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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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Friday, July 29, 2022

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9 Computer software for controlling self-service terminals; computer graphics software; software for searching and retrieving information across a computer network; computer software for use in computer access control; computer software to enhance the audio-visual capabilities of multimedia applications, namely, for the integration of text, audio, graphics, still images and moving pictures; communications software; data processing software; database management software; computer software for digital information and data access; computer software for communication between computers over a local network; augmented reality software; gesture recognition software; computer software for wireless network communications; computer software for wireless content delivery; computer software for interpreting fingerprints or palm prints; computer software for controlling and managing access server applications; computer operating system software; factory automation software; interactive computer software; computer software for biometric systems for the identification and authentication of persons; computer application software for use in implementing the internet of things (IoT); industrial process control software; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence for use in scientific research; data communications hardware; computer hardware; interactive touch screen terminals; data processing terminals; point-of-sale terminals; firmware for identifying NFC tag; firmware for computer peripherals; computer e-commerce software; augmented and virtual reality and simulation contents operating software; interfaces for augmented and virtual reality and simulation; AI solution software
42 Technology consultation in the field of artificial intelligence; research, development, design and upgrading of computer software; development of computer software application solutions; design services relating to computer hardware and to computer programmes; design and development of computer software for data processing; development of software solutions for internet providers and internet users; development of computer hardware; software as a service; platform as a Service (PaaS); installation, repair and maintenance of computer software; software design and development services; development of operating system software; development of computer systems; information services relating to the development of computer systems; providing technical advice relating to computer hardware and software
The mark consists of a "g" being depicted as an orange "o," with a curved orange line below and an orange dot to its top right.
The color(s) orange is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Aug 2, 2022
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