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Friday, January 20, 2023
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Saturday, January 14, 2023

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36 Insurance services, namely, administration of business and legal insurance; financial management; financial planning; financial information and evaluations; monetary strategy consultation and research; real estate consultancy; real estate management services; business brokerage; business equity research; business finance procurement services; fiscal assessment and evaluations (non-accounting); financial advisory and consultancy services; financial valuation; appraisals of personal property for others; consultation relating to the appraisal of goods; appraisal of real estate; preparation of quotes for cost estimation purposes; Providing information, commentary and advice in the field of finance, financial investments and financial valuations; strategic financial advisory services for companies; financial advisory services for companies; Financial services, namely, wealth management services; banking consultation; providing financial information; tax and fiscal assessment and evaluations (non-accounting); Preparing financial reports for others
35 Business organization and management consulting services; Business information and accounting advisory services; Preparation of business reports; Business efficiency expert services; Business auditing; Tax filing; Accounting services; Market analysis and research services; Professional business consultancy; Business appraisals; Personnel management consultancy; Business management assistance; Commercial and industrial management assistance; business appraisals; tax consultation; tax and taxation planning, advice, information, and consultancy services; Providing information and analysis in the fields of economics and business; financial analysis; Preparing financial reports for others
45 Legal services; legal information services; legal consultancy in the field of taxation; expert consultancy relating to legal issues; expert witness services in legal matters in the field of taxation, litigation, business; Legal advice; legal consultancy
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