covers; Christmas tree stands; Climbers' harness; Climbers' harnesses; Clockwork toys; Collectable toy figures; Computer game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor; Computer gaming consoles for recreational game playing; Cone markers for sports; Conical paper party hats; Construction toys; Construction toys incorporating magnets; Controllers for game consoles; Cornhole bags; Cornhole game boards; Costume masks; Counters for games; Covers for golf club heads; Covers for golf clubs; Covers for ski bindings; Craft sets for decorating balloons; Craps game playing equipment; Craps tables; Cricket balls; Cricket bats; Croquet sets; Crossbows; Cube-type puzzles; Curling brooms; Dart board cases; Dart boards; Dart carrying cases; Dart games; Dart points; Darts; Decorative toy mobiles and plush toys for children made of felt; Dice; Dice games; Disc toss toys; Discs for playing shuffleboard; Dog toys; Doll accessories; Doll furniture; Doll house furnishings; Doll houses; Dolls; Dolls and doll accessories, namely, clothing for dolls, doll rooms, doll beds, doll houses, toy fabrics and linens for dolls and strollers for dolls; Dolls and printed children's books sold as a unit; Dolls for Christmas; Dolls' clothes; Dolls' feeding bottles; Dolls' houses; Dolls' rooms; Dominoes; Drawing toys comprised of drawing boards, magnetic styluses, and metal particles; Driving practice mats; Educational card games; Educational toys for teaching math principles to children, namely, manipulative blocks for displaying patterns and groupings; Educational toys for teaching music principles to children, namely, hand-held music notation symbols and music related figures, such as individual hand-held piano keys; Educational toys in the nature of an illustrated wall map; Elbow guards for athletic use; Elbow pads for American football; Elbow pads for athletic use; Electric toy train transformers; Electrical stimulation belts for strengthening abdominal muscles; Electronic action toys; Electronic hunting game call with interchangeable sound cartridges; Electronic hunting game calls; Electronic interactive board games for use with external monitor; Electronic novelty toys, namely, toys that electronically record, play back, and distort or manipulate voices and sounds; Electronic targets for games and sports; Electronic toy vehicles; Epee; Equipment sold as a unit for playing action type target games; Equipment sold as a unit for playing board games; Equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; Equipment sold as a unit for playing craps games; Equipment sold as a unit for playing drinking games; European style dolls; Exercise and gymnastic banners; Exercise balls; Exercise equipment, namely, inflatable balls; Exercise hand grippers; Exercise machines incorporating electronic and video game controllers; Exercise pulleys; Exercise sliders; Exercise wheels for cats; Face masks being playthings; Fencing gloves; Fencing pistes; Fidget toys; Field blinds used in hunting; Field hockey balls; Field hockey stick bags; Finger puppets; Finger puppets that may be worn while using electronic touch screen devices; Fingerless weightlifting gloves; Fingerless work out gloves; Fish hook removers being fishing tackle; Fishing flies; Fishing floats; Fishing fly boxes; Fishing lines; Fishing lures, namely, plastic worms; Fishing lures, namely, spoons; Fishing plumbs; Fishing pole holders worn on the body; Fishing poles; Fishing rod cases; Fishing rod racks; Fishing rod rests; Fishing rods; Fishing spinners; Fishing tackle bags; Fishing tackle, namely, lighted bobbers; Fitness equipment, namely, straps used for yoga and other fitness activities and for carrying a yoga mat; Fitted covers for fishing rods; Fitted covers specially adapted to protect video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor; Fitted head covers for golf clubs; Fletchings; Flippers for swimming; Floor-standing units for playing electronic games other than in conjunction with a television or computer; Floorball balls; Floorball sticks; Flotation noodles for water recreation purposes; Flying discs; Flying saucers; Flying toys using electrostatic levitation; Foam exercise rollers; Foot balls; Football blocking sleds; Football body protectors; Football chest pads; Football elbow pads; Football girdles; Football gloves; Football knee pads; Football leg pads; Football or soccer goals; Football passing machines; Football shoulder pads; Footballs; Furniture for doll's houses; Furniture for dolls' houses; Futsal balls; Game apparatus, namely, bases, bats, and balls for playing indoor and outdoor games; Game cards; Game controllers for computer games; Game controllers in the nature of keyboards for computer games; Game tables; Gaming chips; Gaming equipment, namely, playing cards, chips, gaming tables and gaming cloths; Gaming keypads; Gaming machines for gambling; Gift baskets comprised primarily of imitation toys sports products, namely, toy game balls and accessories therefor; Gift baskets comprised primarily of toy imitation sporting goods, namely, toy game balls and accessories therefor; Gift baskets containing plush toys; Girls' festival dolls and their fittings; Gloves for American football; Gloves for golf; Gloves for water-skiing; Goalkeepers' gloves; Goals for ice hockey; Golf accessories, namely, holders specially adapted for holding golf ball markers; Golf accessory pouches; Golf accessory, namely, support for holding a golf club; Golf bag carts; Golf bag covers; Golf bag pegs; Golf bag straps; Golf bags; Golf ball dispensing machines; Golf ball markers; Golf ball sleeves; Golf balls; Golf club bags; Golf club head covers; Golf club heads; Golf club holders for use on a driving range or golf course; Golf club inserts; Golf club shafts; Golf clubs; Golf course distance markers; Golf course fairway markers; Golf cups for playing golf; Golf divot repair tools; Golf flags; Golf flagsticks; Golf gloves; Golf putter covers; Golf putters; Golf tee bags; Golf tee markers; Golf tees; Golf towel clips for attachment to golf bags; Golf training aid, namely, a brace worn on the hand and wrist to control flipping of the hand in a golf swing; Golf training apparatus, namely, golf practice platforms; Golf training equipment, namely, a golf training cage; Grip tapes for baseball bats; Grip tapes for golf clubs; Grip tapes for ice hockey sticks; Guts for rackets; Gym balls for yoga; Gymnastic apparatus; Gymnastic horizontal bars; Gymnastic parallel bars; Gymnastic training stools; Gymnastic uneven bars; Hamster exercise balls; Hamster wheels; Hand balls; Hand grip strengthener rings; Hand grips for golf clubs; Hand held joy stick units for playing video games; Hand held units for playing electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; Hand held units for playing video games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; Hand pads for athletic use; Hand puppets; Hand wraps for sports use; Hand-held electronic games adapted for use with television receivers only; Hand-held fishing bait nets; Hand-held party poppers; Hand-powered non-mechanical flying toy; Handball gloves; Handheld game consoles; Hangers for Christmas tree ornaments; Harness for sailboards; Head covers for golf clubs; Head straps for weight lifting; Headwear for dolls; Helical spring toys; Helmets for dolls; Hobby grade engines for remote controlled air and surface vehicles; Hockey goals; Hockey pucks; Hockey skates; Hockey sticks; Holds for artificial climbing walls; Home video game machines; Horseshoe games; Horseshoes for recreational purposes; Hunting game calls; Hurdles; Ice fishing strike indicator; Ice hockey goalie pads; Ice hockey pucks; Ice hockey sticks; Ice skate blade guards; Ice skate blades; Ice skate guards; Ice skates; In-line skates; Infant development toys; Inflatable balloon cheering sticks; Inflatable beach balls; Inflatable fishing float tubes; Inflatable float mattresses or pads for recreational use; Inflatable knockdown targets with weighted bases used for target practice and fitness training in youth sports programs; Inflatable ride-on toys; Inflatable swimming floats; Inflatable swimming pools; Inflatable thin rubber toys; Inflatable toys; Interchangeable magnetic toy vehicles; Interlocking construction toys; Iron shots specifically for use in the shot put competition; Jack-in-the-boxes; Japanese playing cards (Utagaruta); Jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; Jigsaw puzzles; Jock straps; Jump ropes; Karate gloves; Karate kick pads; Karate shin pads; Karate target pads; Kettlebells; Kidney belts for sports; Kite handles; Kite lines; Kite parts; Kiteboards; Kites; Kits for building outdoor play equipment; Knee guards for athletic use; Knee pads for American football; Knee pads for athletic use; Kneeboards; Knitted toys; Lacrosse ball bags; Lacrosse balls; Lacrosse gloves; Lacrosse stick strings; Landing nets for fishing; Leashes used in conjunction with surfing; Liquid chalk for improving hand grip in sports; Longboard skateboard trucks; Longboard skateboard wheels; Luges; Luminous toy putty; Magic tricks; Magnetic board games; Magnetic putty being toys; Mah jong games; Mah-jong; Manipulative games; Manipulative puzzles; Marbles; Marbles for games; Masts for sailboards; Matryoshka dolls; Mechanical toys; Medicine balls; Meditation blankets; Memory games; Miniature toy helmets; Model cars; Model helicopters; Model planes; Model racing car bodies; Model toy vehicles; Modeled plastic toy figurines; Modular foam prefabricated miniature golf courses and putting surfaces; Molded toy figures; Mountaineering climbing belts; Mountaineering equipment, namely, hooks; Muscle training braces to be worn on the back for support when playing sports; Music box toys; Musical toys; Neck protectors for ice hockey; Needles for pumps for inflating balls for games; Net balls; Netballs; Nets for ball games; Nets for sports; Non-electronic toy vehicles; Non-medicated topically applied ointment or gel for improving hand grip in sports activities; Non-slip resin sprays for use by athletes; Novelty toy item in the nature of a dispenser of stream material; Novelty toy items in the nature of pop ups; Novelty toys for playing jokes; Novelty vampire teeth; Novelty whoopee cushions; Nuts and bolts for skateboards; Ornament hooks for Christmas trees; Paddle balls; Paddles for use in paddle ball games; Padel rackets; Pads for ice hockey goalkeepers; Paintball guns; Palm protectors for athletic use; Paper party favors; Paper party hats; Paragliders; Parlour games; Party balloons; Party blowouts; Party favor hats; Party favors in the nature of crackers and noisemakers; Party favors in the nature of small toys; Pet toys; Pet toys containing catnip; Pet toys made of rope; Pinball games; Pinball-type games; Pitchers' plates; Piñatas; Plastic character toys; Plastic dolls; Plastic party hats; Platform tennis balls; Platform tennis nets; Platform tennis paddles; Play balloons; Play balls; Play balls and play balloons; Play figures; Play houses; Play houses and toy accessories therefor; Play mats containing infant toys; Play mats for use with toy vehicles; Play money; Play sets for action figures; Play swimming pools; Play wands; Play wands being children's dress-up accessories; Play yards in the nature of outdoor play structures; Playground balls; Playground equipment, namely, climbing units; Playground sandboxes; Playhouses; Playing card cases; Playing card game accessories, namely, playing card cases, playing card holders, mats for use in connection with playing card games, playing card shuffling devices and dice; Playing card shuffling device; Playing card shuffling machines; Playing cards; Playing cards and card games; Playing cards for business training; Playing cards for use in magic tricks; Playing pieces in the nature of miniature action figures and toy model vehicles for use with table top hobby battle games in the nature of battle, war and skirmish games, and fantasy games; Playset buildings; Playsets for dolls; Playthings, namely, puppet theatres; Plush dolls; Plush dolls created from children's drawings; Plush toys; Plush toys with attached comfort blanket; Poker chips; Poles for pole vaulting; Pool bumpers; Pool cue bridges; Pool cue cases; Pool cue cement; Pool cue chalk; Pool cue racks; Pool cue repair kits; Pool noodle toys; Pop tube fidget toys; Portable barres for dancing; Portable gaga pits; Portable musical toys incorporating telecommunication functions; Positionable three dimensional toys for use in games; Posture correction device, namely, an adjustable harness to correct one's posture for sports or other physical training purposes; Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees; Promotional game cards; Protective covers for rackets; Protective cups for sports; Protective padding for skateboarding; Protective padding for snowboarding; Protective paddings for Taekwondo; Protective supports for shoulders and elbows; Puck rebounders for hockey training; Pucks; Pumps especially adapted for use with balls for games; Pumps specially adapted for use with balls for games; Punching balls; Punching balls; Punching balls for boxing; Push toys; PVC toy figures; Racket balls; Racket cases; Racket grip tape; Rackets; Rackets and strings for rackets; Racquet ball gloves; Racquet ball nets; Racquet ball racket covers; Racquet ball racket strings; Racquet ball rackets; Racquet balls; Radio-controlled toy vehicles; Rag dolls; Re-caps, namely, replacement protective caps for joint guards used in athletics; Recreation apparatus in the nature of cambering boards in the nature of a deck with small wheels on swivels that one rocks to propel; Recreation apparatus in the nature of caster-propelled caster boards; Reels for fishing; Relay batons; Remote-controlled submarines being toys; Remote-controlled toy planes; Remote-controlled toy vehicles; Removable table tops for craps tables; Resistance bands for fitness purposes; Restraint straps for body boards; Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons; Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics; Ride-on toys; Rideable toy vehicles; Ring buoys for recreational use; Ring games; Rock climbing chalk; Rods for fishing; Role playing games; Roller and ice skates; Roller skates; Roller skis; Rowing gloves; Rubber action balls; Rubber balls; Rubber baseballs; Rubber character toys; Rugby gloves; Running gloves; Running machines; Safety padding for use on walls of stadiums and field enclosures to prevent injury during sports events; Safety padding for volleyball and tennis uprights; Sail board masts; Sail boards; Sailboards; Sails and sailboards for boardsailing; Sandbox toys; Scale-model vehicles; Scent eliminating sprays for use during hunting and outdoor recreation; Scratch cards for playing lottery games; Scuba flippers; Self-erasing toy drawing boards; Shin guards for soccer; Shin pads for athletic use; Shin pads for use in sports; Shot puts; Shoulder pad elastic for athletic use; Shoulder pad lacelocks for athletic use; Shoulder pad laces for athletic use; Shoulder pads for athletic use; Shuffleboard cues; Shuttlecocks; Skateboard decks; Skateboard grip tapes; Skateboard paddle boards; Skateboard paddles; Skateboard rails; Skateboard riser pads; Skateboard trucks; Skateboarding gloves; Skateboards; Skating boots with skates attached; Ski bags; Ski cases; Ski covers; Ski poles; Ski ropes; Ski sticks; Ski sticks for roller skis; Skim boards; Skipping rope; Skipping ropes; Skittles; Slant boards for stretching for fitness purposes; Sleds for use in downhill amusement rides; Sling shots; Slot car bodies; Smart plush toys; Snow boards; Snow globes; Snow shoes; Snow skis; Snow sleds for recreational use; Snowshoes; Soccer ball goal nets; Soccer ball knee pads; Soccer balls; Soccer goals; Soft knitted toys; Soft sculpture dolls; Soft sculpture plush toys; Soft sculpture toys; Soft tennis balls; Softball bat bags; Softball bat racks; Softball gloves; Softball mitts; Softballs; Sole coverings for skis; Spinning fidget toys; Sportballs; Sporting goods and equipment for speed training, namely, rings, cones, speed ladders, coaching sticks, training arches, ankle bands, resistance chutes, hurdles; Sporting goods, namely, carriers specially adapted for sport balls; Sports ball rebounders; Sports equipment for boxing and martial arts, namely, boxing gloves, boxing bags, punching mitts, belly protectors, groin protectors and shin guards; Sports equipment for boxing and martial arts, namely, boxing gloves, mixed martial arts gloves, punching mitts, and shin guards; Sports equipment, namely, rotating interfaces specially adapted for attaching snowboards to bindings; Sports equipment, namely, telescoping caddy for bucket for carrying, storing and transporting baseballs and other sports equipment; Sports equipment, namely, telescoping caddy for bucket for carrying, storing and transporting tennis balls and other sports equipment; Sports equipment, namely, vibration dampeners for rackets; Sports training apparatus featuring a baseball bat, ball, and a tee for improving bats swings; Sportsman's fishing bags; Spring bars for exercise; Squash balls; Squash rackets; Squeezable squeaking toys; Stacking toys; Stands specially adapted for holding golf clubs; Starting blocks for track sports; Stationary recumbent exercise bicycles; Storage racks for athletic equipment; Storage racks for athletic training equipment; Storage racks for water sports equipment; Stress relief balls for hand exercise; Stress relief exercise balls; Strings for rackets; Stuffed and plush toys; Stuffed dolls; Stuffed puppets; Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy bears; Stuffed toys; Surf boards; Surfboard carrier worn on the body; Surfboard leashes; Surfboard repair patches; Surfboards; Swim fins; Swim floats for recreational use; Swimming belts; Swimming boards; Swimming equipment, namely, racing lanes; Swimming equipment, namely, starting blocks; Swimming flippers; Swimming floats; Swimming gloves; Swimming jackets; Swimming pool air floats; Swings; Table tennis balls; Table tennis bats; Table tennis net posts; Table tennis nets; Table tennis paddle cases; Table tennis paddles; Table tennis post sets; Table tennis rebound board; Table tops for craps tables; Table-tennis balls; Table-top games; Tables especially adapted for supporting model trains; Tables for indoor football; Tables for table football; Tables for table tennis; Tabletop basketball games; Tabletop hobby battle games in the nature of battle, war and skirmish games, and fantasy games, and playing equipment sold as a unit therewith; Tabletop units for playing electronic games other than in conjunction with a television or computer; Taekwondo mitts; Talking toys; Target equipment, namely, stands for targets; Target games; Targets; Teddy bears; Teeball sets; Tennis balls; Tennis balls; Tennis balls and shuttlecocks; Tennis nets; Tennis nets and uprights; Tennis racket covers; Tennis racket presses; Tennis racket strings; Tennis rackets; Tennis racquets; Tennis racquets, baseball bats, cricket bats, golf clubs and hockey sticks; Tennis uprights; Terminal tackle; Tesselation toys; Tether balls; Throat protectors for athletic use; Throw weights for recreational use; Toy action figures; Toy action figures and accessories therefor; Toy aircraft; Toy airplanes; Toy animals; Toy animals and accessories therefor; Toy armor; Toy bakeware and cookware; Toy balance bicycles; Toy balloons; Toy banks; Toy beanbags; Toy boats; Toy bows and arrows; Toy boxes; Toy brooches; Toy bubble-making solution; Toy building blocks; Toy building blocks capable of interconnection; Toy building structures; Toy building structures and toy vehicle tracks; Toy buildings and accessories therefor; Toy butterfly nets; Toy cameras being children's dress-up accessories; Toy candy dispensers; Toy cap pistols; Toy cars; Toy Christmas trees; Toy construction blocks; Toy construction sets; Toy cookware; Toy dough; Toy figures in the form of a potato; Toy fireworks; Toy for pets; Toy furniture; Toy gliders; Toy glow stick bracelets; Toy glow stick bracelets for parties; Toy glow sticks; Toy glowsticks; Toy harmonicas; Toy hoop sets; Toy imitation cosmetics; Toy jewelry; Toy jewelry being children's dress-up accessories; Toy LED light sticks; Toy looms; Toy mobiles; Toy model football fields; Toy model guitars; Toy model vehicles and related accessories sold as units; Toy modeling dough; Toy modelling dough; Toy models; Toy music boxes; Toy musical boxes; Toy noisemakers; Toy paddles having balls attached thereto by strings; Toy pinwheels; Toy pirate hats; Toy projectile shooters and accessories therefor; Toy projectiles and accessories therefor; Toy putty; Toy rainsticks; Toy record players; Toy robots; Toy scooters; Toy sets of carpenters' tools; Toy sling planes; Toy strollers; Toy stuffed animals; Toy swords; Toy tiaras; Toy tiaras being children's dress-up accessories; Toy trains and parts and accessories therefor; Toy vehicle track sets and roadways and accessories therefor; Toy vehicles; Toy vehicles and accessories therefor; Toy vehicles with transforming parts; Toy vehicles, namely, caster boards; Toy water globes; Toy weapons; Toy whistles; Toy wrestling rings; Toy zip guns; Toy, namely, battery-powered computer game with LCD screen which features animation and sound effects; Toys for domestic pets; Toys in the nature of whirligigs; Toys, namely, bean bag animals; Toys, namely, kites and accessories for kites, namely, kite handles, kite lines, kite reels, kite string and kite tails; Toys, namely, puppets and accessories therefor; Trading card games; Trading cards for games; Transforming robotic toy vehicles; Transforming robotic toys; Trivia cards for games; Trivia game played with cards and game components; Trolley bags for golf equipment; Turkey hunting decoys; Vibrating apparatus used in fitness and exercise programs to stimulate muscles and increase strength and physical performance; Video game consoles; Video gaming consoles for gambling; Video gaming consoles for playing computer games; Video output game machines for use with external display screen or monitor; Vinyl dolls; Volley balls; Volleyball floor plates; Volleyball game playing equipment; Volleyball nets; Volleyball tube bags; Volleyball uprights; Volleyballs; Waist protectors for athletic use; Waist trimmer exercise belts being sports articles; Water pistols; Water polo balls; Water ski rope bridges; Water skis; Water squirting toys; Water toys; Water-squirting toys; Waterski tow ropes; Waterslides; Weight discs for barbells; Weight lifting belts; Weight lifting gloves; Weight lifting splitter gloves; Weight vests for physical training purposes; Weighted hoops for exercise; Weighted inserts for footwear for athletic training purposes; Weighted vests for exercise; Weightlifting belts; Weightlifting gloves; Weightlifting splitter gloves; Whoopee cushions; Wind-up toys; Wind-up walking toys; Windsurfing gloves; Work out gloves; Work-out gloves; Workout gloves; Wrestling rings being sports equipment; Wrist guards for athletic use; Wrist straps for weightlifting; Yo-yos; Yoga blocks; Yoga bolsters; Yoga cushions; Yoga gloves; Yoga straps; Yoga swings
3 3-in-1 hair conditioners; 3-in-1 hair shampoos; 3-in-1 organic non-medicated soap bars for use as soap, shampoo and conditioner; Abrasive cloth and paper; Abrasive paper; Abrasive rolls; Abrasive sand; Abrasive sheets; Abrasive strips; Adhesive removers; Adhesives for affixing false eyebrows; Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; Adhesives for affixing false hair; Adhesives for artificial nails; Adhesives for attaching artificial fingernails and/or eyelashes; Adhesives for cosmetic purposes; Adhesives for cosmetic use; Adhesives for false eyelashes, hair and nails; After shave lotions; After sun creams; After-shave; After-shave balms; After-shave creams; After-shave emulsions; After-shave gel; After-shave liquid; After-shave lotions; After-sun lotions; Aftershave; Aftershave cologne; Aftershave moisturising cream; Aftershave preparations; Age spot reducing creams; Age spot reducing creams for cosmetic use; Air fragrancing preparations; Alcohol for cleaning purposes; All purpose cleaning preparation with deodorizing properties; All purpose cleaning preparations; All-purpose cleaners; Aloe vera gel for cosmetic purposes; Alum blocks for shaving; Alum stones being astringents for cosmetic purposes; Amber being perfume; Ammonia for cleaning purposes; Anti-aging cleanser; Anti-aging cream; Anti-aging cream containing a retinoic ingredient not for medical purposes; Anti-aging creams; Anti-aging moisturizer; Anti-aging moisturizers used as cosmetics; Anti-aging toner; Anti-freckle creams; Anti-perspirants; Anti-static dryer sheets; Anti-static spray for clothing; Anti-static sprays for clothing; Anti-wrinkle cream; Anti-wrinkle creams; Antiperspirant soap; Antiperspirants; Antiperspirants and deodorants for personal use; Antiperspirants for personal use; Antistatic drier sheets; Antistatic dryer sheets; Antistatic preparations for household purposes; Aromatic essential oils; Aromatic oils; Aromatic oils for the bath; Aromatic pillows comprising potpourri in fabric containers; Aromatic potpourris; Artificial eyelashes; Artificial fingernails; Astringents for cosmetic purposes; Automatic dishwashing detergents; Automobile carpet and upholstery cleaning preparations; Automobile cleaners; Automobile polish; Automobile polishes; Automobile tire cleaning and polishing preparations; Automobile wax; Automobile, tire, glass and wheel cleaning preparations; Automotive cleaning preparations; Baby powder; Baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations; Bar soap; Bath and shower gels and salts not for medical purposes; Bath beads; Bath bombs; Bath cream; Bath fizzies; Bath foam; Bath gel; Bath gels; Bath herbs; Bath lotion; Bath oil; Bath preparations, not for medical purposes; Bath soaps; Bath soaps in liquid, solid or gel form; Bathing lotions; BB creams; Beard dyes; Beauty balm creams; Beauty masks; Beauty milks; Beauty serums; Beauty soap; Biotechnological chemical and spray cleaners for industrial and household applications such as stain removal, odor elimination, and bioremediation of many types of organic and hydrocarbon-based materials; Biotechnological cleaning solution for eliminating odors, breaking down organics, and removing stains; Blackhead removal strips; Bleaching preparations for household use; Bleaching preparations for laundry use; Bleaching preparations for the hair; Blush; Blush pencils; Blusher; Blushers; Body and beauty care cosmetics; Body art stickers; Body butter; Body butter bars; Body cream; Body creams; Body glitters; Body lotion; Body lotion bars; Body lotions; Body mask creams; Body masks; Body milk; Body oil; Body oils; Body paint for cosmetic purposes; Body paints for cosmetic purposes; Body scrub; Body scrubs; Body splash; Body spray used as a personal deodorant and as fragrance; Body sprays; Body sprays, namely, water in atomized containers used to produce a cooling effect; Body wash; Boot cream; Boot polish; Boot wax; Breath freshening liquid; Brightening eye cream; Brightening face cream; Bubble bath; Cakes of non-medicated soap; Carnauba wax for marine use; Carpet cleaners; Carpet cleaning preparations; Carpet shampoo; Cases for baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations; CC creams; Chemical cleaners directed to the pulp and paper industries and the metal finishing industries; Chemical cleaning preparations for household purposes; Children's scented spray for use on toys and dolls; Chrome polish; Cleaner for cosmetic brushes; Cleaning agents and preparations; Cleaning agents for cleaning surfaces; Cleaning and polishing paper; Cleaning and polishing preparations; Cleaning and shining preparations for plant leaves; Cleaning chalk; Cleaning fluid for typewriter type; Cleaning preparations; Cleaning preparations for cleaning surfaces; Cleaning preparations for cleansing drains; Cleaning preparations for medical ventilator equipment, tubing, and masks; Cleaning solutions for dental ultrasonic sterilization apparatus; Cleaning, polishing and scouring preparations; Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; Cleaning, scouring and polishing preparations and substances; Cleaning, washing and polishing preparations; Cleansing and polishing preparations; Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; Cloths or tissues impregnated with a skin cleanser; Coated abrasives and sandpaper in the form of belts, sheets, rolls and discs; Cobblers' wax; Cold cream; Cold creams; Collagen preparations for cosmetics purposes; Cologne; Cologne water; Colognes, perfumes and cosmetics; Color-removing preparations for hair; Coloring preparations for cosmetic purposes; Colouring lotions for the hair; Combination cleaner and deodorizer for litter boxes; Commercial dishwashing detergent; Common toilet water; Compacts containing make-up; Compressed air in cans for cleaning and dusting; Concealers for facial lines and wrinkles; Contour cream; Contour powder; Cosmetic cotton wool; Cosmetic creams; Cosmetic creams for skin care; Cosmetic facial blotting papers; Cosmetic facial packs; Cosmetic hair dressing preparations; Cosmetic hair regrowth inhibiting preparations; Cosmetic hand creams; Cosmetic ingredient complex composed of antioxidants and humectants sold as an integral component of non-medicated skincare preparations; Cosmetic masks; Cosmetic nail preparations; Cosmetic nourishing creams; Cosmetic patches containing sunscreen and sun block for use on the skin; Cosmetic pencils; Cosmetic preparations for bath and shower; Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; Cosmetic preparations for nail drying; Cosmetic preparations for protecting the skin from the sun's rays; Cosmetic preparations for removing gel nails, acrylic nails, and nail polish; Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Cosmetic preparations for skin renewal; Cosmetic preparations for the care of mouth and teeth; Cosmetic preparations, namely, firming creams; Cosmetic preparations, namely, firming lotions; Cosmetic preparations, namely, skin balsams; Cosmetic products taken orally, namely, pills that induce bronzing of the skin; Cosmetic rouges; Cosmetic skin fresheners; Cosmetic sun milk lotions; Cosmetic sun oils; Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations; Cosmetic sun-tanning preparations; Cosmetic sunscreen preparations; Cosmetic suntan lotions; Cosmetic suntan preparations; Cosmetic white face powder; Cosmetics; Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations; Cosmetics and make-up; Cosmetics for non-domestic animals; Cosmetics in general, including perfumes; Cosmetics in the form of milks, lotions and emulsions; Cosmetics, namely, lip primer; Cotton balls for cosmetic purposes; Cotton buds for cosmetic purposes; Cotton for cosmetic purposes; Cotton puffs for cosmetic purposes; Cotton puffs impregnated with make-up removing preparations; Cotton rounds for cosmetic purposes; Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; Cotton swabs for cosmetic purposes; Cotton swabs impregnated with make-up removing preparations; Cotton wool and cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; Cotton wool balls for cosmetic use; Cotton wool buds for cosmetic use; Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; Cream for whitening the skin; Cream soaps; Creamy face powder; Curl defining preparations; Cuticle conditioners; Cuticle cream; Cuticle oils; Cuticle removing preparations; Cuticle softeners; De-greasing preparations for household purposes; Decorative transfers and skin jewels for cosmetic purposes; Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; Degreasers, other than for use in manufacturing processes; Dental bleaching gels; Dentifrice; Deodorant for personal use; Deodorants and antiperspirants; Deodorants and antiperspirants for personal use; Deodorants for animals; Deodorants for body care; Deodorants for human beings or for animals; Deodorants for pets; Deodorizers for pets; Depilatories; Depilatory preparations and substances; Detergents for automobiles; Detergents for household use; Detergents for machine dishwashing; Detergents prepared from petroleum; Dewaxing agents for cleaning purposes; Dish detergents; Dishwasher detergents; Dishwasher rinsing agents; Dishwashing detergents; Dishwashing preparations; Disposable wipes impregnated with cleaning chemicals or compounds for industrial and commercial use; Double eyelid tapes; Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes; Drain openers; Dry shampoos; Dryer sheets impregnated with cleaning gel and bags for use in connection therewith; Drying agents for dishwashing machines; Eau de parfum; Eau de perfume; Eau de toilette; Eau de toilette and eau de cologne; Eaux de cologne; Electrostatic dissipative hand lotions; Emery cloth; Essential oils; Essential oils as perfume for laundry purposes; Essential oils for aromatherapy use; Essential oils for personal use; Essential oils for use in aromatherapy; Essential oils for use in the manufacture of scented products; Essential oils of Canada balsam; Essential oils of cedarwood; Essential oils of citron; Essential oils, namely, pine oils; Exfoliant creams; Exfoliant gels; Exfoliating gel, non-medicated; Exfoliating pad containing a glycolic ingredient not for medical purposes; Exfoliating scrubs for cosmetic purposes; Extracts of flowers being perfumes; Eye compresses for cosmetic purposes; Eye cream; Eye liner; Eye lotions; Eye make-up; Eye make-up remover; Eye pencils; Eye shadow; Eye shadows; Eye-shadow; Eye-washes, not for medical purposes; Eyebrow colors; Eyebrow cosmetics; Eyebrow pencils; Eyebrow powder; Eyeglass lens cleaning solutions; Eyelash extensions; Eyelash tint; Eyelid doubling makeup; Eyeliner; Eyeliner pencils; Eyeliners; Eyes make-up; Eyes pencils; Eyeshadow; Eyeshadows; Eyewear cleaning kits comprised of cleaning fluid and a cleaning cloth; Fabric softeners; Fabric softeners for laundry use; Face and body beauty creams; Face and body creams; Face and body glitter; Face and body lotions; Face and body milk; Face and body paints; Face cream; Face creams; Face creams for cosmetic use; Face milk and lotions; Face oils; Face painting kits; Face powder; Face powder paste; Face-powder on paper; Facial beauty masks; Facial cleaning preparation, namely, salicylic acne cleanser not for medical purposes; Facial cleansers; Facial cleansing milk; Facial concealer; Facial cream; Facial creams; Facial lotion; Facial make-up; Facial moisturizer with SPF; Facial moisturizers; Facial oils; Facial scrubs; Facial sheet masks for cosmetic use; Facial washes; Fair complexion cream; Fake blood being theatrical make-up; False eyelashes; False nails; Feminine deodorant sprays; Feminine deodorant suppositories; Feminine hygiene cleansing towelettes; Fingernail decals; Fingernail sculpting liquid; Fingernail sculpturing overlays; Flavourings for cakes being essential oils; Floor polish; Floor polishes; Floor stripping or cleaning preparation; Floor wax removers; Flower essences for cosmetic purposes; Foam bath; Foam cleaning preparations; Food flavorings prepared from essential oils; Foot masks for skin care; Foot scrubs; Foundation; Foundation creams; Foundation make-up; Foundations; Fragranced facial moisturizer; Fragrances and perfumery; Fruit and vegetable wash; Furniture polish; Gauze for cosmetic purposes; General purpose cleaning, polishing, and abrasive liquids and powders; Gift baskets containing non-medicated bath preparations and cosmetic preparations; Glass cleaners; Glass cleaning preparations; Glass granules used as abrasives in blasting services; Glass paper; Gloves impregnated with moisturizing preparations for the hands; Glue removers; Granulated soaps; Grape seed oil for cosmetic use; Grease removers for household use; Gum removing preparations; Gurjan balsam being essential oils for use in the manufacture of varnish; Hair balsam; Hair bleach; Hair bleaches; Hair bleaching preparations; Hair care creams; Hair care lotions; Hair care preparations; Hair care preparations consisting of organic coconut virgin oil and coconut virgin oil; Hair care preparations for hair edges; Hair care products, namely, heat protection sprays; Hair color; Hair color pens; Hair colorants; Hair coloring preparations; Hair colourants; Hair colouring; Hair colouring and dyes; Hair colouring preparations; Hair conditioner; Hair conditioner bars; Hair conditioners; Hair conditioners for babies; Hair creams; Hair curling preparations; Hair decolorants; Hair detangler preparations; Hair detangling preparations; Hair dressings for men; Hair dressings for women; Hair dye; Hair dyes; Hair emollients; Hair fixers; Hair gel; Hair gel and hair mousse; Hair gels; Hair glaze; Hair highlighting spray; Hair lacquers; Hair lotion; Hair lotions; Hair mascara; Hair masks; Hair moisturizers; Hair mousse; Hair mousses; Hair nourishers; Hair oils; Hair piece bonding glue; Hair products, namely, thickening control creams; Hair rinses; Hair shampoo; Hair shampoos and conditioners; Hair spray; Hair sprays; Hair sprays and hair gels; Hair straightening preparations; Hair styling gel; Hair styling preparations for hair edges; Hair styling spray; Hair texture cream; Hair texturizers; Hair tonic; Hair tonics; Hair waving preparations; Hair wax; Hair-washing powder; Hairspray; Hand cleaning gels; Hand cleaning preparations; Hand cleansers; Hand cream; Hand creams; Hand lotions; Hand masks for skin care; Hand scrubs; Heat protectant sprays for hair; Henna for cosmetic purposes; Highlighter make-up; Highlighter make-up palettes; Home dental care products for dogs and cats, namely, non-medicated dental spray; Home dental care products for dogs and cats, namely, toothpaste; Household cleaning preparations; Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; Hydrogen peroxide for use on the hair; Incense sticks; Indoor sun tanning preparations; Inhalers sold filled with essential oils for use in aromatherapy; Japanese hair fixing oil (bintsuke-abura); Kits for removing scratches from automotive finishes and metal trims comprised of buffing compound for automobiles and also including wool buffing pads; Lacquer removing compositions; Lacquer-removing preparations; Laundry balls containing laundry detergent; Laundry bleach; Laundry bleaching preparations; Laundry detergent; Laundry detergents; Laundry fabric conditioner; Laundry sizing preparations; Laundry soap; Laundry starch; Laundry wax; Lavender oil; Lavender water; Leather cleaning preparations; Leave-in hair conditioners; Lip balm; Lip conditioners; Lip cream; Lip gloss; Lip gloss and wands therefor sold as a unit; Lip gloss palette; Lip glosses; Lip liner; Lip liners; Lip polisher; Lip rouge; Lip stains for cosmetic purposes; Lip tints; Lipstick; Lipstick cases; Lipstick holders; Lipsticks; Liquid bath soaps; Liquid eyeliners; Liquid floor polishes; Liquid foundation (mizu-oshiroi); Liquid fragrance preparations for use in the water tanks of multi-purpose steam cleaning machines for household purposes; Liquid latex for covering skin when painting fingernails; Liquid latex makeup; Liquid laundry detergents; Liquid perfumes; Liquid soaps for laundry; Long lash mascaras; Loofah soaps; Loose face powder; Lotions for beards; Lotions for cellulite reduction; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Lotions for face and body care; Magnetic artificial eyelashes; Magnetic false eyelashes; Make up removing preparations; Make-up; Make-up foundation; Make-up foundations; Make-up pencils; Make-up powder; Make-up preparations; Make-up preparations for the face and body; Make-up primer; Make-up primers; Make-up remover; Make-up removing creams; Make-up removing gels; Make-up removing lotions; Make-up removing milk, gel, lotions and creams; Make-up removing milks; Make-up removing preparations; Make-up setting sprays; Makeup setting sprays; Mascara; Mascaras; Mask pack for cosmetic purposes; Massage candles for cosmetic purposes; Massage creams; Massage gels, other than for medical purposes; Massage lotions; Massage oil; Massage waxes; Metal polishing and cleaning preparations; Micellar cleansing water; Micellar water; Milk for cosmetic purposes; Mineral salt in the nature of bath salts not for medical purposes; Mint essence being essential oil; Moistened tooth powder; Moisturising creams; Moisturizing body lotions; Moisturizing creams; Moisturizing milk; Moisturizing milks; Moisturizing preparations for the skin; Moisturizing solutions for the skin; Moustache wax; Mouthwashes, not for medical purposes; Muscle gels for cosmetic purposes; Mustache wax; Nail art pens; Nail art stickers; Nail buffing preparations; Nail care kits comprising nail polish; Nail care preparations; Nail cosmetics; Nail enamel; Nail enamel removers; Nail gel; Nail glitter; Nail grooming products, namely, tips, glue, lacquer and glitter; Nail hardeners; Nail polish; Nail polish base coat; Nail polish protector in the nature of a thin plastic covering applied to nails; Nail polish remover; Nail polish top coat; Nail primer; Nail repair preparations; Nail repair products, namely, linen nail wraps; Nail repair products, namely, nail wraps; Nail repair products, namely, silk nail wraps; Nail strengtheners; Nail tips; Nail varnish removers; Nail varnishes; Nasal cleaning preparations for personal sanitary purposes; Natural cosmetics; Natural floor waxes; Natural oils for cleaning purposes; Natural perfumery; Natural soap bars; Naturally handmade non-medicated soap bars; Night cream; Non medicated skin toners; Non-medicated anti-aging serum; Non-medicated anti-cavity mouth rinses; Non-medicated bar soap; Non-medicated bath preparations; Non-medicated bath preparations for animals; Non-medicated bath salts; Non-medicated bath soap; Non-medicated bath soaps in liquid, solid or gel form; Non-medicated beauty soap; Non-medicated body soaks; Non-medicated breath freshening strips; Non-medicated bubble bath preparations; Non-medicated cosmetic skin care preparations consisting of organic coconut virgin oil and coconut virgin oil; Non-medicated cream soap; Non-medicated dandruff shampoo; Non-medicated diaper rash ointments and lotions; Non-medicated douching preparations; Non-medicated eye-washes; Non-medicated facial and eye serum containing antioxidants; Non-medicated feminine hygiene wash; Non-medicated foot cream; Non-medicated foot lotions; Non-medicated foot soaks; Non-medicated grooming preparations in the nature of shampoos for animals; Non-medicated hair serums; Non-medicated hair treatment preparations for cosmetic purposes; Non-medicated hand soaps; Non-medicated handmade soap bars; Non-medicated herbal body care products, namely, body oils, salves, and lip balms; Non-medicated industrial soap; Non-medicated lip balms; Non-medicated liquid soap; Non-medicated liquid soaps; Non-medicated mouth rinses; Non-medicated mouth wash and rinse; Non-medicated mouth washes; Non-medicated mouth washes for pets; Non-medicated mouthwash and gargle; Non-medicated mouthwashes; Non-medicated paw balms for pets; Non-medicated pet shampoos; Non-medicated preparations all for the care of skin, hair and scalp; Non-medicated scalp treatment cream; Non-medicated skin care creams and lotions; Non-medicated skin care preparation, namely, body mist; Non-medicated skin care preparations, namely, creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleaners and peels; Non-medicated skin cream for general skin rash and irritation resulting from skin shingles; Non-medicated skin creams with essential oils for use in aromatherapy; Non-medicated skin serums; Non-medicated skin toners; Non-medicated stimulating lotions for the skin; Non-medicated sun care preparations; Non-medicated toiletry preparations; Non-medicated waterless soap; Non-medicated, non-veterinary grooming preparations in the nature of pet shampoo and conditioner; Nutritional oils for cosmetic purposes; Odor removers for pets; Oil removing papers for cosmetic purposes; Organic cosmetics; Organic soap bars; Pads impregnated with nail polish remover; Paint remover; Paint removing compositions; Paint stripper; Paint stripping preparations; Paint, lacquer and varnish removing compositions; Patches containing non-medicated skin care preparations; Patches containing sun screen and sun block for use on the skin; Pencils for cosmetic purposes; Perfume; Perfume oils; Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations; Perfumed creams; Perfumed extracts for tissues and perfumes; Perfumed paste; Perfumed powder; Perfumed powders; Perfumed soap; Perfumes; Perfumes and colognes; Perfumes and toilet waters; Perfumes in solid form; Perfumes, eaux de cologne and aftershaves; Perfuming sachets; Permanent waving lotions; Personal deodorants; Pet shampoos; Pet stain removers; Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; Polish for furniture and flooring; Polishing creams; Polishing preparations; Polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; Pomanders; Pore tightening mask packs used as cosmetics; Pores tightening mask packs used as cosmetics; Powder cleaners for metals, ceramics and carpets; Powder for make-up; Powder laundry detergents; Pre-moistened cosmetic towelettes; Pre-moistened towelettes impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; Pre-moistened towelettes impregnated with dishwashing detergent; Pre-shave creams; Pre-shave liquid; Pre-shaving preparations; Preparation for cleaning dentures; Preparations for cleaning dentures; Preparations for cleaning, protecting and preserving vehicle surfaces; Preparations for permanent hair waves; Preparations for removing gel nails; Preparations for setting hair; Preservative creams for leather; Pressed face powder; Private label cosmetics; Quillaia bark for washing; Reed diffusers comprised of scented oils and also including reeds and a diffuser container; Rinse agents for dishwashing machines; Room fragrances; Room fragrancing preparations; Rose oil for cosmetic purposes; Rouge; Rouges; Rust removing preparations; Sachets for perfuming linen; Sand for use as abrasive in sandblasting; Sandcloth; Sanding apparatus in the form of a glove; Sandpaper; Scent eliminating laundry detergent for use associated with hunting and outdoor recreation; Scented body lotions and creams; Scented body spray; Scented ceramic stones; Scented linen sprays; Scented linen water; Scented oils; Scented patches that may be applied to various surfaces; Scented pine cones; Scouring liquids; Scrubbing powder; Sculpting gel; Seaweed for cosmetology; Seaweed gelatine for laundry use (funori); Self-adhesive false eyebrows; Serums for cosmetic purposes; Shampoo bars; Shampoo-conditioners; Shampoos; Shampoos for animals; Shampoos for babies; Shave creams; Shaving balm; Shaving balms; Shaving cream; Shaving creams; Shaving foam; Shaving gel; Shaving gels; Shaving lotion; Shaving preparations; Shaving soap; Shaving soaps; Shining preparations being polish; Shining preparations for plant leaves; Shoe and boot polish; Shoe cream; Shoe polish; Shoe polish and creams; Shoe polish applicators containing shoe polish; Shoe wax; Shower and bath foam; Shower and bath gel; Shower creams; Shower gel; Shower gels; Skin abrasive preparations; Skin bronzer; Skin care preparations, namely, body balm; Skin care preparations, namely, skin peels; Skin care products, namely, non-medicated skin serum; Skin cleanser in liquid spray form for use as a baby wipe alternative; Skin cleanser preparations for face and body; Skin cleansers; Skin cleansing cream; Skin cleansing lotion; Skin conditioners; Skin conditioning creams for cosmetic purposes; Skin cream; Skin creams; Skin creams in liquid and in solid form; Skin creams in liquid and solid; Skin gels for accelerating, enhancing or extending tans; Skin lighteners; Skin lightening creams; Skin lotion; Skin lotions; Skin masks; Skin moisturizer; Skin moisturizer masks; Skin moisturizers used as cosmetics; Skin moisturizing gel; Skin polishing rice bran (arai-nuka); Skin softeners; Skin texturizers; Skin toners; Skin whitening creams; Skin whitening preparations; Socks impregnated with moisturizing preparations for the feet; Solid powder for cosmetic compacts; Solid shampoo bars; Solid toothpaste tablets; SPF sun block sprays; SPF sun block towelettes; Sponges impregnated with marine and automotive waxes and washes; Spray cleaners for freshening athletic mouth guards; Spray cleaners for household purposes; Stain removers; Stain removers in handheld stick form; Stain removing agents; Starch for laundry purposes; Stone polishers; Styling gels; Styling lotions; Styling mousse; Styling paste for hair; Sun block; Sun block preparations; Sun screen; Sun screen preparations; Sun tan gel; Sun tan oil; Sun-block lotions; Sun-tanning oils and lotions; Sunscreen cream; Sunscreen creams; Sunscreen lotions; Sunscreen preparations; Sunscreen sticks; Swallowable toothpaste; Synthetic detergents for clothes; Talcum powder; Tanning creams; Tattoo removal preparations; Teeth cleaning lotions; Teeth whitening kit; Teeth whitening preparations; Temporary tattoo transfers for use as cosmetics; Terpenes being essential oils; Tissues impregnated with make-up removing preparations; Toilet bowl detergents; Toilet cleaning gels; Toilet soaps; Toilet water; Toilet water containing snake oil; Toning lotion, for the face, body and hands; Tooth bleaching preparations; Tooth cleaning gels; Tooth cleaning preparations; Tooth paste; Tooth polishes; Tooth powder; Tooth powders; Tooth whiteners for cosmetic purposes comprised of neutral sodium fluoride sustained release gel; Tooth whitening creams; Tooth whitening gels; Tooth whitening pastes; Tooth whitening preparations; Toothpaste; Toothpastes; Topical herbal cream for firming and enhancing breasts; Treatment preparations for use on vehicle wheels and wheel covers; Under-eye concealers; Upholstery cleaners; Vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes; Vanishing cream; Varnish-removing preparations; Volcanic ash for cleaning; Wallpaper cleaning preparations; Washing preparations and laundry bleach; Washing soda, for cleaning; Waterproof makeup; Waterproof sunscreen; Waving preparations for the hair; Wax for parquet floor; Wax stripping preparations; Wax strips for removing body hair; Waxes for leather; Whitewall cleaners; Windscreen cleaning liquids; Windshield cleaner fluids; Windshield cleaning liquids; Windshield washing fluid; Wipes impregnated with a cleaning preparation; Wipes impregnated with nail polish remover; Wood treatment preparations for polishing; Wrinkle removing skin care preparations; Wrinkle-minimizing cosmetic preparations for topical facial use
25 A-shirts; Adhesive bras; After ski boots; Agbadas; American football bibs; Anglers' shoes; Ankle boots; Ankle socks; Anklet socks; Anoraks; Anti-perspirant socks; Anti-slip pads for thong sandals; Anti-sweat underclothing; Anti-sweat underwear; Anti-sweat wristbands; Aprons; Aqua shoes; Artificial flower headdresses; Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms; Athletic bottoms; Athletic footwear; Athletic jackets; Athletic pants; Athletic shirts; Athletic shoes; Athletic skirts; Athletic sweaters; Athletic tights; Athletic tops; Athletic uniforms; Babies' trousers; Babies' underpants; Baby bodysuits; Baby bottoms; Baby tops; Ballet shoes; Ballet slippers; Balloon pants; Ballroom dancing shoes; Bandanas; Bandeau tops; Bandeaux; Baseball caps; Baseball caps and hats; Baseball shoes; Baseball uniforms; Baselayer bottoms; Baselayer tops; Basketball shoes; Basketball sneakers; Bath robes; Bath sandals; Bath slippers; Bathing caps; Bathing costumes; Bathing costumes for women; Bathing suits; Bathing suits for men; Bathing trunks; Bathrobes; Beach cover-ups; Beach coverups; Beach footwear; Beach hats; Beach shoes; Beachwear; Beanies; Belts for clothing; Bermuda shorts; Bib overalls; Bib overalls for hunting; Bib shorts; Bibs for babies, sleeved, not of paper; Bibs not of paper; Bibs, not of paper; Bicycle gloves; Bikinis; Birding vests; Blazers; Blouses; Blue jeans; Boardshorts; Boat shoes; Boat socks; Bodices; Bodies being underclothing; Body shirts; Body stockings; Body suits; Bodysuits; Bomber jackets; Bonnets; Boot cuffs; Boot gaiters; Boots; Bottoms as clothing; Bow ties; Bowling shoes; Boxer briefs; Boxer shorts; Boxing shoes; Boxing shorts; Bra extenders; Bra strap cushions; Bra strap pads; Bralettes; Bras; Breeches; Breeches for wear; Briefs; Briefs as underwear; Bucket caps; Bucket hats; Business wear, namely, suits, jackets, trousers, blazers, blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses and footwear; Bustiers; Button down shirts; Button-front aloha shirts; Camisettes; Camouflage gloves; Camp shirts; Canvas shoes; Capes; Capes for use in salons and barber shops; Capri pants; Cardigans; Cargo pants; Chef coats; Chef hats; Chef pants; Chef shirts; Chemises; Cheongsams (Chinese gowns); Chest binders being underclothing; Children's dress-up costumes in the nature of capes; Children's dress-up costumes in the nature of cloaks; Children's headwear; Children's underwear; Choir robes; Christening robes; Clam diggers; Cleats for attachment to sports shoes; Climbing boot liners; Climbing boots; Climbing footwear; Climbing gloves; Climbing shoes; Cloaks; Cloth bibs; Cloth bibs for adult diners; Cloth bibs for use by senior citizens or physically- or mentally-challenged persons; Clothing belts; Clothing belts made from imitation leather; Clothing belts made out of cloth; Clothing belts that are designed to accommodate pregnancy size changes; Clothing for athletic use, namely, padded pants; Clothing for athletic use, namely, padded shirts; Clothing for athletic use, namely, padded shorts; Clothing head wraps; Clothing headwraps; Clothing items, namely, adhesive pockets that may be affixed directly to the body as a decorative piece of clothing with utility; Clothing items, namely, adhesive pockets that may be affixed directly to the inside of clothing for storage and safekeeping of personal items; Clothing jacket liners; Clothing jackets; Clothing jackets incorporating backpacks; Clothing jerseys; Clothing shields, namely, pads applied to the underarms of shirts, blouses and sweaters; Clothing shoulder wraps; Clothing, namely, arm warmers; Clothing, namely, base layers; Clothing, namely, folk costumes; Clothing, namely, hand-warmers; Clothing, namely, khakis; Clothing, namely, knee warmers; Clothing, namely, maternity bands; Clothing, namely, neck tubes; Clothing, namely, thobes; Clothing, namely, wrap-arounds; Coatigans; Coats; Coats for men; Coats for men and women; Coats for women; Coats made of cotton; Coats of denim; Cobblers' aprons; Cocktail dresses; Collar guards for protecting clothing collars; Collar liners for protecting clothing collars; Collar protector pads for application to clothing collars; Collar protector strips for application to clothing collars; Collared shirts; Collars; Combative sports uniforms; Combinations being one-piece undergarments; Corduroy shirts; Corsets being foundation clothing; Cosplay costumes; Costumes for use in role-playing games; Costumes for use in the amusement industry; Coveralls; Coverups; Cowboy hats; Creepers; Crew neck sweaters; Crew necks; Crochet bottoms; Crochet dresses; Crop pants; Crop tops; Cross training shoes; Cross-country gloves; Cross-country mittens; Cross-training shoes; Custom made to measure suits for men and women; Cycling bib shorts; Cycling caps; Cycling gloves; Cycling shoes; Cycling shorts; Cyclists' jerseys; Dance costumes; Dance slippers; Dashikis; Deck-shoes; Denim jackets; Denim jeans; Denim pants; Denim shorts; Denim skirts; Denims in the nature of pants; Detachable collars; Disposable slippers; Disposable underwear; Down coats; Down jackets; Down suits; Dress pants; Dress shields; Dress shirts; Dress shoes; Dress straps; Dress suits; Dresses; Dresses made from skins; Dresses that may also be used as towels; Dressing gowns; Dressing gowns and bath robes; Drivers as shoes; Driving gloves; Duffel coats; Duffle coats; Dungarees; Dust coats; Ear bands; Ear muffs; Ear warmers; Ear warmers being clothes; Earbands; Earmuffs; Embossed soles and heels of rubber or of plastic materials; Esparto shoes or sandals; Evening coats; Face coverings being balaclavas; Face masks being headwear; Fascinator hats; Fashion hats; Fashion masks being ski masks; Faux fur cloaks; Faux fur coats; Faux fur coats and jackets; Faux fur gloves; Faux fur hats; Faux fur muffs; Faux fur stoles; Faux furs being clothing; Felted boots (Valenki); Fichus; Figure skating dresses; Figure skating pants; Finished textile linings for garments; Fishermen's jackets; Fishing vests; Fishing waders; Fitted shoe or boot covering to protect the shoes or boot from water or other damage; Fittings of metal for footwear in the nature of heelpieces; Fittings of metal for footwear in the nature of toe caps; Flannel shirts; Fleece jackets; Fleece pullovers; Fleece shorts; Fleece tops; Fleece vests; Flight suits; Flip-flops for use as footwear; Flower headdresses; Foam pedicure slippers; Football jerseys; Football shoes; Football uniforms; Footies; Footwear; Footwear for men; Footwear for men and women; Footwear for track and field athletics; Footwear for women; Footwear made of wood; Footwear not for sports; Footwear uppers; Footwear, excluding orthopedic footwear; Footwear, namely, flip-flops; Footwear, namely, pumps; Footwear, namely, rubbers; Footwear, namely, work boots; Formalwear, namely, dresses, gowns, tuxedos, dinner jackets, trousers and footwear; Foul weather gear; Foundation garments; Foundation garments worn around the midsection or thighs to keep the stomach in and create a slimming effect; Fur cloaks; Fur coats; Fur coats and jackets; Fur hats; Fur jackets; Fur muffs; Furs being clothing; G-strings; Gaberdines; Garters; Gift packages sold as a unit consisting primarily of a sweatshirt and also including a photo frame, a coffee mug, and a tote bag; Gilets; Gloves as clothing; Gloves for apparel; Gloves for personal hand conditioning use; Gloves including those made of skin, hide or fur; Gloves with conductive fingertips that may be worn while using handheld electronic touch screen devices; Golf caps; Golf cleats; Golf pants, shirts and skirts; Golf shirts; Golf shoes; Golf shorts; Golf spikes; Golf trousers; Goloshes; Gowns; Graphic T-shirts; Gym boots; Gym pants; Gym shorts; Gym suits; Gymnastic shoes; Hairdressing capes; Half-boots; Halter tops; Handball shoes; Hat frames; Hats; Hats for infants, babies, toddlers and children; Head scarves; Head sweatbands; Head wear; Headbands; Headbands against sweating; Headbands incorporating headphones; Headscarves; Headwear; Heavy coats; Heavy jackets; Heel inserts; Heelpieces for footwear; Heelpieces for stockings; Heels; High rain clogs (ashida); Hiking boots; Hiking jackets; Hiking shoes; Hiking trousers; Hip-guards especially made for fishing; Hockey shoes; Hooded bathrobes; Hooded pullovers; Hooded sweat shirts; Hooded sweatshirts; Hoodies; Horse-riding boots; Horse-riding pants; Hosiery; Hunting boot bags; Hunting boots; Hunting gaiters; Ice climbing gloves; Infant and toddler one piece clothing; Infant wear; Infant wearable blankets; Infantwear; Insoles; Insoles for boots; Insoles for footwear; Insoles for shoes; Insoles for shoes and boots; Jeans; Jeggings; Jeggings, namely, pants that are partially jeans and partially leggings; Jerseys being clothing; Jogging outfits; Jogging pants; Jogging suits; Judo uniforms; Jump suits; Jumper dresses; Jumpsuits; Kilts; Kippahs (yarmulkes); Knee highs; Knee-high stockings; Knit dresses; Knit face masks being headwear; Knit jackets; Knit shirts; Knit skirts; Knit tops; Knitted baby shoes; Knitted caps; Knitted gloves; Knotted caps; Lab coats; Lace boots; Ladies' boots; Ladies' suits; Ladies' underwear; Leather coats; Leather harnesses worn by people as clothing; Leather hats; Leather headwear; Leather jackets; Leather pants; Leather shirts; Leather shoes; Leather skirts; Leather slippers; Leather vests; Leg gaiters; Leg shapers; Leg warmers; Leg-warmers; Leggings; Leggins; Legwarmers; Leisure shoes; Leisure suits; Leotards; Leotards and tights for women, men and children of nylon, cotton or other textile fibers; Light-reflecting coats; Light-reflecting jackets; Lingerie accessories, namely, removable silicone breast enhancer pads used in a bra; Live flower headdresses; Loafers; Long jackets; Long johns; Long sleeve pullovers; Long sleeved vests; Long underwear; Long-sleeved shirts; Lounge pants; Loungewear; Martial arts uniforms; Masquerade costumes and masks sold in connection therewith; Maternity bras; Maternity leggings, namely, leggings featuring built-in maternity bands; Maternity lingerie; Maternity sleepwear; Men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests; Men's dress socks; Men's socks; Men's suits; Men's suits, women's suits; Men's underwear; Military boots; Millinery, namely, fascinators; Miniskirts; Mittens; Moccasins; Mock turtle-neck sweaters; Mocknecks; Moisture-wicking headbands; Moisture-wicking sports bras; Moisture-wicking sports pants; Moisture-wicking sports shirts; Money belts; Morning coats; Motorcycle gloves; Motorcycle jackets; Motorcycle rain suits; Mountaineering boot liners; Mountaineering gloves; Mountaineering shoes; Muffs; Muscle tops; Muu muus; Neck bands; Neck scarfs; Neck scarves; Neck tube scarves; Neckerchiefs; Neckties; Neckwear; Negligees; Night gowns; Night shirts; Nightcaps; Nightdresses; Nightgowns; Nighties; Nightshirts; Nightwear; Nipple covers, namely, pasties; Non-disposable cloth training pants being clothing; Non-slip socks; Non-slip soles for footwear; Novelty headwear with attached wigs; Nurse dresses; Nurse overalls; Nurse pants; Nursing bras; One-piece garments for children; One-piece play suits; One-piece suits; Open-necked shirts; Outdoor gloves; Outdoor mittens; Outdoor shoes; Outer jackets; Over coats; Over shirts; Overalls; Overcoats; Overshoes; Oxford shoes; Padding jackets; Pajama bottoms; Pajamas; Pajamas treated with fire and heat retardants; Pantaloons; Panties; Panties, shorts and briefs; Pants; Pantsuits; Pantyhose; Paper aprons; Paper shoes used when going through metal detectors to keep feet and socks clean; Pareu; Parkas; Parts of clothing, namely, underarm gussets; Pea coats; Peaked caps; Pedal pushers; Pedicure sandals; Pedicure slippers; Perspiration absorbent strap to be used in the bill of a hat; Petti-pants; Petticoats; Plastic slippers used in the airport environment when going through security to keep feet and socks clean, dry and sanitary; Plastic trousers; Platform shoes; Pleated skirts; Pocket kerchiefs; Pockets for clothing; Polo knit tops; Polo shirts; Polymer custom cushioned shoe inserts for primarily non-orthopedic purposes; Ponchos; Prayer shawls; Protective members for footwear; Protective metal members for shoes and boots; Protective neck and arm guards made of neoprene or other materials to prevent wetsuit chafing; Pullovers; Pumps as footwear; Quilted vests; Race number belts that hold a paper number on the race participant's front or back during competition; Rain boots; Rain boots for children; Rain capes; Rain coats; Rain hats; Rain jackets; Rain slickers; Rain suits; Rain trousers; Rain wear; Raincoats; Rainproof jackets; Rainwear; Rash guards; Rash vests; Removable breast enhancer pads used in bras or swimsuits; Removable collars; Reversible jackets; Riding boots; Riding coats; Riding gloves; Riding jackets; Riding shoes; Robes; Rompers; Rubber and latex costumes for use in the fashion industry; Rubber shoes; Rubber soles for jikatabi; Rubbers; Rugby jerseys; Rugby shoes; Rugby shorts; Rugby tops; Running costumes; Running shoes; Running suits; Sabots; Salopettes; Salwar suits; Sandal-clogs; Sandals; Sarees; Sash bands for kimono (obi); Sashes for wear; Scarfs; Scarves; School uniforms; Sedge hats (suge-gasa); Shapewear; Sheepskin coats; Sheepskin jackets; Shirts; Shirts and short-sleeved shirts; Shirts for infants, babies, toddlers and children; Shirts for suits; Shoe accessories, namely, fitted decorative covers for shoes; Shoe covers for use when wearing shoes; Shoe inserts for primarily non-orthopedic purposes; Shoe liners being hosiery; Shoe soles; Shoe soles for repair; Shoe straps; Shoes; Short overcoat for kimono (haori); Short petticoats; Short sets; Short trousers; Short-sleeve shirts; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Shorts; Shoulder scarves; Shoulder wraps for clothing; Shower caps; Silk scarves; Skating outfits; Ski bibs; Ski boot bags; Ski boot cases; Ski boot liners; Ski boots; Ski gloves; Ski jackets; Ski masks; Ski pants; Ski suits; Ski suits for competition; Ski wear; Skiing shoes; Skirt suits; Skirts; Skirts and dresses; Skiwear; Skooters; Slacks; Sleep masks; Sleep masks incorporating headphones; Sleep pants; Sleep shirts; Sleeping garments; Sleepsuits; Sleepwear; Sleepwear treated with fire and heat retardants; Sleeved jackets; Sleeved or sleeveless jackets; Sleeveless jackets; Sleeveless jerseys; Sleeves worn separate and apart from blouses, shirts and other tops; Sliding shorts; Slip-on shoes; Slipovers; Slipper soles; Slippers; Slips being underclothing; Small hats; Smoking jackets; Sneakers; Sneakers authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs); Snow boarding suits; Snow boots; Snow jackets; Snow pants; Snowboard boot liners; Snowboard boots; Snowboard gloves; Snowboard jackets; Snowboard mittens; Snowboard shoes; Snowboard trousers; Soccer boots; Soccer jerseys; Soccer shoes; Sock suspenders; Socks; Socks and stockings; Soles for footwear; Spats; Sport coats; Sport shirts; Sport stockings; Sports bra; Sports bras; Sports caps and hats; Sports dresses; Sports jackets; Sports jerseys; Sports jerseys and breeches for sports; Sports over uniforms; Sports overuniforms; Sports pants; Sports shirts; Sports shirts with short sleeves; Sports shoes; Sports shoes authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs); Sports singlets; Sports skirts; Sports vests; Stadium jackets; Stocking caps; Stocking hats; Stocking suspenders; Stockings; Stoles; Strapless bras; Strapless brassieres; Straps for boot gaiters; Straps for bras; Straps for leg gaiters; Stretch pants; String fasteners for haori (haori-himo); Studs for football boots; Stuff jackets; Suede jackets; Suit coats; Suits; Suits of leather; Sun leggings; Sun sleeves; Sundresses; Suspender belts; Suspender belts for men; Suspender belts for women; Suspenders; Swaddling clothes; Sweat bands; Sweat jackets; Sweat pants; Sweat shirts; Sweat shorts; Sweat suits; Sweat-absorbent stockings; Sweat-absorbent underclothing; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Sweatbands; Sweaters; Sweatpants; Sweatshirts; Sweatsocks; Sweatsuits; Swim caps; Swim suits; Swim trunks; Swim wear; Swim wear for gentlemen and ladies; Swimming caps; Swimming costumes; Swimming trunks; Swimsuits; Swimwear; Swimwear in the nature of mermaid tails; T-shirts; Tams; Tangas being swimwear; Tangas being underwear; Tank tops; Tank-tops; Tap shoes; Teddies being underclothing; Tee shirts; Tennis shoes; Tennis wear; Thermal gloves for tapping touchscreen devices; Thermal socks; Thermal touchscreen gloves; Thermal underwear; Thigh high stockings; Ties as clothing; Tightening-up strings for kimonos (datejime); Tights; Tips for footwear; Toboggan hats; Toe boxes; Toe caps; Toe socks; Toe straps for Japanese style wooden clogs; Togas; Tongue or pullstrap for shoes and boots; Top coats; Top hats; Topcoats; Tops as clothing; Touchscreen gloves; Track and field shoes; Track jackets; Track pants; Track suits; Tracksuits; Training shoes; Training suits; Travel clothing contained in a package comprising reversible jackets, pants, skirts, tops and a belt or scarf; Trekking jackets; Trekking trousers; Trench coats; Triathlon clothing, namely, triathlon tights, triathlon shorts, triathlon singlets, triathlon shirts, triathlon suits; Trouser straps; Trousers; Trousers for sweating; Trousers of leather; Trunks being clothing; Tube dresses; Tube skirts; Tube tops; Turbans; Turtle neck shirts; Turtleneck pullovers; Turtleneck sweaters; Turtlenecks; Tutus; Tuxedo belts; Twin sets; Under garments; Underarm clothing shields; Underclothes; Underclothing; Undergarment accessories, namely, removable silicone buttock enhancer pads; Undergarments; Underpants; Undershirts; Underskirts; Underwear; Uniforms; Union suits; V-neck sweaters; Veils; Vest extenders; Vested suits; Vests; Viscous gel polymer sold as a component of finished custom cushioned footwear for non-orthopedic purposes and apparel; Volleyball jerseys; Volleyball shoes; Waist bands; Waist belts; Waist cinchers; Waistbands; Waistcoats; Walking shorts; Warm up outfits; Warm up suits; Water repelling boots; Water repelling footwear; Water repelling leather boots; Water repelling leather shoes and boots; Water ski boot liners; Water socks; Waterproof boots; Waterproof footwear; Waterproof jackets; Waterproof jackets and pants; Waterproof leather boots; Waterproof leather shoes; Waterproof leather shoes and boots; Waterproof pants; Wearable blankets in the nature of blankets with sleeves; Wearable computers in the nature of activity trackers sold as integral components of running shoes; Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts; Wedding dresses; Wedding garters; Wedge sneakers; Wind coats; Wind pants; Wind resistant jackets; Wind shirts; Wind suits; Wind vests; Wind- and water-resistant coats; Wind-jackets; Wind-resistant vests; Windbreakers; Windjammers; Windshirts; Winter boots; Winter coats; Women's athletic tops with built-in bras; Women's ceremonial dresses; Women's foldable slippers; Women's hats and hoods; Women's shoes; Women's shoes, namely, foldable flats; Women's suits; Women's tops, namely, camis; Women's underwear; Wooden shoes; Woollen socks; Woollen tights; Woolly hats; Work boots; Work shoes; Work shoes and boots; Working overalls; Wristbands containing a cooling substance to cool the wearer; Yoga pants; Yoga shirts; Yoga socks; Yoga tops
21 Abrasive gloves for scrubbing vegetables; Abrasive pads for kitchen or domestic purposes; Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; Acid-proof wash brushes used for the application of acid to vehicles for cleaning purposes; All purpose portable household containers; Aluminum water bottles sold empty; Animal bristles for brush-making; Animal litter pans; Animal-activated pet feeders; Apparatus for cleaning musical instrument strings comprised of a two-sided hinged device internally coated with microfiber that closes on strings and is moved manually up and down neck of instrument; Apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums using high pressure water for home use; Appliances for removing make-up, electric; Appliances for removing make-up, non-electric; Applicator wands for applying make-up; Aquarium ornaments; Automated pet appliances, namely, litter boxes; Automatic personal rehydration system comprising a plastic bladder sold empty for holding liquid; Automatic pet feeders; Automatic pet waterers; Back scratchers; Bags for use in cooking; Bags for use in microwave cooking; Bags for use in sous-vide cooking; Bait buckets sold separately or with a pump affixed thereto for aerating live bait; Baked good tins sold empty for domestic use; Bakeware; Baking cups of paper; Baking mats; Barbecue mitts; Barbecue tongs; Barbecue turners; Basins in the nature of bowls; Baskets for waste paper littering for household purposes; Basting brushes; Basting spoons; Bath products, namely, body sponges; Bath products, namely, loofah sponges; Bath products, namely, natural sea sponges; Bath sponges; Bathroom glass holder not of precious metal; Bathroom holders for holding razors; Bathroom pails; Battery-operated cookie presses; Battery-powered applicators for applying cosmetics to eyelashes; Beer funnel and tubing sold together as a unit for drinking beer; Beer mugs; Beverage glassware; Beverage stirrers; Beverageware; Biodegradable bowls; Biodegradable cups; Biodegradable paper pulp-based plates, bowls and cups; Biodegradable plates; Biodegradable trays; Bird cages for domestic birds; Bird feeders; Blacking brushes; Body scrubbing puffs; Boot jacks; Bottle cleaning brushes; Bottle jackets, namely, fitted reusable polyethylene coverings used to protect glass bottles containing hazardous liquids; Bottle openers; Bottle openers, electric and non-electric; Bottle sleeves composed of liquid-absorbing micro fiber fabric; Bottle stoppers specially adapted for use with vacuum bottles; Bottle stoppers specially adapted for use with wine bottles; Bowls; Bowls made of precious metal; Bread bins; Bread boards; Broom handles; Brooms; Brush-making materials; Brushes for cleaning bicycle components; Brushes for footwear; Brushes for grooming golf putting greens; Brushes for pets; Brushes for pipes; Brushes for washing up; Brushes used for cleaning medical instruments; Buckets; Butlers' trays; Butter crocks; Butter pans; Butter-dish and cheese-dish covers; Caddy bags, namely, organizers specially adapted to be wrapped around trash receptacles for holding cleaning supplies; Cages for household pets; Cake brushes; Cake decorating sets sold as a unit comprised primarily of decorating tubes, couplers and tips; Cake rings; Cake stands; Cake supports, namely, cake bases; Cake tins; Camera lens cleaning kits comprised of a brush and also including wipes and a liquid solution; Candle extinguishers and candlesticks not of precious metal; Candle extinguishers and candlesticks of precious metal; Candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; Candle holders; Candle holders of precious metal; Candle snuffer and tray combination; Candle snuffer and tray combination made in whole or in part of precious metal; Candle snuffers of precious metal; Candlesticks; Candlesticks not of precious metal; Candlesticks of glass; Candlesticks of precious metal; Candlesticks with wind protection; Candy jars sold empty; Capsules of crystal, china, terra cotta, earthenware, glass, porcelain for containing cremation remains or memorabilia; Cardboard cups; Carving boards; Casseroles dishes; Ceramic grinding beads for use in wet milling; Ceramic soot blocker for use on candle jars; Chamber pots; Cheese board and knife set; Cheese boards; Cheese graters; Cheese graters for household purposes; Chocolate molds; Chopping boards for kitchen use; Chopstick cases; Chopstick rests; Chopstick stands; Chopsticks; Clay pots; Cleaning and polishing cloths; Cleaning brushes for household use; Cleaning brushes for musical instruments; Cleaning brushes for sports equipment; Cleaning brushes for teapot spouts; Cleaning cloth; Cleaning cloths; Cleaning cloths for camera lenses; Cleaning cotton; Cleaning mitts of fabric; Cleaning pans for grill cooking grids and cooking grates, namely, grill soakers; Cleaning rags; Cleaning sponges; Cleaning swabs for commercial uses; Cleaning, dusting and polishing cloths; Cloth for washing floors; Cloth for wiping or dusting; Clothes brushes; Clothes drying hangers; Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing; Clothes drying racks; Clothes racks for drying; Clothes racks, for drying; Clothes-pins; Clothespins; Clothing stretchers; Cloths for cleaning; Coasters, not of paper or textile; Cocktail picks; Cocktail stirrers; Coffee cups; Coffee cups, tea cups and mugs; Coffee filters not of paper being part of non-electric coffee makers; Coffee mugs; Coffee pod holders; Coffee scoops; Coffee servers; Coffee services of ceramic; Coffee stirrers; Colanders; Colanders for household use; Cold packs for chilling food and beverages; Cold packs used to keep food and drink cold; Collapsible fabric storage container for domestic use; Collapsible storage containers for domestic use; Comb cases; Combs; Combs for animals; Compacts containing dental floss and also including lip gloss; Compostable and biodegradable plates, bowls, cups and trays; Compostable bowls; Compostable cups; Compostable plates; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for household or kitchen use not of precious metal; Containers for household or kitchen use of precious metal; Containers for household use; Containers for household use, namely, glass bulbs; Containers for household use, namely, globes; Containers for ice; Containers of plastic for storage of feminine products for household or domestic use; Cookery molds; Cookie cutters; Cookie jars; Cookie molds; Cookie sheets; Cookie stamps; Cooking funnels; Cooking graters; Cooking skewers; Cooking skewers of metal; Cooking spoons; Cooking strainers; Cooking utensils, namely, barbecue branders; Cooking utensils, namely, grill covers; Cooking utensils, namely, grills; Cooking utensils, namely, wire baskets; Coolers for wine; Cooling buckets for wine; Corkscrews; Cosmetic brushes; Cosmetic stamps, empty; Cotton ball jars; Cotton gloves for household purposes; Countertop holders for paper towels; Covers for dishes; Covers for tissue boxes; Cream and sugar set; Cream jugs; Crockery, namely, pots, dishes, drinking cups and saucers, bowls, serving bowls and trays; Cruet stands for oil or vinegar not of precious metal; Cruets not of precious metal; Crumb-sweepers; Cup cake molds; Cup lids; Cupcake baking cups; Cupcake molds; Cupcake stands; Cups; Cups and mugs; Cups, not of precious metal; Curry combs; Currycombs; Cutting boards; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Decorative ceramic tiles not for use as building materials; Decorative pail personalized with an individual's name on the lid and decals, stickers, and other items on the pail unique to that individual; Decorative plates; Decorative small glass bottles containing saw dust memorabilia; Deep fryers, non-electric; Dental care kit comprising toothbrushes and floss; Dental floss; Dental flossers; Dental tape; Deshedding combs for pets; Dessert plates; Dinnerware; Dish drainers; Dish drying mats; Dish drying racks; Dish stands; Dishers; Dishes; Dishes for soap; Dishware; Dishwashing brushes; Disposable aluminium foil containers for household purposes; Disposable beverage lid with an integrated press and plunger for placement on any cup for the purpose of infusing beverages; Disposable chopsticks; Disposable duster sleeves for cleaning; Disposable gloves for home use; Disposable latex and nitrile gloves for general use; Disposable latex gloves for general use; Disposable liner pads for animal litter boxes; Disposable plastic gloves for general use; Disposable plastic gloves for use in the food service industry; Disposable serving spoons; Disposable table plates; Double boilers; Double wall cups with lids; Double wall cups with lids and straws; Drain stoppers for sinks and drains; Drinking cups and saucers; Drinking cups for babies and children; Drinking cups for babies and children and parts and fittings therefor, namely, cups for babies and children sold as a unit with valves and lids; Drinking cups for children and parts and fittings therefor, namely, drinking cups for children sold as a unit with non-insulated lids; Drinking cups for infants and parts and fittings therefor, namely, valves and lids sold as a unit; Drinking cups sold with lids therefor; Drinking flasks; Drinking glasses, namely, tumblers; Drinking straws; Drinking straws for babies and children; Drinkware; Drip mats for tea; Dripping pans; Dryer balls that are placed in the clothes drying machine with the clothing to assist in the drying process; Drying boards for washed, starched and then stretched pieces of kimono (hari-ita); Dust gloves; Dust pans; Dust-pans; Dustbins for household purposes; Duster sleeves for cleaning; Dusters; Dusting gloves; Dusting or cleaning cloths; Dutch ovens; Earthen pots; Earthenware jars; Egg cups; Egg cups of precious metal; Egg frying pans; Egg poachers; Egg rings; Egg separators, non electric, for household purposes; Egg yolk separators; Electric bottle openers; Electric combs; Electric cork screws; Electric devices for cleaning cosmetic brushes; Electric face cleansing brushes; Electric hair combs; Electric hot brushes; Electric hot combs; Electric jar openers; Electric lint removers; Electric make-up removing appliances; Electric pet brushes; Electric rotary hair brush for styling a user's hair; Electric tooth brushes; Electric toothbrush replacement handles and recharging docks sold as a unit; Electric toothbrush replacement heads; Electric toothbrushes; Electrical applicators for applying cosmetics to the skin; Electrical toothbrushes; Electrically-heated hair brushes; Empty spray bottles; Empty water bottles for bicycles; Exfoliating cloths; Exfoliating mitts; Exfoliating pads; Eyebrow brushes; Eyeglass cleaning cloths; Eyelash brushes; Eyelash combs; Fabric beverage sleeves featuring attached muffs to keep hands warm while holding drinks; Fabric boxes for storing greeting cards; Fabric clean room wipes; Facial sponges for applying make-up; Feather dusters; Feeding vessels for pets; Fibreglass, other than for insulation or textile use; Figurines made out of fiberglass; Filters for use in cat litter boxes; Finger bowls; Finger toothbrushes; Finger toothbrushes for babies; Finger-fitting gauze cot for removing debris from and cleaning the inside of nostrils; Fitted covers for buckets or pails; Fitted covers for trash cans for household purposes; Fitted liners for ice buckets; Fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; Flat cooking ladles; Flavored toothpicks; Floating drink holders; Floss for dental purposes; Flower and plant cultivation trays; Flower baskets; Flower pot holders; Flower pots; Flower vases and bowls; Flower vases and bowls of precious metal; Fly swatters; Foam applicator sticks for applying cosmetics, administering pharmaceuticals and cleaning machinery or computer hardware; Fondant cutters; Fondant rollers; Fondue pots without heat source; Food basters; Food preserving jars of glass; Food steamers, non-electric; Foot exfoliating pads; Fragrance oil burners; Frames for drying and maintaining the shape of a clothing item; Fried egg molds; Fruit bowls; Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; Frying pans; Funnels; Funnels for kitchen use; Funnels, namely, sprues of wax for jewelry casting; Furniture dusters; Garden hose sprayers; Gardening gloves; Gas pressurized beverage siphon containers, namely, cream whippers, cream pitchers and soda water holders and gas cartridges sold empty; General purpose storage bins for household use; Glass bowls; Glass dishes; Glass jars; Glass lids for industrial packaging containers; Glass mosaics not for buildings; Glass mugs; Glass pans; Glass rods; Glass storage jars; Glass threads for non-textile purposes; Glass tubes not for scientific purposes; Glass tubing for use in making signs; Glass wool not for insulation; Glass yarns; Glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; Gloves for household purposes; Gloves for pumping gasoline; Golf brush; Grass sprinklers; Graters for household purposes; Grooming tools for pets, namely, combs and brushes; Ground plate glass; Hair brushes; Hair brushes for styling hair edges; Hair collection device in the nature of a wall-mounted panel covered with a fabric that can hold a person's hair that has been lost as a result of brushing or washing; Hair color application brushes; Hair combs for styling hair edges; Hair detangler brushes; Hair detangler combs; Hair picks; Hair tinting brushes; Hair, nail and tooth brushes; Hairbrushes; Hand operated, non-electric pool cleaning pump in a stick-like shape which a user can manipulate to collect debris from a spa or pool through a simple pumping action that creates suction; Hand wash basins in the nature of bowls; Hand-operated claw crackers; Hand-operated coffee grinders; Hand-operated coffee grinders and pepper mills; Hand-operated cookie presses; Hand-operated cooking sieves and sifters; Hand-operated devices for scratching pets; Hand-operated grinders; Hand-operated lobster shell crackers; Hand-operated pasta makers; Hand-operated pastry blenders; Hand-operated pepper mills; Hand-operated salt and pepper mills; Heads for electric toothbrushes; Heat-insulated containers for household use; High temperature nylon and polyethylene pan liners that help prevent food from sticking to the pan while storing, warming and cooking food; Holder for cutting board; Holders for cooking pot lids; Holders for cutting boards; Holders for flowers and plants; Holders for household irons; Holders for shaving brushes; Holders for toilet paper; Home dental care product for babies and children's gums and teeth, namely, finger brushes; Home dental care products for dogs and cats, namely, toothbrush; Honey dippers; Honey pot and dipper sets; Honey stirrers; Horsehair for brush-making; Horsehair for brushes; Hose nozzles; Hot pots, not electrically heated; Household containers for foods; Household containers for use in refrigerators; Household containers of precious metal; Household gloves for general use; Household plastic gloves; Household scouring pads; Household storage containers for pet food; Household utensils, namely, graters; Household utensils, namely, kitchen tongs; Household utensils, namely, sieves; Household utensils, namely, skimmers; Household utensils, namely, spatulas; Household utensils, namely, strainers; Household utensils, namely, turners; Ice cube molds for refrigerators; Ice cube moulds; Ice cube trays; Ice pails; Ice tongs; Indoor ant habitats; Industrial packaging containers of glass or porcelain; Inflatable drink holders; Insulated bags for food or beverage for domestic use; Insulated carriers for food and beverages; Insulated containers for beverage cans for domestic use; Insulated containers for food or beverage for domestic use; Insulated containers for food or beverages; Insulated flasks; Insulated lids for plates and dishes; Insulated mugs; Insulating jars; Insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups; Insulating sleeve holder for bottles; Insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans; Interdental brushes for cleaning the teeth; Ironing board covers; Ironing board covers, shaped; Ironing boards; Itch scratchers; Japanese rice bowls of precious metal (chawan); Japanese style wooden pestles for kitchen use (surikogi); Jar openers; Jars for cooking grease sold empty; Jugs; Jugs, not of precious metal; Kitchen containers; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Kitchen ladles; Kitchen mitts; Kitchen sponges; Kitchen utensil crocks; Kitchen utensil, namely, non-metal flexible lid designed for draining or pressing liquids from a food can; Kitchen utensils, namely, pouring and straining spouts; Knife blocks; Knife boards; Knife rests; Knife rests for the table; Ladles for kitchen use; Ladles for serving wine; Lamp glass brushes; Large-toothed combs for the hair; Laundry bins for household purposes; Laundry hampers for domestic or household use; Laundry sorters for household purposes; Laundry sorters for household use; Lids with drinking spouts for reusable water bottles; Light duty utility gloves; Lint brushes; Lint removers, electric or non-electric; Lint removing sheets for personal use; Lint rollers; Lip brushes; Liquor pourers; Litter trays for pets; Lockable non-metal household containers for food; Loofahs for household purposes; Lotion containers sold empty for domestic use; Lunch bags not of paper; Lunch boxes; Lunch boxes made of metal; Lunch boxes made of plastic; Lunch pails; Lunch-boxes; Lunchboxes; Make-up brush holders; Make-up brushes; Make-up mixing palettes sold empty; Make-up removing appliances; Makeup sponge holders; Mangers; Manual cosmetic cleaners, namely, non-woven fabric wipes and sponges; Manual toothbrushes; Marking rings for poultry; Marshmallow cooking forks; Martini glasses; Mason jars; Massage sponges; Meat grinders, non-electric; Meat tongs; Medication containers for personal use; Metal baskets for household purposes; Metal cooking pans; Metal pans; Metal pans for cattle; Metal sponges for household use; Metal wool for cleaning; Microfiber cloths for cleaning; Milk churns; Mitts of fabric for cleaning; Mixing bowls; Mixing cups; Mop buckets; Mop heads; Mop wringer buckets; Mops; Mortars for kitchen use; Mosaic art tiles made of glass and ceramic; Mosaics of glass, not for buildings; Motorized applicators for applying cosmetics to eyelashes; Muffin pans; Muffin tins; Mug cosies; Mug cozies; Mug sleeves; Mugs; Mugs of precious metal; Mugs, not of precious metal; Multipurpose wiping cloth for use with infants and toddlers; Mushroom brushes; Nail brushes; Napkin holders and napkin rings not of precious metal; Napkin holders of precious metal; Napkin holders, not of precious metal; Napkin rings; Napkin rings of precious metal; Napkin rings, not of precious metal; Non-electric candelabras; Non-electric carpet sweepers; Non-electric coffee makers; Non-electric coffee pots; Non-electric coffee servers of precious metal; Non-electric coffeepots of precious metal; Non-electric cooking pans; Non-electric cooking pots; Non-electric deep fryers; Non-electric egg beaters; Non-electric egg crackers for household use; Non-electric food blenders for household purposes; Non-electric food mixers for household purposes; Non-electric French presses; Non-electric fruit squeezers; Non-electric frying pans; Non-electric garlic peeler sleeves; Non-electric hair straightening combs; Non-electric heaters for feeding bottles; Non-electric ice cream makers; Non-electric jar openers; Non-electric juicers; Non-electric kettles; Non-electric milk frothers; Non-electric mincers; Non-electric pasta makers for domestic use; Non-electric pasta makers for household purposes; Non-electric portable beverage coolers; Non-electric portable coldboxes; Non-electric portable coolers; Non-electric pressure cookers; Non-electric pressure cooking saucepans; Non-electric rotary cheese graters; Non-electric toasters; Non-electric tortilla presses; Non-electric trouser presses; Non-electric wall sconces being candle holders; Non-electric woks; Non-electric yoghurt makers; Non-electric yogurt makers; Non-electrical coffee grinders; Non-modular containers for use in transportation and storage for household use; Non-stick barbecue grill cooking mats for use on grills; Non-woven disposable textile wipes not impregnated with chemicals or compounds; Noodle machines, hand-operated; Nut crackers; Nut crackers of precious metal; Nutcrackers; Nutcrackers not of precious metal; Nutcrackers of precious metal; Oral care kit comprising toothbrushes and floss; Outdoor swings for birds; Oven mitts; Oven to table racks; Pads for cleaning; Pads of metal for cleaning; Paint buckets; Pancake molds; Pans; Paper and plastic cups; Paper baking cups; Paper cupcake baking liners; Paper cups; Paper muffin baking liners; Paper plates; Paper plates and paper cups; Pasta makers, hand-operated; Pastry bags; Pastry boards; Pastry brushes; Pastry cutters; Pastry rollers; Pepper mills, hand-operated; Pepper pots; Perfume bottles sold empty; Perfume sprayers sold empty; Pet brushes; Pet dishes; Pet drinking bowls; Pet grooming device comprising a built in brush head and an attachment that connects to a water source; Pet grooming device comprising a built in brush head and an attachment that connects to vacuums; Pet grooming device comprising a sprayer nozzle and an attachment that connects to a water source and to a reservoir for a conditioning agent; Pet litter box liners; Pet litter boxes; Pet waste management kits comprising scoops for pet waste disposal, plastic bags and liners, and portable dispensers for plastic bags and liners sold as a unit; Pet water bowls; Picnic baskets sold empty; Pie pans; Pilsner drinking glasses; Pitchers; Pizza peels; Pizza stones; Pizza tray stands; Place mats of plastic; Place mats, not of paper or textile; Plant syringes; Planters for flowers and plants; Plastic bag holders for household use; Plastic bags for use in oven cooking; Plastic bathtubs for children; Plastic board specially adapted for use in folding laundry for household use; Plastic bottle with blown cavity insert sold empty; Plastic buckets; Plastic coasters; Plastic containers in the shape of fruits and vegetables for storing individual fruits and vegetables, and for extending the life of those fruits and vegetables; Plastic containers, namely, cake boxes for household use; Plastic drink bottle identification tag; Plastic egg holders for domestic use; Plastic household gloves; Plastic juice box holders; Plastic molds for household use in making soap; Plastic nozzles for metal cans; Plastic place mats; Plastic plates; Plastic safety caps for medicine containers; Plastic spray nozzles; Plastic storage containers for domestic use; Plastic storage containers for household or domestic use; Plastic storage containers for household use; Plastic water bottles sold empty; Plates; Plates for hors d'oeuvre; Plunger-style coffee makers, non-electric; Polished plate glass; Polishing cloths; Polishing gloves; Polishing leather; Popcorn tins sold empty for domestic use; Porcelain cake decorations; Portable cooking kits for outdoor use; Portable cool boxes, non-electric; Portable coolers, non-electric; Portable ice chests for food and beverages; Portable plastic containers for storing household and kitchen goods; Portable pots and pans for camping; Portable tea caddies; Pot and pan scrapers; Pot cleaning brushes; Pot scrapers; Pot stands; Potato ricers; Potholders; Potpourri dishes made in whole or in part of precious metal; Potties for children; Poultry mangers; Pouring spouts for household use; Power-operated brush used to clean and exfoliate the skin; Pre-moistened towelettes for cleaning; Pre-moistened towelettes for household cleaning; Preserve glasses; Pressure cookers, non-electric; Pressurized and gravity operated watering and nutrient feeding containers; Pudding molds; Racks and stands for elevating pet feeding bowls and dishes; Rags for cleaning; Rails and rings for towels; Rails and rings for towels, not of precious metal; Re-usable or disposable plastic or silicone valves sold for use with training cups for babies and children; Recipe boxes; Recyclable flexible plastic pouches sold empty for holding water or nutritional liquids; Recycling bins with built-in electronic display screens for household use; Reusable ice cubes; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Reusable self-sealing lids for household use for bowls, cups, containers and the storage of food; Reusable silicone finger guards for handling of dirty cloth diapers; Reusable silicone food covers for household containers; Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Reusable straw-fitted beverage lids for placement on jars for household use; Reuseable ice cubes; Rice chests; Rice cookers for use in microwave ovens; Rice molds; Ring-shaped cake pans; Rinsing bowls; Rinsing buckets; Rinsing pails; Roasting dishes; Roasting pans; Rolling pins; Rolling pins, domestic; Roses for watering cans; Rotating holders for kitchen utensils; Sake serving bottles (tokkuri); Salad bowls; Salad spinners; Salad tongs; Salt and pepper shakers; Salt shakers; Salt shakers of precious metal; Sandwich boxes; Sauceboats not of precious metals; Saucepan scourers of metal; Saucepans; Saucers for flower pots; Saucers made of precious metals; Saucers not of precious metals; Scalp scratchers; Scoops for household purposes; Scoops for the disposal of pet waste; Scouring pads; Scouring sponges; Scrapers for household purposes; Scraping brushes; Scrub sponges; Scrubbing brushes; Self-watering planters for flowers and plants; Semi-finished safety glass; Serviette rings; Serviette rings not of precious metal; Serviette rings of precious metal; Serving boards for food; Serving dishes; Serving forks; Serving ladles; Serving pitchers having a thumb shield to prevent a waiter's thumb from contacting internal contents while pouring; Serving platters; Serving platters not of precious metal; Serving spoons; Serving tongs; Serving tray liners; Serving trays; Serving trays not of precious metal; Serving trays, namely, cabarets; Servingware for serving food; Servingware for serving food and drinks; Shallow bowls; Shampooing syringes; Shaped ironing board covers; Shaving brush holders; Shaving brushes of badger hair; Shaving dishes; Ship-scrubbing brushes; Shoe polish applicators not containing shoe polish; Shoe shine cloths; Shoe stretchers; Shoe stretchers of wood; Shot glasses; Shower caddies; Shut-off valves for water sprinkler nozzles; Sieves for household purposes; Silicone cupcake baking liners; Sippy cups; Ski wax brushes; Skillets; Small jugs; Smart medicine bottles, empty; Snifters; Soap brackets; Soap dishes; Soap holders and boxes; Speckled glass; Spice racks; Sponges for applying body powder; Sponges for cleaning medical instruments; Sponges for household purposes; Sponges used for applying make-up; Spoon rests; Sprayer nozzles for garden hoses; Sprinkler heads for lawn sprinklers; Sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; Squeeze bottles sold empty; Stained glass figurines; Stands for dishes; Stands for shaving brushes; Steamer baskets; Steel wool; Steelwool; Stemware; Stew-pans; Sticks for cake pops; Sticks for frozen confections; Sticks for lollipops; Stir-fry pans; Stirring rods of precious metal for beverages; Stone pots; Stove burner covers; Strainers for household purposes; Straws for drinking; Stretchers for clothing; Stretchers for gloves; Sugar basins; Sugar tongs; Swabs and sponges for cleaning medical instruments; Swabs for cleaning medical instruments; Swimming pool products, namely, glass granules used in pool filters; Synthetic fibers for the manufacture of brushes, namely, toothbrushes, hair brushes and cleaning brushes; Syringes for watering flowers and plants; Table mats of plastic; Table mats, not of paper or textile; Table napkin holders; Table place card holders not of precious metal; Table plates; Tablemats of plastic; Tablemats, not of paper or textile; Tankards not of precious metal; Tankards of precious metal; Tar brushes, long-handled; Tea balls; Tea balls not of precious metal; Tea balls of precious metal; Tea caddies; Tea canisters; Tea cosies; Tea infusers; Tea infusers not of precious metal; Tea infusers of precious metal; Tea services not of precious metal; Tea services of precious metal; Tea sets; Tea strainers; Teacups (yunomi); Teeth whitening pens sold empty; Teeth whitening trays sold empty; Tension closing devices for pot lids; Thermal insulated bags for food or beverages; Thermal insulated containers for food or beverages; Tie presses; Toast racks; Toilet brush and toilet brush holder sets; Toilet brush holders; Toilet brushes; Toilet paper holders; Toilet plunger holders; Toilet plungers; Toilet roll holders; Toilet tissue holders; Toiletry sponges; Tongue brushes; Tongue cleaning brushes; Tool bucket organizer, namely, an organizer specially adapted for affixation to a bucket for holding tools and other apparatus; Tooth brush cases; Tooth brushes; Tooth brushes, non-electric; Tooth polishing apparatus for home use; Toothbrush bristles; Toothbrush cases; Toothbrush head covers; Toothbrush holders; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes for animals; Toothbrushes for pets; Toothbrushes, electric; Toothpick holders of precious metal; Toothpicks; Towel bars; Towel rails; Towel rails and rings; Towel rails and rings, not of precious metal; Towel rings; Training chopsticks; Training cups for babies and children; Trash containers for household use; Travel mugs; Trays for domestic purposes; Trays for domestic purposes of paper; Trays for domestic purposes, not of metal; Trays for household purposes; Trays of paper, for household purposes; Troughs; Tub brushes; Tumblers for use as drinking glasses; Ultrasonic pest repellers; Unfinished glass for vehicle windows; Upright signboards of glass or ceramic; Utensils for barbecues, namely, forks, tongs, turners; Vacuum bottle stoppers; Vacuum bottle stoppers specially adapted for use with wine bottles; Vacuum bottles; Vases of precious metal; Vegetable mashers; Vinegar cruets; Vinyl place mats; Waffle irons, non-electric; Wash basins in the nature of bowls; Washing balls, sold empty; Washing brushes; Washing cloths; Waste baskets; Waste bins for household use; Wastepaper baskets; Water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums for home use; Water bottles sold empty; Watering cans; Whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; Whisky glasses; Whistling kettles, non-electric; Window cleaners in the nature of a combination squeegee and scrubber; Wine aerators; Wine buckets; Wine coasters of precious metal; Wine glasses; Wire brushes, not being machine parts; Wood chopping boards for kitchen use; Wood cooking planks for use in grilling; Wooden cooking spoons; Work gloves
The mark consists of a large right-pointed angled arrow (without a shaft or tail) with a rodent-like figurehead from the top end of the arrow. The head is in grey and has two ears on the top, a black half-cut round nose, and one black eye. The entire head is divided by a white outline and transitions into the body of the arrow which resembles the pattern of one butterfly wing. The wing is comprised of four main geometric shapes or sections, each separated by a white outline. From top to bottom, the wing sections are in blue, red, orange, and lime green. Underneath the logo of the bottom lime green wing, the word in all caps "EVERYTHINGLY" is in small italic Franklin Gothic Demi black font. All shapes and figures are connected by a white outline that serves as a division for each main element of the mark.
The color(s) black, grey, white, blue, red, orange, and lime-green is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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