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Saturday, January 21, 2023
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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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9 pH meters; pH meters with automatic temperature compensation (ATC); total dissolved solids (TDS) meters; conductivity meters; electrical conductivity (EC) meters; thermometers, not for medical purposes; oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) meters; nutrient meters; dissolved oxygen meters, not for medical purposes; light meters; sodium chloride (NaCl) meters; chlorine meters; turbidity meters; electrical controllers for monitoring and adjusting pH levels; kits comprised of electrical controllers for monitoring and adjusting pH levels, power supplies, pH probes, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) probes, dosing pumps, non-metal flexible tubing, and buffer solutions; refractometers; refractometers for analyzing sugar; refractometers for analyzing glucose; refractometers for analyzing fructose; refractometers for analyzing invert sugar; refractometers for analyzing ethylene glycol; refractometers for analyzing sodium chloride (NaCl); refractometers for analyzing seawater; refractometers for analyzing wine and grape juice must; refractometers for analyzing potential alcohol; refractometers for analyzing Brix; colorimeters; colorimeters for analyzing chlorine; colorimeters for analyzing phosphate; colorimeters for analyzing iodine; colorimeters for analyzing iron; photometers; photometers for analyzing ammonia; photometers for analyzing iron; photometers for analyzing pH; photometers for analyzing phosphate; photometers for analyzing iron; photometers for analyzing chlorides; photometers for analyzing peroxide in olive oil; photometers for analyzing chlorine; photometers for analyzing turbidity; titrators; titrators for analyzing sulfur; titrators for analyzing acidity in wine; titrators for analyzing sulfur; magnetic stirring bars; beakers; laboratory pipettes; laboratory consumables, namely, pipette tips; electrodes; holders for electrodes; probes for scientific purposes; membranes for probes for scientific purposes; cuvettes; caps and stoppers for cuvettes; power adapters
7 dosing pumps
17 non-metal flexible tubing; non-metal flexible tubing in the nature sets of tubing with caps for titrators
3 cleaning solutions for electrodes
35 online retail store services featuring meters, pH meters, electrical conductivity (EC) meters, total dissolved solids (TDS) meters, temperature meters, refractometers, colorimeters, photometers, titrators, electrical controllers, dosing pumps, magnetic stirring bars, beakers, test tubes, test tube brushes, pipettes, pipette tips, electrodes, holders for electrodes, probes, membranes for probes, cuvettes, caps and stoppers for cuvettes, power adapters, tubing, buffer and standard solutions, chemical reagents, solutions for cleaning electrodes, solutions for storing electrodes, deionized water, and soil test kits
1 chemicals, namely, buffer and standard solutions used in analytical chemistry; chemical reagents for non-medical purposes; chemicals in the nature of solutions for storing electrodes; soil test kits comprise of chemical reagents for non-medical purposes, test tubes, test tube brushes, and guide cards; deionized water
The mark consists of the letter M in a circle in green and the word MILWAUKEE in black.
The color(s) green and black is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Jan 21, 2023
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