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Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Thursday, June 16, 2022

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RTL Nederland B.V. - Original Applicant
IDTV Film & Video Productions B.V. - Original Applicant

41 Publishing and reporting; personal development training; education and sport; education, entertainment and sport; providing of training; entertainment, namely conducting and presentation of shows, quizzes, music and dance events; organization of competitions in the fields of training, entertainment and sports; organization of sports competitions; organization of entertainment competitions; arranging and conducting of cultural, entertainment and sporting events for charitable purposes; talent promotion, namely talent scouting for others by conducting seminars, courses, conferences, training events and shows; reservation of tickets for shows and cultural and sporting events; conducting prize games; design, composing, producing, directing and performing radio, television, audiovisual, musical, entertainment and theatre programs; providing film, video, sound, illumination and all other equipment needed for the making of audiovisual productions, namely rental of audio and video equipment; digital processing of audiovisual works (post-production); post- production editing services in the field of music, videos and film; sound editing and mixing; sound studio services; sound recording studios; performing camera work for film, television and video productions; subtitling services; education, training and courses; conducting of instructional, educational and training courses for young people and adults; organizing conferences, seminars, lectures and other educational activities; organization of conferences relating to education; organizing of educational seminars; organizing of educational lectures; organizing sporting, cultural, musical and educational events and demonstrations; organization of educational events; organization of sporting events; organizing events for cultural purposes; organizing cultural and arts events; arranging of demonstrations for educational purposes; arranging of demonstrations for entertainment purposes; arranging of demonstrations for cultural purposes; organizing trade fairs and exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; providing information on educational, cultural, sporting or recreational area, including those relating to show business, entertainment, radio, television programs and films (content); devising concepts for (game) shows on radio and television, including formats; entertainment in the nature of ongoing game shows; film and video rental; film rental; video rental services; rental of stage scenery; rental of radio and television; technical consultancy with regard to the development, design, production of television and radio programmes on the internet and on other audiovisual media; publishing, lending and editing of books, newspapers, magazines, guides, program guides and other publications (not for publicity purposes); publishing of books, magazines; publishing of newspapers; publication of educational and training guides; publication of printed matter and printed publications; lending of books and periodicals; lending of books and other publications; publishing services; photography; designing (television) studios; television studio services; set design; props rental; rental of studio space; rental and leasing of movie projectors and accessories; services of editorial offices; written text editing; editing of texts (except publicity texts); editorial consultation; all the aforesaid services whether or not to be performed via radio, television, teletext, the internet or other (electronic) networks
9 Recorded content; information technology apparatus; information technology and audiovisual equipment; audiovisual apparatus; magnets; magnetizers; demagnetizers; devices for treatment using electricity; apparatus for electricity; instruments for electricity; cables for electricity; optical devices; optical equipment; optical apparatus and instruments; amplifying apparatus; sound amplifying apparatus; stereo amplifying apparatus; video amplifying apparatus; correctors; optical devices, enhancers and correctors; fuse apparatus; fuses for telecommunication apparatus; safety apparatus; safety apparatus (for the prevention of accident or injury); protective apparatus; protective and safety equipment; signal appliances; signalling apparatus; safety equipment; protective headgear; protective headgear; signalling equipment; safety, security, protection and signalling devices; apparatus for navigation; electronic navigation apparatus; orientation apparatus; location tracking apparatus; electronic tracking apparatus and instruments; target trackers; target trackers (electronic); mapping equipment; navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices; measuring instruments; detection instruments; detection apparatus; surveillance instruments; electronic surveillance apparatus; meteorology apparatus; sensors used in meteorology; detection devices; monitoring apparatus; electric monitoring apparatus; measurement rulers; measuring rulers; detection regulators; monitoring controllers; measuring, detecting and monitoring instruments, indicators and controllers; apparatus for scientific research; scientific apparatus and instruments; apparatus for scientific laboratories; teaching apparatus; instrumentation simulators; optical apparatus; apparatus for recording of sound or images; apparatus for transmission of sound or images; apparatus for the reproduction of sound or images; video-on-demand (VOD) apparatus; apparatus for other on-demand services; pay TV apparatus; apparatus for interactive television viewing; interactive television terminal sets; apparatus for teleshopping; cinematographic apparatus; cameras; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; computer software; recording discs; compact discs; DVDs; optical storage discs (sound and images); data storage discs; optical data storage drives; all the aforesaid goods in recorded and blank form
28 Games, playthings; game computers and computer games (apparatus); playing cards
38 Telecommunications services and telecommunications; email services; news agencies; wire service; broadcasting and transmission of television and radio programmes, and transmission of programmes, data and data collections and apps on the internet and other audiovisual media for reception on fixed or mobile terminals; telecommunications in the field of video-on-demand (VOD), interactive television, free TV, pay TV, all the aforesaid services provided using all available means of distribution, in particular terrestrial distribution, distribution via cable, distribution via satellite, DSL, digital distribution; broadcasting of teleshopping programmes; technical consultancy in connection with telecommunications, also via internet, extranets and intranets; providing access to electronic programme guides on data networks; telecommunication equipment rental; technical consultancy with regard to the broadcasting of television and radio programmes, databases and presentations on the internet and on other audiovisual media; consultancy and information services in relation to telecommunications; information, consultancy and advisory services relating to telecommunications
The mark consists of the wording "THE UNKNOWN" appearing in a stylized font.

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