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Monday, May 22, 2023
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Thursday, May 18, 2023

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38 Telecommunication services; Provision of internet access services; Operation of telecommunications devices, cables, including fiberglass cables, cable protective tube installations and telecommunications apparatus; Providing access to computer networks (intranets and the Internet), Internet access (software), and telecommunications connections to computer networks by means of dial-in nodes (software), including Internet dial-in nodes, or computer centers (hardware); Exploitation and rental of fiber glass based on links with a divisible bandwidth; Telecommunication routing and junction services; Providing and organizing of access to internal and external servers for domain name services, e-mail and the Internet; Providing of communications services in connection with internet and online service security; Rental and leasing of cross connect cables (telecommunications); Providing of Internet and intranet access (hardware installation); Providing and rental of telecommunications multimedia; Telecommunications for computer and multimedia hosting; Telecommunications for server hosting; Rental of telecommunications facilities in the context of data centers; Providing and rental of access to telecommunications networks; Providing of telecommunications links; Rental of cabinets, cages and/or racks for telecommunications apparatus
43 Temporary rental, in the following fields: Accommodation services and Spaces, including spaces in a data center
42 Conducting technical tests, checks and measurements; Technical consultancy in the field of network and connection technology; Rental and maintenance of storage places; Rental of cabinets, housings and/or racks for data processing equipment; Installation and maintenance of network systems (software); Computerization, technical consultancy and technical planning for electronic monitoring installations for room control, temperature control, humidity control and access control for control installations for computer centers, for cooling installations for computer centers, switching hubs, measuring and server rooms, for cooling installations for computer cabinets, server cabinets, and parts and modules for the aforesaid goods, for air conditioning installations, cooling ceilings, humidifying apparatus; Computer security system monitoring services; Rental of spaces for telecommunications, multimedia installations and computer installations and computer services in the context of data centers
The mark consists of the term "nlighten" in a stylized font in the color white with a red dot on the letter "i", all on a green background.
The color(s) green, red and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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May 22, 2023
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