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Monday, March 13, 2023
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Thursday, March 9, 2023

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40 Rental of electricity generators; Rental of reformers; Rental of plasma reactors; Rental of hydrogen generators; Rental of converters; Leasing of renewable energy equipment for use in converting renewable resources into power; Leasing of renewable energy equipment for use in converting gas resources into power; Converting renewable gas into renewable energy; Environmental remediation services, namely, treatment of gas and treatment of byproducts from the emissions of gas; Technical consulting in the field of oil and gas production and processing; Gas processing services; Gas production services; Generation of energy; Generation of gas and electricity; Treatment of greenhouse gases; Processing of natural gas; Consulting in the field of energy generation
9 Reformers; Reactors; Plasma reactors that convert compounds into its component elements; Plasma reactors for processing methane; Hydrogen generators for scientific and industrial use; Hydrogen generation equipment; Carbon generation equipment; Carbon generators for scientific and industrial use; Graphene generation equipment; Graphene generators for scientific and industrial use; Plasma reactors that break down hydrocarbon gas into carbon and hydrogen; Reformers for breaking down compounds and gases into its component elements; Apparatus for separating gases; Apparatus for converting emissions of natural gas or methane gas into a form which is less harmful to the environment; Electric converters; Electrical cells and batteries; Apparatus for converting greenhouse gases into a form which is less harmful for the environment; Electrodes; Fuel cells; Hydrogen fuel cells; Devices for creating electricity from compounds for charging batteries; Component parts for the foregoing
7 Gas pumps for service stations; Electricity generators; Electrochemical power generators; electrochemical power generation systems; Machines for generating electrical power; component parts for the foregoing
4 Fuels; Fuels, namely hydrocarbon and/or hydrogen fuels; Fuels for automobiles, fuel cell vehicles and power generations; Fuel gas; Gases for use as fuel; Gas to power generators
37 Alternative vehicle fueling stations services; Installation of renewable energy generation equipment; Maintenance and repair of energy generating installations
1 Hydrogen; Carbon; Graphene; Graphene for use in the automotive and aerospace industries; Graphene for use as building materials; Graphene for use in energy storage devices; Chemical preparations for use in fuel cells; Carbon dioxide for industrial purposes
11 Hydrogen generation equipment and component parts; Industrial purifying installations for the handling of waste, air, water, and energy products; Oxidizers; Thermal oxidizers; Plasma thermal oxidizers
42 Research in the field of hydrogen fuel cells and renewable energy; Environmental engineering, testing and inspection services; Technical consulting in the field of environmental engineering; Scientific research and consulting

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Mar 13, 2023
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