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Monday, November 21, 2022
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Thursday, November 17, 2022

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36 Safe deposit box services; Brokerage services for stocks and bonds; Loan broker services in the nature of mortgage brokerage; Issue of tokens of value; Real estate management; Rent collection; Third party payment services, namely, payment transaction processing services provided to third-parties; Loan collection agency services; Financial guarantee and surety; Pension payment services, namely, payment processing from pension funds; Hire-purchase financing; Sale and rental of real estate; Issuance of stored value cards services; Processing of credit card payments; Banking services; Fiduciary services, namely, fiduciary representative services; Financial securities exchange services; Futures exchange services; Financial assessment and analysis; Investment assessment and analysis; Company credit investigation, namely, the evaluation of the credit worthiness of companies; Actuarial services; Antique appraisal; Savings bank services; Business liquidation services; Lease-purchase financing; Factoring services, namely, accounts receivable factoring, invoice factoring, and accounts receivable financing; Financial services, namely, debt settlement; Credit bureau services; Providing rebates at participating establishments of others through use of a membership card; Financial transactions services of digital assets, credits, and obligations, namely, the issuance, electronic remote deposit, withdrawal in the nature of electronic funds drawn from, electronic funds transfers in the form of remittance services, electronic transfer of funds, clearance in the nature of clearing electronic financial transactions, debt settlement, and electronic financial management of digital currency, fiat currency, securities, bonds, currency value of precious metals, futures, commodities, and store currency credits; Electronic funds transfer; Providing electronic mobile payments services for others; Processing of electronic wallet payments; Virtual currency exchange transaction services for transferrable electronic cash equivalent units having a specified cash value; Currency exchange services; Insurance services, namely, underwriting life, health, accident, and fire insurance services; Investment of funds; Capital investments; Electronic funds transfer, namely, transmission of virtual currency, fiat currency and digital currency via electronic computer and telecommunication networks; Online bill payment services; Banking services, namely, time deposits; Financing loans and discounting of bills; Domestic foreign exchange settlement services; Check acceptance services; Foreign exchange transactions; Issuing of letters of credit; Issuing marketable securities for others; Electronic commerce payment services, namely, establishing funded accounts used to purchase goods and services on the Internet; Trading of securities and bonds; Electronic funds transfer and bank account settlement services via a global computer network; On-line banking services; Credit card service, namely, issuing credit cards, credit card verification, credit card authorization services, and processing of credit card payments; Bill payment services; Art appraisal; Credit unions; Financial consultancy; Financial evaluation of insurance, banking, and real estate; Financial evaluation of wool; Financial management consultancy; Fiscal assessments and evaluation; Instalment loans; Insurance brokerage services; Insurance consultancy; Jewelry appraisal; Leasing of farms; Mutual fund investment; Numismatic appraisal; Pawn brokerage; Real estate brokerage; Leasing of real estate; Rental of appartments; Stamp appraisal; Stock brokerage service; Providing financial information; Financial management; Rental of automated-teller machines; Clearance and reconciling financial transactions via a computer and telecommunication network; Debt collection and payment agency, namely, collection of debts and bill payment service; Electronic funds transfer, namely, transmission of currency via computer terminals and electronic devices; Making payments for others on-line, via the internet; Charity fund raising; Financial clearing houses; Debt advisory services; Financial evaluation of standing timber; Home banking; Providing insurance information; Issuing of travellers' checks; Mortgage banking; Securities brokerage; Securities exchange price quotations; Financial currency exchange services, namely, providing for the exchange of digital, fiat and; Virtual currency via a computer and telecommunication network; On-line real-time currency trading; Cash management, namely, facilitating transfers of electronic cash equivalents; Electronic exchange and money market transactions, namely, digital currency payment transaction processing services and assisting others with the financial clearance, settlement and completion of electronic financial transactions

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Nov 21, 2022
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