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Thursday, November 17, 2022
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Monday, November 14, 2022

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30 Millet; Millets; Cereals; Cereal powders; Cereal Flour; Breakfast cereals; Cereal preparations; Cereal snacks; Cereal bars; Processed cereals; Cereals, processed; Hot breakfast cereal based snacks; chips (cereal products); Cereal seeds; processed; Breakfast cereals containing fruit; Crisps made of cereals; Cereal-based savory snacks; Cereal-based bars; Cereal breakfast foods; Cereal preparations containing oat bran; Snacks manufactured from cereals; Snack food (Cereal-based); Ready-to-eat cereals; Breakfast Cereals containing fiber; Cereals-based snack bars Breakfast cereals containing honey; Muesli consisting predominantly of cereals; Cereal preparations consisting of oat bran; Breakfast cereals made of rice; Crackers made of prepared cereals; Cereal-based meal replacement bars; Foodstuffs made from cereals; Cereal based food bars; High protein cereal bars; Cereal-based snack food; Cereal based snack foods; Preparation made from cereals; Cereal based energy bars; Cereal preparation consisting of bran; Cereal based prepared snack foods; Snacks products made of cereals; Cereal products in bar form; Cereal cakes for human consumption; Cereal bars and energy bars; Foods produced from baked cereals; Snack foods made from cereals; Breakfast cereals flavored with honey; Breakfast cereals, porridge and grits; Snack food products made from cereals; Cereals for use in making pasta; Cereals snack foods flavored with cheese; Cereals prepared for consumption by humans; Cereal based foodstuffs for human consumption; Bread improvers being cereal based preparations; Biscuits for human consumption made from cereals; Snack food products made from cereal starch; Snack foods consisting principally of extruded cereals; Cereal preparations coated with sugar and honey; Processed cereals for food for human consumption; Snack food products made from cereal flour; Ready-to-eat cereal-derived food bars; snacks food products consisting of cereal products; Cereals for food for consumption by humans; Food mixtures consisting of cereal flakes and dried fruits; Breakfast cereals containing a mixture of fruit and fiber; Oats (Crushed); Oat-based foods; Oats for human consumption; Rolled oats and wheat; Prepared oats for human consumption; Oat-based food for human consumption; Processed oats for food for human consumption; Snack foods made from wheat, Foodstuffs made from oats; Based for making milk shakes (flavorings); Oat-based food
29 Prepared savory snacks and meals consisting primarily of millet and oats; ready cooked savory snacks and meals consisting primarily of millet and oats; Flavored milk beverages; Milk shakes
32 Smoothies; Smoothies (non-alcoholic fruit beverages); Smoothies containing grains and oats, Oat-based beverages (not being milk substitutes); Powders for the preparation of beverages; Powders used in the preparation of soft drinks; Preparations for making non-alcoholic beverages
43 Provision of food and drink; self-service restaurants; restaurants; caf├ęs; cafeterias; catering services

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