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Saturday, November 19, 2022
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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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30 Candy; Candies; Candy bark; Candy bars; Candy cake decorations; Candy canes; Candy containing alcoholic beverage content and flavor; Candy decorations for cakes; Candy for food; Candy mints; Candy necklaces; Candy sprinkles; Candy toppings; Candy toppings for Ice Cream; Candy toppings for Cakes; Candy toppings for Pies; Candy toppings for Fruit Cakes; Candy toppings for Chocolate; Candy toppings for Caramel; Candy with caramel; Candy with cocoa; Candy, namely, dragées; Candy-coated apples; Candy-coated popcorn; Arrangements of candy; Bakery goods and dessert items, namely, cakes, cookies, pastries, candies, and frozen confections for retail and wholesale distribution and consumption on or off the premises; Chocolate candies; Chocolates and chocolate-based ready to eat candies and snacks; Confectionery, namely, candy and chocolate; Cotton candy; Energy candy; Fruit jelly candy; Gelatin-based chewy candies; Gift baskets containing candy; Ginseng candy; Gummy candies; Hard candies; Hard candy; Hollow candy forms filled with Freeze dried Candy; Hollow chocolate forms filled with candy; Hollow chocolate forms filled with Freeze Dried Candy; Ice candies; Mexican candy; Mixes for candy making; Peppermint candy; Red ginseng candy; Rock candy; Starch-based candies; Starch-based candies (ame); Sugarless candies; Sweetmeats being candies
40 Freeze-drying of candy for others

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Nov 19, 2022
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