Trademark: 97682641
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Monday, November 21, 2022
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Thursday, November 17, 2022

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18 Bags for carrying animals; bags, namely, all-purpose carrying bags; school bags; school satchels; schoolchildren's backpacks; purses; wallets; pocket wallets; keycases; key bags; key wallets; backpacks; knapsacks; rucksacks; haversacks; leather key cases; sling bags for carrying infants; pouch baby carriers; umbrellas; walking sticks; canes
28 Video game machines; pocket-sized apparatus for playing video games, namely, hand held units for playing electronic games; pocket-sized electronic games, namely, hand held units for playing video games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; portable games with liquid crystal displays; balls for games; games, namely, skittles; shuttlecocks; marionettes; kites; toy vehicles; radio-controlled toy vehicles; toy cars; kaleidoscopes; toy masks; play balloons; toy pistols; dolls; dolls' beds; dolls' feeding bottles; dolls' clothes; dolls' houses; dolls' rooms; teddy bears; toys, namely, spinning tops; puzzles; jigsaw puzzles; parlour games; toys, namely, mobiles, building blocks, flying discs, scooters, bubble wand and solution sets, building games, race tracks for toy cars; rocking horses; dominoes; playground slides; scale model vehicles; playing cards; cases for playing cards; dice; games, namely, draughts, checkers; draughtboards; backgammon games; board games; chess games; chess sets; chess pieces; checkerboards; chessboards; mah-jong; bats for games; balls for sports; darts; play swimming pools; playthings, namely, rattles; rattles for babies; rattles for babies incorporating teething rings; musical toys for babies; cases for play accessories; snow globes; paper party hats; plush characters and animals; rubber character toys; toy figures; stuffed toys and plastic character toys; puppets; stuffed puppets; plush toys; golf bags, with or without wheels; golf gloves; golf clubs; billiard cues; billiard balls; tennis rackets; cricket bags; hockey sticks; skis; snow skis; edges of skis; ski brakes; ski poles; ski sticks; ski bindings; shaped covers for ski bindings; shaped covers for skis; bags adapted for skis; bindings for alpine skis; bob-sleighs; surf boards; sports articles, namely, sleighs; sailboards; snowboards; climbers' harness; mountaineering equipment, namely, ascenders, binding straps, hook and ring combinations, hooks; skateboards; bags especially designed for surfboards; jump ropes; roller skates; in-line roller skates; ice skates; skating boots with skates attached; gloves for games, namely, for baseball, softball, golf, fencing or lacrosse; snowshoes; swimming aids in the nature of rings; swimming boards; flippers for swimming; water wings; arm floats for swimming
14 Imitation jewellery; costume jewellery; jewellery and imitation jewellery, namely, trinkets in the nature of jewellery, charms, bracelets, necklaces, lockets, chains, rings, brooches, medallions, pins, amulets; earrings; ornamental pins; pendants; fancy keyrings of precious metals; key rings of precious metal; key rings, not of metal; precious metal key rings, being trinkets or fobs; badges of precious metal; trophies of precious metal; statues of precious metal; figurines, being statuettes, of precious metal; statuettes of precious metal; works of art of precious metal; clocks; wall clocks; watches; alarm clocks; chronometers; chronographs as watches; wristwatches
The mark consists of a three-dimensional representation of a stylized duck in four views wearing a down jacket, placed on the left sleeve of which, at the top, there is the wording MONCLER in fancy characters, arranged below an imaginative graphic image made up of two stylized side-by-side isosceles triangles, with the apex pointing upward, partially mutually intersecting and with the base and the sides variously interrupted, said triangles being superimposed on the figure of a stylized cockerel seen in profile and facing left, the whole being placed within a figure of a stylized bell.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Nov 21, 2022
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