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Monday, September 26, 2022
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Friday, September 16, 2022

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30 Acanthopanax tea (Ogapicha); Adlay flour for food; Adobo; Agave syrup for use as a natural sweetener; Aioli; Ajvar for use as a condiment; Ale yeast for making beer; Alfredo sauce; Alimentary pasta; Alimentary paste (pastas and noodles); Allspice; Almond cake; Almond cookies; Almond paste; Aniseed for use as a flavoring in food and drinks; Annatto for use as a seasoning; Annin tofu; Appalum and papadum; Apple cider vinegar; Apple fritters; Apple turnovers; Applesauce; Arancini; Arepas; Arrangements of candy; Arrangements of cut fruit comprised of fresh fruits cut into flower shapes and at least partially coated with chocolate; Arrowroot for use as a food thickener; Artichoke sauce; Artificial coffee; Artificial coffee and tea; Artificial rice; Asafetida; Asian noodles; Avocado-based ice cream substitute; Babkas; Bagel chips; Bagel holes; Bagels; Baguettes; Baked Alaska; Baked goods, namely, crumbles; Bakery desserts; Bakery goods; Bakery goods and dessert items, namely, cakes, cookies, pastries, candies, and frozen confections for retail and wholesale distribution and consumption on or off the premises; Bakery goods and dessert items, namely, cheesecakes for retail and wholesale distribution and consumption on or off the premises; Bakery products; Bakery products, namely, sweet bakery goods; Baking powder; Baking powders; Baking soda; Baking spices; Baking-powder; Baklava; Balsamic vinegar; Banana fritters; Banana pudding; Bananas Foster; Baozi; Barbecue dry rub; Barbecue sauce; Barbeque sauce; Barley flour; Barley flour for food; Barley meal; Barley tea; Bars of sweet jellied bean paste (Yohkan); Bases for bakery goods; Bavarian creams; Bean flour; Bean jam buns; Bean meal; Bean paste; Bean-jam filled wafers (monaka); Bean-starch noodles (harusame, uncooked); Beer vinegar; Beignets; Benne wafers; Beverages made of coffee; Beverages made of tea; Beverages with a chocolate base; Beverages with a coffee base; Beverages with a tea base; Beverages with coffee base; Beverages with tea base; Bialys; Bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes; Bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes; Biryani seasoning paste; Biscotti; Biscotti dough; Biscuit mixes; Biscuits; Biscuits and bread; Biscuits, tarts, cakes made with cereals; Black pepper; Black tea; Black tea; Blinis; Blintzes; Blueberry pies; Boba being tapioca pearls; Boiled sweets; Bombe glacée; Bonbons; Bonbons made of sugar; Bread; Bread and buns; Bread and pastry; Bread bases; Bread biscuits; Bread crumb; Bread crumbs; Bread doughs; Bread flavored with spices; Bread flavoured with spices; Bread made with soya beans; Bread mixes; Bread pudding; Bread rolls; Bread sticks; Bread with soy bean; Bread with sweet red bean; Breadcrumbs; Breadsticks; Breakfast burritos; Breakfast cereals; Brewer's yeast for beer brewing; Brine for cooking; Brine for use in cocktails; Brioches; Brittle; Brown rice; Brown sauce; Brown sugar; Brownie dough; Brownie mixes; Brownies; Bruschetta-topped bread; Bubble gum; Bubble tea; Buckwheat flour; Buckwheat flour for food; Buckwheat tea; Buckwheat, processed; Bulgur; Buns; Burgers contained in bread rolls; Burritos; Butter biscuits; Buttercream fillings for cakes; Buttercream icing; Butterfly pea flower tea; Butterscotch chips; Cacao powder; Caffeine-free coffee; Cake balls; Cake batter; Cake dough; Cake doughs; Cake frosting; Cake icing; Cake mixes; Cake mixes, namely, cake bases; Cake pops; Cakes; Cakes of sugar-bounded millet or popped rice (okoshi); Calzones; Candies; Candy; Candy bark; Candy bars; Candy cake decorations; Candy canes; Candy containing alcoholic beverage content and flavor; Candy decorations for cakes; Candy for food; Candy mints; Candy necklaces; Candy sprinkles; Candy toppings; Candy with caramel; Candy with cocoa; Candy, namely, dragées; Candy-coated apples; Candy-coated popcorn; Canned spaghetti in tomato sauce; Cannelloni; Cannoli; Capers; Cappuccino; Cappuccino mixes; Caramel popcorn; Caramel sauce; Caramel topping for ice cream; Caramel-coated apples; Caramel-coated popcorn; Caramels; Carao fruit syrup for use as food; Cardamom; Carob chips; Carob powder for use as a chocolate substitute; Carob powder for use as a cocoa substitute; Castor sugar; Catsup; Cayenne pepper powder; Celery salt; Cereal bars; Cereal based energy bars; Cereal based snack food; Cereal-based snack bars; Cereal-based snack food; Cereal-based snack foods; Chai tea; Challah bread; Chalupas; Chamomile tea; Chamomile-based beverages; Cheese flavored puffed corn snacks; Cheese flavored snacks, namely, cheese curls; Cheese flavored snacks, namely, puffed cheese balls; Cheese sauce; Cheese straws; Cheese-flavored biscuits; Cheese-flavored corn snacks; Cheeseburger sandwiches; Cheesecakes; Cherries jubilee; Chervil; Chewing gum; Chewing gum for breath freshening; Chewing gum with vitamins; Chewing gum, not for medical purposes; Chewing gums; Chicken wing sauce; Chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee; Chicory based coffee substitute; Chili oil for use as a seasoning or condiment; Chili oils being condiments; Chili paste for use as a seasoning; Chili pepper pastes being condiments; Chili pods for use as a seasoning; Chili powder; Chili powders; Chili sauce; Chili seasoning; Chili seasonings; Chimichanga; Chimichurri; Chimichurri sauce; Chimney cakes; Chinese mabo tofu sauce; Chinese matrimony vine tea (Gugijacha); Chinese noodles; Chinese rice noodles (bifun, uncooked); Chinese steamed dumplings (shumai, cooked); Chinese stuffed dumplings (gyoza, cooked); Chocolate; Chocolate and chocolates; Chocolate bark containing ground coffee beans; Chocolate bars; Chocolate bunnies; Chocolate cakes; Chocolate candies; Chocolate chips; Chocolate confections; Chocolate covered ants; Chocolate covered cocoa nibs; Chocolate covered cookies; Chocolate covered fruit; Chocolate covered nuts; Chocolate covered popcorn; Chocolate covered pretzels; Chocolate covered raisins; Chocolate covered roasted coffee beans; Chocolate decorations for cakes; Chocolate fondue; Chocolate food beverages not being dairy-based or vegetable based; Chocolate for confectionery and bread; Chocolate for toppings; Chocolate mousse; Chocolate mousses; Chocolate pastes; Chocolate powder; Chocolate sauce; Chocolate spreads containing nuts; Chocolate syrup; Chocolate syrups; Chocolate topped pretzels; Chocolate topping; Chocolate truffles; Chocolate with Japanese horseradish; Chocolate-based beverages; Chocolate-based beverages with milk; Chocolate-based fillings for cakes and pies; Chocolate-based meal replacement bars; Chocolate-based ready-to-eat food bars; Chocolate-based spread also containing nuts; Chocolate-based spreads; Chocolate-coated biscuits; Chocolate-coated hazelnuts; Chocolate-coated nuts; Chocolate-covered nuts; Chocolate-covered potato chips; Chocolate-filled dried fig confections; Chocolates; Chocolates and chocolate-based ready to eat candies and snacks; Chocolates containing nutrients; Chocolatines; Chow chow; Chow mein noodles; Churros; Chutney; Chutneys; Ciabatta bread; Cinnamon; Cinnamon powder; Cinnamon rolls; Cinnamon sugar; Citric acid for culinary purposes; Citron tea; Clove powder; Cloves; Coatings for foods made of breading; Cocktail sauces; Cocoa; Cocoa beverages with milk; Cocoa extracts for human consumption; Cocoa mixes; Cocoa powder; Cocoa spreads; Cocoa tea; Cocoa-based beverages; Cocoa-based condiments and seasonings for food and drink; Cocoa-based ingredient in confectionery products; Coconut flour; Coconut macaroons; Coconut sugar; Coconut-based fruit ice; Coffee; Coffee; Coffee and artificial coffee; Coffee and coffee substitutes; Coffee and tea; Coffee based beverages; Coffee beans; Coffee beverages with milk; Coffee capsules containing coffee for brewing; Coffee capsules, filled; Coffee cherry tea; Coffee drinks; Coffee essences; Coffee essences for use as substitutes for coffee; Coffee extracts; Coffee extracts for use as substitutes for coffee; Coffee pods; Coffee pods, filled; Coffee substitutes; Coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee; Coffee-based beverage containing milk; Coffee-based beverages; Coffee-based beverages containing ice cream (affogato); Coffee-based drinks; Coffee-based iced beverages; Coffee-based snack foods; Coixseed flour; Cole slaw dressing; Coleslaw dressing; Combination meals consisting primarily of pasta or rice-based entrees and soup or salad for consumption on or off the premises; Comfits; Common salt for cooking; Concentrates used in the preparation of flavoring syrups for shaved ice confections; Condiment, namely, oyster sauce; Condiment, namely, pepper sauce; Cones for ice cream; Cones for icecream; Confectioner's coatings in the nature of edible shellac coatings for foods; Confectioneries, namely, snack foods, namely, chocolate; Confectionery chips for baking; Confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; Confectionery in the form of dessert mousses; Confectionery in the form of mousses; Confectionery made of sugar; Confectionery made of sugar substitutes; Confectionery, namely, candy and chocolate; Confectionery, namely, pastila; Confectionery, namely, pastilles; Confectionery, namely, zefir; Confectionery, namely, zephyr; Cooked dish consisting primarily of dough flakes with broth (sujebi); Cooked dish consisting primarily of sliced oval rice cakes with broth (tteokguk); Cooked rice; Cooked rice mixed with vegetables and beef (bibimbap); Cookie dough; Cookie mixes; Cookie pies; Cookies; Cookies and crackers; Cookies with nuts; Cooking powder, namely, bacon-flavored seasoning powder; Cooking salt; Cooking sauces; Corn bread; Corn bread mix; Corn cakes containing combinations of meat, cheese, beans and/or vegetables; Corn chips; Corn curls; Corn fingers; Corn flakes; Corn flour; Corn fritters; Corn meal; Corn starch based drink, in the nature of a food beverage consisting primarily of maize and porridge; Corn starch flour; Corn starch for culinary purposes; Corn syrup; Corn syrup for culinary purposes; Corn, milled; Corn, roasted; Corn-based chips; Corn-based snack foods; Cornflakes; Cornflour; Cornmeal; Cornstarch for culinary purposes; Cotton candy; Couscous; Crab boil; Cracked peppercorns for use as seasonings or flavorings; Cracker and cheese combinations; Cracker meal; Crackers; Cranberry sauce; Cream buns; Cream of tartar for culinary purposes; Cream pies; Cream puffs; Creamed honey; Creme brulee; Creme brulees; Creme caramels; Crepe mixes; Crepes; Crescent rolls; Crisp bread; Crispbread; Croissants; Croutons; Croûtons; Crumpets; Crushed barley; Crushed oats; Crust of overcooked rice (nurungji); Crusty rolls; Crystallized lemon juice for use as a seasoning; Crystallized rock sugar; Crystallized sugar for decorating cakes; Crystallized sugar for decorating food; Crème caramel; Cube sugar; Cumin powder; Cup cakes; Cupcakes; Cupcakes that contain alcohol; Currant bread; Curry pastes; Curry powder; Curry sauce; Curry spice mixes; Curry spice mixture; Custard; Custard tarts; Custard-based fillings for cakes and pies; Custards; Dairy-free chocolate; Danish; Danish bread; Danish pastries; Decaffeinated coffee; Deep-fried dough sticks (Youtiao); Dessert mousse; Dessert puddings; Dessert puddings infused with alcohol; Dessert souffles; Dinner rolls; Dipping sauces; Disposable cups with a tea-filled pouch ultrasonically welded to one side of the bottom of the cup, which allows the natural fiber pouch to float near the bottom; Divinity; Donuts; Dough; Dough-enrobed foods consisting of a dough-based wrapper with fillings consisting primarily of ice cream and other dairy-based desserts; Dough-enrobed foods consisting of a dough-based wrapper with fillings consisting primarily of meats, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables and cheese; Dough-enrobed foods consisting of a dough-based wrapper with fillings consisting primarily of pasta and rice; Dough-enrobed foods consisting of a dough-based wrapper with pizza-flavored fillings; Doughnut holes; Doughnuts; Dressings for salad; Dried chili peppers; Dried chives; Dried cooked-rice; Dried coriander for use as seasoning; Dried coriander seeds for use as seasoning; Dried corn husks for cooking purposes; Dried corn husks for tamales; Dried cumin seeds for use as a seasoning or condiment; Dried fig-based condiment; Dried herbs; Dried herbs in powdered form; Dried mint; Dried noodles; Dried pasta; Dried pieces of wheat gluten (fu, uncooked); Dried sugared cakes of rice flour (rakugan); Dry spice rub for meats and fish; Duck sauce; Dulce de leche; Dumpling skins; Earl Grey tea; Eccles cakes; Eclairs; Edible adhesives for confectionery decorating; Edible cake decorations; Edible cookie dough not intended for baking; Edible cupcake liners that bake onto the cupcake itself; Edible decorations for cakes; Edible flour; Edible fruit ices; Edible glitter for foods and beverages; Edible glue for confectionery decorating; Edible ices; Edible paper; Edible rice paper; Edible salt; Edible spices; Edible turmeric; Edible wafer paper; Edible wafers; Edible writing paper; Egg barley; Egg rolls; Egg tarts; Egg- and dairy-free mayonnaise; Eight-treasure rice pudding; Einspanner (coffee-based beverages containing whipping cream); Empanada dough; Empanadas; Enchiladas; Energy candy; Energy mints; English muffins; Enriched rice; Espresso; Espresso drinks; Extracts used as food flavoring; Extruded corn snacks; Extruded wheat snacks; Fajitas; Farina; Farinaceous food pastes for human consumption; Fermented herbs; Fermented hot pepper paste (gochujang); Fermented hot pepper paste for use as a seasoning; Fermented tea; Fermenting malted rice (Koji); Filled chocolate; Filled chocolates; Filled pasta; Filled waffles; Filo; Filo dough; Filo doughs; Filo leaves; Fish dumplings; Fish sandwiches; Fish sauce; Flan; Flan base wafers; Flapjacks; Flat bread; Flavor enhancers used in food and beverage products; Flavor-coated popped popcorn; Flavored and sweetened gelatins; Flavored balsamic vinegar; Flavored honey; Flavored ice blocks; Flavored ices; Flavored jelly crystals for making jelly confectionery; Flavored salt; Flavored sugar; Flavored vinegar; Flavored, sweetened gelatin desserts; Flavorings for beverages, other than essential oils; Flavorings, other than essential oils, for beverages; Flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes; Flavoured jelly crystals for making jelly confectionery; Flavoured vinegar; Flavourings for cakes other than essential oils; Flavourings of almond, other than essential oils, for food or beverages; Flavourings of lemons, other than essential oils, for food or beverages; Flavourings of tea, other than essential oils, for food or beverages; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for beverages; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for butter; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for cakes; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for cheeses; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for foods; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for soups; Flaxseed for use as a seasoning; Floating islands; Flour; Flour for food; Flour for making dumplings of glutinous rice; Flour-based chips; Flour-based dumplings; Flour-based gnocchi; Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; Focaccia bread; Fondants; Food condiment consisting primarily of ketchup and salsa; Food flavorings being non-essential oils; Food flavorings, namely, infused oils, not being essential oils; Food flavourings, other than essential oils; Food flavourings, other than essential oils, and seasonings; Food leavening agents; Food package combinations consisting primarily of bread, crackers and/or cookies; Food seasonings; Food starch; Fortune cookies; Frankfurter sandwiches; Frappes; Freezable liquid for use in making frozen confections; Freeze-dried dishes with main ingredient being pasta; Freeze-dried dishes with main ingredient being rice; Freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being pasta; Freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being rice; French toast; Fresh fruits cut into flower shapes and at least partially coated with chocolate; Fresh pasta; Fresh pizza; Fried dough cookies; Fried dough cookies (karintoh); Fried dough twists; Fried noodles; Frosting mixes; Frostings; Frozen appetizers consisting primarily of cornmeal; Frozen breads; Frozen brownie dough; Frozen cashew-based desserts; Frozen coffee drinks; Frozen confectionery; Frozen confectionery containing ice cream; Frozen confections; Frozen confections, namely, freezer bars; Frozen confections, namely, freezer pops; Frozen confections, namely, ices; Frozen cookie dough; Frozen cookie, brownie and biscotti dough; Frozen custards; Frozen dessert consisting of fruit and cream or cream substitutes; Frozen desserts consisting of flavored ice blocks with toppings; Frozen dough; Frozen dough for use as pizza, bread or other bread-type products; Frozen flavoured waters; Frozen flour-free foods, namely, pancakes, crepes, sandwich wraps, muffins and griddle cake sandwiches which are protein-enriched; Frozen flour-free foods, namely, waffles, pancakes, crepes, sandwich wraps, muffins and griddle cake sandwiches which are protein-enriched; Frozen foods, namely, grain and bread based appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, and canapés; Frozen french toast; Frozen french toast sticks; Frozen hot chocolate; Frozen juice bars; Frozen pancakes; Frozen pie crusts; Frozen pizza; Frozen pizza crusts; Frozen pizza crusts made of cauliflower; Frozen soy-based desserts; Frozen tortillas; Frozen tortillas made of cauliflower; Frozen waffles; Frozen yoghurt; Frozen yogurt; Frozen yogurt cakes; Frozen yogurt confections; Frozen yogurt mixes; Frozen yogurt pies; Frozen yogurt pies and cakes; Frozen-yogurt-based snack foods; Fructose for food; Fruit bread; Fruit breads; Fruit cakes; Fruit cobblers; Fruit coulis; Fruit flavourings for food or beverages, except essences; Fruit ice; Fruit ice bar; Fruit ice bars; Fruit ice creams; Fruit ices; Fruit jelly candy; Fruit paste for flavouring of food; Fruit pies; Fruit sauces; Fruit teas; Fruit turnovers; Fruit vinegar; Fudge; Funnel cakes; Garden herbs, preserved; Garlic bread; Garlic paste for use as a seasoning; Garlic powder; Garlic salt; Garlic-based sauces; Gateaux; Gelatin-based chewy candies; Gelato; Gift baskets containing candy; Gift baskets containing popcorn; Ginger paste for use as a seasoning; Ginger snaps; Ginger tea; Gingerbread; Gingerbread house making kits; Ginseng candy; Ginseng tea; Glazed popcorn; Glucose for culinary purposes; Gluten additives for culinary purposes; Gluten-free bread; Gluten-free pasta; Glutinous pounded rice cake coated with bean powder (injeolmi); Glutinous rice; Glutinous rice flour; Glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves (Zongzi); Glutinous starch syrup (mizu-ame); Glycerin for culinary purposes; Glycerine for culinary purposes; Golden syrup; Graham cracker pie crusts; Graham crackers; Grain-based beverages; Grain-based chips; Grain-based food bars; Grain-based food beverages; Grain-based snack foods; Gram flour; Granita; Granola; Granola snacks; Granola-based snack bars; Granulated sugar; Grass-based food beverages; Gravies; Gravy; Gravy mixes; Green coffee; Green onion pancake (pajeon); Green tea; Grilling sauces; Grits; Groats for human food; Ground coffee; Ground coffee beans; Ground ginger; Guar gum for culinary purposes; Gum paste; Gum sweets; Gumballs; Gummy candies; Gyro sandwiches; Habanero sauce; Half-moon-shaped cake of rice containing sweet or semi-sweet fillings (songpyeon); Halva; Halvah; Ham glaze; Hamburger sandwiches; Hard candies; Hard candy; Hardtack; Harissa for use as a condiment; Herb salt; Herb tea; Herb teas; Herbal flavourings, other than essential oils, for making beverages; Herbal food beverages; Herbal honey; Herbal infusions; Herbal tea; Herbal tea, other than for medicinal use; Herbal teas; Herbal teas, other than for medicinal use; High-protein cereal bars; Hoagies; Hollandaise sauce; Hollow chocolate forms filled with candy; Hominy; Hominy grits; Honey; Honey and treacle; Honey buns; Honey mustard; Honey mustard sauce; Honey substitutes; Hop extracts used as flavoring for foods and beverages; Horseradish; Hot chili pepper sauce; Hot chocolate; Hot chocolate mixes; Hot cocoa mix; Hot dog sandwiches; Hot pepper powder; Hot sauce; Hotcake mixes; Huevos rancheros; Hulless oat flour; Hushpuppies; Husked barley; Husked oats; Husked rice; Ice; Ice blocks; Ice candies; Ice cream; Ice cream bars; Ice cream desserts; Ice cream drinks; Ice cream floats; Ice cream gateaux; Ice cream infused with alcohol; Ice cream mixes; Ice cream powder; Ice cream rolls; Ice cream sandwiches; Ice cream substitute; Ice cream sundaes; Ice creams; Ice cubes; Ice for refreshment; Ice milk; Ice milk bars; Ice sculptures; Ice, natural or artificial; Ice-cream; Ice-cream cakes; Ice-cream-based snack foods; Iced cakes; Iced coffee; Iced tea; Ices and ice creams; Icing; Icing mixes; Icing sugar; Individual-size cakes for children's birthdays; Insect-based flour; Instant black tea; Instant chinese noodles; Instant coffee; Instant dessert puddings; Instant doughnut mixes; Instant green tea; Instant noodles; Instant oatmeal; Instant Oolong tea; Instant pancake mixes; Instant pudding mixes; Instant rice; Instant soba noodles; Instant spice blends; Instant tea; Instant udon noodles; Instant white tea; Inulin for use as a food starch; Italian ice; Jam buns; Jambalaya, namely, a spicy Creole rice dish with a mixture of fish and meat such as shrimp, chicken, ham and spicy sausage; Japanese arrowroot powder (kudzu-ko, for food); Japanese arrowroot powder for culinary purposes; Japanese green tea; Japanese horseradish powder spice (wasabi powder); Japanese pepper powder spice (sansho powder); Japanese sponge cakes (kasutera); Japanese style steamed cakes (mushi-gashi); Jasmine tea; Jawbreakers; Jelly beans; Jelly confectionery; Jelly confections infused with alcohol; Jerk sauce; Jerk seasoning; Jiaozi; Kasha; Kelp tea; Ketchup; Kettle corn; Khorasan wheat flour; Khorasan wheat pasta; Kimchi pancakes; Kits comprised of ingredients for making ice cream; Kits comprised of ingredients for preparing pizza; Knishes; Kolaches; Kombu soy sauce; Kombucha tea; Korean-style dumplings (mandu); Lager yeast for making beer; Laksa; Lasagna; Licorice; Lime blossom tea; Lime tea; Linseed for use as a seasoning; Liqueur chocolates; Liquorice; Lo mein; Locust bean gum for culinary purposes; Lollipops; Low-salt bread; Lyophilised dishes with main ingredient being pasta; Lyophilised dishes with main ingredient being rice; Lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being pasta; Lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being rice; Lyophilized dishes with main ingredient being pasta; Lyophilized dishes with main ingredient being rice; Lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being pasta; Lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being rice; Macaroni; Macaroni; Macaroni and cheese; Macaroni salad; Macaroni with cheese; Macarons; Macaroons; Madeleines; Maize flakes; Maize flour; Maize gluten feed, namely, maize gluten and corn gluten all for human consumption; Maize gluten meal; Maize meal; Maize, milled; Maize, roasted; Maize-based pudding dessert (mazamorra morada); Maizitos comprised primarily of corn that is topped with cheese or chicken; Malt biscuits; Malt extract for food; Malt extracts for food; Malt extracts used as flavorings for food and beverages; Malt for food purposes; Malted milk balls; Maltose for food; Mandlen; Maple syrup; Marinade mixes; Marinades; Marshmallow; Marshmallow creme; Marshmallow squares; Marshmallow topping; Marshmallows; Marzipan; Marzipan substitutes; Masala powder and spices; Masala rice for biryani; Matcha; Matcha-based spreads; Matzo; Matzo balls; Mayonnaise; Meal kits consisting primarily of noodles; Meat cures; Meat gravies; Meat pies; Meat pies; Meat tenderizers for household purposes; Meat tenderizers, for household purposes; Meat turnovers; Melting wafers; Meringue powder; Meringues; Mexican candy; Microwave popcorn; Milk chocolate; Mille-feuilles; Milled flax seeds; Millet cakes; Minced garlic; Minced garlic; Mincemeat pies; Mineral salt for human consumption; Mint sauce; Mint-based sweets; Mints for breath freshening; Mirror glaze for baked goods; Mirror icing; Miso; Miso bean paste; Miso being condiments; Mix for making combined noodle and sauce dish; Mixed spice powder; Mixes for bakery goods; Mixes for bakery goods containing cornmeal; Mixes for candy making; Mixes for making baking batters; Mixes for making batter for hushpuppies; Mixes for making batters for fried foods; Mixes for making breading; Mixes for making matzo balls; Mixes for making tea; Mixes in the nature of concentrates, syrups or powders used in the preparation of tea based beverages; Mixes of sweet adzuki-bean jelly (mizu-yokan-no-moto); Mixtures of coffee and chicory; Molasses; Molasses for food; Molasses syrup; Monosodium glutamate used as a flavor enhancer for food; Moon cakes; Muesli; Muesli bars; Muffin mixes; Muffins; Mulling spices; Multigrain bread; Multigrain-based snack foods; Mung bean flour; Mung bean pancakes (bindaetteok); Mung bean porridge; Mustard; Mustard meal; Mustard powder; Naan bread; Nachos; Natural brown sugar; Natural spices; Natural sweetener; Natural sweeteners; Non-dairy frozen confections; Non-medicated lozenges; Nonpareils; Noodle-based prepared meals; Noodle-based prepared meals for toddlers; Noodles; Noodles and sauce mixes combined in unitary packages; Noodles and seasoning mixes combined in unitary packages; Noodles, sauce, and processed vegetables combined in unitary packages; Noodles, sauce, and seasoning toppings combined in unitary packages; Noodles, sauce, and topping combined in unitary packages; Noodles, sauce, dehydrated vegetables, and topping combined in unitary packages; Noodles, seasonings, edible oil, and dehydrated vegetables combined in unitary packages; Noodles, seasonings, edible oil, and flavorings combined in unitary packages; Nougat; Nut flours; Nutmeg; Nutmegs; Oat flakes; Oatmeal; Onigiri; Onion or cheese biscuits; Onion salt; Oolong tea; Orange blossom water for culinary purposes; Organic curry sauces; Organic date syrup; Organic spices; Orzo; Oyster sauce; Packaged meal kits consisting primarily of pasta or rice; Packaged meal mixes consisting primarily of pasta or rice; Pad thai (Thai stir-fried noodles); Paella; Pains au chocolat; Palm sugar; Pan de yuca; Pancake mixes; Pancake syrup; Pancakes; Panela sugar; Panetonne; Panettone; Panini; Parfaits; Pasta; Pasta and noodles; Pasta for soups; Pasta salad; Pasta sauce; Pasta shells; Pasta-wrappings for gyoza; Pastries; Pastries with fruit; Pastries, namely, pasties; Pastry; Pastry cream; Pastry dough; Pastry mixes; Pastry shells; Pastry shells for monaka; Peanut brittle; Peanut butter confectionery chips; Peanut sauce; Pearl barley; Pearled barley; Pecan logs; Pellet-shaped rice crackers (arare); Pelmeni; Pepper; Pepper paste for use as a seasoning; Pepper powder ; Pepper spice; Peppermint bark; Peppermint candy; Peppermint for confectionery; Peppermint sweets; Peppermint tea; Perilla powder for food; Pesto; Pesto sauce; Petit-beurre biscuits; Petits fours; Phyllo dough; Picante sauce; Piccalilli; Pickle relish; Pico de Gallo sauce; Pie crusts; Pie shells; Pierogi dough mix; Pierogies; Pies; Pigs-in-a-blanket; Pilaf; Pimiento used as a condiment; Pineapple fritters; Pita; Pita bread; Pita chips; Pizza; Pizza cheese sticks; Pizza crust; Pizza crust mixes; Pizza dough; Pizza dough mix; Pizza sauce; Pizzas; Pizzas; Plantain flour; Plum cakes; Plum-cakes; Polenta; Ponzu; Popcorn; Popcorn infused with alcohol; Poppadums; Popped popcorn; Porridge; Posole being hominy; Pot pies; Potato flour; Potato rolls; Potato starch for food; Potato-based flatbread; Potato-based flatbreads; Potstickers; Poultry and game meat pies; Pounded rice cakes (mochi); Pounded wheat; Powdered coffee in drip bags; Powdered garlic; Powdered sugar; Powders for making ice cream; Powders for making iced tea; Pralines; Prawn crackers; Pre-mixed pancake batter; Pre-packaged lunches consisting primarily of rice, and also including meat, fish or vegetables; Pre-processed mixes for making non-dairy frozen confections; Preparations for making coffee-based beverages; Prepared cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; Prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; Prepared horseradish; Prepared noodles rolled in seaweed; Prepared pasta; Prepared rice rolled in seaweed; Prepared wasabi; Preserved garden herbs as seasonings; Preserved herbs as seasonings; Pressed sweets (Dasik); Pretzel chips; Pretzels; Processed bran; Processed buckwheat; Processed cereal-based food to be used as a breakfast food, snack food or ingredient for making other foods; Processed cereals; Processed cereals for food for human consumption; Processed corn; Processed fennel seeds for use as seasonings or flavorings; Processed garlic for use as seasoning; Processed ginseng used as an herb, spice or flavoring for food or beverages; Processed grains; Processed grains, namely, rye; Processed herbes de Provence; Processed herbs; Processed oats; Processed popcorn; Processed poppy seeds for use as seasonings or flavorings; Processed quinoa; Processed seeds for use as a seasoning; Processed seeds used as a flavoring for foods and beverages; Processed semolina; Processed shallots for use as seasoning; Processed sorghum; Processed squash seeds for use as a seasoning; Processed tea leaves; Processed teff; Processed unpopped popcorn; Processed wheat; Processed, frozen, cooked or packaged whole grains; Profiteroles; Propolis for human consumption; Propolis for food purposes; Protein reduced and gluten free flour and bread; Protein-enriched coffee; Puddings; Puddings for use as desserts; Puffed corn snacks; Puffed rice; Pulse flour for food; Pumpernickel bread; Pumpkin pies; Pumpkin porridge (Hobak-juk); Pupusas; Pâtés en croûte; Qorma seasoning paste; Quesadillas; Quiche; Quiches; Quinoa, processed; Quinoa-based food bars; Quinoa-based snack foods; Ramen; Ramen noodles; Ravioli; Ravioli; Raw sugar; Ready to eat, cereal derived food bars; Ready-made sauces; Ready-to-eat cereals; Ready-to-eat popcorn; Red bean porridge (patjuk); Red ginseng candy; Red ginseng tea; Red pepper flakes for use as a seasoning; Red pepper powder (Gochutgaru); Relish; Ribbon vermicelli; Rice; Rice and seasoning mix combined in unitary packages; Rice cakes; Rice chips; Rice crackers; Rice dumplings; Rice dumplings dressed with sweet bean jam (ankoro); Rice flour; Rice flour porridge; Rice glue balls; Rice noodles; Rice porridge; Rice pudding; Rice pulp for culinary purposes; Rice salad; Rice starch flour; Rice sticks; Rice vermicelli; Rice, pasta and noodles; Rice, seasonings, and flavorings combined in unitary packages; Rice-based pudding dessert; Rice-based pudding dessert (arroz con leche); Rice-based snack food; Rice-based snack foods; Risotto; Roasted and ground sesame seeds for use as seasonings; Roasted barley tea; Roasted brown rice tea; Roasted coffee beans; Roasted corn; Roasted maize; Rock candy; Rolled oats; Rolled oats and wheat; Rolls; Rooibos tea; Rose hip tea; Rosemary tea; Royal jelly for food purposes; Rugelach; Rusks; Rye bread; Rye flour; S'mores; Saba syrup for flavoring food or beverages; Sachima; Saffron for use as a food seasoning; Saffron salt for seasoning food; Sage; Sage tea; Sago; Sago palm starch for culinary purposes; Salad dressing; Salad dressings; Salad dressings containing cream; Salad sauces; Saleratus for culinary purposes; Salsa; Salsa con queso; Salsa sauces; Salt; Salt crackers; Salt for preserving food; Salt for preserving foodstuffs; Salt substitutes for use as a seasoning; Salted biscuits; Salted butter fudge; Sambal oeleks being condiments; Samosas; Sandwich relish; Sandwich wraps; Sandwich wraps made of cauliflower; Sandwiches; Sauce mixes; Sauces; Sauces for barbecued meat; Sausage rolls; Sausage wrapped in dough; Savarins; Savory biscuits; Savory pancake mixes; Savory pancakes; Savory sauces used as condiments; Savoury and salted biscuits; Savoury biscuits; Savoury pancake mixes; Savoury pancakes; Scented water for flavoring beverages; Scones; Sea salt for cooking; Sea water for cooking; Seafood pies; Seasoned bean paste; Seasoned coating for meat, fish, poultry; Seasoned coating mixtures for foods; Seasoned crackers; Seasoned popcorn; Seasoned pretzels; Seasoned rice cakes with fish, meat, chicken and vegetable toppings; Seasoned salt; Seasoned soy sauce (Chiyou); Seasoning mixes; Seasoning mixes for soups; Seasoning mixes for stews; Seasoning pastes; Seasoning rubs; Seasonings; Seasonings and flavorings, other than essential oils, for dog foods and cattle feed; Seasonings for instant-boiled mutton; Seawater for cooking; Seaweed for use as a condiment; Semi-frozen coffee drinks; Sesame seeds for use as seasonings; Sesame sticks; Shaved ice confections; Shaved ice with sweetened red beans; Shaved ices with sweetened red beans; Sherbet; Sherbet mixes; Sherbets; Shortbread biscuits; Shortcake; Shrimp chips; Shrimp dumplings; Shrimp sauce; Sichuan pepper powder; Sloppy Joe Sauce; Sloppy Joe seasoning mix; Snack cakes; Snack food chews made primarily from brown rice syrup; Snack foods, namely, chocolate-based snack foods; Snack mix consisting primarily of crackers, pretzels and/or popped popcorn; Soba noodles; Soda bread; Soft pin-rolled cakes of pounded rice (gyuhi); Soft pretzels; Somen noodles; Sopapilla; Sopapillas; Sopes; Sorbet; Sorbet infused with alcohol; Sorbets; Soup dumplings (xiao long bao); Soup nuts; Sourdough bread; Soy bean paste; Soy burger sandwiches; Soy sauce; Soy sauce; Soy sauce flakes; Soy-based ice cream substitute; Soya bean paste; Soya flour; Soya-based ice cream substitutes; Soybean molasses; Soybean paste; Spaghetti; Spaghetti; Spaghetti sauce; Spaghetti with meatballs; Spanakopita, namely, spinach and feta pie in phyllo dough; Sparkling tea; Spelt, processed; Spice blends; Spice mixes; Spice rubs; Spices; Spices and ice; Spices for the flavoring of pumpkin seeds; Spices in the form of powders; Sponge cakes; Spreads consisting primarily of emulsified biscuits or cookies; Spring rolls; Spumoni; Sriracha hot chili sauce; Stabilized rice bran; Starch for food; Starch for use in manufacturing food; Starch noodles; Starch syrup for culinary purposes; Starch vermicelli; Starch-based binding agents for ice cream; Starch-based candies; Starch-based candies (ame); Starch-based thickeners for whipped cream; Steak sauce; Steak seasoning; Steamed buns stuffed with minced meat (niku-manjuh); Steamed buns stuffed with red bean paste; Steamed buns stuffed with red beans; Steamed corn kernels bits; Steamed rice; Steamed sponge cakes (fagao); Steel cut oats; Stir-fried noodles with vegetables (Japchae); Stir-fried rice; Stuffing mixes containing bread; Sugar; Sugar and sugar substitutes; Sugar substitutes; Sugar wafers; Sugar, honey, treacle; Sugar-coated coffee beans; Sugar-coated hard caramels; Sugar-free chewing gum; Sugared beans (ama-natto); Sugarfree chewing gum; Sugarfree sweets; Sugarless candies; Sugarless chewing gum; Sugarless sweets; Sumac for use as a seasoning; Super-hot chile pepper powder for use as a seasoning; Sushi; Sweet and sour sauce; Sweet bean jam coated with sugared-bean based soft shell (nerikiri); Sweet dumplings (dango); Sweet potato starch for food; Sweet pounded rice cakes (mochi-gashi); Sweet rice with nuts and jujubes (yaksik); Sweetened yogurt covered raisins; Sweetmeats being candies; Sweets; Synthetic sugarcane made from corn for food purposes; Syrup for flavoring food or beverages; Syrups for flavoring shaved ice confections; Syrups for making tea; Tabbouleh; Tabbouli; Table salt; Table salt mixed with sesame seeds; Table syrup; Tabouleh; Tabouli; Taco chips; Taco sauce; Taco seasoning; Taco seasonings; Taco shells; Tacos; Taffy; Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cakes with various fillings); Tamales; Tamarind for use as a condiment; Tapioca; Tapioca and sago; Tapioca flour; Tapioca pearls; Taquitos; Taralli; Tart shells; Tartar sauce; Tarts; Tea; Tea bags; Tea cakes; Tea extracts; Tea for infusions; Tea of parched powder of barley with husk (mugi-cha); Tea of salty kelp powder (kombu-cha); Tea pods; Tea substitutes; Tea-based beverages; Tea-based beverages containing boba; Tea-based beverages with fruit flavoring; Tea-based beverages with milk; Tea-based iced beverages; Tea-based milk tea; Teacakes; Teff flour; Tempura batter mix; Teriyaki sauce; Theine-free tea; Theine-free tea sweetened with sweeteners; Theine-free tea with added sweeteners; Thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; Thickening agents for use in cooking; Tieguanyin tea; Tiramisu; Tisanes; Toast; Toasted corn kernels; Toasted grain flour; Toaster pastries; Toffee; Toffees; Tomato ketchup; Tomato sauce; Tomato-based salsa; Tomato-based sauces; Topping syrup; Topping syrups; Tortellini; Tortilla chips; Tortilla dough mix; Tortilla shells; Tortillas; Tostadas; Treacle; Turbinado sugar; Turkey burger sandwiches; Turkish delight; Turmeric for food; Tyropita, namely, Greek cheese pie; Udon noodles; Udon noodles; Unleavened bread; Unleavened bread in thin sheets; Unpopped popcorn; Unrefined sugar, namely, evaporated sugar cane juice; Unroasted coffee; Vanilla; Vanilla beans; Vanilla extract; Vanilla flavorings for culinary purposes; Vanilla flavorings for food or beverages; Vanilla flavourings for culinary purposes; Vanilla wafers; Vanillin for use as a food flavoring; Vareniki being stuffed dumplings; Vegan cakes; Vegan cheesecake; Vegan coffee-based beverages; Vegan cookies; Vegan cup cakes; Vegan frozen confections; Vegan hot chocolate; Vegan ice cream; Vegan mayonnaise; Vegan pies; Vegetable concentrates used for seasoning; Vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes; Veggie burger sandwiches; Vermicelli; Vinaigrettes; Vinegar; Wafer biscuits; Wafer dough; Wafer doughs; Wafer sticks; Wafers; Waffle cones; Waffles; Water ice; Wheat flour; Wheat germ for human consumption; Wheat starch flour; Wheat-based snack foods; Wheat-free and gluten-free chocolate; White chocolate chips; White lotus tea (Baengnyeoncha); White pepper; White sugar; White tea; White vinegar; Whole dried peppercorns for use as seasonings or flavorings; Whole wheat bread; Wholemeal bread; Wholemeal rice; Whoopie pies; Wine gums; Wine vinegar; Won ton wrappers; Won tons; Wonton chips; Wontons; Worcestershire sauce; Wrap sandwiches; Yacon syrup; Yam flour; Yeast; Yeast extracts; Yeast extracts for food; Yeast extracts for human consumption; Yeast for brewing and distilling; Yeast for brewing beer; Yeast for use as an ingredient in foods; Yeast in pill form, not for medical use; Yeast powder; Yeast, baking powder; Yeast, baking powder and food flavourings, other than essential oils; Yeast, baking-powder; Yellow tea; Yerba mate; Yogurt-covered fruit; Yogurt-covered nuts; Yogurt-covered pretzels; Yorkshire pudding; Yuja-cha (Korean honey citron tea); Zaatar spice blend; Zeppole; Ziti; Zwieback

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