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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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Thursday, July 28, 2022

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40 recycling; fuel refining; rental of chemical processing machines and apparatus; providing material treatment information
9 electrolysis apparatus for laboratory use; measuring or testing machines and instruments for measuring the temperature, pressure, position or form of workpieces in a machine tool; electric power distribution or control machines and apparatus; replacement parts and accessories for telecommunication machines and apparatus; radio communication machines and apparatus, radio telephones, radio pagers, radio antennas, radio sets, radio transmitters, radio receivers and radio signal tuners; remote control apparatus for projectors, motors, televisions and their accessories; computer programs; downloadable computer software for administration of computer networks; computers; electronic machines, apparatus and their parts, electronic machines for reading credit cards and recording financial operations, ticket, receipt, and voucher issuing, reading and recording machines
19 reservoirs, not of metal or plastics
7 chemical processing machines and apparatus, dissolving, extracting, sintering, emulsifying, kneading, calcining, granulating, blending, filtering, separating, sorting and/or dust collecting machines; non-electric prime movers, pipe layers, fork lifts, telehandlers and lifts; replacement parts of non-electric prime movers, other than water mills and wind mills; pneumatic or hydraulic machines and instruments, conveyors, jacks, hoists, transporters, staplers, valve actuators, tube conveyors, grease guns, door closers, ball transfer units, sheaf-binding machines, hand-held drills, hand-held hammers, vehicle compressors, controls for motors and engines, linear actuators other than for land vehicles; Apparatus to recover carbon dioxide from exhaust gas emitted from combustors of gas turbines and internal combustion engines; electrolysis equipment to produce carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide extracted from exhaust gas; equipment to recover carbon dioxide from exhaust gas emitted from combustors of boilers, industrial furnaces, commercial incinerators; equipment to recover carbon dioxide from exhaust gas emitted from factories and garbage incinerators
6 Reservoirs of metal; fluid storage tanks or reservoirs of metal; containers of metal for compressed gas, sold empty
37 building construction, marine construction; installation of metalworking, office, plastics processing machines; providing construction information; operation and maintenance of building construction equipment; repair or maintenance of reservoirs
11 gas purifiers; electrochemical gas generators; industrial furnaces
20 reservoirs, not of metal nor of masonry; storage tanks, not of metal or masonry
42 architectural design; designing of machines, apparatus, instruments (including their parts) or systems composed of such machines, apparatus and instruments; computer software design, computer programming, or maintenance of computer software; providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer programs on data networks

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Aug 1, 2022
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