Trademark: 97760024
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Saturday, January 21, 2023
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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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30 Asafetida; Mustard; Rice; Salt; Spices; Sugar; Tapioca; Tea; Banana fritters; Banana pudding; Bananas Foster; Cake batter; Cake mixes; Cake mixes, namely, cake bases; Cakes; Cooked rice; Cup cakes; Cupcakes; Frozen appetizers consisting primarily of cornmeal; Frozen cookie dough; Frozen cookie, brownie and biscotti dough; Frozen desserts consisting of flavored ice blocks with toppings; Frozen french toast; Frozen juice bars; Frozen pancakes; Frozen pizza; Frozen tortillas; Frozen tortillas made of cauliflower; Frozen yogurt cakes; Frozen yogurt pies; Frozen yogurt pies and cakes; Frozen-yogurt-based snack foods; Fruit jelly candy; Garlic paste for use as a seasoning; Garlic powder; Garlic-based sauces; Ginger paste for use as a seasoning; Ginger tea; Meat cures; Meat gravies; Mustard meal; Mustard powder; Pickle relish; Pineapple fritters; Quinoa, processed; Quinoa-based food bars; Quinoa-based snack foods; Rice cakes; Rice chips; Rice crackers; Rice flour; Rice noodles; Rice porridge; Rice pudding; Rice vermicelli; Rice, pasta and noodles; Rice-based snack foods; Saffron for use as a food seasoning; Salted biscuits; Spice blends; Spice mixes; Spices in the form of powders; Tamarind for use as a condiment; Tea bags; Wheat flour; Wheat-based snack foods; Black tea; Brown rice; Brown sugar; Cardamom; Chai tea; Chocolate cakes; Cinnamon sugar; Cinnamon powder; Clove powder; Coconut sugar; Cooking salt; Crystallized rock sugar; Cube sugar; Curry spice mixes; Curry powder; Dried coriander for use as seasoning; Dried coriander seeds for use as seasoning; Dried cooked-rice; Dry spice rub for meats and fish; Edible salt; Edible spices; Edible turmeric; Enriched rice; Funnel cakes; Granulated sugar; Green tea; Ground ginger; Ground nutmeg spice; Honey mustard; Honey mustard sauce; Hot pepper powder; Husked rice; Ice-cream cakes; Iced cakes; Icing sugar; Instant rice; Instant spice blends; Instant tea; Masala rice for biryani; Millet cakes; Mixed spice powder; Moon cakes; Natural spices; Natural brown sugar; Nutmeg spice; Organic spices; Palm sugar; Pepper spice; Pepper; Plum cakes; Plum-cakes; Pounded rice cakes (mochi); Pounded wheat; Powdered garlic; Powdered sugar; Processed fennel seeds for use as seasonings or flavorings; Processed quinoa; Processed wheat; Processed, frozen, cooked or packaged whole grains; Puffed rice; Sea salt for cooking; Seasoned salt; Snack cakes; Sponge cakes; Steamed rice; Table salt; Tea cakes; Vegan cakes; White sugar; Whole dried nutmeg seeds for use as spice
29 Meat; Pickles; Banana chips; Coconut oil for food; Coconut powder; Cooked beans; Cooked fruits and vegetables; Cooked meat dishes; Cooked vegetables; Cooking oil; Fish balls; Fish cakes; Fish fillets; Frozen appetizers consisting primarily of chicken or seafood; Frozen eggs; Frozen french fries; Frozen fruits; Frozen pre-packaged entrees consisting primarily of seafood; Frozen seafood; Frozen sweet corn; Frozen vegetables; Fruit peel; Fruit peels; Fruit pulp; Fruit topping; Garlic-based spread; Lentils, preserved; Meat paste; Meat stocks; Meat, frozen; Meat-based snack foods; Milk powder; Peas, preserved; Peas, processed; Pickled cucumbers; Pickled dried Spanish mackerel; Pickled fruits; Pickled ginger; Pickled hot peppers; Pickled onions; Pickled peppers; Pickled radishes; Pickled vegetables; Potato chips; Potato fries; Potato-based snack foods; Pulse-based snack foods; Pulses, cooked; Pulses, preserved; Rice bran oil for food; Salted cashews; Salted meats; Salted vegetables; Yam crisps; Baked potatoes; Boiled and dried fish; Bottled cooked meat; Bottled fish; Canned cooked meat; Canned fish; Canned cut fruit; Canned sliced fruit; Canned, cooked or otherwise processed tomatoes; Coconut milk; Coconut milk powder; Crab cakes; Crab meat; Crystallized ginger; Dried fish; Dried fruit mixes; Dried lentils; Dried mangoes; Dried meat; Dried pineapples; Dried Chinese yams; Edible oil, namely, Coconut oil, Pam oil, Sesame oil, Sun flour oil, Vegetable oil, fish oil, peanut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, canola oil, corn oil, chickpeas oil and Avocado oil; Flaked coconut; Fresh packaged and frozen packaged catfish; Fried meat; Fried potatoes; Frozen fish; Frozen garlic; Ground meat; Hamburger; Hot dogs; Hummus chick pea paste; Husked peas; Instant mashed potato; Mashed potatoes; Milk products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt; Minced meat; Peeled garlic; Peeled potatoes; Pickled fish; Powdered milk; Powdered soya milk; Pre-cooked soup; Preserved fish; Preserved garlic; Preserved ginger; Preserved peas; Preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; Preserved, frozen, dried or cooked vegetables; Preserved, dried and cooked fruit and vegetables; Preserved, dried and cooked vegetables; Processed bananas; Processed coconut; Processed fish; Processed fruit; Processed jackfruit; Processed lentils; Processed mangos; Processed meat; Processed mustard greens; Processed peas; Processed pineapple; Processed potatoes; Processed yams; Processed black-eyed peas; Processed chick peas; Roasted nuts; Salted fish; Salted meat; Sausage meat; Shredded coconut; Sliced meat; Smoked fish; Spicy pickles; Steamed cakes of smashed fish and yam (hampen); Sweet potato fries; Tinned fish; Tinned meat; Tinned meat, fish, vegetables and fruits; Vegetables, cooked
31 Fresh apples; Fresh beets; Fresh cantaloupes; Fresh cranberries; Fresh dates; Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs; Fresh ginger; Fresh guavas; Fresh jackfruit; Fresh lychees; Fresh peanuts; Fresh peas; Fresh plantains; Fresh plums; Fresh pomegranates; Fresh potatoes; Fresh pulses; Fresh pumpkins; Fresh radishes; Fresh raspberries; Fresh scallions; Fresh soursops; Fresh spinach; Fresh squashes; Fresh strawberries; Fresh tangerines; Fresh tomatoes; Fresh walnuts; Fresh waxberries; Fresh wheat; Fresh zucchini; Raw coconuts; Raw fruits; Raw garlic; Raw ginger; Raw grains; Raw lemons; Raw nuts; Raw oats; Raw olives; Raw onions; Raw tomatoes; Raw vegetables; Raw wheat; Beans, fresh; Beet, fresh; Dried plants; Fruit, fresh; Garlic, fresh; Grapes, fresh; Hazelnuts, fresh; Leeks, fresh; Lemons, fresh; Lentils, fresh; Lettuce, fresh; Lichees, fresh; Mushrooms, fresh; Pears, fresh; Rambutans, fresh; Truffles, fresh; Vegetables, fresh

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Jan 21, 2023
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