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Saturday, November 19, 2022
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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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9 Digital materials, namely, CDs, DVDs, downloadable audio files, downloadable video files, video recordings featuring automobile maintenance and repair instruction; fuel sensors for automotive use; oxygen sensors for automotive use, and accessories therefor; tachometers and parts thereof; gauges for fuel pressure, oil pressure, water temperature, and parts thereof; electrical connectors and switches for batteries; harmonic balancers; resonators; Mass airflow sensors and accessories therefor; automotive measuring instruments, namely, water temperature gauges, air fuel/ratio gauges, boost gauges, vacuum gauges, and exhaust gas temperature gauges; batteries and battery chargers for motor vehicles, electric wiring switches, voltage regulators, resistors, relays, fuses, electric wire and cable; air tanks; Tire pressure monitoring systems and parts thereof, namely, sensors, sensor bands, sensor valves; personal protective equipment, namely, protective work gloves, safety glasses, respirators, hard hats, masks, gloves, welding equipment, face shields
8 Hand tools, namely, wrenches, socket wrenches, socket sets, socket adapters, ratchet handles, ratchet wrenches, nut wrenches, impact wrenches, size adapters for used on impact and hand drive tools, adjustable nut wrenches, pullers, tube straighteners, flaring tools, cutting pliers, plier sets, riveters, torque wrenches, screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, nut drivers, nut driver sets, bit drivers for hand tools, hex keys, hex key sets, shears, wire cutters, pipe cutters, bolt cutters, locking pliers, chisels, nail punches, center punches, scissors, tin snips, tweezers, utility knives, razor blades, scrapers, squares, hammers, pry bars, files, sanding sponges, hand-pump sprayers for cleaners and industrial liquids; clamps, namely, bench clamps, quick adjust clamps, self-adjusting clamps, c-clamps, bar clamps, locking bar clamps, hold-down clamps, spring clamps, woodworking clamps, ratcheting clamps, face clamps, reach clamps, table clamps, plate clamps, corner clamps, vise clamps, and angle clamps; vise jaws; manual hoists; tool pouches for attachment to tool belts
7 Automotive engine components, namely, intake valves, exhaust valves, thrust plates, locking plates, valve lifters, button spacers, gaskets, oil pumps, oil pans, breather tanks, oil filter kits, oil filter covers, timing gear drive systems, timing tape, timing sets, time pointers, timing covers and cover fasteners, guide plates, rocker arms and parts thereof, valve springs, pistons, piston rings, piston wrist pins, bearings, mechanical and electrical fans, crankshafts, and connecting rods; carburetors and carburetor accessories; Camshafts and parts thereof, namely, rollers, thrust plates and buttons, locking plates, and block protector kits; Pushrods and pushrod guides, lifters, lifter valley plates, lifter link bars and guides, lifter installation kits; intake manifolds; fuel lines and plumbing therefor, namely, O-rings, hose ends, hose nipples, braided hoses, hose clamps, adapters and couplers, banjo fittings, brake assemblies and pressure fittings; hoses, fittings, and components therefor; fuel filters and replacement parts therefor; air filters; air cleaners; air intake tubes; fuel injectors and parts therefor; Water bypass kits, water outlet restrictors, water necks and parts thereof; fuel pumps; overflow tanks and accessories therefor, namely, overflow catches, intake bolts, and header bolt kits; water pumps and parts thereof; fans, oil coolers; radiators and parts thereof; Exhaust systems and parts thereof, namely, inserts, cutouts, couplers, controllers, clamps, tips, hangers, grommets, and bushings; exhaust components, namely, headers, collectors, clamps, mufflers, exhaust pipes, header wraps, and catalytic converters; Exhaust heat shield wrap, sleeves, tape, and fasteners; fly wheels; filter kits comprised of filter housings, filter mounts, hoses and fittings; alternator cases; starters and parts thereof; starter harnesses automotive ignition components, ignition modules, ignition tune up kits, namely, distributors, distributor caps, coils, wires, starters, alternators, generators, spark plug wires, switches and fuses; vehicle exhaust system components, namely, mufflers, mounting hangers, headers, exhaust manifolds, tubing, flanges and headers; winches and parts thereof; throttle bodies; fuel rails; throttle cables; brackets; return springs; nitrous oxide kits; Polishing kits comprised of polishing machines in the nature of polishing wheels, and compounds therefor for polishing automotive and marine metal, plastic and glass; powder coating systems comprised of power operated application paint and powder spray guns, and supports for holding an article to be sprayed; Power tools, parts washer, power hoists, car jack, hydraulic shop press; Paint guns and parts thereof, namely regulators, valves; kits comprised of one or more accessories for power-operated drills, namely, chucks, drill bits, driver bits, countersinks, drill bit holders, nut setters, hex keys, hex head fasteners, adapters for socket wrenches, screw guides and carrying cases; Turbochargers for vehicle engines and parts thereof; Intercoolers for vehicle engines
18 Bags namely, personal bags, gear bags, equipment bags, and backpacks; umbrellas
6 Metal goods namely, metal ramps for use with vehicles; metal hoses and fittings for automotive use; metal license plates; Metal brackets and hooks; metal fasteners, namely, bolts, nails, rivets, screws and grommets; metal adapters and fittings for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; bungs of metal; metal engine stands; metal vehicle restoration rotisseries; metal tool storage sets, namely, tool cabinets, tool boxes, tool chests, tool trays and tool tray organizers; portable shelters, namely, portable shelters primarily made of metal having metal framework covered with a waterproof canopy; grommets; metal rollers
17 Gaskets; carbon fibers in sheet form
28 Children's toys; Cornhole game set; outdoor games; Christmas decorations
16 Printed catalogs in the field of automotive parts and motorcycle parts; books related to automotive maintenance and repair; reference books; printed pamphlets, brochures, manuals, books, booklets, leaflets, informational flyers, informational sheets and newsletters, adhesive backed stickers, and kits comprised solely of one or more of the foregoing materials in the field of car shows; printed tickets; decorative decals and stickers; masking paper
27 Carpets and vinyl floors for automobiles; floor mats for vehicles; protective mats for garages and work areas
4 Lubricants for motor vehicle engines; non-chemical engine treatment preparations and additives for engine oils, gasoline and diesel fuels, transmission fluids and cooling systems
3 Cleaners, namely, polishes, waxes, and abrasives; Polish for automotive and marine metal, plastic and glass; surface pre-treatments, namely, wax and grease removers, rust removers; coated abrasives and sandpaper in the form of belts, sheets, rolls and discs; abrasives for use in blasting services, namely, metal and glass granules; non-medicated hand soaps
14 Key chains; clocks
25 Clothing, namely, shirts and tops, hats, gloves, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, collared shirts, shoes and boots, pants, and driving safety suits; clothing for babies, namely, onesies and bibs; fire retardant clothing
2 Automotive and marine vehicle paints; Automotive and marine primers and coatings, namely, clear coat for sealing and protecting paint, specialty automotive coatings, namely, rubberized undercoating, chassis shield resin, stainless steel finish, chrome brightener, metal restorer, non-skid coating, and wrinkle finish coating, and surface pre-treatments, namely, rust inhibiting preparations in the nature of a coating for use on vehicles, paint hardeners, powder coatings; Automotive protectants
24 Blankets; Towels; Banners; Flags
1 Brake fluid; hydraulic fluid; antifreeze for vehicle cooling system; automobile engine coolant; chemical additives for enhancing the performance of lubricating oils, greases and internal combustion engine fuels
12 Land vehicle parts, namely, fuel tanks, fuel storage cells, fuel tank caps, brake systems, differentials, drive shafts, power steering pumps and pump cap covers, running boards, sun visors, license plate frames, gauge sending units, pedal assemblies, gear shifters, spoilers for automotive vehicles, vehicle roll bars, axle assemblies, safety harnesses and components for autoracing, parachutes for arresting the motion of vehicles, automotive suspension system components, namely, coilovers, leaf springs, spindles, sway bars, struts, shock absorbers, spindles, control arms, panhard bars, wheelie bars, rod ends, jam nuts; Automotive transmissions and parts therefor; Automatic transmissions and parts therefor; Automotive chassis and suspension, and parts therefor; automotive steering wheels and steering wheel components, namely, steering wheels, namely, wraps, spacers, installation kits, and horn buttons; automotive steering columns and parts thereof, namely, mounts, shift arms and linkage; automotive equipment and accessories, namely, engines, engine blocks, piston heads, transmission coolers, belts, hoses, clutch cables, clutch pilots, shifter cables, flex plates, shock absorbers, springs, differentials, wheel disks, brake proportioning valves, fender wells, roll bars and components therefor, roll bar covers, battery boxes, electrical wiring and connectors, battery trays, and wire retaining rings; automotive brakes and parts thereof, namely, calipers, rotors, pistons, pads, master cylinder, and brake fluid, conversion kits composed of master cylinder, calipers, rotors, valves, pads, lines, brake boosters, pedal extension kits, brackets, and hardware; Cylinder heads and parts thereof, namely, springs, valves, retainers, locks, guides; Clutch kits and parts thereof, namely, master and slave cylinders, forks, fork pivot balls, cables, adjusters; Accessory Drive Systems, pulleys, pulley spacers, pulley shims, and brackets; Drive Hubs; kit for a land vehicle chassis reinforcement comprising automobile chassis and structural parts for automobiles; chassis stiffeners; Lift supports; lift kits for land vehicles comprising leaf springs, u-bolts, torsion bars, brackets, coil springs, blocks, control arms, bushings, ball joint spacers and coil spring spacers; auto body components and parts, namely, hoods, doors, trunk lids, rear spoilers, grilles, lip spoilers, fenders, side skirts, roofs, hard tops, and seats; automobile wheels; wheel center caps; Wheel bearings and seals for land vehicles; Seats for land vehicles and parts thereof; window and cab visors; car window shades; vehicle covers, namely, fender covers, seat covers, tire covers, air cleaner covers; wagons and dollies; roof cargo containers for automotive vehicles and accessories therefor; bike and watercraft racks; mirrors for land vehicles; Valve covers and parts thereof, namely, baffles, breathers, fasteners, grommets, hold-down tabs, spacers and adapters; Rack and pinons, rack and pinion bellows and clamps; Wheel alignment parts; Wheel tubs
11 Headlights for land vehicles; light bulbs for land vehicles; taillight assemblies for land vehicles; repair kits for automotive lighting, namely, headlights, headlamps, turn signals and lenses; shop lights; vehicle climate-control system for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning; portable electric fans; barbecue grills; heating, cooling, ventilation for vehicles
22 Lanyards for holding badges; Cords, straps, anchors, and shackles
21 Portable beverage coolers; Water bottles; Travel cups; insulated drink holders; cleaning equipment namely, pads and discs for polishing, buffing, scrubbing, scouring, and applying, polishing cloths and wheels, sponges, steel wool, detailing bushes
20 Non-metal utility containers; nonmetal zip ties; folding furniture; stools; tables; non-metal metal tool storage sets namely too cabinets, toolboxes, tool chests, tool trays and tool tray organizers; portable shelters and replacement parts therefor

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