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Saturday, July 30, 2022
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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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7 Chemical processing machines and apparatus; Non-electric prime movers not for land vehicles and parts thereof; Gas turbines not for land vehicles; Steam turbines not for land vehicles; Starters for motors and engines; AC motors and DC motors not including those for land vehicles but including "parts" for any AC motors and DC motors; AC generators (alternators); Direct current generators
37 Construction; Operation and maintenance of building equipment; Monitoring of building equipment operation by remote access; Repair or maintenance of air-conditioning apparatus for industrial purposes; Repair or maintenance of burners; Repair or maintenance of boilers; Repair or maintenance of pumps; Repair or maintenance of freezing machines and apparatus; Repair or maintenance of power distribution or control machines and apparatus; Repair or maintenance of power generators; Repair or maintenance of electric motors; Repair or maintenance of chemical processing machines and apparatus; Repair or maintenance of industrial furnaces; Repair or maintenance of gasification furnace; Repair or maintenance of nuclear power plants; Repair or maintenance of chemical plants; Repair, maintenance or servicing of power plants
11 Drying apparatus for chemical processing; Recuperators for chemical processing; Steamers for chemical processing; Evaporators for chemical processing; Distillers for chemical processing; Heat exchangers for chemical processing; Gas purifying installations; Industrial furnaces; Nuclear reactors (atomic piles); Gasification furnace; Boilers other than parts of prime movers, engines
42 Designing of machines, apparatus, instruments including their parts or systems composed of such machines, apparatus and instruments; Research on building construction or city planning; Testing or research on prevention of pollution; Testing or research on electricity; Testing or research on civil engineering; Testing or research on machines, apparatus and instruments; Providing information and operation data analysis of power plants for testing or research on electricity or testing or research on machines, apparatus and instruments
The mark consists of a red letter "P" in stylized form.
The color(s) red is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Jul 30, 2022
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