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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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Friday, July 29, 2022

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41 Arranging for ticket reservations for shows and other entertainment events; Entertainment event booking agencies; Entertainment services, namely, televised appearances by a celebrity, and social networking user; Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a celebrity, and social networking user; Providing a website that displays rankings of social networking users based on social media for entertainment purposes; Ticket agency services for entertainment events; Video production services; Multimedia entertainment services in the nature of recording, production and post-production services in the fields of music, video, and films
9 Downloadable communications software for connecting users of a social network via a global computer network; Downloadable computer communications software to allow customers to access bank account information and transact bank business; Downloadable computer database management software for use in personalizing the content of e-mail communications; Downloadable computer software for database management; Downloadable software for processing images, graphics and text; Downloadable medical software for publishing, broadcasting, advertising, marketing, social networking and communications
38 Audio and video broadcasting services over the Internet; Audio and video broadcasting services over the Internet in the field of social networking, and communications; Broadcasting of video and audio programming over the Internet; Electronic message transmission; Electronic messaging; Electronic messaging services; Electronic messaging system, namely, electronic queuing services; Electronic transmission of messages and data; Electronic transmission of messages; Electronic voice messaging, namely, the recording and subsequent transmission of voice messages by telephone; Electronic, electric, and digital transmission of voice, data, images, signals, and messages; Internet based paging and alerting services, namely, providing a web site at which users can send messages to electronic paging devices; Message sending and receiving services; Message sending, receiving and forwarding; Subscription television broadcasting; Transmission of location-based messaging; Video broadcasting and transmission services via the Internet, featuring films and movies; Video broadcasting services over the Internet or other communications network featuring the uploaded, posted and tagged videos of others; Video broadcasting services over the Internet or other communications network, namely, electronically transmitting video clips; Video broadcasting services via the Internet; Chat room services for social networking; Electronic transmission of voice, data and images by television and video broadcasting; Providing on-line chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users in the field of general interest; Telecommunication services, namely, providing electronic message alerts via the internet; Telecommunication services, namely, providing electronic message alerts via the internet notifying individuals of message information; Transmission of messages over electronic media
25 Hats; Leggings; Pants; Shirts
36 Financial transaction services, namely, providing secure commercial transactions and payment options
35 Advertising, marketing and promotional services related to all industries for the purpose of facilitating networking and socializing opportunities for business purposes; Affiliate marketing; Marketing the goods and services of others by means of location-based messaging; Marketing the goods and services of others; Marketing, advertising, and promoting the retail goods and services of others through wireless electronic devices; On-line customer-based social media brand marketing services; Online matching services for connecting social network users with retailers for the purpose of facilitating discounted purchases; Providing user rankings for commercial or advertising purposes; Subscription to a television channel; Talent agency services; Advertising, marketing, and promoting the goods and services of others via a social network
45 Internet-based social introduction services; Personality testing for social purposes; Internet-based social networking services; Online social networking services; Online social networking services accessible by means of downloadable mobile applications; Online social networking services provided through a community website; Providing a social networking website for entertainment purposes; Providing on-line computer databases and on-line searchable databases in the field of social networking
42 Application service provider (ASP) featuring application-to-person (A2P) software for use in one-way text message communication from celebrities and social networking users with their fans; Electronic storage of data and messages, including data relating to the sender, intended recipient, timing, receipt and acceptance of messages; Providing a web site featuring temporary use of non-downloadable software allowing web site users to upload, post and display online videos for sharing with others for entertainment purposes; Providing customer-defined generated content and content of others automatically selected and customized based on the known or estimated geographical location of an Internet, mobile telephone or other wired or wireless digital network based customer; Providing information relating to on-line non-downloadable software to facilitate electronic communication between individuals provided via the Internet; Social bookmarking website services, namely, providing a website featuring technology that enables users to organize, store, manage, share and search for bookmarks of resources online; Computer services, namely, hosting on-line interactive public calendars that allow multiple participants to share event schedules and facility reservations; Computer services, namely, creating an on-line community for registered users to engage in publishing, broadcasting, social networking and communications; Providing a website that gives users the ability to review various print, photographic, graphic image, and audio and video content and utilize a custom template to provide input, likes, dislikes, edits, changes, modifications, opinions, suggestions, and comments and engage in social, business and community networking; Providing electronic verification of on-line orders of digital content and generating electronic permission codes which then allow users to access said digital content
The mark consists of the stylized wording "RightBack" to the right of a design comprising two right-facing arrows pushed together with the left arrow shaded lighter than the darker right arrow.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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