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Thursday, January 19, 2023
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Monday, January 16, 2023

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8 Hand tools used for plumbing, namely, brushes for cleaning plumbing fittings and pipes and for the application of plumbing sealants, socket sets, water heater element sockets, pipe cutters, handle pullers, namely, hand tools used to pull faucet handles off of their fittings, nipple extractors, seat wrenches, spud wrenches, street key, namely, metal hand tools used to turn a water main off and on at street locations, basin wrenches, and tubing cutters
19 Building materials, namely, drywall access doors
6 Brass plugs
16 Trash bags
11 Plumbing fixtures, fittings, accessories and parts, namely, sink traps, ball valves, sink plugs, tape for wrapping pipes, plumbers tape, pipe flanges, escutcheons and cover plates, pipes, pipe connectors, tube straps, clamps, pipe straps, hose bibbs, dielectric unions, caps, plugs, dollar plugs, water heater pans, shower arms; kitchen sink strainers, faucet hole covers, hoses, water heater hoses, washing machine connectors, seismic restrains for water heaters, and hose bibbs; kitchen sink drains; dishwasher parts and accessories, namely, dishwasher connectors, air gaps, and air gap gaskets; water and air test gauges and gauge assemblies, namely, gauges and air valves; toilet seats and toilet seat parts; hose bibbs; Plumbing products, namely, fittings, couplings, connectors, sleeves, adapters, elbows, tees, stops, caps, gaskets, unions, rings, crimp rings, clamp rings, hose or tube barbs, valves, hoses, pipes, tubing, supply lines, pipe or tube supports, clips, bends, manifolds, tail pieces, nuts, screws, plugs, nipples, nipple extractors, drains, strainers, faucets, stoppers, washers, balls, bumpers, tube brushes, safety pads, strips, cushions, splash guards, spouts, seals, vent kits, face plates, stems, keys, flanges, floats, restrictors, cups, hangers, tubs, basins, extractors, covers, traps, rods, pins, trees, spray heads, glides, seats, outlet boxes, insulators, aerators, air gaps, baffles, bath drain assemblies, bath drain stoppers, bibbs, hose bibbs, cleanout plugs, cocks, drains, escutcheons in the nature of shower control fittings, face plates for tub overflows, faucet ball controls, faucet bonnets, faucet cams, faucet cap assemblies with plastic rings, faucet covers, faucet filters, faucet handles, faucet hole covers, faucet mixers, faucet plungers, faucet sprayers, faucets, faucet reseater sets, faucet stems, faucet seats, flexible pipes being parts of sink/bath plumbing installations, manually-operated plumbing valves, pipes being parts of sanitary facilities, plumbing risers, pop-up and cam linkage stoppers, shower assemblies, shower heads, shower arms, shower volume control levers, shower curtain rods, shower curtain pins, shower curtain rings, shower treads, sink sprayers, sinks, splash guards for use in baths and tubs, spouts, strainers, test plugs, thermostatic mixing valves, trap seals, traps, trim plates for icemaker and washing machine outlet boxes, trim plates, tube inserts, washers for water faucets, water filters, water hammer arrestors, pipe repair clamps, personal showers, toilet tissue rollers, tub coves, escutcheons, excessive flow valves, tools, demount tools, demount rings, push to connect fittings, push fit fittings; Water heater parts, namely, anode rods, drain pans specially adapted for appliances to protect from condensation, leaks, and overflow, drain structures for use in spas and baths, expansion tanks, water heater connector displays; Toilet parts, namely, closet bolts and studs for plumbing, flush handles for toilets, toilet ballcocks, toilet bowl caps, toilet fill valves, flush valves, flush valve seal, toilet flanges, toilet float balls, toilet rods and lift wires, toilet flush valve diaphragms, toilet flush valves, toilet seat bolts, toilet seats, toilet seat bumpers, toilet tank covers, flappers, toilet tank flappers, toilet tanks, toilet tank levers, floats, toilet seat hinges, and toilet wedges; Anti-vibration pads for clothes dryers; Non-metal plumbing parts, namely, fittings, couplings, adapters, connectors, pipe connectors, drain connectors, escutcheons, escutcheon plates, fittings for pipes, rosettes, flanges, flexible hoses, flexible pipes, flexible tubes, flow controllers, gaskets, hose fittings, linkage assemblies for bathtubs and spas, nipples, pipe couplings, pipe junctions, pipe plugs of rubber or plastic, pipe reducers of rubber or plastic, plastic barrier tape used to create a visual barrier, plastic plumbing hoses, rubber plumbing hoses, valve flange adapters, valves of rubber or plastic, washers of rubber or plastic, watertight rings for plumbing pipes; Insulating materials for plumbing, namely, acoustic dampening plates, insulating sleeves, insulating tapes, insulation jackets for pipes, liners not made of metal, pipe insulation, and riser pads; Non-metal plumbing parts, namely, catch basins for attachment to washing machine hoses to trap debris, drain pipes, drain trap valves, valves, meter boxes for lawn and garden purposes, water pipes, rigid pipes, rigid tubes and water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastic; Non-metal plumbing parts, namely, access panels, acoustic dampening pipe clamps and hangers, bolts, condensation traps, display racks, disconnect clips, demount clips, drain grates, drill pumps, expansion rings, gaskets, hose hangers, mounting brackets for displaying plumbing fixtures on display racks, nipple caddies, nuts, outlet boxes, pex pipe stiffeners, pipe clips, pipe insulators, plugs for drain pipes, roof flashing, toilet closet flanges, vent hoods, mounting hardware in the nature of clips, washers of plastic for drains; Non-metal clamps, brackets, hangers, and supports for pipes, wires, cables and conduit; Bathroom accessories, namely, hair snares for sinks, showers and drains, non-metal shower pan liners, non-metal tub boxes for showers, plungers for clearing blocked drains, robe hooks and mounting brackets, toilet paper holders, toilet paper rollers, towel bars and mounting brackets and end caps therefore, towel bars, towel rings and mounting brackets therefore, wall mounted soap holders and grab bars, wall mounted toilet paper holders, wall soap dishes and mounting brackets therefore, wall toothbrush and cup holders and mounting brackets therefore; bathroom sets comprised of towel bars, soap dishes, tooth brush and cup holders, and toilet paper holders

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