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Friday, May 19, 2023
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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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9 Protective fire resistant gloves, for use with fireplaces, wood stoves or barbecues and stove thermometers
8 Hand-operated hand tools and attachments for chimney cleaning and maintenance, namely, hand-operated fireplace rods, scrapers, harpoons, clearing wheels, and borers
19 Refractory mortar; building materials, namely, cement mixes; concrete, masonry and wood patching compound made of a tar base and leveling compounds in the nature of self-leveling concrete for use in building construction; roofing cement; roofing cement refractory mortars and cement; concrete and masonry sealing compounds, namely, concrete sealers for patching; plaster; hydraulic cement; spackling compounds; paste spackling; and mortar-based cement driveway crack fillers
7 A series of electric hand tools and attachments, namely, rotary grinding machine tools for breaking up tile surface materials being square rotary tile breakers and rectangular rotary tile breakers for use in chimney cleaning and maintenance
6 Chemicals and adhesives used in industry, namely, manganese for promoting more complete burning of solid fuel in woodstoves and furnaces; metal gaskets for airtight use in heating appliances, stoves, furnaces, stokers and fireplace inserts
17 Packing, stopping and insulating materials, namely, caulking compounds; silicate sealants; adhesive silicate sealants; acrylic construction joint sealant; non-metal gaskets for airtight heating appliances, stoves, furnaces, stokers and fireplace inserts; fiberglass fireplace insert seals for insulation; adhesive sealing compounds for caulking; high temperature resistant latex sealant for caulking and adhesive purposes intended for use with stoves, stove piping and other high temperature applications; non-metal gaskets for air-tight heating appliances, stoves, furnaces, stokers and fireplace inserts
5 Air deodorants and smoke odor neutralizers consisting primarily of air detergents
4 Fuel oil and fuel oil blended with chemical additives to enhance burn efficiency; solid fire starter in the nature of non-pourable gelled fuel for lighting fires; solid fire starters fuels, namely, non-petroleum-based firelighters in the nature of kindling woods; firelighters containing kindling wood chips; solid fire starter composed of wax-impregnated pressed board
3 Cleaning preparations, namely, creosote, soot and grime removers for use on fireplace glass, gas log sets, hearths, chimney flues and exteriors of same; metal polish; stove and cast iron polish for metal
2 Paints, preservatives and colorants, namely, cement paint
13 Flammable crystals that generate decorative, multi-colored flames for use in fireplaces, woodstoves, camp fires, fire pits and chimneys for pyrotechnical purposes
1 Chemicals and adhesives used in industry, namely, manganese phosphate and phosphate catalysts for creosote removal and for promoting more complete burning of solid fuel in woodstoves and furnaces; chemical fuel oil additives in the form of detergents and copper phosphate catalysts that attack gum, sludge and soot deposits in fuel tanks; wood combustion catalyst in the nature of a phosphate additive to increase burning efficiency in wood or coal burning stoves and fireplaces; dehumidifying agents consisting primarily of calcium chloride and inert calcined clay filler; general purpose adhesives for use in the home care and repair industry, namely, roofing adhesive and adhesives for floor, ceiling and wall tiles; industrial adhesives for use in the woodstove, furnace and fireplace care and repair industry; industrial adhesive in the nature of stove and gasket cements; chemical additives for fuel oil to enhance burn efficiency
11 Gas fireplace accessories, namely, silica sand, lava rocks, vermiculite, rock wool, and vermiculite and rock wool mixture, all used as artificial embers powered by gas in gas fireplaces
21 Cleaning brushes for cleaning of chimneys; cleaning accessories, namely, extension rods specially adapted for extending cleaning brushes for cleaning of chimneys; fireplace brushes; extension rods specially adapted for use with extending non-electric cleaning brushes for cleaning chimneys

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