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Thursday, July 14, 2022
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Thursday, June 23, 2022

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41 Educational and entertainment services, namely, organizing exhibitions, presentations, demonstrations, performances by actors, orchestras, dancers, musicians, comedians and interactive activities in the fields of history, science, technology, innovation, architecture and neighborhood growth and development; arranging, organizing and hosting social entertainment events; providing recreational vehicle rides in classic automobiles; museum services; Entertainment and cultural activities, namely, providing live musical performances; providing career mentoring and coaching services for businesspeople and entrepreneurs in the field of business development
9 Computer software in the nature of mobile applications that enable interaction and interface between vehicles and mobile devices; computer software to enable multi-modal travel, namely, travel and trip planning software tools; navigation software for vehicles
28 Games toys and playthings, namely, toy airplanes, plush toys, teddy bears, balloons, miniature cars, board games, checker sets, chess sets, hobby craft sets for model cars and airplanes, hobby craft sets for architectural models, dolls, paper dolls, doll clothing and accessories, jigsaw puzzles, three-dimensional puzzles, jump ropes, toy model train sets, electronically operated toy motor vehicles, ride-on toys, yo-yos, toy noisemakers, and party favors in the nature of small toys; Christmas tree decorations
39 Online services, namely, providing data and information regarding mobile activities, namely, ride sharing, car sharing, travel by autonomous vehicles, combinations of multi-modal travel alternatives and travel route planning; providing road and traffic information; vehicle routing by computer on data networks responsive to monitored pollution data to reduce pollution emissions in locations having elevated pollution levels, vehicle routing by computer on data networks responsive to monitored pollution data to reduce exposure of persons to pollution, vehicle routing by computer on data networks to avoid traffic and weather conditions or to find prompt access to medical care, and vehicle routing by computer on data networks to available parking spaces; online services, namely, providing data and information regarding parking garage and parking lot services, vehicle parking space availability, routing of vehicles by computer on data networks to available parking spaces, traffic, traffic routing, routing of vehicles to avoid traffic, ride sharing, car sharing; railroad transportation services and operation of a railroad terminal
16 Paper and/or cardboard note paper; children's activity books, coloring books, engagement books, picture books, educational and guide books on the subjects of Detroit, architecture, and history; pens, pencils, crayons and markers; photo albums, calendars, pen and pencil cases, blank cards, blank note cards, greeting cards in Class 16), arts and craft paint kits, paper party decorations and paper party accessories, namely, paper name cards, printed paper signs, and paper streamers; paper coasters, print engravings, etchings, paper flags, news bulletins, murals, architectural models and plans, mounted and unmounted photographs, portraits, greeting cards, paper gift cards, postcards, art prints, architectural plans and specifications, photographic portraits, sketches, sketch pads, stencils, rubber stamps, trivia cards, and wrapping paper, checkbook wallets
37 Real estate services, namely, development, building, construction, construction planning, drafting and supervision of office buildings, hotels, restaurants, museums and libraries
36 Real estate services, namely, leasing, brokerage, management, and consultation related to real estate; leasing of real estate properties, namely, retail store space in retail shopping centers; fully equipped executive office space and residential condominium units; charitable fundraising services
35 Advertising services, business management assistance, sales promotion for others, marketing services; promoting the sale of goods and services of others in the automotive industry by dissemination of promotional materials and product information through an online global computer network, through the distribution of printed material, audio and video recordings, television and radio recordings, and promotional contests; promoting the goods and services of others by providing hypertext links to the web sites of others; import and export agency; organizing and conducting of product presentations on communication media for retail store purposes; on-line advertising on a computer network; advertising by mail order in the nature of direct mail advertising services; providing online data and information regarding vehicle fleet management in the field of fuel management services and tracking and monitoring of vehicles for commercial purposes and driver personnel management; real estate marketing services in the field of residential homes and office buildings provided via the internet; providing business information, namely, commercial corporate and statistical information provided on-line; retail store services featuring a wide variety of consumer goods of others, not including retail store services featuring granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, countertops, sinks, and faucets; arranging and conducting of exhibitions for business purposes; promotional services, namely, promoting the goods of others by providing online gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, restaurant menus; business incubation services, namely, providing work space containing business equipment to emerging, start-up and existing companies; business development services, namely, providing start-up support for businesses of others
45 Personal concierge services for others comprising making requested personal arrangements and reservations, running errands, and providing customer-specific information to meet individual needs, all rendered in business establishments, office buildings, hotels and residential complexes
43 Hotel, motel, restaurant, bar and catering services; providing community centers for social gatherings and meetings
42 Online services, namely, providing data and information regarding mobile activities, namely, traffic planning and traffic avoidance planning; air quality data collection services, namely, air quality monitoring services; providing temporary use of online non-downloadable software for collecting, tracking, analyzing, assigning, billing, and distributing data and information regarding mobile activities, namely, providing road, traffic, weather, and pollution information, routing of traffic, parking, ride sharing, car sharing, vehicle fleet management, and traffic monitoring and planning; design and drafting of construction plans for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, museums and libraries; Providing scientific and technological services, namely, research and design services in the field of vehicles and autonomous vehicles, and in the field of computer hardware, computer software, and mobile applications relating to connectivity between devices and between devices and networks for the management and operation of communication and data transfer in the transportation and mobility industry

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