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Friday, May 12, 2023
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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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9 Cases, covers, screen protectors and fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and protecting cell phones and hand-held computing devices, namely, tablets, portable electronic devices, smart phones and smart watches; PC tablet covers; tablet computer covers; electronic writing tablet covers; carrying and protective cases and sleeves for laptops and portable electronic devices, namely, smart phones, smart watches, MP3 players, cameras, tablet computers, personal digital assistants, electronic book readers; mobile phone cases featuring rechargeable batteries; USB charging hubs being USB charging ports; carrying cases, holders, protective cases and stands featuring power supply connectors, adaptors, speakers, and battery charging devices specially adapted for use with handheld electronic devices, namely, phones, MP3 players, tablets, and hand-held computing devices, namely, smart phones, tablet computers, personal digital assistants, electronic book readers; charging luggage and bags, namely, computer bags, bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying portable telephones and telephone equipment and accessories being earbuds, headsets for mobile telephones, computer styluses, belt clips for mobile telephones; mobile phone straps and backplates; headsets for mobile phones; cell phone battery chargers; sound bars; wireless speakers; audio speakers; earphones; ear buds and headphones; noise-cancelling earphones; noise cancelling headphones; earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions, earphone cases, earphone pads; cameras; camera bags; camera straps; radios; armbands specially adapted for personal electronic devices, namely, mobile phones, MP3 players; USB cables; blank USB flash drives; computer storage devices, namely, blank flash drives; computer mice and computer mouse pads; computer keyboards; computer stylus; power strips, power cables and extension cords; USB electric wall battery chargers, electrical outlets, power adapters, electrical plugs; travel accessories, namely, power electrical adapters and adapter plugs; scales for weighing travel luggage; locators and trackers for luggage, namely, electronic devices used to locate lost objects employing radio frequency; measuring spoons and cups; magnetically encoded gift cards; outerwear being personal protective equipment (PPE), namely, protective work gloves
8 Disposable tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; flatware, namely, forks, knives, spoons and serving knives; hand tools for use in the kitchen, namely, can openers; pruning knives; non-electric can openers; scissors; hand tools, namely, hammers, drills, saws, screw drivers and chisels, paint scrapers and trim guides; lawn and garden tools, namely, rakes, shovels, shears, manual clippers, hand-powered cultivators, pruners, and trowels; shavers, namely, razors and razor blades; disposable razors; electric razors; razor cases; shaving cases; manicure and pedicure implements, namely, nail files, nail clippers, nail buffers, cuticle pushers, tweezers, nail and cuticle scissors
7 Electric blenders for household purposes; electric food mixers for household purposes
28 Paper party hats; paper party favors; water toys; inflatable pool and beach toys; sand toys; swim floats for recreational use; beach balls; play tents; gift sets comprised of party games, card games, tabletop games, building games, ring games, and action skill games; stuffed and plush toys; piƱatas; party games; bubble making wand and solution sets; balloons; balls for games; balls for sports; rubber balls; beach balls; jump ropes; party favors in the nature of small toys; toy animals; toy vehicles, boats and airplanes; water squirting toys; wind-up toys; toy novelty sunglasses; glow toys comprised of toy glow sticks, play wands; soft sculpture plush toys and stuffed plush toys; toy novelty jewelry, namely, necklaces; dolls; playing cards and card games; tossing disc toys; toy guns; paper party favors; toy motorized bubble machines; beanbag toss games; croquet and lawn bowling sets; gardening and beach toys, namely, buckets, shovels, rakes, watering cans, and sifters; action figure toys; toy building blocks, pet toys
16 Prints in the nature of printed photographs; art prints; prints in the nature of lithographs; framed art pictures and prints; stationery; paper; envelopes; letter racks; letter holders; chalk boards; black boards; magnetic boards; memo boards, in the nature of magnetic boards for scheduling activities and appointments; printed publications, namely, picture boards being picture framing mat boards; clip boards; desk sets; desk file trays; desktop organizers; desk organizers for stationery use in the nature of in/out boxes; desktop business card holders; bookends; file boxes for storage of business and personal records; file trays; photo book albums and storage boxes; blank paper inserts for photo albums; paint brushes; paper notebooks; printed notebooks; spiral-bound notebooks; printed note pads; blank note pads; note pads containing adhesive on one side of the sheet for attachment to surfaces; blank journal books; blank journals for writing; leather-bound blank journals; blank writing travel journal books; writing blank travel journals; printed day planners and printed newsletters in the field of activity planning, inspirational, lifestyle, nutritional, fitness, and fitness and nutrition tracking information; pencils; pens; travel pens; markers; dry erase markers; dry erase writing boards; crayons; stationery blank note cards; highlighter pens; erasers; paper staplers; paper shredders for office use; pencil sharpeners; paper hole punchers; staple remover; drawing ruler; letter opener; rubber erasers; lead refills for mechanical pencils; paper expanding files; paper clips; stickers; office binders; ring binders; loose-leaf binders; binder clips; binder pockets, namely, file pockets for stationery use; self-adhesive tape for stationery or household use; dispensers for adhesive tape for stationery or household use; bumper stickers; pencil cases; pencil cups; folders in the nature of hanging folders, folders for letters, folders of paper, manila folders; paper weights; printed calendars; personal organizers; printed note cards; printed stationery note cards; printed date books; stylus pen being a steel pen; steel pens; globes; stencils; wallpaper stencils; paint rollers, paint trays; blank notecards; file folders; hanging file folders; file and memo sorters; filing labels and index tabs, in the nature of printed paper labels and plain and preprinted index cards for use on file folders; document portfolios; presentation folders; paper report covers; index dividers; coupon holders; printed children's activity books; paint kits for arts and crafts; activity kits, namely, arts and crafts paint, clay and paper kits; paint brushes; rubber bands; push pins; adhesive tape for household or stationery use; paper party supplies, namely, bags, decorations, tablecloths, tableware, namely, paper napkins, paper place mats, paper doilies, paper table linens and paper cake decorations; party favor boxes sold empty; paper banners; bags for favors in the nature of party goodie bags of paper or plastic; gift boxes; paper decorative garland for parties; crepe paper; printed invitations; blank note cards for use as invitations; blank note cards; printed social notecards; fabric gift bags; paper gift cards; tissue paper; plastic and paper gift wrap; paper gift wrapping bows and tags; paper gift bags; paper ribbon for gift wrapping; chalk and chalk erasers; pencil ornaments; document holders for travel; passport covers, passport holders, passport cases; money clips; printed travel maps with pins; printed puzzle books; printed game books being children's activity books; travel kits to include dry erase board, chalk board, stickers, decals, chalk, paper, dry erase markers; facial tissue; paper lunch bags; paper towels; shelf paper; plastic containers, namely, plastic party favor gift boxes sold empty; travel accessories, namely, passport cases; wall stickers
27 Travel mats in the nature of personal sitting or resting mats; rugs; accent rugs; door mats; bath mats; beach mats; rugs in the nature of floor runners; woven area rugs; fabric bath tub rugs; wallpaper; wallpaper murals; pet feeding mats; floor mats
4 Candles; party candles for cake
2 interior paint
24 Plastic flags; plastic banners; household linens; shower curtains; bedding, namely, comforters, sheets and sheet sets, shams, pillow cases, bed skirts, bed spreads, blankets, coverlets, duvets and duvet covers, quilts and throws; lap blankets; mattress pads of cotton; mattress pads of foam; fabric window coverings, namely, curtains, draperies, sheers, swags, valances; towels, namely, cotton towels, bath towels and beach towels; wash cloths; covers for cushions; fitted toilet lid covers made of fabric; travelling blankets; travel accessories, namely, blankets, pillow covers; linens, namely, bath, household, kitchen, dining linens; textile table linens not of paper, namely, placemats, napkins, tablecloths, fabric table runners; plastic table covers; unfitted covers of textile for pet car seats; pet towels; pet blankets; fabric bed covers
11 Lighting fixtures; lamps; lamp shades; lamp bases; lamp finials; electric decorative string lights; electric lighting fixtures; electric night lights; lighting apparatus, namely, candle lamps and electric lanterns; LED candles; electric candles; LED lights, namely, LED landscape, mood and flood lights; LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications; flameless candles; electric Christmas lights for Christmas trees; electric lights for Christmas trees; electric string lights for festive, light and party-themed decoration; lighted decorations, namely, lamps, fairy lights, LED light strips and lighted outdoor structures for the yard comprised of lights and wire frame statute and electrically-illuminated figurines for festive decoration; solar light fixtures, namely, indoor and outdoor solar powered lighting units and fixtures; electric beverage urns; electric toasters; electric ice cream makers; electric coffee makers for household purposes; electric kettles for household use; microwave ovens for household purposes; electric refrigerators for household purposes
22 Hammocks; laundry bags; packable storage bags in the nature of garment bags for storage and shoe bags for storage; travel accessories, namely, laundry bags for travel
21 Flatware, namely, plates, saucers, serving spoons, serving trays, serving forks, serving tongs; paper party supplies, namely, paper plates and paper cups; glass bottle stoppers; drinking straws; containers for plants, namely, planters and flower pots; lawn and garden ornaments of glass; statues and figurines of glass; statues and figurines of ceramic; earthenware mugs; decorative centerpieces of earthenware; earthenware jars; figures of earthenware; vases and flower pots all being of glass, ceramic, stone; gardening gloves; watering cans; bird baths being bowls for birds to bathe in; decorative glass jars; bottles sold empty; canister sets; buckets; sieves for household purposes; cooking sieves; hand-operated cooking sieves; urns being planters for flowers and plants; urns being vases; baskets of wicker, metal, wood, cloth for household purpose; food and beverage insulated containers for household use; dinnerware; stemware; beverage ware; drinking glasses and mugs; coffee and tea mugs; tea balls, strainers and infusers; tea pots not of precious metal; non-electric blenders for household purposes; non-electric food mixers; non-electric ice cream makers; non-electric coffee makers; cake and cupcake molds; gelatin molds; candy molds; cookery molds; frozen confections molds; mixing bowls; butter dishes; cake stands; tiered cookie serving platter; pitchers; vases; chip-and-dip dish sets being a serving platter for chips and dips; banana holders in the nature of household kitchen utensils; dish drying racks; household food storage canisters sold empty; serving dishes; serving trays; meal trays; valet trays; paper towel dispensers for household use; napkin rings not of precious metal; soap dispensers; soap dishes; shower caddies; cotton ball dispensers; toilet tissue holders and dispensers for facial tissues; toilet brushes; toilet brush holders; toothbrush holders; brooms; mops; household cleaning brushes and sponges; clothes brushes; dusting brushes; dishwashing brushes; pot cleaning brushes; tub and bath brushes; food brushes, namely, crumb, basting meat, vegetable, pastry and potato scrubbing brushes; containers for household or kitchen use; clothes drying racks; clothes pins; laundry hampers for domestic or household use; laundry baskets; garbage cans; waste baskets; decorative pots not of metal; plates and pots; home decorative accessories, namely, decorative plates, candle holders, candle plates; candle rings; desktop statuary not of metal, namely, desktop statuary made of glass, ceramic sculptures, vessels and bowls; pillar candle plates; kitchen tools and accessories, namely, cookie jars, carafes, napkin holders not of metal, coaster sets not of paper or textile; bread boxes, salad bowl sets, gravy boats, hand-operated pepper mills; pans; bake ware; serving dishes, namely, tiered platters, sugar and creamer sets consisting of sugar bowls and creamer pitchers, salt and pepper shakers; trivets; household utensils, namely, spatulas, tongs, sponge holders, graters, strainers, turners, whisks; utensils for barbecuing, namely, tongs, forks and turners; serving forks; flatware caddies for holding knives, forks, spoons, serving utensils for household use; spoon rests; ice cream scoops; kitchen tools and accessories, namely, beverage stirrers, spice racks; cookware, namely, pots and pans, roasting pans; cooking utensils, namely, wire baskets; cocktail shakers; cocktail picks; cocktail stirrers; swizzle sticks; cocktail glasses; soapstone cubes for chilling whiskey; ice scoops; ice cube molds; beverage stands, namely, portable beverage container holders for beverage cups; non-electric portable beverage coolers; buckets and pots; oven mitts; dish cloths; holiday ornaments, not tree ornaments, of glass; outdoor equipment and accessories, namely, beverageware, bottles sold empty, all-purpose portable household containers, insulated bags for food and beverages for domestic use; reusable plastic water bottle sets sold empty meeting the travel specifications for federal government agencies; water bottles sold empty; disposable plates, bowls and cups; paper baking cups; paper serving platters; disposable paperboard bakeware; lunch bags not of paper; lunch boxes; cleaning sponges; scouring pads; hand tools for use in the kitchen, namely, kitchen tongs; kitchen tongs, namely, salad, serving, sugar, ice, meat and barbecue tongs; outerwear, namely, work gloves; pet bowls; pet water fountains being bowls; racks and stands for elevating pet bowls; cat litter pans; pet food scoops; household storage containers for pet food and treats; portable dispensers for plastic bags sold as a unit; window perch for pets; cages for pets; pet litter pans
20 Bulletin boards; tack boards; cork boards; desk drawer organizers; furniture; outdoor and indoor furniture, namely, coffee tables, end tables, side tables, dining tables, chairs, dining chairs, motion chairs, lounge chairs, lawn chairs, beach chairs, beach furniture, ottomans, stools, pouf ottomans, benches, work benches, sofas, couches and chaise lounges; umbrella stands; tea carts; shelving; mirrors; decorative mirrors; picture frames; photograph frames; photo holders in the nature of magnetized and clip-on photo frames; beds, pillows and bolsters; mattresses; seat cushions; indoor window shades and blinds; drapery hardware, namely, tension rods, rod sets, rods of wood, rods of steel, poles, rings, brackets, drapery rings not of metal; decorative window finials; wall plaques made of plaster, plastic, or wood; display boards; fire guards for domestic use, namely, fire fenders; fire screens and fire guards in the nature of fire fenders for domestic use; clothes hangers; curtain hooks, rings, rods, rollers and poles; bathroom furniture; shower curtain rings; shower curtain rods; bath pillows; coat stands; towel racks, towel stands; wine racks; cushions; statues and figurines of plaster, plastic, wood; non-metal storage deck boxes; decorative boxes made of wood; storage and organization products and accessories, namely, storage shelves, storage cabinets, storage drawers, storage racks, drawer organizers; non-metal fabric storage bin organizers; cupboards; non-metal containers for storage, namely, wood and plastic storage boxes for general use; bookcases; book stands, desks; armoires; cabinets; chests of drawers; dressers; entertainment centers; filing cabinets; medicine cabinets; nightstands; non-metal garden stakes; garment racks, namely, display racks and storage racks for clothing; hat racks; gardening kneeling pads; ornaments for gardens and planters in the nature of wooden whirligigs; herbal non-metal plant stakes; bird houses; desktop statuary of wood or plastic; cork boards and bulletin boards; non-metal step ladders; jewelry organizer displays in the nature of jewelry stands and jewelry trees for displaying and organizing jewelry; gift package decorations made of plastic; plastic party ornaments; plastic cake decorations; neck pillow, wearable travel pillow; non-metal luggage locks; holiday ornaments, not tree ornaments, of plastic; travel mats in the nature of resting mats being nap mats; pet beds; pillows for pets; pet cushions; pet furniture; pet kennels; covers for pet kennels; cat scratching posts and pads; pet crates; play yards for pets; pet ramps; fixed non-metal dispensers for dog waste bags; play houses for pets

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