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Sunday, March 19, 2023
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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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40 Decontamination of medical and chemical waste; Rental of industrial vacuums for treating hazardous materials in the nature of asbestos; manufacturing of mixers for liquid and solid material for use in the paper and pulp industry; manufacturing of machines for bleaching and addition of chemicals for use in the paper and pulp industry; manufacturing of heating units consisting of heaters and steamers
9 Decontamination showers, shelters, and structural parts; protective helmets; protective eyewear; Protective clothing especially made for use in laboratories; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation, and fire; protective clothing; protective respirators other than for artificial respiration; chemical respirators for use in chemical, biological and radiological protection; protective respirators for use in smoke, fire and carbon monoxide protection
19 Portable high strength, flexible walls in the nature of substantially non-metal flood barriers which can be deployed rapidly to protect buildings and equipment; a substantially non-metal high strength gate that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of transit system stairwells, building stairwells, or other vehicular or personal portals; a substantially non-metal high strength vent cover for HVAC ducts that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of ventilation shafts or any grated opening
7 Compressing machines; filling machines and parts and fittings therefor; Machine used for process filtration in the pharmaceutical industry; wringing device for sequentially squeezing a bulk container liner to remove contents from the bulk container liner; Industrial mixer for mixing liquids in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
17 Flexible plastic and silicone tubing used for transport of liquids and biologicals for use in the pharmaceutical and medical industries; laminated plastic, in the form of sheets, for further use in the manufacture of containment bags for pharmaceuticals and chemicals
5 Purified water for use in biopharmaceutical production, the manufacture of medical devices, and medical procedures; sodium hydroxide; biological buffers for use in biopharmaceutical production and gene therapy; cell culture media for use in biopharmaceutical production and gene therapy; excipients for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; Chemical additives for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; Drug delivery agents in the form of powders that provide controlled release of the active ingredients for a wide variety of pharmaceuticals
16 Plastic film roll stock for packaging pharmaceuticals; Plastic flexible packaging film sold in bulk to industrial and commercial manufacturers
1 Chemicals for use in decontamination of polluted sites
22 Disposable bulk container liners; Protective unfitted liners of flexible vinyl for industrial tanks; heavy duty plastic bags sold empty for industrial use, in particular, to support powder transfer operations in biopharmaceutical production; containment bags for storage or transportation of pharmaceuticals and raw chemicals in bulk
10 Protective coveralls
20 Plastic containers for commercial use, namely, for storing and dispensing bulk foods; flexible containment devices used to contain pharmaceuticals and powders during manufacturing processes, namely, flexible containers made primarily of plastic having interface hardware made primarily of plastic; packaging materials for food and cosmetics, namely, packaging containers of plastic

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