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Friday, November 18, 2022
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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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19 Reinforcing materials, not of metal, for building, namely, carbon-fiber fabrics used as structural reinforcement materials, namely, reinforcement fabrics for use in commercial and industrial construction for strengthening, stabilizing structures or civil infrastructure; construction and civil engineering material in the nature of hybrid fiber/epoxy composites used for retrofitting or repairing structures
6 Manually operated metal valves and manually operated metal line-stopping valves not being parts of machines which stop the flow of water or gas in water pipes, gas pipes, and petro-chemical pipes used for industrial purposes; valve systems comprised of manually operated metal valves for use in water pipes, gas pipes, and petro-chemical pipes used for industrial purposes
17 Resin impregnated fiberglass anti-corrosion tape; Composite non-metal reinforcement and sealing compounds for the repair, reinforcement, or corrosion protection of pipes, ducts, storage tanks, or tubes; rubber and petrolatum anti-corrosion tapes for industrial or commercial use; non-permanent adhesive putty; Composite wrap composed primarily of bi-directional weave carbon fiber incorporating fiberglass hybrid fabric used to repair damaged pipes, structures such as bridges columns slaps, walls beams and joists; non-metallic bands of a curable resin matrix loaded with continuous high tensile strength filaments used for reinforcement, repair, protection and insulation of pipelines and other transporting and containment vessels
1 Composite carbon epoxy resins for pressure containment, reinforcement, repair and rehabilitation of pipes, pipelines and vessels
The mark consists of the term "CRITICA" with the term "INFRASTRUCTURE" directly underneath with a stylized "C" to the left of the terms.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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