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9 Automotive testing equipment in the nature of computer hardware and software used for accessing, inputting, and managing information related to diagnostics, control, maintenance, operation, and service of filters, engines, and structural parts therefor; Computer hardware for performing engine diagnostics; air purifying respirator masks; protective face masks for the prevention of accident or injury that filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles; oil level sensors, controls and reservoirs; computer software platforms used in the remote monitoring of fuel filtration systems; computer software platforms for monitoring filters, lube oil and hydraulic systems; downloadable computer software, computer hardware and downloadable mobile applications for use in connection with monitoring filters, lube oil and hydraulic systems for mining, gas and oil, on-highway, transit, rail, power generation, marine, and vocational applications
7 Air filters for motors and engines of land and marine vehicles; canisters and housing for air filters being vehicle parts sold as a unit; Air filter media for filtration products, namely, air filters for motors and engines; Oil filters; oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and air filters for motors and engines; filter elements for fuel filters; and polymeric fiber filter elements for fuel filters; Oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and air filters for motors and engines; anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; fuel filters and structural parts thereof; air and oil filters and structural parts thereof for mechanical purposes; air and oil filters for mechanical purposes; hydraulic fluid filters for mechanical purposes; oil, gasoline, air and fuel filters for motors and engines of land and marine vehicles; canisters and housing for all the foregoing filters, heavy duty starters; heavy duty starters for engines and motors; canisters and housing for all the foregoing filters sold as a unit; aerosol emissions filters for diesel engines; fluid filtration systems, namely centrifugal separators; apparatus, installations and filters for the reductions of emissions from exhaust and the reduction of noise for use with engines; machine parts, namely, heavy-duty starting fluid systems comprised of electrical and mechanical mounting kits containing valves and valve fittings, cylinder clamps, switches, control cables, compression nuts and sleeves, starting fluid cylinders and gaskets, starting fluid spray cans, and injectors, sprayers or atomizers; cartridges for filtering machines, air filters for mechanical purposes, filters for cleaning cooling air for engines, filters for machines or engines, fuel economizers for motors and engines, lubricating pumps, oil refining machines, namely, oil separators; emission pollution control systems, namely, emission reduction units for motors and engines, namely, egr valves, pcv valves, catalytic converters; air filters for on and off highway engine applications; air filters for cabin air filtration; coolant test kits; water filters; water filters for coolant filtration systems; fuel additives; industrial process and control equipment, namely, air filter monitors, fuel filter monitors, and air, fuel, exhaust, oil, crank case ventilation; crank case ventilation filtration systems; fuel processors; fuel filter/water separators for marine diesel engines; centrifugal filtration systems; diesel and lube filters; diesel exhaust filters; urea filters; hydraulic oil filters; hydraulic filtration systems; lubricating oil filters for engines and land-vehicle hydraulic systems; liquid filters, namely, hydraulic and lubrication oil filters; transmission filters; fuel cleanliness analysis kits
17 Air filter media for filtration products for industrial use, namely, filtration media comprised of semi-processed plastic filtering materials for air filtration uses for commercial fuel filtration products within the diesel engine industry and for construction and mining engines and equipment
38 Data collection and vehicle telematic services, namely, transmission of engine diagnostic information related to filters, engines, and parts therefor
1 Coolants for vehicle engines; anti-freeze; hydraulic fluids; chemical additives for fuel; chemical additives for fuel treatment
11 Air filters for the reduction of emissions in industrial installations; battery warming blankets; heaters for warming coolants; heaters for warming oil; heaters for warming diesel fuel; Air filters for air conditioning units; air filters for industrial installations; fibrous filtering media for general industrial use in the purification of air; air filtering installations for buildings and factories; air filters (not for scientific purposes and not being parts of engines, of motors or of machines); air filters for industrial air and liquid handling equipment, namely, plant HVAC, dust collectors, air handling containment systems, turbine intakes, compressed air and gas systems, industrial air and gas compressors, industrial hydraulic systems and industrial process liquids; air intake filters for stationary gas turbines; air-oil separators; chemical vapor filters containing carbon; compact dust filters; HEPA filters; compressed air dryers for industrial and commercial use; dust collectors and dust separators; dust filters for industrial applications; filter cartridges for industrial mist collector units; filtering units, namely, mist collectors with replaceable filter cartridges for industrial use; filters for processing compressed air, gases and liquids; fume exhaust ventilators; microporous membranes for the venting, filtration, sterile filtration and purification of liquids and gases in breather vent, gas sensor, chemical venting, process chemical purification, sterile hydrophobic venting, and electronic and computer air filter applications; oil filters (not being parts of lubrication systems of internal combustion engines); replaceable filter bags for baghouse dust collectors, for industrial use; reservoir accessories, namely, breathers containing filters for preventing airborne particles and water from entering reservoirs and gearboxes; vacuum dehydrators for removing particle contamination; ventilating and filtering installations to supply filtered clean air to enclosed rooms; ventilation panel filters for industrial ventilation; ventilation panel filters for vehicle operator cabs, automobile and aircraft passenger compartments, air conditioners and electronic equipment; dryers, namely, desiccant cartridges, used for the removal of liquid and vapor contaminants from compressed air and gases; air vent filter designed to remove moisture and particles from air entering hydraulic power systems; contamination control devices, namely, filters for recycling, filtering and purifying hydraulic oils, lube oils, and fuels; air filters for computer disc drives; chemical vapor filters containing carbon for use in industrial gas filtration; water filters; filters for fluids, namely, for water and area-water solutions; water filtering devices, namely purification installations for waste water and sewage consisting of curtains and textile fabrics; water filtering units for domestic, commercial and industrial use; filters for sewage and waste water treatment; waste water purification units; water filtration and purification units and replacement cartridges and filters therefor; filters for removing and reducing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (pfas) from water; water filtration units for removing and reducing per-and polyfluoroalkyl (pfas) substances from water
10 Personal protective equipment (PPE), namely, masks for use by medical personnel; respiratory masks for medical purposes; face coverings being sanitary masks for protection against viral infection
42 Laboratory analysis in the field of coolant testing for vehicle engines; laboratory analysis services, namely, testing coolant for vehicle engines and providing an analysis of coolant from samples; Automotive engine diagnostic services; Providing on-line non-downloadable computer programs and web-based applications for use in connection with monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance of filters, filtration systems, lube oil, hydraulic systems, accessories, and related parts and providing access to diagnostics information and reports; vehicle telematic services, namely, providing diagnostic services featuring information relating to the functionality of filters, filtration systems, lube oil, hydraulic systems, accessories, and related parts; filtration diagnostic information for mining, gas and oil, on-highway, transit, rail, power generation, marine, and vocational vehicles and equipment

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