Trademark: 97590643
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Saturday, September 17, 2022
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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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28 Knee pads for athletic use; Muscle training braces to be worn on the back for support when playing sports; Action figure toys; Arrows; Athletic protective knee pads for skateboarding; Board games; Carry bags sold filled with children's toys; Chest exercisers; Doll clothing; Dumbbells; Electronic action toys; Exercise balls; Exercise equipment, namely, chest expanders; Exercise equipment, namely, chest pulls; Exercise steppers; Foam exercise rollers; Foot balls; Football knee pads; Game cards; Infant toys; Music box toys; Musical toys; Party favor hats; Playing cards; Skateboards; Stress relief exercise toys; Swimming jackets; Table tennis bats; Toys for domestic pets; Toys, namely, percussion caps; Toys, namely, puppets and accessories therefor
11 Lamps; Flood lights; Electric bulbs; Electric light bulbs; Electric lighting fixtures, namely, power failure backup safety lighting; Electric night lights; Electric track lighting units; Infrared illuminators; Lamp bulbs; Lamp shades; LED flood lights and LED work lights for construction settings; LED lamps; LED flashlights; LED light bulbs; LED lighting assemblies for illuminated signs; LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications; Lightbulbs; Lighting tubes; Pen lights; Roadlights; Solar energy based cooling apparatus; Solar-powered cooling units; Wall lamps
10 Braces for limbs and joints, for medical use; Medical braces, namely, spring-loaded chest to leg brace used to support the body during physical activity; Medical ankle braces; Orthopaedic bandages; Orthopaedic bandages for joints; Orthopaedic belts; Orthopaedic footwear; Orthopaedic hip prostheses; Orthopaedic hosiery; Orthopaedic inner soles incorporating arch supports; Orthopaedic inserts for footwear; Orthopaedic insoles; Orthopaedic knee bandages; Orthopaedic soles; Orthopedic apparatus and instruments for diagnostic and therapeutic use; Orthopedic apparatus for talipes; Orthopedic bandages; Orthopedic bandages for joints; Orthopedic belts; Orthopedic braces; Orthopedic cast cooling system comprised of a membrane wrapped around the cast, a vacuum pump and hoses to facilitate air flow to facilitate healing and comfort; Orthopedic cushions; Orthopedic cushions and padding; Orthopedic device for injecting drugs into joint spaces; Orthopedic device to stretch and exercise the toes and feet; Orthopedic devices for diagnostic and therapeutic use; Orthopedic footwear; Orthopedic joint implants made of artificial materials; Orthopedic seat cushions; Orthopedic shoes; Orthopedic soles; Orthopedic support bandage, namely, wearable pads for the hands; Orthopedic support bandages; Orthopedic supports; Orthopedic surgical aspirator for use in diagnosis; Orthopedic walkers; Air cushions for medical purposes; Athletic ankle braces for medical use; Compression gloves; Gloves for massage; Gloves for medical use; Gloves for use in hospitals; Inflatable cushions for medical use; Knee bandages, orthopedic; Knee bandages, orthopaedic; Knee supports for medical use; Massage apparatus for neck and shoulders; Medical gloves; Medical products, namely, therapeutic mattresses, beds, seats and cushions; Protective gloves for medical use; Vertebral orthopedic apparatus
21 Serving spoons; Basting spoons; Beer jugs; Brushes for pets; Canteens; Combs; Containers for household use; Cosmetic brushes; Cups; Dinnerware; Dishwashing brushes; Disposable serving spoons; Dusting gloves; Floor brushes; Fruit bowls; Glass boxes; Glass pans; Glass rods; Household containers for foods; Insulated containers for food or beverage for domestic use; Insulating jars; Kitchen containers; Make-up brush holders; Mixing spoons; Pans; Pastry cutters; Pet brushes; Plastic buckets; Plates; Salad bowls; Shaving brushes; Toothpicks; Washing brushes; Washing cloths
The mark consists of the stylized wording OKOL in circle.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Sep 17, 2022
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