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Monday, March 13, 2023
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Thursday, March 9, 2023

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9 Decorative magnets in the shape of letters and numbers; decorative magnets in the shape of animals and food items; sunglasses; abacuses; PC tablets; children's portable handheld digital electronic device adapted for use as an interactive electronic book reader, camera, and combination video player and recorder; tablet computers; children's tablet computers; electronic writing tablets; carrying cases specially adapted for handheld electronic reading devices in the nature of handheld computers and media players and accessories therefor in the nature of computer hardware
28 Plush toys; smart plush toys; toy animals and accessories therefor; dolls and playsets therefor; plush dolls; dolls' clothing; doll accessories; doll houses; furniture and furnishings for doll's houses; magnetic dolls, doll clothes sets and accessories therefor; hand puppets; action figure toys and accessories therefor; play sets for action figures; toys, namely, children's dress-up accessories in the nature of toy tiaras, toy crowns, play wands, toy umbrellas, pretend make-up; toy jewelry; card games; puzzles; cube-type puzzles; board games; chess sets; chess games; chess pieces; checkers; checkers sets; checkers games; checkers pieces; bingo game playing equipment; marbles games; jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; manipulative games; manipulative puzzles and games in the nature of shape and pattern sorters; parlor games; travel games, namely, travel board games and card games; children's educational toys and games for developing fine motor, cognitive, sensory and counting skills; children's educational toys and games for developing memory and dexterity; fidget toys; toy abacus; building games; bowling pins; tossing disc toys; flying discs; yard games, namely, bocce ball, badminton sets, cornhole game board; cornhole bags; cornhole game sets; croquet sets, discs for playing disc golf and lawn darts, equipment sold as a unit for playing ladder ball, lawn bowling, and washer toss games; equipment sold as a unit for playing ring toss games; paddle ball games; dart games; darts; balls for games; balls for sports; dice games; stress relief exercise balls; elastic, rubber foam and foam sensory balls and sensory bands, namely, stress relief exercise balls and exercise bands; dice; cups for dice; toy building blocks; magnetic building blocks being toys; toy construction blocks; interchangeable magnetic toy vehicles; memory games; toy vehicles; toy helicopters; toy airplanes; toy steering wheels; toy vehicle track sets and roadways and accessories therefor; toy trains and parts and accessories therefor; toy model train sets; play mats for use with toy vehicles; children's activity tables containing manipulative toys which convert to easels; push toys; toy clocks and watches; stacking toys; squeeze toys; children's multiple activity toys; children's multiple activity toys sold as a unit with printed books; toy magic sets for magic tricks; miniature toy sports games; musical toys; electronic musical toys; toy pianos; toy xylophone; toy microphone; toy musical instruments, namely, toy chimes, guitars, drums, violins, harmonicas; electronic novelty musical toys, namely, toy piano mat; drawing toys comprised of drawing boards, magnetic styluses, and metal particles; drawing toys, namely, water drawing mats; bath toys; inflatable toys; water toys; water squirting toys; ride-on toys; inflatable ride-on toys; toy cell phones; toy remotes; play tents; play tunnels; toy dough; toy microscopes; toy binoculars; toy magnifying glasses; toy flashlights; toy tools; toy sets of carpenters' tools; toy doctor kits; play houses and toy accessories therefor; educational toy science kits for children, namely, children's educational toys for developing science skills; children's activity kits sold as a unit for making toy modeling dough in the nature of free-flowing play gel; toy food; toy cooking utensils; toy kitchen appliances; toy tea sets; play kitchen sets consisting of toy kitchen appliances, toy kitchen utensils and toy pots and pans, toy plates, bowls and cups, toy food; play shopping sets and play groceries and grocery sets consisting of toy shopping carts, toy food, toy shopping baskets, toy wallets, and play money; toy imitation cosmetics; toy beauty kits consisting of toy hair dryer, phone, compact, perfume, brush, and lipstick; toy, namely, battery-powered computer game with LCD screen which features animation and sound effects; electronic learning toys; electronic action toys; remote-controlled toy vehicles; toy electronic pets in the nature of smart robot toys; electronic action toys in the nature of toy animals; play equipment in the nature of toy ball pits and balls for toy ball pits; toy worker sets, namely, toy construction sets, toy doctor sets, children's dress up costumes in the nature of firefighter uniforms, police uniforms, doctor coats; ride-on toy boxes and chests in the nature of ride-on toys
16 Printed story books; writing or drawing books; sticker books; cloth children's books; crossword puzzles; arts and crafts clay kits; children's arts and crafts paper kits; arts and crafts bead kits; easels; pottery kits comprised of clay, clay sculpting tools, instruction and information cards, namely, arts and crafts clay kits for making pottery; printed educational publications, namely, educational learning cards, flash cards, activity cards, workbooks, activity books, puzzle books and printed puzzles in the field of a variety of educational disciplines in pre-school through eighth grade
27 Activity mats for creating a play space, namely, foam mats for use on play area surfaces
15 Drums; bongo drums
26 Beads for handicraft work; beads, other than for making jewelry; knitting kits comprised primarily of knitting needles and also including yarn, printed knitting patterns; bead kit, namely, fuse bead kit consisting primarily of beads for handicraft work and also including plastic peg boards
3 Beauty kits for children comprised of nail polish, lip balm and cosmetics; cosmetics for children; colour cosmetics for children; lipstick; lip balms; eye shadow; face powder; blush; blush pencils; nail polish; eyeliners; eyeliner pencils; make-up kits comprised primarily of cosmetics, make-up palettes, applicators for applying make-up and also including personal compact mirrors and make-up brushes
14 Jewelry making kits; beads for making jewelry
25 Costumes for use in children's dress up play
35 Retail department store services; online retail department store services
21 Eyeshadow brushes; cosmetic brushes; eyebrow brushes; lip brushes; nail brushes; hairbrushes; make-up brushes; applicator wands for applying make-up
20 Toy boxes and chests; cosmetic mirrors, namely, personal compact mirrors; toilet mirrors being hand-held mirrors; art tables being furniture

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