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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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Monday, July 18, 2022

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7 Conveyor belts; belts for engines; o-rings being machine parts for sorting machines, manufacturing assembly machines and equipment, packaging machines and equipment, and printing, copying, and collating machines and equipment; automobile engine valve covers; automotive parts, namely, engine seals; mechanical seals; rubber springs as parts of machines; engine parts for land vehicles, namely, gaskets, bellows, and grommets; automotive parts, namely, transmission seals; squeegee blades specially adapted for use with floor cleaning machines; window cleaner in the nature of a squeegee; squeegees being cleaning instruments; HVAC; HVAC units; HVAC components
17 Non-metal weather strip seals for buildings; insulators for electrical wires and cables; sheathing for wires and cables; non-metal seals for use in building windows and doors; seals, namely, non-metal sealing rings for use as connection seals; non-metal seals for water pipe connections; non-metal seals for valves used in industry; non-metal automotive door and window seals; non-metal automotive weather strips and trim components; thermoplastic elastomer resins in pellet form for use in further manufacture; synthetic elastomer resin blended with additives and colorants sold in a pellet form; thermoplastic compounds, thermoplastic elastomer resins and thermoplastic concentrates in pellet form for use in manufacturing in a wide variety of industries; rubber flooring; roofing membranes; roofing materials, namely, roof coverings, underlayments, sheathing, flashing and other roofing materials; non-metal building materials; automotive floor mats; floor mats; floor mats for airplanes and other transportation vehicles; house mark for line of hoses and seals; Connecting hoses for vehicle radiators; rubber hoses for vehicle heaters; non-metal heater and coolant hoses for vehicles; non-metal connecting hoses for vehicle transmission and battery cooling; non-metal fluid and vapor tubes for vehicles; non-metal fluid and vapor hoses for vehicles; non-metal tank lines; emissions lines; air intake and charge hoses and molded assemblies; turbo charger hoses; secondary air hoses such as turbo, brake and EGR hoses; brake and clutch hoses; weatherstripping for use in vehicles; quick edge trims and push-on trim seals; window channel weatherstrips; general purpose rubber seals including dock bumpers, mooring snubbers, garage overhead door seal or garage metal door seals; garage floor seals; self-sealing weatherstrips; tape-on trims; seals and bumpers for marine use; decorative and protective trim; weatherstrips for garage doors; rubber sheeting
28 Sporting goods, namely, athletic equipment in the nature of treadmill belts, golf balls, golf ball cores for use in the further manufacture of golf balls, rubber balls; exercise equipment, namely, fitness balls being exercise balls, exercise belts being waist trimmer exercise belts, and exercise straps in the nature of resistance bands and straps that are affixed to doors, cable machines or exercise equipment for performance of weight resistance exercises; grips in the nature of handle grips for sporting equipment; soccer and ice hockey goal nets; water toys; sports paraphernalia in the nature of sporting goods accessories, namely, golf club grips, tennis racket hand grips, and golf tee markers
25 Shoe components, namely, soles, welts and toe caps; footwear components, namely, non-orthopedic insoles, cleats for attachment to sports shoes; bullet-proof clothing; clothing for protection against fire
2 Coatings in the nature of corrosion inhibitants; coatings in the nature of heat resistive coatings for use in industrial applications where elevated temperatures occur; coating protectant for vehicles; coatings in the nature of industrial sealants for waterproofing and surface protection; coatings in the nature of anti-corrosion protection for brake lines, fuel lines, transmission oil cooler lines, brackets, cross members, frame components, body panels and components thereof, suspension components, wheels, hubs, springs, and fasteners
1 Unprocessed thermoplastic compounds, thermoplastic elastomer resins and thermoplastic concentrates for use in manufacturing in a wide variety of industries
12 Automotive hoses, namely, brake hoses, fuel line hoses, power steering hoses, coolant hoses, non-metal fluid and vapor hoses for vehicles; structural parts for automobiles, namely, air deflectors, spoilers, fascia and trim; shift boots for motor vehicles; windshield wiper blades; transmission belts for land vehicles; pedal covers for land vehicles; automotive seat belts; boat bumpers; brake air valves for land vehicles; structural parts for land vehicles, namely, automotive door and window seals, automotive weather strips and trim components; structural parts for airplanes, namely, floor panels; sensor for detecting obstacles in the path of a power operated window, which then controls the operation of the window in response to obstacle detection; house mark for a variety of automotive components in the nature of trim, seals, quick connect couplings, brake lines and fuel lines; automotive door and window seals; automotive weather strips and trim components, namely, automotive exterior and interior decorative or protective trim; seals in the nature of primary and secondary door seals, liftgate and deck lid seals, hood seals, margin seals, rocker seals, automotive glass runs, outer belts, inner belts, below belt channels, glass encapsulation, appliques, sunroof and moonroof seals, convertible top seals, encapsulated glass seals, flush seals, natural fiber seals and roof ditch molding; restoration vehicle seals; coated vehicle fittings sold as a feature of vehicle brake line connectors; vehicle brake line fittings; coated vehicle brake line fittings; brake lines for vehicles; fuel lines for vehicles; quick connect couplings for use in automotive fluid transfer systems; couplings for automotive use; couplings for land vehicles; fluid and vapor tubes and hoses for vehicles; transmission hose; emissions lines; degas tanks; automotive fuel rails; fuel charging assemblies; metallic brake lines; combined fuel and brake lines; couplings for marine use; window channels for automotive, heavy machinery, marine, construction, manufacturing, transportation and recreational vehicle use; glass sealing tape; structural parts for airplanes, namely, floor panels
42 Custom design, engineering, and manufacture of materials and products from unprocessed thermoplastic compounds, thermoplastic elastomer resins and thermoplastic concentrates for use in manufacturing in a wide variety of industries; consulting services; custom design, engineering and manufacture of automotive components for original equipment manufacturers; consulting services in the automotive, materials science, manufacturing and artificial intelligence industries

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