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Monday, May 22, 2023
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Thursday, May 18, 2023

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39 Transport brokerage; Storage of goods; Unloading cargo; Freight brokerage; Freight forwarding; Storage; Marine transport; Stevedoring; River transport; Car transport; Barge transport; Hauling; Boat transport; Transportation logistics; Transport; Freight; Vehicle rental; Lighterage services; Transport, including marine transport, namely transport by chartered and/or private ships, Freighting; Shipbrokerage, namely concluding of freighting agreements, for others; Chartering (rental) of ships of all kinds; Operating of ships (transport); Operating of ships, namely timetabling; Logistics in the transport sector; Transport and storage; Transport and warehousing and arranging of services therefor, namely transport of freight and goods of all kinds in ships and vehicles of all kinds, and the delivery thereof to recipients; Loading and unloading of all means of transport; Ship clearance; Brokering of ships, ships' cargoes, cargo space and berths; Information and consultancy in the shipping industry; Loading of freight containers onto ships; Boat transport; Ship transport; Ship chartering; Ship chartering; Embarking services; Ship loading services; Ship chartering; Ship unloading; Shipbrokerage; Transport of freight containers by ship; Freighting; River transport by boat; Chartering of watercraft, yachts, ships, boats and water vehicles; Freight forwarding between seaports; International ocean freight shipping services; Marine freighting; Marine transport; Arranging transportation by land, sea and air; Transportation and delivery services by air, road, rail and sea
37 Machinery installation, maintenance and repair; Building construction supervision; Shipbuilding; Underwater construction; Underwater repair; Offshore oil and gas well drilling services; Maintenance of offshore oil and gas wells platforms; operating and maintenance services for offshore oil and gas drilling and platforms; Laying of cable; Offshore construction; Ship maintenance
36 Brokerage; Rent collection
35 Negotiation of business contracts for others; Commercial intermediation services; Negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; Arranging of contracts, for others, for the providing of services; Arranging of contracts, for others, for the providing of services, namely transport of freight and goods of all kinds using ships and vehicles of all kinds and customer delivery of the aforesaid; Concluding of freight contracts, for others
42 Conducting technical project studies; Technical testing; Surveying; Technical consultancy; Conducting technical project studies; Engineering services; Construction drafting; Technical consultancy for projects relating to offshore wind turbines and offshore wind power and conducting of the aforesaid projects; Technical planning for shipbuilding; Design of boats; construction services; Engineering services; Engineering and computer-aided engineering services; Engineering services for others

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May 22, 2023
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