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Saturday, January 21, 2023
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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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9 Interfaces for computers; downloadable computer programs for user interface design; wirelessly connected electric battery apparatus with embedded remotely updateable software and firmware for storage and discharge of stored electricity for usage in dwellings and buildings; wirelessly connected electric battery apparatus with embedded remotely updateable software and firmware for storing and discharging stored electricity supplied by or to an electric power grid or other source of electric power generation for stabilizing and meeting electricity demands and usage goals; computer downloadable software for monitoring, optimizing, and regulating the storage and discharge of stored energy to and from such wirelessly connected electric battery apparatus; batteries to supply electric power to motors for electric vehicles; wall-mounted electric power connectors to charge electric vehicles; mobile plug-in electric power connectors to charge electric vehicles; downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for monitoring electric charge and status of vehicles and remote control of vehicles; downloadable software in the nature of vehicle operating system software; navigation apparatus for vehicles; vehicle locator and recovery device programmed to use global positioning system (GPS) and cellular telecommunications; radios for vehicles; burglar alarms; battery chargers for use with vehicle batteries; cruise controls for motor vehicles; vehicle safety equipment, namely, electronic vibration, shock, motion, angle, temperature and voltage monitors; vehicle safety equipment, namely, an on-board vehicular surveillance system comprised of cameras and monitors for exposing and eliminating the blind spots on both sides of the vehicle; wireless transceivers with collection and display technology for the status and tracking of all vehicle types in local environments; batteries, electric, for vehicles; vehicle safety equipment, namely, electronic tire pressure monitors; vehicle safety equipment, namely, back-up sensors and cameras; tire balancing units for land vehicles; keyless entry system and keyless ignition switch system for automotive vehicles comprised of microprocessor, electronic signal receiver, and keyfob with electronic signal transponder; speedometers for vehicles; radar object detectors for use on vehicles; vehicle mounted GPS sensor for determining the rate of motion for a vehicle; cell phone battery chargers for use in vehicles; vehicle engine parts, namely, thermostats; audio equipment for vehicles, namely, stereos, speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers and speaker housings; USB charging ports for use in vehicles; electric locks for vehicles; rearview cameras for vehicles; vehicle climate controls; wireless controllers to remotely monitor and control the function and status of other electrical, electric, and mechanical devices or systems, namely, battery, security, lighting, tracking and security systems; remote control starters for vehicles; vehicle locating, tracking and security system comprised of antenna and radio transmitter to be placed in a vehicle; voltage regulators in vehicles; audio equipment for vehicles, namely, loud speakers for automotive audio systems; navigational instruments for vehicles; motor vehicle to trailer electrical connectors; batteries for vehicles; electrical apparatus, namely, charging stations for charging electric vehicles; downloadable computerized vehicle ending analyzers; extension cords for use with vehicles; power adapters for use with vehicles; electric cords for use with vehicles; accumulators, electric, for vehicles; thermostats for vehicles; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires; mileage recorders for vehicles; remote controls for operating vehicle alarms
12 Land vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, namely, land vehicles; land vehicles and parts and fittings therefor, namely, structural parts and powertrain components in the nature of electric motors, gearboxes and axles; motor vehicle bodies; luggage nets for vehicles; fitted covers for vehicles; anti-skid chains for vehicles; patches for repairing vehicle tires; pumps for inflating vehicle tires; automotive interior trim; automotive interior paneling; license plate frames; license plate holders; upholstery for vehicles; electric land vehicles; electric vehicle parts, namely, motors; electric vehicle parts, namely, rearview mirrors, windshield wipers and tailgates; fully battery electric, high performance land vehicles; vehicle seats; vehicle wheel hubs; vehicle wheels; upholstery, namely, fitted covers for vehicles; steering wheels for vehicles; motors for land vehicles; roof racks, shock absorbers, shock absorbing springs, stabilizer bars, and suspensions, all for vehicles; trim panels for vehicle bodies; brake calipers for land vehicles; fitted seat covers for vehicles; engine mounts for land vehicles; pre- designed vinyl vehicle wraps specially adapted for vehicles; vehicle parts, namely, power steering hoses; vehicle seat cushions; vehicle wheel hub assemblies; mirrors for vehicles, namely, rear view mirrors; reversing gears for land vehicles; hooks especially designed for use in vehicles to hold vehicle accessories; vehicle windscreens; anti-theft devices for vehicles; tire for vehicles; tire tubes for vehicles; tire inflators; plastic parts for vehicles, namely, automotive exterior and interior plastic extruded decorative and protective trim; land vehicles, namely, electric cars, trucks and SUVs; semi-fitted covers for vehicles; brake air compressors for land vehicles; brake air cylinders for land vehicles; vehicle hoods; chassis for motor vehicles; vehicle seat protectors; structural repair parts for trucks and other motor vehicles; vehicle power train mechanism comprised of clutch, transmission, drive shaft, and differential; transmission top covers for land vehicles; transmission mounting plates for land vehicles; transmission cases for land vehicles; tow bars for vehicles; mud flaps for vehicles; steps for attachment to land vehicles; vehicle tow bars; vehicle wheel rims and structural parts therefor; all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); sensors for land vehicles, namely, electric power steering torque sensors, sold as a component of the power steering system; vehicle wheel rims; gearboxes for land vehicles; brakes for vehicles; vehicle bodies; transmissions for land vehicles; vehicle parts, namely, windshield visors; vehicle parts, namely, sun visors; vehicle parts, namely, idler arms; vehicle parts, namely, ball joints; vehicle parts, namely, suspension struts; vehicle parts, namely, constant velocity joints; valve stems for vehicle tires; land vehicle parts, namely, differentials; hood shields as structural parts of vehicles; drive shafts for land vehicles; brake lines for vehicles; brake drums for land vehicles; land vehicle suspension parts, namely, leaf springs; land vehicle suspension parts, namely, coil springs; windshield wiper blades for vehicles; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; land vehicle suspension parts, namely, equalizers; disc brake pads for vehicles; land vehicle transmission and replacement parts thereof; belts for land vehicle transmissions; suspension systems for land vehicles; wheel bearing for land vehicles; glass window for vehicles; burglar alarms for vehicles; brake hardware for vehicles; axle boot kits for use with land vehicles; axle bearings for land vehicles; disc brakes for land vehicles; roof rack storage containers for land vehicles; sports utility vehicles; airbags for vehicles; vehicle windows; seat belts for use in vehicles; valves for vehicle tires; horns for vehicles; land vehicle parts, namely, drive belts; clutches for land vehicles; fitted vehicle covers for cars and trucks for the purpose of protecting from weather and elements; head restraints for vehicles; inflatable air bags for use in vehicles for the prevention of injury in accidents; driving chains for land vehicles; safety belts for vehicle seats; brake linings for land vehicles; land vehicle parts, namely, axles; land vehicle parts, namely, drive gears; metal parts for vehicles, namely, automotive exterior and interior metal decorative and protective trim; electric vehicles, namely, cars, truck and SUVs; back-up warning alarms for vehicles; wheel disks for vehicles; motor vehicle power locks; motor vehicle alarm systems; steering units for land vehicles and parts thereof; spoilers for vehicles; vehicle running boards; air bags; shock absorbers for automobiles; bumpers for automobiles; vehicle roof rack cargo and luggage carriers; fitted vehicle covers; land vehicles parts, namely, running boards; land vehicle parts, namely, mud guards; land vehicle parts, namely, fenders; vehicle parts, namely, shock absorbers; doors for vehicles; turn signal levers for vehicles; gas cap covers for land vehicles; vehicle license plate covers; door panels for land vehicles; rooftop tents adapted for use on vehicles; automotive structural parts, namely, self-sealing tanks for water storage; Automobile structural parts, namely, cargo and storage units, trunk storage units; truck and sport utility vehicle (SUV) structural parts being cargo storage units specially adapted for trucks and SUVs; truck bed canopies; truck beds; truck accessories, namely, retractable tailgate benches; elevating tailgates being parts of land vehicles; bicycle racks for vehicles; ski racks for vehicles; racks for vehicles for tailgating accessories, slide-out campaign kitchens, tents, mounted campers, and overlander accessories; fitted truck bedliners; automobile aftermarket accessories, namely, car organizer bags, nets and trays specially adapted for fitting in vehicles; automotive aftermarket parts, namely, truck bed extenders, storage boxes, and camping kitchens; racks for vehicles, namely, kayak racks and canoe racks; tailgate pads specially designed for vehicle bicycle racks, for aiding in securing and protecting bicycles; truck bed accessories, namely, cab guards, headache racks, lumber racks and bed rails especially adapted to fit truck vehicles

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Jan 21, 2023
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