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Saturday, September 17, 2022
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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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41 Providing on-line interactive computer games; Provision of audio and visual media via communications networks; Publication of computer games; Video game entertainment services; Provision of on-line computer games; Entertainment services for matching users with computer games; Providing newsletters in the field of computer games via e-mail; Electronic games services, including provision of computer games on-line or by means of a global computer network; Providing information on-line relating to computer games and computer enhancements for games; Providing interactive multi-player computer games via the internet and electronic communication networks
9 Recorded content; Software; Databases; Media content; Directories (electric or electronic); Data recorded electronically; Downloadable multimedia files; Recorded data files; Computer gaming software; Virtual reality game software; Interactive multimedia software for playing games; Electronic game software for mobile phones; Electronic game software for wireless devices; Electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; Games software for use with video game consoles; Games software; Computer game cartridges; Software programs for video games; Downloadable computer games; Computer game cassettes; Computer programs for video and computer games; Computer games programmes downloaded via the internet (software); Video games (computer games) in the form of computer programs recorded on data carriers
28 Handheld computer games; Battery-powered computer game with LCD screen
39 Physical storage of electronically stored computer games; Physical storage of electronically stored data, documents, digital photographs, music, images, video, and computer games
16 Strategy guide magazines for video games; Strategy guidebooks for video games; Computer game instruction manuals; Strategy guide books for computer games; Series of computer game hint books; Magazines featuring video and computer games; Computer game hint books
45 Licensing of computer games
42 Rental of computer game software; Computer programming of video games; Computer programming of computer games; Programming of computer game software; Development of computer hardware for computer games; Development of computer game software; Design of computer game software; Computer programming of video and computer games; Design and development of computer game software and virtual reality software

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