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Friday, January 20, 2023
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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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39 Power supply and distribution; Supply and distribution of electric energy; Energy management services; Distribution of energy; Distribution of renewable energy; Information and advisory services in relation to the distribution of energy; Storage of energy; Logistics services in the nature of energy storage services for utility or public services, namely, the storage of electrical energy in energy grids and for businesses and industry; Storage of electric vehicles; Storage of energy for use in recharging electric vehicle batteries; Vehicle location services; Vehicle rental; Vehicle contract hire; Vehicle leasing services; Storage of vehicles; Chartering of vehicles; Transportation and recovery of vehicles; Warehousing of vehicle spare parts; Rental of vehicle parts; Subscription to vehicle usage services, vehicle rental services, vehicle leasing services, vehicle short- and mid-term rentals; Car sharing services
37 Charging of electric vehicles; Vehicle battery charging services; Charging station services for electric vehicles; Fast, rapid and ultrafast charging station services for electric vehicles; Wireless charging station services for vehicles; Pantograph charging station services for vehicles; Vehicle-to-grid (V2G), Vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-building (V2B) services; Installation and maintenance of charging stations for electric vehicles; Consultancy services in the field of vehicle battery charging and the charging of electric vehicles; Charging of batteries and power storage devices, and rental of equipment therefore; Installation and maintenance of solar powered systems; Installation and maintenance of solar panels, batteries, apparatus for energy and electricity provision, air conditioning apparatus and heating apparatus; Power infrastructure construction; Installation of power generating apparatus; Repair and maintenance of power generators, power generating equipment and power storage equipment; Advisory services relating to the installation, maintenance and repair of power generating apparatus, power storage devices, power plants, battery storage power stations, solar power installations and solar panel power systems; Replacement and recharging of batteries; Power infrastructure construction; Operating electric vehicle charging stations, electric vehicle batteries, power storage devices, power generating equipment and power storage equipment; Repair and installation of parts of electric vehicles
36 Financial services; Provision of vehicle fleet financing; Financial consultancy in relation to energy efficiency, energy saving in relation to vehicle chargers; Consultancy concerning financing of energy projects; Provision of financial information relating to fuel and electric power expenditure; Brokerage of carbon offsets and carbon credits; Financial consultancy services relating to infrastructure investment; Providing financing for infrastructure; Providing financing for power infrastructure constructions, power plants, power supply, battery chargers, electric vehicle chargers and solar power installations
35 Vehicle fleet management services and consultancy related thereto; Providing business information management in connection with vehicle fleet management; Providing business consulting services relating to the management and operation of vehicle fleets; Management consultancy services and business consultancy services in the field of energy from renewable sources; Procurement of commercial transactions and contracts for third parties in the area of electric vehicles, energy and battery storage, hydrogen fuel cells, solar power and biofuel, including procurement of contracts regarding energy storage capacity, energy storage in supply networks, and storage capacities for third parties; business management for third parties relating to devices and installations that store electrical energy, hydrogen, solar power and biofuels; Data management in relation to energy; Consulting on the cost of electric vehicles and their operation; Demand side response services; Retail services relating to electric vehicles, electric vehicle parts, electric vehicle chargers, power generating equipment and power storage equipment
42 Development of power assemblies; Design and development of energy distribution networks; Consultancy relating to technological services in the field of power and energy supply; Development of energy and power management systems; Professional consultancy relating to the conservation of energy; Technical advice in connection with energy-saving measures; Advisory services relating to the use of energy; Consultancy in the field of energy-saving and energy efficiency; Design and development of regenerative energy generation systems; Technological consulting services in the field of alternative energy generation; Engineering services in the field of energy technology; Providing scientific and technical information, advice and consultancy relating to electrification of vehicle fleets and energy management; Providing online non-downloadable software and digital platform software for use in relation to energy management, storage of power, provision and distribution of energy, electric vehicles and charging of electric vehicles; Environmental consultancy services; Material testing; Industrial testing; Quality testing; Environmental testing; Testing of vehicles, electric vehicles, electric vehicle batteries, electric vehicle chargers, power generating equipment, power storage equipment; Energy optimisations services; Technical and advisory services in the field of energy flexibility

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