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Friday, May 12, 2023
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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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17 Plastic powder; plastic granule; plastic substances, semi-processed; semi-processed resin fiber; semi-processed bio-based plastics; semi-processed biodegradable plastics; plastic filaments for 3D printing; plastic silk threads for 3D printing, comprising biodegradable plastics; semi-processed plastic substances for 3D printing, comprising biodegradable semi-processed artificial resins and rubbers
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1 Water treatment agent; water-purifying chemicals; chemicals for water purification; reagent for water quality; dechlorination agents; enzymes for industrial purposes; ferments for chemical purposes; enzyme reagent; disincrustants; descaling preparations, other than for household purposes; water scale preventing agents; industrial chemicals; chemical reagents; chemical treatment agents for metal; sewage disposal agents; sewage disposal agents for industrial purposes; chemicals for pollution treatment; plastic chemical additive; chemicals for plastic industrial purposes; unprocessed artificial resins; unprocessed plastics; unprocessed biodegradable plastics; biodegradable chemicals for industrial purposes; chemical preparations for preparing biodegradable resin; bio-based polymers for industrial purposes; chemicals made from renewable materials, i.e., bio-based polymers; oil repellents for industrial purposes; industrial waterproofing agents; cellulose; cellulose derivatives chemicals
The mark consists of the stylized wording "JINBIO" above six Chinese characters.
The color(s) blue and green is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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May 12, 2023
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