Trademark: 97526369
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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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Friday, July 29, 2022

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41 Education; training; entertainment; cultural activities; online distribution of music and media; music production; recording services; publishing services; recording and publishing of music, sound recordings, videos and multimedia content; provision of digital music, sound recordings, videos, and multimedia content (non-downloadable); provision of online searchable databases; providing non-downloadable computer software for streaming, providing, distributing, transmitting, sharing, storing, collecting, retrieving, organizing, creating, recording, generating, publishing, arranging, and editing audio, video, and multimedia content; event management; artistic direction for performing artists; booking artists for events; organizing concerts and musical events; providing information and advice in relation to the aforementioned services
9 Equipment and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing, distributing and processing sound, media, data, and/or images; recorded media; sound and video recordings; downloadable sound and video recordings, content, and media; mobile communications and mobile telephony; computer software; mobile apps; downloadable computer software for streaming, providing, distribute, transmit, share, store, collect, retrieve, organize, create, record, generate, publish, arrange, and edit audio, video, and multimedia content; electronic publications; earphones and headphones
18 Luggage and tote bags; tote bags; jute bags; umbrellas; bags
16 Paper, paperboard and articles made from these materials; printed matter; photographs; stationery; artists supplies; printed publications; pads
38 Telecommunications services, including telecommunications services via the internet and/or computer networks; broadcasting of radio and television programs; provision of forums and internet chat rooms for social networks; online distribution of music and media; information and advice relating to the aforementioned services
25 Clothing, footwear, headwear
36 Financial services; money transactions; handling of payment transactions and collection transactions for artists as well as between artists and music platforms; providing an online platform for the calculation, payment and disbursement of artists revenues; management and processing of payments in relation to of artists advertising revenues, including online; providing information and advice in relation to the aforementioned services
35 Advertising; business management, organization and administration; advertising and promotion of music and entertainment products and services; placement of songs and artists with advertisers; management for artists; employment services for artists; talent agency services; procurement of subscriptions to third-party online publications; information and consulting services relating to the aforementioned services
45 Legal services; licensing services; online social networking services; provision of information; provision of information and advice in relation to the aforementioned services
42 Computer hardware and software design and development; computer network design, planning and maintenance; it services; provision of application services; computer services related to online provision of services and facilities; provision of an online platform for the marketing and distribution of music; web hosting; hosting of web blogs, podcasts, videocasts, mobile applications, digital content and multimedia content; electronic data storage; monitoring and analysis of social media; information and consulting related to the aforementioned services
The mark consists of a cloud, half of which is made up of equalizer bars, to the right, the stylized word "SOUNDCLOUD".
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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