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Friday, September 23, 2022
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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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9 Information technology and audiovisual equipment; Safety, security, protection and signalling devices; Teaching apparatus; Instrumentation simulators; Navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices; Measuring sensors for motor and engine parameters, as far as included in class 9; Exhaust gas quantity sensors for determining quantities of exhaust gas; Temperature probes; Pressure sensors; Electrotechnical and electronic measuring, signalling, control and monitoring apparatus and instruments; Thermostatically controlled valves; Electric sensors; Electronic sensors; Sensors for use in the control of engines; Electrooptical sensors for environment detection and imaging; Image capture devices; Apparatus for the reproduction of images; Electric and electronic controllers for weapons; Electric and electronic control apparatus for weapons systems; Electric and electronic control apparatus for fire control units; Electric and electronic control apparatus for projectiles; Electric and electronic control apparatus for missiles; Electric and electronic control apparatus for warheads; Computer hardware for weapons; Computer hardware for weapons systems; Computer software for weapons; Computer software for weapons systems; Control software for military use; Command software for military use; Electronic target identification, guidance and target tracking devices for weapons and weapon systems; Fire control units; Sighting telescopes for firearms; Telecommunications devices for military or sovereign purposes, in particular for communicating between military units; Telecommunication networks; Electronic air defense equipment; Radar apparatus for military purposes, in particular for air defence systems; Radar-based identification systems for foreign bodies; Ground radar systems for airports; Electronic viewing devices; Apparatus providing night vision; Devices for tagging targets using electromagnetic radiation, in particular laser light; Simulation apparatus and simulation software for training and educational purposes for soldiers; Sensor-based and/or radar-based electronic identification devices and identification systems for monitoring and consequently protecting mobile or stationary military or civilian facilities or areas; Games software; Games software for computers; Software for computer games; Computer game hardware; parts and accessories for all the aforesaid goods, included in this class
28 Games; Model vehicles; Models sold in kit form; Toy model kits for vehicles, in particular for aircraft, cars, ships, military equipment and toy models assembled therefrom; Components intended for games and model building (including in the form of construction kits, building kits and sets containing the aforesaid components) for producing replicas of land vehicles, water vehicles and aircraft; Finished models in the form of small-scale replicas of vehicles, in particular finished models of plastic or metal
37 Maintenance, servicing and repair of vehicles and parts therefor; Servicing, maintenance and repair of motors and engines; all the aforesaid services, other than services relating to the following fields: recreational vehicles and sports vehicles, Motors and parts of the afore-mentioned goods; Servicing, maintenance and repair of defence systems; Servicing, maintenance and repair of weapons; Servicing, maintenance and repair of weapons systems and components thereof
13 Weapons; Weapon systems; Firearms; Noise-suppressors for firearms; Breeches of firearms; Firearm sights; Beam weapons, in particular laser weapons, microwave weapons and sonic weapons; Ammunition; Explosives; Fireworks; Projectiles; Shells; Mortars; Warheads; Guns; Cannons; Rockets; Guided missiles; Tanks; Loads of explosive substances for projectiles; Loads of explosive substances for weapons; Anti-aircraft weapons and anti-aircraft systems primarily consisting thereof; Explosive devices for minefield breaching and minefield clearance; Sights, other than telescopic sights, for weapons; Explosive devices for generating acoustic or optical signals; Flares for generating electromagnetic, acoustic, optical and thermal decoys; Parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods as far as included in this class
12 Land vehicles, sea vehicles and air vehicles for police, security technology or military purposes; Engines for vehicles; Parts and fittings for vehicles and vehicle engines, as far as included in this class; Structural components for vehicles, as far as included in this class; braking systems for vehicles

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