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Monday, November 21, 2022
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Thursday, November 17, 2022

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41 Workforce training in the field of professional development for creation and growth of companies and reskilling workers; community education, namely, providing classes, seminars, workshops, mentoring and tutoring in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation; organizing community education, research and innovation events; educational services, namely, conducting conferences in the field of innovation, health and medicine, agriculture and the environment, arts, architecture, business, communications, economic development, education, energy, engineering, humanities, information sciences and technology, and community service; health club for physical exercise
37 Real estate development provided through public and private partnerships; real estate development services, namely, planning short-term residential, commercial, retail office, and industrial properties; real estate development services, namely, mixed use development comprised of residential, commercial, retail office, and industrial spaces; construction services, namely, construction planning, land development, building construction, space planning, laying out, construction and construction management of parks, open space, residential, transportation and commercial building projects
36 Land leasing; leasing of real estate space, namely, office space, retail space, hotels and dormitories, apartments commercial space, laboratory and research space; land acquisition services; providing educational and research scholarships; charitable fundraising; charitable services, namely, providing financial sponsorship of research and innovation; operation services, namely, rental property management and management of commercial property and offices
35 Promoting the economic development of the Pasco County in the State of Florida by coordinating academic, industry, and government research, education, clinical care delivery and entrepreneurship in the fields of healthcare, biotechnology, education, digital innovation, retail and commerce; workforce development, namely, providing organizational development consulting; business consulting in organizing partnerships between public and private entities; development of public private partnerships for building shared research or manufacturing facilities, retail and technology commercialization; promotional sponsorship of education efforts, innovation, research, and workforce training; operation services, namely, business management of services provided by others to maintain open spaces and parks; business consulting services in the fields of business strategies, namely, providing development of business strategies and product ideas and creations and identifying and securing investors; business networking; business collaboration services, namely, providing a shared business environment consisting of conference rooms, classrooms and common gathering areas to entrepreneurs, start-ups, existing businesses, academic and research institutions and for the purpose of promoting collaboration to achieve benefits in business networking and business growth; marketing services; communication services, namely, dissemination of advertising matter; public relations services; business management of property owners associations for others; property owner association services, namely, promoting the interests of property owners and recruitment in a specific community and marketing the community nationwide to prospective new property owners; business management of tenant associations, namely, promoting the interests of real estate and commercial tenants in a specific community and marketing the community to the public and prospective new tenants; consultancy regarding public relations communication strategies; real estate sales management; providing a website featuring information about economic and workforce development, business consulting, partnerships and networking, business collaboration services, and leasing and selling of retail and office spaces for business purposes, all designed to improve, market, promote and protect the shared real estate premises throughout the collaboration of the organization based there
44 Counseling services in the fields of health, nutrition, wellness, hospice, and physical rehabilitation
43 Hotel accommodation, restaurant, and bar services

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