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Wednesday, August 24, 2022
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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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9 Electric cables, in particular for the transmission of sounds and images; Electrical cables for musical instruments; Microphone cables; Metronomes; Microphones; Microphone stands; Microphone windscreens; Hand-held microphone sleeves; Earphones and headphones; Earpads for headphones; Electrical pickups for use with musical instruments; Electrical amplifiers for use with musical instruments; Electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments; Sound effect pedals for musical instruments; Musical instrument connectors; Musical instrument adaptors; Digital media, namely, pre-recorded CDs, pre-recorded DVDs, downloadable audio files, downloadable video files, for educational and entertainment purposes; Computer programs, recorded, for educational and entertainment purposes; Downloadable computer programs for educational and entertainment purposes; Electronic sheet music, downloadable
16 Printed matter, namely, textbooks, sheet music; Printed instructional, educational, and teaching materials in the field of making music
15 Musical instruments, in particular Percussion instruments, Stringed musical instruments, Wind instruments, Electric and electronic musical instruments; Harmonicas; Pianos; Electric pianos; Singing bowls; Musical instrument accessories, namely, stands, cases, carrying bags and storage bags; Replacement parts and fittings for musical instruments; Sheet music stands; Tuners for musical instruments; Mouthpieces for musical instruments; Reeds for use in woodwind mouthpieces; Mutes for musical instruments; Musical instrument harnesses; Pegs for musical instruments; Keys for musical instruments; Bellows for musical instruments; Sticks for bows for musical instruments; Pedals for musical instruments; Keyboards for musical instruments; Mallets for musical instruments; Bows for musical instruments; Bow nuts for musical instruments; Capos for stringed musical instruments, in particular for guitars, banjos, ukuleles; Colophony for stringed musical instruments; Straps for musical instruments; Dampers for musical instruments; Strings for musical instruments; Bridges for musical instruments; Drumheads; Drum parts, namely, snare drums, cymbals, skins for drums; Snare wires for use with snare drums
35 Advertising services; Online advertising on a computer network; Organization and conducting of product presentations; Demonstration of goods; Demonstration of goods and services by electronic means, also for the benefit of the so-called teleshopping and home shopping services; Providing business information, also via internet, the cable network or other forms of data transfer; Product sales information

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