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Wednesday, January 18, 2023
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Monday, December 12, 2022

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41 Educational services, namely, courses on achieving organizational objectives, using collaborative technologies and improving government agency management; employee training in the field of organizational networks, information technology and enterprise architecture; certification and accreditation programs, namely, training in the field of military procurement and inventory management practices; educational services, namely, providing internships and apprenticeships in the field of federal agency management; publishing and issuing research articles and white papers in the field of logistics, organizational networks, federal defense operations and policies, weather, astronomy and other scientific developments related to military and civil defense operations; academic partnership services
36 Financial management; financial resource management; asset acquisition management; education and federal government research grants management and issuance; financial investment analysis; financial advice, namely, budget formulation for others; financial planning and process improvement; financial system modernization planning; real property management of federal government land and facilities
35 Business management of logistics for others; business consulting services relating to product distribution, operations management services, logistics, reverse logistics, supply chain, and production systems and distribution solutions; purchasing and procurement services, namely, procuring of contracts for others for the purchase of goods and labor contracting services; procurement consultation, namely, analysis and redefinition of purchasing processes; consultation in the field of procurement of goods and services; procurement consulting, namely, consulting in the outsourcing of facilities and human capital management services; business and management research and consulting services in the field of government agency management and logistics; inventory control and management; business services, namely, facilities management of technical operation; project management services for others for business purposes in the fields of public works; human resource management; engineering economics and cost engineering, namely, cost analysis; human capital management, outsourcing services; business information management; organizational improvement, namely, business efficiency expert services; policy and program support for government agencies, namely, analyzing logistics and operations for cost efficiency policies; logistics management in the field of government agencies; conducting market surveys; consulting services in the field of military operations, program administration, interagency training exercises, medical operations, and information coordination services; consulting services in the field of supply chains, industry analysis strategic communications, energy resilience, and security cooperation programs; project management services for others for business purposes in the fields of smart-building technologies, energy and water savings; modeling and simulation services in the fields of management, logistics, inventory control, fleet, flight mission and aircraft management, organizational development; transportation logistics services, namely, planning and scheduling shipments for users of transportation services and arranging the transportation of goods for others
42 Consulting in the fields of computer enterprise architecture and information technology; computer services, namely, on-site management of information technology (IT) systems, strategies and implementations; systems development, namely, development and implementation of software, hardware and technology solutions for the purposes of developing and deploying government and commercial application software and databases, developing and constructing an operating enterprise computing architecture, integrating information security software into federal enterprise computing architectures, and testing federal government software operation and software security, federal databases, federal agency computer networks, and federal agency computer infrastructure; information assurance and cybersecurity, namely, design and development of electronic data security systems; research and development of technology in the field of government management; technology accelerator computer project management services for public works; cloud based software to manage, lease and maintain buildings; research and development in the field of government solutions; customized application software that combines data, analytics and logistics to manage maintenance, supply chain, operations, acquisitions, and other critical enterprise functions for organizations; cloud-based data analysis and manipulation software; climate risk analytics software platforms; web-based data collection and analysis software platform for analyzing workforces to maximize resources and resolve work inefficiencies and redundancies; research and development of technology in the field of software and computer programming; business technology software consultation services; planning, design and implementation of computer technologies for others; technology consultation in the fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity; technology accelerator services; management of internet of things devices and sensors

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